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Welcome on board REFERENCE LIST 2010

1000 liters Water tank

1000 liters Water tank Standard for hydrophore

1000 liters 3 legs Water tank Special (slim and 3 legs) Malta yard – repair retrofit

BIG SIZE 1200 liters Big hanhole (one) Special With presostats And manometer installed Holland

Standard Seal 500 l Demo version for fairs

Old type calorifier No regulation plate For thermostats and thermometer

2 standard calorifier for Dubay new project

Seal small 200l DEMO for agent in Dubay Fully certified and working 200 liters capacity Wall hanging

Seal 2 special slim small - 300 liters For narrow place Electric box outside No plate for regulators For retrofit – for existing ship

Seal 5 special big 800 liters capacity New building Special big circulating pumps Bronze pipes


Small Wall monted

hydropfore + mineralizator (re hardening unit) + calorifier

hydropfore + mineralizator (re hardening unit) + calorifier

Stainless steel version hydropfore + UV + mineralizator + calorifier

Small hydrophore

UV standard – Seahorse A

Octopus small with accesories

Octopus small empty

Octopus BIG with all accesories installed

Swan Standard

Stork standard Ultra clean water maker Reversed Osmosis 10 bars max Inlet 2000 ppm max Max capacity 5 tons / day

Water Ultrafiltration, Miktrofiltration SKID Filtring capacity 0.03 mikrometer - reduction of suspended particles - stop for bacteries & viruses - reduction of turbidity - reduction of SDI - stop the oil in the water Production 200 liters / h or 2 tons/h Depending on incoming water and membrane used

Reference list  

A reference list of our products