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Apple Ask Block 8 Samsung’s Products

Apple does have a victory worth USD1.05 billion in patent dispute with Samsung. But it seems that there has been no word enough. Apple has now ask blocking eight Samsung products in the United States. Quoted from TechRadar, Tuesday (08/28/2012), those eight devices are Galaxy S 4G, Galasy S2 (AT & T), Galaxy S 2 (skyrocket), Galaxy S 2 (T-Mobile), Galaxy S 2 Epic 4G, Galaxy S Showcase, Droid Charge and Galaxy Prevail. Apple filed the list after reviewing the court ruling that made by the nine jury. Blocking of Galaxy S 2 is specific to the product issued with operator. Blocking seems small when considering Apple ever ask blocking 28 Samsung products in the trial. However, only selected products are still sold in the United States. According to Cnet site, the potential for additional losses that can be suffered by Samsung due to these eight products ranges at USD460.8. However, Apple still has to prove that continuation sale of these products cause damage that can not be fixed for them. Read More on Related Posts just Launched, China Directly Block Drive Google

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Apple Ask Block 8 Samsung’s Products  
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