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Bill Gates Has No Plan to Resign From Microsoft


Bill Gates confirmed that he has no plans to return fully to Microsoft. He also confirms rather spend his time to the foundation, and only set aside 15 percent of his time as Chairman of Microsoft. Reported from Neowin, Wednesday (10/10/2012), when asked whether to follow the footsteps of Steve Jobs in Apple, Gates said in the Abu Dhabi Media Summit event, “Steve Jobs is a phenomenal figure in the works. He has been running Apple since the company was small and he came back and made a very valuable company. ” Bill Gates said Jobs was a friend and a competitor in business, and Gates believe Jobs is an incredible figure. “I am committed to take my time entirely to the foundation, and I give 15 percent of my time as chairman of Microsoft.” In the opportunity to speak at the event, he also briefly discusses the latest Microsoft product, Windows 8. “Microsoft will launch Windows 8 that combined with the tablet device and PC. This Month the first hardware, including the Surface will be shipped,” said Gates about Microsoft products. With new products and a number of future projects. Bill Gates thinks that he has no plan to resign from Microsoft. “A lot of exciting things ahead in terms of software and I did not retire from Microsoft, because I thought it would be boring,” he concluded.Read More on Related Posts Microsoft Recruit Former Yahoo! Researchers


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Bill Gates Has No Plan to Resign From Microsoft Read More...

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Bill Gates Has No Plan to Resign From Microsoft