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Anonymous Attack Ukraine

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Anonymous attacked the Ukrainian government‘s official website. Attack by that community following the Ukrainian government policies that close BitTorrent links from Demonoid site. Anonymous members use Distributed denial of service attack (DDoS) to disrupt National Television site, Radio Broadcasting Council of Ukraine, and Ukrainian Agency for anti-piracy and copyright. Thus was launched from T3, Saturday (8/11/2012). In the meantime, Anonymous also vowed to get revenge to the Ukraine government that has shut down Demonoid site earlier this week. In addition, Anonymous also launched a video on YouTube. Through video the hactivist alert the Ukraine government for its action. As is known, the closure of Demonoid site is a step in the campaign against piracy. Demonoid is recorded in The Notorious Markets List, which is a United States government document about copyright infringement. Read More on Related Posts Again, Anonymous Hacktivist Threatens Disable F1 Race

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Anonymous Attack Ukraine  
Anonymous Attack Ukraine