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Laying on the grass, watching the sky, have you ever played the game of clouds passing by? Squeezing your eyes trying to find shape in loose form, as the imagination of the mind illustrates its most illusive creation. I loved, and still do, to do this. Just looking up, and ask yourself, what do you see? Outside the logical, what do your eyes see, but what can your mind tell what the eyes cannot see What can your hand tell when it draws what your eyes witness. Call it dreaming, it is what excites me in architecture. Being able to dream and share those dreams for a living. If the currency for architecture is creativity then dreaming is its ingredient. Architecture gives me creativity, it is a passing cloud. Give meaning to shape, telling a deaf man a story without words that he can truly understand. A kind of poetic quality that is found in every form or material, only told in a different way.









01 PROJECT | ARCHITECTURE THE BRIDGE living Amsterdam-North Studio at home in the city | D. v.d Heuvel | L. Hrsak | Y. Cupurus The rainbow mysterious, elegant, shy

it comes and goes whenever it pleases

it obeys no one, it has no master its beauty lifts the sorrowness of a cloudy day

arriving at a moments notice

fleeting within a blink of an eye

A city should bustle with people, activities, events. When walking in Amsterdam i found myself struck by the diversity the city has to offer. A relative small piece of the city can leave you a immense sense of impressions. A walk trough Amsterdam is an impalement of different worlds. It takes you on a adventure where expectation is followed with surprise. Where a posh shopping street is not far away from brothels. It is something unique, a collections of small moments that will mesmerise you in just a few minutes walk. We find our self in a time where there is a need to densify the city. With the economic crisis cities are in need of money and expansion trough claiming new space becomes too expensive. The same ground should provide for a increasing amount of people. Adding in the fact that over time there is a tendency to live in bigger houses and the problem of density arises. Being in the position to have to densify the city, it is not a negative thought. In contrary density is the quality a city has to offer. Having all that one can want within walking distance is a quality only a city can offer. Where you can dive in a pool full of culture just outside your house. Would it not be a shame to build skyscraper after skyscraper like is seen in Asian countries. Should we not hold dear to this idea of unity in diversity? And why should we answer the building question of todays dweller with typologies based on a question that was asked so many years ago? We need something new, something fresh. Something that will add to this necklace of beautiful moments that shines so bright for the city of Amsterdam.





An empalment of moments Located in Amsterdam, the design site is not far from central station. As you disembark from train you will find yourself into this open world, full of concrete, movement and people. In a brief moment of escapement when using the ferry to Amsterdam north, you will find yourself in between two different worlds. The concrete jungle of Amsterdam centrum and the green oasis of Amsterdam North. When arriving there is a warm welcoming


of trees, a green environment that greets you on your way and will guide you to your destination. The trees escort you to an island, that throughout this journey has gazed upon you trough the small openings of leaves. Here again you are encountered with water and cross it through a bridge. Finally you set foot, on the site that is called Overhoeks. It are these small moments that for me give inspiration for the design.

Activating the potential of unused space The impalements of moments that create a experience is what excites me. The crossing of water by bridge inspires me. And the need of densificating the city fabric concerns me. What if we can activate new types of space, space that was not available before. Create a new sphere within Amsterdam that will be a beautiful conclusion to the journey that you are already experiencing before the site is even reached. Recreating this long relationship of Amsterdam with water. Activating the potential of unused space trough bridges. Creating public meeting spaces over the water.

The hill









...“Like a mighty giant, guarding the entrance, dramatising the acces to the area where people enter under his legs � A collection of bridges








As I was designing I wanted to extend the feeling of small moments that create the experience. Incorporating unity in diversity. I translated this to 3 different areas that are connected with each other. The water park, water activity, the strip. The water park is an extension of Tolhuistuin, a park that bustles with trees and green. Here it is as the land detaches itself from the park becoming bubbles of floating land drifting to the opposite side. The water park will lead you to a park for activities. Where there is room for canoe swimming and fishing. The third park is

a garden for people to relax and take a stroll. A set of conceptualized volumes that overlook the parks give the area a richness in diversity. They are conceptualized based on how they interact with their context. The pants volume stands like a giant, guarding the entrance, dramatising the access to the area where people enter under his legs. While the hills have a humbleness, trying to incorporate them self within the landscape. The landscape becomes overlayed by variations on a theme of the bridge. Giving the area a strong identity.



“The ability for people to discover outside of their comfort zone, realizing a bridge is not just for crossing but can be used for so many other things. It is what can make people think, be moved, and hopefully understand. �




A rainbow that becomes a bridge The design of the table bridge consist of two towers that are penetrated by a plane, a rainbow, activating space in between the towers. The concept of the tower is a table, so the objects that are standing on this table should be able to be distinguished as different volumes. I wanted to create shapes and typologies that are liberated from the orthodox way of housing when building on ground level. Space on a rainbow where anything can happen, an element of surprise when one starts to predict the


outcome. Freeing up this new level of space allowed me to create shapes that can be used as a identifying device for the building. Playful shapes that occupy the table, giving it an attitude. There are two shapes on top of the table: the water mine and water silo. Both deriving their concept from the relationship with water. Within these shapes there is a play between orthogonality and radiality and how a dwelling can be shaped by it.

“The idea of uncertainty, thinking you know what is going to happen but being suprised in many ways. It is what I find important�

Uncertainty To capture the feeling of industrial heritage of the context the construction is accentuated. A rainbow captured within a building. I wanted people to question themselves when strolling through the rainbow, whether if they are still in a building or something else. The idea of uncertainty, thinking you know what is going to happen, but being surprised in many ways, is what is important to me. The ability for people to discover outside of their comfort zone, realizing a bridge is not just for crossing but can be used for so many other things. It is what can make people think, be moved, and hopefully understand.


Layers of the rainbow The bridge consist of 3 layers: Parking, promenade and housing. The promenade creates an environment for artist to showcase their exposition which they can create using the workshop spaces in the towers. The three layers are connected trough stairs in the middle. Located in the towers are dwellings and on the ground floor are public functions as a fish restaurant and a bar. Vertical access to dwellings is realised by a core in each tower where dwellers can access their dwelling trough a hallway. 1























1 ground floor 2 section 3 seventh floor 4 eight floor 5 tenth floor 6 exploded view CAFE






6 5 14



ONE OF US 160 M2


WALL E 75 M2




Moving wall of art

TRAIN 120 M2

The space appears to be empty with just a view towards the art that is drawn on the wall. Slide the wall to the left and a bed appears 75 M2 behind it. Instantly the space around you evolves to be a part of the bedroom. Slide another wall and you discover a space where u can cook. The room changes from an art gallery to a living room. It adepts to the need of the dweller. The space SINGLE is only used when called upon. With just a slide of the wall on can transform the whole context of the room. Like a computer able to compress files, opening it only when necessary, being 4 ROOMS the most efficient with the least amount of available space. A strip full of functions, compressed and waiting till opened.

I FRAME U 240 M2

ICU 70-100 M2





75 M2

WALL-E 68 M2

“A train driving trough a park, stopping at own pace, leaving without notice.”


A train trough a park

I imagined the typologies in the bridge to address a quality that is undermined within density. The ability to park your car close, where there remains a visible connection with the dweller. This had lead to a catalogue of typologies where most describe a relationship of the dweller with the car, outside or inside. The train is a core that tries to set itself free from the box it is set in. Introducing new lines values within the space that derive from the movement of the car as you park it in your house. As I sit in a train and look outside to the wide green meadows, I’d imagined this feeling becoming a dwelling. I wanted to capture this idea of free roaming trough space, setting yourself against boundaries. A train driving trough a park, stopping at own pace, leaving without notice. The core becomes the train where all functions are infused and act as coupes in a train, while the remnant space become the park. It is empty yet it can extend functions, and the dweller is able to freely roam through it.

120 M2




WALL-E 68 M2




Dematerialising the volume of the block The volume of the towers is ‘dematerialized’ to fit into the context. This is done by breaking the vertical lines trough a set of different windows. Extra large, Large, medium and small. The smaller windows frame the surrounding like a painting giving focused viewpoints, while the larger ones show a panoramic type of view and allow for natural Slimline floor light to enter. Their composition represents the pace of the rainbow as it moves from one side to the other, never static, always flowing.


Frameless glass b







THE CLOUD the mindset of a student is like a cloud slowly drifting shaping with a free spirit, one can imagine becoming everything a doctor, a lawyer, a dragon, a lovers kiss... the cloud is the student it has a mind of its own, it plays, it sings, it cries it wants to become something, it wants to become nothing. drifting away, into thoughts...hopes of the future captured through a moments gaze into the sky


02 PROJECT | ARCHITECTURE The cloud hybrid building Amsterdam Studio Hybrid buidling| M. Korpershoek | J. vd Voort


PROJECT | ARCHITECTURE Amsterdam Roeterseiland

The cloud hybrid building

A cloud that hovers over the ground. How can a university give an old industrial neighbourhood a new spark to be developed into a site that bustles. Could it become a iconic building that would shape a new identity for the site? As I walk through Roeterseiland in Amsterdam I am mesmerized by the richness of the buildings that pass me by. The rooftops fluctuate like water, guiding me trough the

the city of Amsterdam. It does what it want to do and is what it wants to be. I smile while strolling trough the streets. Upon reaching the site I am struck by the soberness the city shows me. A back alley that feels long abandoned by its mother. A tumor no doctor wants to touch. It is as if even the buildings seem to turn its back to this location. While I stumbled through the site, I gazed upon the sky, asking myself what it would be like. What would it be like to turn a cloud of thoughts, a breeze of cool air, what would it be

like if it becomes a university, a school, a place of meeting and exchange. I wanted to take the soberness of the site and shape it into an appearance that bustles. By using the ugliness of the site, creating something beautiful. Like a gaze to a sober pack of clouds, with some imagination, the mind will shape it to become something that is full of colour. A cloud of thoughts, hovering above the ground, that is the analogy of the student, the site and Amsterdam.

...�A sober pack of clouds, with some imagination, the mind will shape it to become something that is full of color.� The periphery of the cloud is housed by students. The intersection in the middle is where students can meet an exchange knowledge in an informal setting within a restaurant. At parts where the cloud breaks open study landscapes emerges. With natural daylight coming from above it will be like studying on top of a cloud. Here the sky is open where the sun welcomes the students in their preparation of studying. The colour pallet remains sober with concrete yet at times is liberated with wooden panels, a scenery of fragility in the context of roughness is what creates interest. Installations hang from the sealing and gives a sense of imperfection while the playful lights and green colour of interior elements confront this soberness with joy. Throughout the atrium

Sometimes you need a bit of ugly to create beauty and courtyards social interaction is stimulated when there is a play between seeing and being seen. seeing students move from class to class, the teacher that you bum into as you haste yourself trough the university, laughter and talking. One is stimulated to meet people and within meeting lies the possibility of exchange, sharing of knowledge, expanding of the mind.

Student domitory

1. Student housing 2. Library 3. Study landscape 4. Restaurant 5. Lecture rooms 6. Student kitchen / living 7. Pantry

First floor


PROJECT | ARCHITECTURE Amsterdam Roeterseiland

“It is a play with light and shadow, hide and seek, the static and playfull.�

The cloud hybrid building

The static creates the field for the playfull to flow The facade embodies the soberness of the context. You need a bit of ugly to create beauty. It creates a field where there is a play between ugly and beauty. Create rules and stick to them and at some points dare to break them to create interest. The perforated panels allow for a scenery of light to break trough. Every window has its own sun shading that can be manually or remotely operated. In this way no panel will ever look the same and each panel is able to be personalised. It is an ode to the richness of Atrium

the buildings of Amsterdam, as the light and sun shading of the facade dance along the pedestrians passing by. A show that is carried out to each and every one that stumbles along the building. The concrete panels have a depth of 0.6 m and vary their placement of windows. While the sun shines during the day each window will create a different shadow effect and all the panels combined will create a dynamic scenery. During the day the facade will show three faces depending on time of day. It is a play with light and shadow, hide and seek, the static and playful.

Cloud facade

Study landscape



MSC 1 urban architecture hybrid building




I wanted to create a system that would simulate patterns of shadows trough a play of window placement. The panels are thus made from a polystyrene layer that is only 2 cm thick and is filled with fibrewoll isolation. Because of the thick isolation buffer the windows can be placed freely without occurrence of a cold bridge.

...�Elegant at dawn, spirited at noon into the mystery of the night.� The facade thus embodies the image of the cloud, the student and Amsterdam. It wants to become something, it wants to become nothing. Drifting along the canals, gazing upon its visitors. It changes throughout the day, elegant at dawn, spirited at noon into the mysteriy of the night. 24

The house as a small city live slowely live fast in a place that forever lasts Hard as concrete, soft as natures breath a lifetime of sins one can never apprehend lose yourself, close your eyes see how time carelessly flies you better enjoy you better relax seduced within its web, a fatal contract


03 PROJECT | ARCHITECTURE Housecity living Leiden Studio at home in the city | D. v.d Heuvel | L. Hrsak | Y. Cupurus Studio Particulier woonhuis | M. Youbert

Evolving room

City meet house, house meet city 26


Housecity hybrid building

...”A living city, only smaller.”

Living in a minicity Housecity is situated on a suburban location called New Leyden in Leiden. Commissionaires are 2 young urban professionals who like the allure of the city. If one loves the city, would it be possible to conceptualize city living to a smaller scale of the house? A city never sleeps nor rests, it bustles with movement, with life. To portray this dynamic feature a function is created that inhabits this same quality: A room that can change, evolve, become, adapt, move. It became an elevator. Moving through the house this room can become anything. It can extend other functions or become a bedroom.

The system of a city with streets, squares and facilities is abstracted to a model where it can be housed within a small scale. Now the stairs become the streets that connect the different facilities, that are differentiated trough split levels, and the square becomes an elevator. Every room is materialised in a unique way so it can create a feeling of citylike allure. The bathroom becomes a spa, kitchen a restaurant, living room a lounge and cinema, dressing room a shop and bedroom a suite. The windows are shaped like big shop windows and extend them self to attract attention from nearby pedestrians. Because to the owner, it’s all about the Benjamins.


First floor


Second floor

Ground floor


04 PROJECT Pixelated backyard living Antwerpen Studio Living + | S. Utama | E. Stockand






PROJECT | ARCHITECTURE Amsterdam Roeterseiland

“Antwerps pixelated backyard... play, eat and enjoy.�

Pixelated backyard hybrid building

Pixelated Zuiderdok

The location is wide and open, I imagine it being as large as seven soccer fields. I take a moment to notice the children playing on the grass field, the cars that pass by, the sounds of laughter and playing. An open field stands bare where cars paint the scenery of day. I hear every year events take place, fairs are organized and small bands come and play...... Must be nice, having such a big space.


There is a feeling of relaxation, yet the loud sounds of the surrounding reminds me that this space can evoke a lot of energy trough events. It calls to me as a backyard, a moment of relaxation on a sunny day, a romantic dinner while looking at the stars with your love at night, a party till in the morning hours. It can evoke different kinds of interpretations. What it needs, is a framework that can stimulate this.

Courtyards The design pixelates the idea of courtyards that are commonly used in the city and creates a sequence of public spaces. It is a framework of pixels that infuse the site with dwellings and restaurants while the sheer mass of the volume divides the site into smaller courtyards. These spaces are themed ranging from water square, Asian garden, wild and open, market, urban garden and a playfield. The mass is created by stacking blocks that at certain points create porosity. These in between spaces become vertical courtyards where dwellers share a communal space with each other. 32

PROJECT | ARCHITECTURE Amsterdam Roeterseiland

The cloud hybrid building

Layers of the pixel The block consist of 3 layers: the wrap, the screen and the segmented wall. The wrap, made from alluminium panels, envelopes the other layers creating a frame that focuses attention. Through its static appearance it accentuates the color of the rest. The screen is an image that derives its theme from the square it faces and it portrayed on moving


panels that the dweller can use. The segmented wall behind it is divided into segments that have a 3x3 partition, which is either filled in with glass or wooden panels. Trough the screen and segmented walls division into smaller elements that create the bigger picture, the feeling of pixilation is evoked and create a surprising dynamic as a whole.

“The dweller is like a fish living in between the coral riffs, using it for shelter yet still being able to swim around the sea.”

The dweller is like a fish living in between the coral riffs, using it for shelter yet still being able to swim around the sea. The core in the middle serves the dweller. It is infused with all the necessary functions but compressed and in a way hidden, so that when required the space around it can extend it. This is done by using sliding panels. The remnant space around the core becomes like water. The placement of the core zones the space around it but is still left interpretable for the dweller. In this way the boundaries in between the zones are not hard but are allowed to flow in one another. The dweller can ‘swim’ with his own flow through his own ocean.


In between cor_al


A warm welcome





A warm welcome

THe work line



Contact Adress: Email: Phone:

Amundsenrede 35, 27 25 GJ, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands +316 81485087

Linkedin: Issuu (online portfolio)


E. Lamtara architecture portfolio  

design works 2014

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