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Middlebury College prepares students

to be active citizens and leaders who can address the world’s most pressing problems. This mission is reflected in students’ experiences with successes and challenges throughout their time here. COMMUNITY STANDARDS


Cultivating respect and responsibility for self, others, and our shared environment. Encouraging personal and intellectual courage and growth. Manifesting integrity and honesty in all decisions and actions. Promoting healthy, safe, and balanced lifestyles. Fostering a diverse and inclusive community committed to civility, open-mindedness, and finding common ground.

Middlebury’s curriculum is designed to ensure that your education includes breadth of experience across many fields and disciplines, as well as in-depth study in one area defined by the major. An emphasis on writing in all disciplines sharpens students’ capacity for critical thinking and expression. go/requirements Majors/Minors

Your major is the area of study in which you take the most courses—at least 10—and the area you explore in the greatest depth. Each department has designed its major to ensure that students not only learn key content but also the methodologies, languages, and modes of thinking and expression that characterize that discipline. You may also choose to pursue a minor area of study. Less comprehensive than a major, a minor is a cluster of courses designed to give you a basic level of proficiency in a particular field. It is also possible to pursue a joint major that combines and synthesizes two areas of study, or to pursue two separate majors, but these paths require considerable planning with your adviser.

The Middlebury educational experience is not just about earning a diploma; it is about becoming an educated person in the fullest sense and preparing yourself to continue that process for the rest of your life. It is an opportunity to challenge yourself in new areas, to follow your curiosity to deeper levels, and to express your ideas in creative and clear ways. A balance of individual and community growth and health guides Middlebury’s approach to all endeavors, and to the policies that support those endeavors. The College’s student life policies are formulated with these general principles in mind. 7


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Student Resource Guide 2013-2014  

An easy-to-use guide that provides Middlebury students with a snapshot of student life.

Student Resource Guide 2013-2014  

An easy-to-use guide that provides Middlebury students with a snapshot of student life.

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