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Spring 2014

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e had a great time putting together our Spring issue because it gave us a chance to do a little traveling and meet a few dogs and people we admired. First and foremost, we were lucky enough to meet Chaser, Spartanburg’s “Canine Einstein.” If you don’t know about Chaser, she is a Border Collie who has demonstrated that she knows the names of over 1,000 different toys and objects, as well as the meaning of a dozen verbs and some simple prepositions, giving her the receptive vocabulary of a bright preschooler. Chaser knows more words than any dog ever tested and is one of the most verbally adept animals known to science. Not only did we meet her and take her picture, we also got to play with her, give her a stuffed horse that we named “Aiken” since that is where we come from, and of course, meet her family, John and Sally Pilley and their daughters Robin Pilley and Pilley Bianchi. Chaser was a delight – of course, we knew she was the smartest dog ever tested, but to us, she was a great dog first, an outgoing and friendly character whose primary purpose in life seems to be playing, and getting people to play with her. (She is very good at it.) Chaser has her own book, and has been featured in more magazines, newspapers and television shows than you can count. We are honored to have her as our cover dog and as the subject of our center spread article. She even signed my copy of her book – so did Dr. John Pilley, the book’s author. He’s a hero of ours too. Not only did he spend three years teaching

Chaser all those words, he has a love of and devotion to dogs and to learning that would be hard to match. A retired professor, and now 85 years old, his enthusiasm for life and for play are infectious. While were in Spartanburg, we stopped by the city’s Animal Services division at the Department of Public Safety to catch up with Major Steve Lamb and the animal services staff there. I had originally interviewed Major Lamb last fall for an article we ran about the No Kill movement, but the Spartanburg story was so interesting, we thought it demanded stand-alone treatment, which we are giving it here. Major Lamb, who took over animal services a few years ago, likes to say that their department is a “new breed of animal control,” which strives to improve the lives of people and animals in Spartanburg through education and partnership: “explore the situation, rescue if necessary, and protect always.” As of yet, most of Major Lamb’s innovations in the city have affected cats rather than dogs, but the new spirit of cooperation and collaboration from the department is beginning to engender a communitywide effort to make things better in the city. Major Lamb also devised an excellent social media campaign that has given Spartanburg an international reputation and inspired thousands of people from across the country to look to the city as a model for what might be done anywhere. Closer to home, we have an article about the new Aiken County Animal Shelter, which opened in March. Aiken County has needed a new shelter for a very long time, and the new building is a vast improvement over the old one in every way. We also have dog news from Aiken and beyond, an article about a lost pet Facebook page that is making a difference in Columbia, and of course, our regional calendar of events. We hope you enjoy this issue. Be sure to patronize our advertisers, since they are the people who allow us to bring you all of this content. As ever, if you have an idea for a story or know of something we should be covering, drop us an email. We’d love to hear from you. It’s finally spring, time to go outside and play. I’m thinking about a nice game of fetch.

Pam Gleason Editor & Publisher

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Spring 2014

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Spring 2014  

The Spring 2014 issue of The Dog and Hound features Chaser the Border Collie from Spartanburg who knows over 1000 words. Read about her and...

Spring 2014  

The Spring 2014 issue of The Dog and Hound features Chaser the Border Collie from Spartanburg who knows over 1000 words. Read about her and...