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Facebook Will Lose Head of Communications

Head of Global Communications Facebook, Joe Lockhart, will soon leave Facebook. According to a spokesman for Facebook, Lockhart’s decision because he wanted to stay on the East Coast and do not want to move to California, Facebook headquarters. Reporting from Reuters on Saturday (10/06/2012), when the last day Lockhart has not been determined. But a spokesman for Facebook said the company hopes to continue working with Lockhart as an independent consultant. Lockhart was chief spokesman and senior adviser to Bill Clinton between 1998 and 2000. Then with his partner, he founded the communication company Glover Park Group in 2001. Although it will be left by the head of communications, but Facebook is happy now. Because it just managed to reach one billion active users. Previously, Facebook had 955 million active users in July 2012. So with this new achievement, Facebook only took three months to succeed hook the 45 million new users.Read More on Related Posts This man threatens to kill Obama on Facebook

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Facebook Will Lose Head of Communications

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Facebook Will Lose Head of Communications