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FarmVille 2 Latest Farm Game From Zynga

Zynga announced the global launch of the latest game, Farmville 2. This game is the latest generation of the popular farming games on Facebook, the FarmVille. “FarmVille 2 offers a new way to farm by providing deep experience, rich character, and new social features,” said Vice President of Games in Zynga Tim LeTourneau as reported by Mashable, Thursday (09/06/2012). Overall, Zynga games built in 3D, in the latest version the player not only to plant and harvest crops, but animals (livestock) such as chickens can eat the players plant. Through FarmVille 2, Zynga has also been made ease of in the planting and harvesting crops. Thus, players do not need to click many times to plant and harvest. You simply drag the mouse to the farm area to harvest or planting time. Zynga hopes, some reforms that served can attract the attention of new players. Zynga also plans to expand and add new features to the original game to get people interested.Read More on Related Posts Because ‘Ville’, Zynga Sues Game Company

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FarmVille 2 Latest Farm Game From Zynga  
FarmVille 2 Latest Farm Game From Zynga