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“Fire Tornado” from Australia Sky Successfully Recorded

Photo : livescience

Nature is full of mystery. A man named Chris Tangey managed to record a mystery, a fire tornado that fell from the sky in the Australian Outback. Reporting from Live Science, Friday (09/21/2012), Tangey who works as a filmmaker managed to capture the rare phenomenon when being reviewing a location nears Alice Springs, Australia. According to climatologists at Cornell University, Mark Wysocki, the event is less suitable if it is called fire tornado. He said, The columns of spinning fire are much more similar to dust devils than tornadoes. “I was calling it a fire vortex, but it does not sound sexy, so I called fire devils” says Wysocki. This unique phenomenon appearing as part of land that had a disproportionate heat sends plume of hot air. But unlike the dust devils are common in the desert because the heat from the Sun, the fire devils are actually triggered by the forest fire hot spots that have been there before. “A puff is formed in a very small area on the ground. It began to rise rapidly and higher, they suck the air around like a vacuum. Then you will see it starting to look like a vortex” he added. Read More on Related Posts Apple Asked to Change Name of new iPad in Australia

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“Fire Tornado” from Australia Sky Successfully Recorded