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ongratulations! You are the only person in the world that has Dodo number zero in your hands. You’ve been the fastest in finding the map, figuring it out and finding the exact spot where to dig in and locate the treasure. You can feel proud, you are a true adventurer.

I hope you weren’t expecting to become rich, although what is inside this case has an inestimable value. Now you must be thinking that this is just a magazine. But look deeper. Not only do you have the most exclusive magazine in the world, but also you have a castle, a doorway to the past, amazing plant seeds, a trip to Pangea, tips on how to survive the apocalypse... and not even all the gold in the world is worth this magazine. This magazine is a tree house. It doesnt matter where you’re at, every time you open these pages you’ll feel that you’re in your treehouse reading it under your sheets with a torch. Dodo was born more than 300 years ago on the island of Mauritius. Like all dodos, Dodo is a clumsy animal, a bird that can’t even fly. With the arrival of men they became an easy prey to the new species, and due to the wood cutting and newly introduced illnesses, the entire breed all but disappeared in less than 100 years. But let’s think it didn’t happen, that a single non-conformist dodo, unlike his siblings, got to raise his wings and fly, leaving the island and making the most amazing trip ever. Luckily, before heading off on his own path, he wanted to share it all and you are the lucky one. But there’s something else, something more important, something that has been preserved in this box and is now given back to you. The innocence.

Rubén Martín Hernández


Dodo Issue Zero

About Dodo is a magazine of only one printed copy in the world. It was buried on a chest and on the 5th of April of 2013 a map done by Antoine Corbineau revealed the exact location of the treasure. Dodo was sold out tree hours after the map went out. Photography by Gonzalo Baró, chest by Pablo Limón, Poster by Bakea, Stickers by David Méndez Alonso and seeds font by Jean Jullien.

Thanks This magazine has been made by the selfless collaboration of more than 30 creators from all over the world. Most of them agreed when they received an email from an unknown asking them for an illustracion, photography, text, object or song. Dodo is Concha de Anta, Hugo Aragón, Bakea, Silvia Barnett, Gonzalo Baró, Popy Blasco, Ricardo Cabolo, Federico Cacciapaglia, Antoine Corbineau, Carla Fernández Andrade, Miguel Ángel Fernández, Cristóbal Fortúnez, Jose Ganga, Hidrogenesse, Adam J. Kurtz, Jean Jullien, Jacobo Labella, Pablo Limón, Chema Martín, Rubén Martín, David Méndez Alonso, Álvaro Mingo, Felipe Olaya, Jun Oson, Rosa Rodríguez, Antonio Rodríguez, Florencia Rojas, Aitor Saraiba, Nano Suarez, Sara Tobar, Cristina Velar, Tuchi Yayayay, Ana Ramirez Sánchez, Merce, Hayli Chwang, Alba Gador, Jean-Baptiste Béchu, Nils Medina, Rafael Doctor, Diego Miranda and Felix Feistel. Special thanks to Rosa Soro, Guiomar Duarte, Rut Liermo, Tamara Táboas, Miguel Conget and Vení.es

Staff Rubén Martín Hernández. Editor and Art Director Jacobo Labella. Graphic Design Antonio Rodríguez Molina. Translations Hayli Chwang. Corrections Nano Suarez Martínez. Website

Contact If you would like to advertise, collaborate, criticize or anything else, just write to

Printed in Barcelona in February 2013. Buried in March 2013 in Madrid. Limited edition of only one copy. Permission to reproduce material for any reason must be obtained from the publication.





1 Concha de Anta 2 Hugo Arag贸n 3 Bakea 4 Silvia Barnett

By Federico Cacciapaglia

5 Gonzalo Bar贸 6 Popy Blasco 7 Ricardo Cabolo 8 Federico Cacciapaglia 9 Antoine Corbineau 10 Guiomar Duarte 11 Carla Fern谩ndez Andrade



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12 Miguel Ángel Fernández 13 Cristóbal Fortúnez 14 Jose Ganga 15 Hidrogenesse 16 Adam J. Kurtz 17 Jean Jullien 18 Jacobo Labella 19 Rut Liermo 20 Pablo Limón 21 Chema Martín 22 Rubén Martín 23 David Méndez Alonso

24 Álvaro Mingo 25 Felipe Olaya 26 Jun Oson 27 Rosa Rodríguez 28 Antonio Rodríguez 29 Florencia Rojas 30 Aitor Saraiba 31

Rosa Soro

32 Nano Suarez 33 Sara Tobar 34

Cristina Velar

35 Tuchi Yayayay






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Dodo Issue Zero


BAZAR BY Guiomar Duarte & Rubén Martín


hen Thesseus got into the Cretan Labyrinth to kill the Minotaur, we bet he had with him this pocket whiteboard and quickly created a strategy to find his way back home. Since then, hundreds of generations of Dodo’s always carry a foldable whiteboard with them just in case they need to find their way out of from a labyrinth.

k ad e r







One of the good things of becoming a Dodo, is that our breakfast time


h in g e clot g a l ouf cam


ave you always wondered why you’ve never seen a dodo walking in your city? There’s a reason for it: We use city camouflage clothing. Once you`ve become one of us, you’ll see how your city-life changes, just like that day when you became aware of the Matrix...



is far more exciting than just staring at a plain bread loaf covered with marmalade while you yawn with your first coffee of the day. Dodo’s breakfast style is famous all over the world, thanks to the secret messages we always share in our morning bread loafs.

In case you feel like finding the phantom closest to you, these

ghost-hunter devices are made for you. You’ll never feel lonely or bored again. Besides, you won’t even have to worry that they might speak another language, because one of these devices comes with a Dictionary and Phonetic Modes. So now there’s no excuse for not having a chit-chat or helping the ghost next door discover the hidden secret of his/her death.


unter devices sth

Adventure Bazar



real Dodo is a free soul, and we sleep anytime and anywhere we want. Unfortunately the road is not always as comfortable as we might like. But in any case this sleeping bag may be the ultimate article for our sleeping-freedom.

sur viv


B al


These survival-traps bracelets have saved thousands of Dodo’s

lifes, while they were practicing their national sport: Scaling buildings. Unleash your inner Spiderman with it. LM





e love walking barefoot while we go out for a hike in the Amazons. Don’t you? However, it can get a bit stressful when you get bitten by a snake and have only 30 seconds to drink the antidote to safe your life... That’s why the Vibram Five Fingers shoes will be the solution to all your problems.


Bott le B


ter microfilter et wa k c Po

sn’t it tedious when you finally find some water while walking in the middle of the Qatari desert, and it’s not water safe to drink? No drama, with this portable Steripen you’ll be able to eliminate over 99.9% of the bacteria, viruses and protozoa and drink anytime, anywhere you like.

You’ve been cycling all over Canada, always keeping safe a very special bottle of

Spanish red wine. Why? Because you know that you’ll make it to the top of the Rocky Mountains. But once you’re there you´ll wonder... how to open that god damn bottle? Well here you have the ultimate bottle biner you can carry with you wherever you go, always ready for that bottle of wine.


Dodo Issue Zero

Sometimes you need to use the prismatics

Titanium st raw

ma tic

g la ses

aids for so long that you loose the strenght of your hands. This is the solution. Now you can do hours of spy hunting in the forrest.

is Pr

This is not just a useful object, it is a necessity. Some beverages just don’t taste good without a straw, but they get wrecked so easily. With this you could go wherever and enjoy your juice with a perfect and unspoiled straw. Ahhh refreshing!

digital portable m icr osc o

n g pe antee n i t as uar g-l ife-g n lo ith l w



Scientists are a lot like Superman, they always have to be

ready for action in case they’re needed. That’s why this digital portable microscope might be as indispensable for a scientist as a telephone box is for Superman. Because you never know when or where you may find THE sample that could save thousands of millions of lives (or at least looks cool in front of a chick).

know it might sound dangerous but wouldn`t it be a great adventure to sign a pact with the devil? Not, if your pen doesn`t work. Well, it’s time to draw a line on the carpet. Time to stand up and say, “I will never be without a pen again.” Handles extreme conditions.


ca m er a


orget about climbing trees, rocks or having friends to take the best picture. With this camera ball, you just need to throw it in the air and when it gets to the highest point it takes the picture.


Adventure Bazar


ing rr y



f any colour is the new black, and girls are the new boys, the Faggotteen carrying stick is the new bag.

nt poi



b raf



Tube s quee zer


ec t

ion S c p e o

f you are a technical adventurous geek at heart then you won´t be able to live without a writing instrument that is also a measuring tool. With caliper rule, tire tread gauge, ruler, and a thread scale.

g Wireless Datalo

e Vid g gin

p ns I o

You know there is always more toothpaste

Maybe you are looking for the next

Dodo issue inside a small hole that may be the cosy home of a black Mamba. Check it out first.

ent iA r t


leep safe from bears, spiders, or even your sister. If you dont have a perfect tree to build a tree house you can have this amazing mobile one instead.


that you can get out. This tube squeezer will help you take out all of the content. All.

Dodo Issue Zero

IMPROVE YOUR day BY adam j. kurtz If you are reading this magazine, you are the kind of person that never gets bored. You always have a plan to make. You sleep in haunted houses, fight dragons and invent beverages like juice of eternal youth, even Indiana Jones is a loser next to you... Ok. We sometimes do get bored. But don´t panic! This is a list to improve your day. Remember, use it just in case of emergency.


Improve your Day


Dodo Issue Zero



Text ÁLVARO MINGO Illustration jean jullien

Imagine you plant a palm tree in your garden, and after some time, it escapes! This is what happens with these species, either because of their growth habits or their life cycles, but they are able to move away from the spots where they are planted. This is the case for the Egyptian Walking Onion (Allium proliferum). This species is entirety edible, not just the bulb, and has a very strong flavor. But its uniqueness lies in the formation of the bulb. It grows in the apex of its stems. As the bulb grows, its own weight bends the stem until it reaches the ground, thus a new individual grows some distance away from the original onion, so that the plant will walk along the garden. A similar case happens with the Walking Iris (Neomarica gracilis). This species of lily has a very ornamental flower, and the flower is what bends the stem that leads to a new plant. But, the most curious case, is the Walking Palm (Socratea exorrhiza). This palm, whose habitat extends from Central America to the Amazon rainforest, has aerial roots that act as legs . When the plant receives more sunlight on one side, it emits new roots from this part of the plant and its shaded parts will wither, thus, the plant “walks” towards light. It can move around a meter every year. Be careful when you walk around a garden, may be you are being followed…


Dodo Issue Zero

T URN YOUR MOUSE INTO A SUPER MOUSE Text miguel ángel fernández illustration hugo aragón

If you’re thinking about getting a pet, this is your lucky day! When you finish reading this article, not only will you be convinced of wanting a mouse, but also you will have on hand the do’s and don’ts to make a completely trained little being out of him/her. Isn’t it better to have a dog if we want an obedient pet? Well, no. Dogs end up looking a lot like their owners (I’m particularly fascinated by how easy it must be for Hilton’s Chihuahuas to impersonate the business magnate’s daughter, Paris, or for Queen Elizabeth’s Corgis to strut around Buckingham Palace the same way she does) but this my friends, does not happen with mice. At most you might end up looking more like your little rodent instead, but that’s more of an advantage than a disadvantage; I never felt offended by being called mouse-face at school...


Mice Training

an impressive piece of engineering made by the best teen architect in the world. Build your pet a castle with the tubes of toilet paper, or make a vantage point from where to gaze at the shining stars in the darkness, or even an artificial beach, but watch out for the waves, you can’t make him swim.

The brain of a mouse is very small if we compare it to ours, but it’s alright if we compare it to those of Jersey Shore’s tanned contestants! With only a little bit of training we can get amazing results. To do this, we have to first build some gadgets So dust off your shop class notebooks from high school, get the scissors out of grandma’s sewing box and go get some Pritt glue.

As for the labyrinth, you can imagine it is pretty easy; you will only have to show the mouse the entrance and wait for him to come through the exit while you dance to “Magic dance” by David Bowie. Labyrinths made from Lego blocks are most appropriate for this moment... the construction crisis is everywhere, so less debt and more stimulus.

Mice go mental for running wheels; simple little wooden-sticks structures where they can climb up; uncovered walkways similar to scalextric tracks; and transparent pipes by which they move along, through and around the entire labyrinth. (remember that their cousins, the rats, are queens of the sewers and some after parties) But what mice love the most is to gorge themselves on treats. Using a little stick on which we have previously skewered a piece of Roquefort cheese, we can lead our mouse wherever we please, and after a few trials, controlling our creature will be easier than making Mario Bros. jump in a video game. An appropriate stimulus is important; we must arouse our mice’s interest for exercise without stressing them out too much. Studies indicate that mice who show interest for the challenge they’re set on, like wandering along a labyrinth, do live longer! So put yourself in your little animal’s place, and think about what kind of adventure would you like to join?

Things get serious when we talk about playing basketball. Yes, that’s right, mouseketball: in order to get your buddies to play basketball you’ll need a basket with a net adapted to their height (8 inches will work), a foam rubber ball so your mouse can hold it in his mouth, and a small bowl with food that you’ll offer when he climbs to the hoop and score a basket. They are cool with it and can spend hours like that. It’s not recommended to repeat this exercise longer than the official NBA’s statutory time, which is four quarters of 12 minutes each, separated by 10 minute breaks in between. If you can’t believe it, just google “mouse playing basketball” and you’ll see a couple of videos honoring the truth.

If you have enough space in your bedroom, the best of the best for these rodents is to have multi-cabin housing that are interconnected with pipes; something that creates their own unique metropolis. The trick is to place interesting things for them to discover in different rooms: water, a piece of shredded newspaper, the magazine Intouch... the more floors, the funnier; something similar to Topshop on Oxford Street. After linking one floor to another with transparent pipes, careful to avoid differences in height between levels, you are ready to rock. For your rodent (or you) to be completely happy, this housing doesn’t only have to be good, it has to be spectacular,

Mice, like Colombus, loves to get into trouble a lot, and this can be dangerous on some occasions. If they are wandering around by themselves, they won’t think twice before messing with the CPU of your computer, nibble at your hard drive, or go inside the printer to dye their whiskers with magenta toner. We have to be careful to secure our constructions with the choice of materials we use. We should also ensure that the tests we put our mice through are regulated by the standards of the EU and WWF: the happiness of these little animals depend on how capable you are in both training and caring for them. Mouse Party!!


Dodo Issue Zero

MICE TRAINING YOUTUBES 1 Hamster Agility Training Part 2

2 Jazzy’s mega-home!

3 Cute mouse playing basketball

4 Mouse agility

5 Mouse agility - early training

6 Noah’s Lego Hamster Maze

THINGS YOU CANT DO - Don´t bath him - Don´t try to get him to befriend your cat - Don´t cut his nails - Don´t let him roam free in your room - Don´t mix different species of rodents - Don´t experiment with him

TOP 20 CLEVER RATS AND MICE 1 Splinter Ninja Turtles 2 Geronimo Stilton 3 Mrs. Brisby The Secret Of Nimh 4 Remy Ratatouille 5 Bernard & Bianca The Rescuers 6 The Brain Pinky and the Brain 7 Speedy Gonzales 8 Jerry Tom & Jerry 9 Itchy The Simpsons 10 Fievel 11 Roquefort The aristocats 12 Stuart Little 13 Topoyiyo 14 The 3 blind mice Shreck 15 Timothy Q. Dumbo 16 Mighty Mouse 17 Tico willy fog 18 Mickey and Minnie mouse 19

Jack & Gus Cinderella


Mice from Bave


Mice Training


Dodo Issue Zero

PSYCHIC DREAMS TEA photography gonzalo baró

* Dream Tea recipe is in Scott Cunningham’s, Complete book of Incense, Oils, & Brews.

When we are sleeping, our subconscious awakes. Who hasn’t had a premonitory dream that has come to pass? There is a drink developed in the deepest cabin of the woods, the recipe is a concoction that encourages psychic dreaming. Dreams that may reveal hidden information, or may allow you to communicate with someone from another time or space, it may even let you experiment with clairvoyant powers involving elements that could affect the world around us. Just a piece of advice: Before taking the potion, think about it, seriously, think twice if it’s really what you want to do.

Ingredients: 2 parts rose petals 1 part Mugwort 1 part peppermint 1 part Jasmine flowers 1/2 part cinnamon Steps: 1 - Mix all the ingredients. 2- Add one teaspoon to a cup. 3- Pour boiling water over this and let steep, covered for a few minutes. 4 - Drink before going to bed. Sweet psychic dreams!


Jar provided by “El Rastro de Merce“ C/Pescadería 8, Betanzos. Spain.

The Concoction


Dodo Issue Zero

Luis Laria tells us about his best friend.

The KRAKEN! TEXT Silvia Barnett ILLUSTRATION Aitor Saraiba

The Kraken

In between mythology and reality. Under the sea. There lives a one eyed creature with three hearts of 22 centimeters long. This is the Giant Squid. We talked to one of the experts on this great animal, Luis Laria, who speaks to us from the Giant Squid Museum in Luarca, Asturias, to clarify for us the many curiosities of the fascinating creature. We know it’s a special being that only shows up a little... so we wanted to put its numbers into perspective and check out whether Asturias is one of the Giant Squid’s world cradles but apparently the possibilities of seeing a squid walking on the beach of Asturias are scarce.... Giant squids are scarce on the Cantabrian coast of Deux Architeuthis. An average of one per year. Since 1962, 80% of the records of giant squid in Asturias are considered from accidental hunting, that is, from trawling nets, except 5 specimenmeters in 2003 that appeared to coincide with the presence of boats, which were working on geophysical investigations, from conducting surveys with compressed air pumps. The Squid Giant lives 1500 meters deep under the sea, often appearing in submarine canyons, pits.... Taking this into account, it is a rather cosmopolitan animal. Although it appeared to be absent in the polar waters and the area between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, the highest numbers of Giant Squid were found in the Northwest Atlantic of Newfoundland with a total of 119 specimens, from 1785 to 2003. In the Northeast Atlantic, Asturias had 49 specimens from 1952 to 2003. Keeping in mind that our chances of seeing a squid in Asturias are on average once a year and if we choose Newfoundland (for those who are embarrassed to ask, it is an island near Canada) our annual chances on average rise to 1.8 times.

We have decided that until one shows up, perhaps it is better to just imagine it... So we asked our expert to explain to us why the female squid is larger than the male squid. Almost all animals manifest sexual differences in some way, this is called sexual dimorphism. In the case of the Giant Squid (as in many other abyssal species) this is expressed in the size. There are several hypotheses; one of them has to do with their survival mechanisms. Females, being larger, seek to ensure the protection of the male squid. Another hypothesis would be that the female has to carry an enormous mass of eggs until hatching. Let’s continue on with the squid body, but let’s get into something deeper. We read that this animal has a lot of heart. Luis confirms it. Yes, it’s true. It has three hearts: one ischemic and two systemic. But they are inter-dependent organs. Together the three parts accomplish the cardiac function. It could not live without any one of them. This up close look at the squid is starting to get personal. So we decided to go in for more details and a closer look. And we got a couple of questions and answers worthy of the best trivia, write them down. How wide do you think is the diameter of a squid’s eye? And its largest size? Keep reading... The eye, in a specimen of 22 meters (maximum size for these cephalopods), would have a 22cm diameter. Since we are finding the figure of the giant squid quite magical and we have some idea of its physique, now let us look at something more mental and ask about the squid’s super brain powers. Its intelligence it seems, has not been able to be observed by humans, so far. By the way, could one be really fed by a squid of this size? Would a Guinness World Records’ wedding be one with a single giant squid on the table? The Architeuthis, is actually not edible because of the high levels of ammonia found in its muscle mass. A lot of people could eat it, but they would suffer severe gastroenteritis that’ll require hospitalization.

Dodo Issue Zero

Text sara tobar illustration cristóbal fortúnez

Welcome to Pangea. A world that can only be known by a privileged few. Here you will be able to teleport without clicking your fingers and you’ll discover the past without getting in a TIME MACHINE. Because traveling from one place to another will be as easy and fast as your imagination allows. There is a lot to discover. Are you ready to start this adventure?


So then, quick, look out the window. Do you see the smoke signals? Follow them, go to them without wasting any more time. Run, even fly if necessary. There is a zeppelin waiting for you. You are in Bodensee, Germany, at the edge of the lake Constance. Get on board and let yourself go slowly as you contemplate the earth.

Next stop: Miyajima. Japan’s most sacred island. So much so that births and deaths are prohibited there to preserve the eternal state of life. If you see a pregnant woman, make sure to show her the way off of the island.

Rotate yourself 180º. You are in Veracruz. The Voladores of Papantla are about to begin their ritual to ask the sun for rain and good harvest. They need your help. Hurry up. You have to make an offer to the sun in order to spare the lives of the dancers in exchange for the rains. You will need a cock or seven live chicks. Sprinkle them with liquor, tobacco and tamales. Done? You have saved the Voladores’ lives. And now, it is also raining.

You’re soaked, on the east coast of Greenland, and there are icebergs everywhere. A pack of narwhals! They’re like aquatic unicorns with horns over two meters long. In the distance, a ship of Inuits are in the hunt for them. This is not the story of Moby Dick, the whale, but could well become Moby Dick, the narwhal. Say goodbye to your buddies, the pack of narwhals, they have to leave.

Dodo Issue Zero You are shivering. You need to get warm. Suddenly you’re in Turkmenistan. In front of you, the famous Gate of Hell. In May 1971, drilling to find gas deposits, a group of geologists found a cave filled up with toxic gases. They set it on fire to prevent them from coming out and poisoing the earth, this happened more than 40 years ago. Is it really the door to the underworld?

DINGGGG dinggggg. Your mobile is ringing. You answer. A family in Sardinia wants to invite you to lunch. You sit at their table and you get “casu marzu”, a delicacy. A cheese riddled with thousands of maggots that they’ve produced at home because it’s forbidden by law to sell them. Delicious.

You are engaged in table talk, when the youngest son of the family whispers to you that he wants to show you something. He asks you to go with him to the back of the house. Once there, he introduces to you his pet, a seal who lives in a big inflatable pool. The seal is unfazed, it is nap time.

Snoring seal


Pangea An Explorer 5 submarine floats to the surface of the pool. You don’t even think twice before jumping in, you start the descent and you arrive at Cozumel, Mexico. There, more than 400 sculptures of human forms are living underwater while seaweeds, corals and sponges grow on top of them.


Dodo Issue Zero You emerge to the surface. You catch sight of land and make your way to Namibia. Silence. You see a sign: Kolmanskop, sand city. Here the sand is not beneath the cobblestones, because since 1968 nobody lived here to take care for it; you walk through every living room of each deserted and uninhabited house. Not a single soul ahoy.

You walk and walk through the desert. An oasis? A mirage? No. It is Strokkur, a geyser in Iceland that erupts water every 5-10 minutes, just enough time to have a quick dip, or a slow one, if you want to be blow up more than 20 meters high.

You jet off to the Austrian Alps. Luckily in Mieders there is a toboggan and you slide down from the 3,000 meters high mountain, at a speed of 42 km/h. Pure adrenaline!

Alpine slide with no brakes



Even more is the one you will feel at the Bayon Temple in Cambodia. Because here, the Stendhal syndrome will overpower any other feeling, with 216 huge and solemn faces watching every visitor who enter into the ruins.

After so many emotions, your body asks for a break. What better place to drift off to sleep than hanging out on the Cerro Escudo in Patagonia, a completely vertical mountain wherein a Californian man remained suspended without descending for 34 days. You just have to try it!

You open your eyes. It’s nighttime. Despite the darkness, there are a lot of shining dots in the sky. You remember those days when you were a child visiting the planetarium and the time you spent looking for the Big Dipper. You realize that you’re not hanging anymore. You’re up and you’re in the cave Waitomo, New Zealand. And what you see, they are not stars. They are worms using that blue light to attract insects to feed on them. Although, unlike the stars, they will be here all their lives.


Dodo Issue Zero

Sky Calendar JUL 16 - AUG 24

A partial eclipse means that only a part of the moon comes into the umbra. It's visible from Europe, Africa, Asia and it will last around 27 minutes.

OCT 18


PERSEIDES They are meteor showers with level of high activity, observable in the northern hemisphere. Its period of activity is long and it extends between the 16th of July and the 24th of August. It reaches its maximum on the 11th of August with Zenithal Hourly Rate (ZHR) 100. They are meteors of high speeds (59km/second) that radiate from the constellation of Perseus. PENUMBRAL LUNAR ECLIPSE

NOV 03

COMET PAN-STARRS (C/2011 L4) It's a celestial body made by ice and rocks that follow different trajectories, they develop an atmosphere that surrounds the nucleus called coma or cometary, formed by gas and ionized dust. As the sun gets closer, the solar wind lashes the coma and the characteristic tail gets generated. It's expected to be a body bright enough to be seen from the earth after the sun sets. Its path is estimated to pass the next month of March.


15 NOV - 21 NOV

MAY 25

MAY 10

APR 25




ANNULAR SOLAR ECLIPSE It happens when the moon is situated close to the apogee and its diameter is smaller than the solar one, so in its maximum phase (00:26:20 UT) a ring of the solar sphere stays visible. It will be visible from Australia, New Zealand, Central Pacific and the Solomon Islands. PENUMBRAL LUNAR ECLIPSE It happens when the moon passes through the terrestrial penumbra and only a small part of the moon enters the penumbral region. It will be visible from America and Africa and its maximum phase - 04:10:00 UT.


It will be visible from America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

It's a bit uncommon and it distinguishes itself by changing the annular solar phase to the total one, to then return to its original state. It will be visible from the east of America, the south of Europe and Africa. Its maximum phase will be at 12:47:36 UT

These are meteor showers that happen every year between the 15th to the 21th of November, reaching a maximum intensity every 33 years; the Leonids show a peak of activity due to the dust of the comet Tempel-Tuttle (that orbits every 32 years) that is not uniformly distributed along its orbit. Together they can give rise to spectacular meteor showers every 33 years coinciding with the path of the comet at the Apsis, and they frequently leave a green tail behind. They can be observed all over the world.

NOV 28

COMET SUNGRAZER C2012 S1 ISON This comet could be seen from the earth, and it will even be 15 times brighter than the moon, and it seems to be in an almost parabolic orbit, which indicates that it's probably doing its first trip through the Solar system, and has been expelled out of a vast deposit of iced debris coming from the Oort cloud. it will get constantly closer in the next few months until it passes within less than 2 million kilometres of the sun (28th of November)


Sky Calendar

SOLAR STORMS The CME reaches earth propelled by the solar winds. All this solar activity is favorable for observing the Auroras, the best places to observe them are:


Alaska Brooks Range, during the months of November and January. Canada Saskatchewan during winter. Greenland Isla Ellesmere, during winter. Iceland During autumn and winter. Norway On the top of the Arctic Circle, in the north of Norway, the area of Tromso, and the Lofoten Islands. During winter. Lapland and Finland Utsjoki, in Lapland (Finland). During winter until March. Siberia In the Siberian Steppe. During winter.

This app gives you updates and alerts for the short-term Aurora Borealis (and Aurora Australis) forecast from the University of Alaska Fairbanks Geophysical Institute. Great for knowing when to get outside to see the northern lights. You can also view the most recent satellite data for both the North and South poles, as well as the most recent short term predictions on a map for 5 areas: Alaska, North America, Europe, North Polar, South Polar.


Dodo Issue Zero




The Coral Castle

“Sweet sixteen�, as Edward used to call Agnes; never knew she was a princess with a castle. She never knew that the man she had left at the altar a day before her wedding loved her so much that he waited for her all his life on the other side of the sea, locked in his own castle. She never came back to Edward again but the genius became a legend because of love.


Dodo Issue Zero

After a bitter ending, the eccentric Edward Leedskalnin departed by himself from Latvia to Florida in 1920; such a long boat trip to make for a 26 year-old carrying an undying hope that his beloved would return to his side. That’s why he built a castle made of blocks of Coral, with stones up to 30 tonnes (three times the size of the heaviest stone in the Pyramid of Gyza). In full, it is estimated to weigh 1000 tonnes. It took him 28 years to build it, without any help, using only tools he made himself. There isn’t any theory able to explain how he did it exactly, his work wasn’t a miracle but something incredible that had become the object of study by numerous scientists throughout the 20th century. Many of them agree that Edward used very advanced knowledge about magnetic fields and energy from the ground that allowed him to control gravitational and equilibrium laws. How did he move the stones? How did he fit one on the other? How could he do it without any help?

which different sources of magnetic energy emanate. Edward maintained that every object is a small magnet, and that there are attractions between different objects because of the inherent nature of a magnet to try and straighten its poles. He created a technique in order to use the alignment of the magnetic elements inside the stones and adjust them facing the current of magnets that come from the center of the earth. This would explain why a nine tonnes revolving door is so well balanced within the space and how the rest of the rocks can be moved easily just like a child using his finger without much effort. How did he know that? How did he utilize by himself a method dating back centuries ago that had never been used again since? Why is this still a mystery? Where are the limits of science? Where does the supernatural start? Besides being a genius, Edward made clear the ability of his hands in the assemblage of the stones; the detail of the most clever craftsmanship in the whole construction process is in the way stones join to each other with such precision that the light can’t go through any crack or small imperfection and the height of the stones that construct the walls are completely uniform, not even the passage of the years and the great hurricane of 1992 were able to alter any detail of the castle. However, by 2000, the revolving door had stopped revolving. A team of scientists and engineers dismantled the system and found out how Edward had inserted a metallic shaft that went through the door, which was perfectly aligned with the rest of the rocks that configured the revolving system. The reason why it had stopped revolving as the decades went by was very simple: the metallic wire had oxidized so it was replaced by another one and configured just the way Edward had devised. Having found out the mechanism for the door was only a small detail in the great mystery that still surrounds this castle. Only an engraved table made of coral in the shape of a heart, located at the core of the construction offers us without any doubt, the reason of its entire existence; the reason why a genius worked ceaselessly until the days of his early death, the solitude of Edward and his undying love for Agnes.

He loved the universe and felt strongly attracted to it. The concept of nature that Edward had was very basic: it consisted of individual magnets, and the movement of these in relation to the matter and the space to produce phenomena such as magnetism. He was not the first person to realize this and put it into practice, the Egyptians had already used magnetic forces to build pyramids, but there was a great difference between our Latvian genius and the Pharaonic empire: its workforce. While the Egyptians were using hundreds of people to move construction materials, it is well documented that Edward was working completely by himself. In a time when patents didn’t exist, inventors had to carefully guard the secret of their works. He was never seen working during daytime and only a few witnesses attested that some stones levitated, and he used never before seen machines, that his techniques went beyond science and verged on the supernatural. Edward would have never been able to move stones that weighed tonnes using traditional methods, that’s why he figured out how to erect and maneuver huge pieces, thanks to electromagnetism and by playing with gravitational forces of the earth. Our planet is an immense magnet from


The Coral Castle

Dodo Issue Zero

How to make your own magnetic device: Would you like to experiment with gravity? Using only a few materials you can easily see how magnetic forces work. They still remain a big mystery for science, like the Coral castle of Edward. This device was created in 1842 by Samuel Earnshaw, a british mathematician, whose Earnshaw’s theorem is going to enable us to lift objects easily by using magnetic fields. This device consists of a base with a strong magnet that works as an energy source, which allows an object called a levitron (similar to a spinning top made of a circular magnet with a plastic shaft) to levitate. You will need a lot of patience, as Edward did with the coral blocks, you have to level the magnetic base with the real horizon, and once the spinning force is applied you’ll get the gravitational force of the earth and the ones of the device to balance. The rotating effect doesn’t last more than seven minutes (it normally lasts two) given that the friction of the air, along with magnetic polar reciprocity will eventually reduce the spinning speed needed to keep the magnetic device afloat.

Materials: One big magnet, a hoop-shaped magnet (D=4 cm; d=1,5 cm), Silicone, a Cd case (normal cover), and a wooden or plastic cone-shaped stick with a bigger diameter than the one from the magnet so it doesn’t fall out. levitron casero

1 Place the wooden stick inside the hoop-shaped magnet, glue it with silicone making sure that the positive side is on the bottom.

3 Place the Cd case over the positive side of the big magnet.

2 Place the big magnet over the table, with the positive side on the top.



Lift the Cd case little by little and then move it away.


Make the stick spin using the magnet, over the cd case.

The Coral Castle

Parts of the Castle: HEART-SHAPED TABLE Every year, on this table, they celebrate a wedding on Saint Valentine’s Day. Edward built this table as if it was a big plant pot so that there would always be fresh flowers without the need to change them.

FOUNTAIN OF THE MOON It consists of 3 coral pieces that represent first and last quarter moon phase, and the full moon which is the fountain. At the beginning it was a fish tank and now the tank is a place where you flip a coin and make a wish.

KITCHEN The kitchen is a great barbecue that was something a bit unusual for its time. The pan is made from an old bodywork of a Ford.

SUNDIAL The hours of the clock go from 9am to 4pm; Edward chose that time period because they are the hours one should be working, although his story tells us that it’s quite likely that he only worked at night.

SOFA OF THE SUN This sofa was created with a revolving system and the drum brakes of a Ford, so that he could always spin it towards the sun.

THE NORTH WALL In this wall you can find the heaviest coral block. Edward sculpted a triangle shaped crown above it as a sign of pride. There are some planets sculpted into the wall, such as Mars or Saturn illustrating Edward’s belief in signs of life on other planets. Planets are part of the wall, they aren’t structures created from another block and then added to the main one.

THE TABLE OF THE PALM TREE A savage palm tree once grew on this table, but after the hurricane in 1960 it disappeared and was substituted by a smaller one. BATH. He built the bath next to a well so he could get water close by. He filled up the bathtub in the morning and it was already hot by the afternoon.

ROOM OF THE THRONE In every house is a castle and every castle has a king, then the king must have his throne, that’s why Edward built a throne for himself, another one for Agnes and a third one for a child (the one they never had)

THE CRONER OF REGRET Edward built this part of the castle to punish badly behaved children. FLORIDA’S TABLE Edward created this table in the shape of the state of Florida, where the castle is located.

THE WELL Edward dug a well for water and to have a place where he could stay fresh on the warmer days of summer. He built a wall so that a child couldn’t fall in.

THE CAVE OF THE THREE BEARS It’s a small children’s park that was named after the story of Goldilocks.

OBELISK There are two important details: the engraving of his date of birth and a small cavity in the shape of the star from Latvia, his country of birth.

CHAIRS FOR READING Depending on the time of day, he sat one chair or another to make the most of the sunlight.


Dodo Issue Zero


The Coral Castle


Dodo Issue Zero

Tales by the Fire

The last night of the bride text Popy Blasco illustration jacobo labella


Tales by the Fire


Dodo Issue Zero


Tales by the Fire


Dodo Issue Zero

Bones/ stones TEXT JOSE GANGA Illustration aitor saraiba


Bones / Stones

Ok, 2012 is gone but, can we be sure that the danger is over? Tsunamis, meteors that pass closer to earth than expected, changing temperatures of our planet, melting of the poles, plagues, nuclear energy... And a recurring dream: waiting for the end of the world. I dreamt it last night. the TV was saying it wasn’t going to happen but then they rectified that by signing the death sentence for human race. Apparently, something was coming from within, the nucleus of the earth or something, pushing upwards spreading destruction along its way. everyone had shared this dream of mine before. due to the great amount of movies, whether they’re from Hollywood or not, responsible for fueling and nourishing the collective imagination on the apocalypse. The list is endless. Deep Impact, Armageddon, Melancholia, 2012, War of the Worlds, Fin, Take Shelter, 4:44, Last day on Earth... However, how much of this is true? What are the chances of everything coming to an end? What is the favorite catastrophe to end the party for the human race?

dinosaur footprint while walking along La Griega beach in Colunga. Since then, he hasn’t stopped investigating this animal species that had experienced extinction first hand, or not, because according to José Carlos, there are still some dinosaurs living among us, they’re actually birds also known as avian dinosaurs. Could we survive the impact of a meteor, the same size as the one that finished off the dinosaurs? “Some humans may survive a similar catastrophe if they had the time to hide themselves in shelters underground for long periods, with plenty of supplies. However, when they would return to the surface, they will find a devastated world and very unsuitable conditions for survival” he claims, although he adds, “the chances of this happening is very low”. For a geologist, the concept of “the end of the world” is quite wrong and subjective to the ideas of how human beings perceive and inhabit the world. “At some points in the history of the earth, we’ve had a great amount of extinctions. Out of all them, the one that took place during the Permian era around 251 millions years ago, was the most devastating one of all times; a huge amount of species disappeared, both marines and terrestrials (up to a 90%) and, nevertheless, life on earth didn’t extinguish” After all, we are nothing more than a bunch of tenants renting to live with no rights of buying. Meteors are precisely what José Vicente Casado knows a lot about, a professional meteor hunter. According to Casado, it is estimated that the meteor that killed the dinosaurs was 10 kilometers in diameter. Facing the chances of it happening again, José Vicente has no doubts: “other meteors of a large size will hit the earth again in the future, but we don’t know if it will happen next week or in 50 millions years. It’s like worrying about dying from a falling brick when you walk close to a building; someone will be hit by it but we don’t know when. There are more interesting and probable questions about ecological changes that may affect us in a few years, but they aren’t as cinematic” he states. García Ramos agree, “Due to the destructive capacities of the human race, unless there is a dramatic change in our behavior regarding the nature around us, our chances of survival are predictably more limited than the dinosaur’s”. So it’s quite likely for us, the human beings, to be the only responsible beings for our own fate. An end, may be inevitable. “The extinction of a great amount of dinosaurs at the end of the Cretaceous had allowed the expansion and development of the mammal and the appearance of our species. If that extinction hadn’t happened, perhaps our current ecological niche would be occupied by reptiles equipped with intelligence” states our geologist.

“We’re preparing a rescue with a military helicopter next Monday and Tuesday for the two blocks with dinosaurs left. It’s taking us too much time to organize everything. As soon as I have it, I’ll forward it”. This is how the e-mail reply from José Carlos García Ramos begins, given my insistence on getting answers to the questions I’ve sent him. Finding out what could happen to our species is important, but given the situation, one can only be understanding and patient in waiting for it. José Carlos is a geologist, and the director and creator of the Jurassic Museum of Asturias, Spain. He was born in Gijón but grew up in Sama. It was precisely in Asturias that his passion for footprints began. He began to collect ferns and other fossil plants around the age of nine, and by 1969, a year before finishing his degree in Geology, he found his first


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BONES/ Some clarifications about dinosaurs. Questions for Jose Carlos García Ramos.

How do you imagine the world during the era of the dinosaurs? Would it be so different from the current world (geographic and ambient) It was very different from the current one. The five continents, that formed a huge mass of land, were starting to separate, opening new channels of seawater between them. The landscape was also different and there weren’t any of the current mountainous reliefs; the ones that existed at that period took up a very different position. In the seas, together with the crocodiles, turtles and fishes, were big reptiles such as the ichthyosaurius and the plesiosaurius that became extinct before the end of the

Cretaceous period. On solid ground, mammals were the minority and still in the process of development, the largest one could have been the size of a dog now. In the air, there appeared the first birds or avian dinosaurs at the end of the Jurassic period, they were competing with big flying reptiles, the pterosaurus, of which we keep a huge amount of fossilized footprints, found at sites around the eastern cost of Asturias. Besides, the great ice-caps didn’t exist yet, although probably, there were some dispersed ice masses, with a seasonal nature on the highest reliefs at high latitudes.

Bones / Stones

What size can a dinosaur footprint reach? It depends if we’re talking about normally biped dinosaurs, such as the theropods or ornithopods, or four footed dinosaurs such as the big sauropods or the thyreophorods. In the case of footprints for the posterior end of the sauropods, such as the ones found at La Griega beach in Colunga, they are the second biggest ones in the world in terms of size, we are talking about 125 centimeter in diamater. Besides, at the MUJA we also keep the biggest footprint of a theropod ever known, that is 82 centimeters long.

To make it clear, was the T-Rex that bad? What size could he reach up to? The concepts of good or bad are more appropriate to be applied in human beings, since we have full awareness of our actions. It wouldn’t be logical to say, for example, that a cat is bad because it kills mice. How could we differentiate between good or bad animals? In the case of the dinosaurs, a misconception exists that a carnivore (e.g: the Tyrannosaurus rex) is bad and on the other hand a herbivore (e.g: a Diplodocus) is good. The T-Rex, as we already know, could act alternatively as a predator or as a scavenger, depending on its needs and on the lesser or greater abundance of preys. And as for the size of a T-Rex, it could be said that it reached up to around 12.3 meters in length and 4 meters high at the hips; the head would be placed even higher.

Would it be possible for what Jurassic Park suggests to happen and dinosaurs could come back to life? If so, could we coexist with them? What is your opinion on this film, was it positive or negative for its portrayal of your discipline? As of today, this is a chimera in the case of those dinosaurs that has been extinct, because the DNA is destroyed after so many millions of years. As for coexisting with them, we are already doing it, the current birds we know are descendants of a group of dinosaurs that didn’t become extinct at the Cretaceous-paleogene period; they are, in fact, avian dinosaurs. Although in Jurassic Park there are a lot of unrealistic scenes, mixing varieties of dinosaurs that didn’t coexist, there’s no doubt that the film was very positive in promoting the image of paleontology.

How can we know if a footprint belongs to a dinosaur? What should we do if we find one? Fundamentally by its specific shape and form. The footprints of normally bipeds dinosaurs such as theropods or ornithopods will show in the front part, three fingers well differentiated (or four if the footprint is deep). The four footed dinosaurs such as sauropods and stegosaurus will show handprints in the shape of half moons, while the footprints will have a wide foot plant

that ends in five curved toes or three short toes. Besides, we have to bare in mind that the footprints of ichnites may appear hollow in the superior surface of the stratus (real footprints) or as bulkiness or positive embossing in the bases of them (counter-mould, in our case, of sandstone generally). If we find one of these footprints, the right process would be to get in touch with the scientific team at the MUJA, indicating the place where you found it and a picture of it if possible. We must not forget that the Jurassic coast between Gijón and Ribadesella has been declared as a Natural Monument, and therefore it’s not permitted to extract geological or paleontological material out of the site, without express authorization of the Asturias Government Council.

What’s the best thing about dinosaurs? Perhaps their evolutionary success and their longevity on earth over millions of years, before and in spite of the severe extinction of species that took place 65 millions years ago, at the boundaries of the Creataceous-Tertary period.

Which place in the world has the most footprints? That’s a difficult question to answer. EE.UU., China, South Korea, Poland or even the Iberian Peninsula have big sites for ichnites of dinosaurs. Although it also depends on other factors, such as how large or small the extension is, of outcrops from the Mesozoic era’s rocks. Those territories with great aridity (with less vegetation) have more chances to contain more footprints.

Is it true that there were marine animals that lived in the same era as the dinosaurs? Of course it is, for example some varieties of turtles and marine crocodiles or fishes, although they weren’t exactly the same species as they are today. There were also many varieties of invertebrates very similar to those currently existing: gastropods, bivalve molluscs, worms, corals, sponges, echinoderms, etc... Of course, the big marine reptiles from that age such as plesiosaurs or ichthyosaurs died out. Some other invertebrates organisms, such as ammonites also did.

If you want to know more

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/stones Some clarifications about meteors. Questions for JosĂŠ Vicente Casado. What is the best part of being a meteor hunter?

What is a meteor shower?

There are many good and bad things as in everything, but the good thing is that you have a vision of things with many perspectives from science, from our planet, from life. You also get to travel a lot, both to look for samples and to try and live for that. It means to live adventures with a deeper goal of acknowledging greater existence. The truth is after dedicating my life to this, with all due respect, other human preoccupations seem unimportant to me.

It would be the fragmentation of a meteor into thousands of pieces before impacting the ground. This can cause rocks showers that extend over areas of dozens of kilometers. Normally everybody confuse them with a shooting star shower. A shooting star is a piece of ice or rock, the size of a rice grain that melts at 100 kilometers high above and never touches the ground. Meteors are much bigger, in occasions they weigh hundreds of kilos and impact into the ground. Confusion comes from the wrong association

Bones / Stones between a shooting star and a meteor. There are meteors of which only a small fragment will get to impact, while others cause hundreds of thousands more collisions.

What place on earth do meteors impact the most? Meteors impact into the whole earth equally. Another question would be whether they are more likely to be found in urban regions or open areas such as deserts. Nobody thinks about looking for meteors in the oceans, but the percentages reveal that it is the place where they fall the most, it’s a matter of surface.

What was the oddest meteor you have ever seen? what was it like? Three years ago we found a basaltic rock in the Sahara. It weighed half a kilo and looked odd, given the geologic surrounding where it was found. We picked it up thinking that the chance it was a meteor was pretty low, but after testing, it turned out to be a piece of the crust from Mars called shergotite. That is the most fascinating rock that one can dream of finding. Even if I’d live a hundred more lifetimes, I don’t think I would find something that interesting again.

Is there any way to check that something is a meteor instead of a rock? Meteors are rocks, that’s why it is so difficult to distinguish them from other terrestrial rocks, especially the magmatic ones. At a glance, there are a lot of small hints there, when you’re used to seeing meteors, to indicate that it could be a rock from space. For me it has been very helpful that I have dedicated my whole life to rocks, minerals and terrestrial fossils, which helps me to differentiate. At the Labs there are complete tests that rule out any doubts, the exact analysis of components of each rock will tell us what it is, where it comes from and when it was originated. Every rock has a recorded history in the elements that form them and in the relations between them. It’s science, complex and difficult to understand sometimes, but it’s accurate.

How can you identify the origin of a meteor? Every place in the solar system has a specific relation with the atoms that form them. That proportion is unique and exclusive. There are also some atomic “clocks” in the elements that indicate their rate of transformation from one substance to another. If we have tools that allow us to know with accuracy the different types of atoms in every rock, we will know where it was originated, when, how deep, what processes happened afterwards such as asteroid collisions, how long was it in the space before they fell into the earth...

Do you keep any meteor as a lucky charm? No, rocks don’t bring or carry luck, they only provide knowledge, perhaps the best and deepest knowledge we have access to. Magical beliefs belong to cultures that haven’t fully developed, to immature minds or people with psychic problems.

Can meteors have special properties? As rocks, they have typical properties corresponding to their chemical composition, of hardness, density, tenacity and color, but one of the most exciting things that meteors provide is understanding that all visible universe is made of the same matter, with the same properties, from which we and everything around us are formed.

Is there anything we can do to attract meteors? Not at ground level. You can attract those that have iron in them with a magnet, but only when you have them in your hands. In space, it has been proposed that in case of an asteroid about to collide with earth, a ship of great mass could be sent close to it, such that the asteroid would be attracted by the gravity force of the ship. Although it’s a small effect, in some months it may be enough to move it away from the line of collision with earth. This is a proposal in avoiding collisions with asteroids, but we still don’t have this ship we mentioned yet.

The end of the world in the film Melancholia isn’t produced by a meteor but the collision with a planet. What did you think of this film? I watched the film when it premiered because they asked me to do a scientific evaluation for the media. It is a good film in cinematic terms and it talks about what people do with their lives, if they are satisfied with what they’ve done knowing we are going to die tomorrow. The way in which they decide to end the world, however, is one of the most absurd ideas I have ever seen. It has nothing to do with reality, even though it is poetic and the name of the planet that crashes into earth reflects that, Melancholia. The worst part is that for the film’s promotion, director Lars Von Trier said the story was about something that could actually happen, the media reported it and nobody questioned it. That showed how little the general public knows about science, astronomy or physics. It’s like if I would talk about the real Tooth fairy or how Picasso wrote Don Quixote, then having all the media reporting it as fact, so I’d look like a wise man. Although it may seem like something trivial, it isn’t. It gives us an idea of the cultural standard and level of critical thinking in our society; so in this context I understand how some people might think I’m crazy, when I say I work in recovering and studying meteors.

Dodo Issue Zero

2 1

If, instead of being carried along by the panic, when we see a cockroach, we can ask it where to get a shell for a good price. We would survive a nuclear attack the same way they do. And we’d do it looking fierce!

Collect tamagotchies, spoil them with cakes and tarts, and never ever ever clean their poop. Throw them out to your enemies as a tactic to distract them.

10 easy steps to

stop the apocalypse

If we forget about the tedious hand-held hairdryers and we direct our thoughts into Nutella, cycling or the records that Sacred Bones release, we’ll realise that life is worth living it. Keep reading this and you’ll be able to lick the chocolate jar clean eternally. STOP EXTINCTION.

text concha de anta / illustration ricardo caVolo


There’s no way to escape a giant wave unless you’re surfing. Get a couple of Reggae records, a nice radio-cassette player and draw surfers’attentions towards the sea becoming the rastafarian of Hamelin yourself. You won’t have to queue to take some lessons.



In case of alien invasion we should hide ourselves in the teaspoons’ compartment, anybody can find us there; having reached this conclusion it’s absolutely crucial that no alien read this.

Stop the Apocalypse


The deadly plagues of the 21st century will appear through Instagram, it is known that if we look at more than one picture of a sunset we will be terminally diseased. So dizzy, gurl!


In the presence of a Zombie attack, the best defense is to get as much dirty tupperware as you can, and make zombies wash them. Zombies love scrubbing potsand-pans til they’re spotless. They love it more than eating people.

8 7


No woman should runaway with her hair up. If you’re a girl and somebody is following you, let your hair down. They will never catch you. Steve Aoki knows all about it.

For an impending meteor collision, if all earthlings dance to ‘La Macarena’ at the same time, after the 47 jumps included in the dance routine, the earth will move enough to avoid it.

Start creating another earth on the moon, another NY, another Paris, another Tokyo. It would be great over there, because it’ll always be night time, so we wouldn’t have to worry about the bags under the eyes or matching our socks. Nothing but advantages.



Go and buy 12.000 kilos of muffins. Keep them in a safe place for at least 6 months. Build a bunker with them. It will be impenetrable and you can lick it if you get hungry.

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The Balloontologyst

“Nature has a way of doing things”

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The Balloontologyst

Mark Verge was a happy Canadian balloon twister, but one day he made a discovery that would change his life for ever. We had the pleasure to chat with him and get to know a little bit more about his amazing job. We are astonished with your discovery, how did you happen to find this site? I was taking my dog for a walk when I stumbled upon this skeleton in southern Alberta, there it was, just laying there partly unearthed plain as day, and what a find it was, the most complete skeleton I have ever found.

How many balloons make a whole dinosaur skeleton? This particular T-rex consisted of 1400 balloons.

Is it hard for your team to unearth the balloons so they don’t explode? We had to take special cautions when uncovering it, as anything sharp can reduce these massive balloons to tiny balloon bits. It is very delicate but rewarding work.

Are all the pieces original or are there any recreated parts? Unfortunately we did lose 9 balloons when excavating it, when considering the sheer size of the thing I would say I was very lucky. I was very careful as I knew the slightest bump could pop these balloon bones. I photographed as I unearthed it, so I can make replicas of the broken balloon bones.

How long does it takes you to build one full skeleton? To extract and assemble it, I did it within three days and one night, 55 hours in total.

How many full dinosaurs do you have? Went back to the same location and found 4 more T-rex skeletons, which has led us to believe that they may have lived in small groups or even hunted as a pack. Luck struck again not so far off, as I found a Spinosaurus, a Triceratops, and one of my favorite dinosaurs, a Utahraptor, further down I also discovered a 20-foot Stegosaurus.

What surprise me the most is how such strong animals could have this soft bone structure. That is a truly a great question, it is just so odd and doesn’t make any sense. All I can say is that it’s seriously twisted!

We have read a special study of yours, where you assert that flying dinosaurs had a helium-infused bone structure. Yes, I do believe that all the flying dinosaurs had helium in their bones according to our research, nature has its way of doing things.

Mark, How is it possible that all of your skeletons have been rejected from the American Museum of Natural History. Really, I don’t know why the American Museum of Natural History refused them. If it looks like a dinosaur and inflates like a dinosaur... guess what? It is a dinosaur. I think they just can’t get over the fact it weighs only 5 kg. I think they are missing out on these great discoveries, they are something the world should see.

Dodo Issue Zero

The ultimate guide to survive an encounter with 10 terrifying dinosaurs Text felipe olaya illustration jun oson

Dinosaurs disappeared millions of years ago… Sure? Are you sure? Let’s take some time to think about it. And I am not talking about crocodiles and alligators. Have you ever heard of Nessy, the mysterious monster that lives in the dark waters of Loch Ness? What about those weird footprints on the tropical rainforest? Or the testimonies about prehistoric creatures that make sailors scream like babies? Giant Squids? I don’t think so. No, my friend, no one can assure you that dinosaurs are gone for good. But don’t worry, don’t be scared. We have been studying these Jurassic creatures for a long time now. Well, maybe just a for few days. But we are your only chance of survival if you have an encounter with one of them. What would you do if you find yourself face to face with a Citipati? Do you even know what a Citipati looks like? Ah! Don’t worry. Here you have the ultimate guide on how to survive an encounter with 10 of these terrifying creatures!

1 There’s someone scarier than T-Rex. We know that you are all scared to death of that flesh eating monster known as Tyrannosaurus Rex. But it has this really big cousin, Allosaurus. Big Al, as some call it, hunts in groups sometimes. And it is strong enough to kill a very well armored Stegosaurus, other Allosaurus, and even a T-Rex. So, picture this: you are having a really nice family holiday with your parents in Portugal, where evidence of Al’s existence has been found. And just when you are about to enter Sintra Castle, the predator pack appears. In this case, you need to remember that your only chance of survival is Big Al’s clumsiness; he is slow, short legged, and too big and heavy. Solution: Easy, trip him, he’s very clumsy.


The Ultimate Guide

2 Big Al’s main victim could also be your executioner. Stegosaurus is all about plates and spikes. And while the plates don’t pose any danger to us, its spiked tail has endangered more lives than you can imagine. There’s a story about a kid who was playing with his friends outside his house, next to a nature reserve in Colorado, when all of a sudden he found himself face to face with a huge, 4 meter tall Stegosaurus. One thing about this huge armored lizard is that it has the smallest brain a dinosaur can have. Solution: Instead of screaming, bombard him with some arithmetic questions, he wouldn’t understand anything and will collapse for sure.

3 Remember when you came back from that summer camp and you had fleas all over your body? You might ask, why are we talking about fleas if this is supposed to be about dinosaurs? Well my friend, if you go to any place where dinosaurs have been recently spotted, you need to avoid at all costs these jurassic giant fleas. Believe me when I say that vaccinations are nothing compared to this flea’s bite. Actually, if you are in the country right now, you should check your sleeping bag immediately. Go! Solution: Take your mother with you. Mothers always love checking for fleas or ticks, even on grown up sons’ heads. She would know exactly what to do.

4 They say it’s not a crime to steal from a thief. But if the thief is Citipati it can get pretty ugly in just only a few seconds. Citipati is well known among dinosaurs for stealing their eggs. Picture the following situation: you are on a trip in the desert, it is siesta time and you have nowhere to rest. Suddenly, you find this giant nest full of eggs, no mama around, or at least that’s what you think. You take your backpack off and you make yourself comfortable in the nest. You are starting to feel sleepy. Did you hear that strange sound? Turn around. Mama is home… What are you going to do? Tick tock tick tock! Solution: Unleash the actor in you. Try to make her believe you are one of her babies that just hatched.


Dodo Issue Zero

5 The largest flying creature that has ever flown through our skies with a wingspan of 10 to 11 meters. Latest testimonies confirm that Quetzalcoatlus has been spotted again in Texas. So if you are in the area and you see a giant shadow that eclipses the sun, run! Run and don’t stop until you take shelter in a safe place. Actually, with such a long and strong beak and neck, I don’t know what would work as a safe place in this case. Ideas? Solution: Use a laser pointer, birds are hypnotized by them. Check out this video on youtube.

6 Can you imagine how hard it must be to control a tail as long as a 12 story building? Amphicoelias may be a beautiful and friendly herbivore. Right? Well, even if it may never try to eat you, a 32 meter tail is the biggest whip ever created, and if you get in its way, you will not live to tell. Solution: Train in “limbo dance” from now on.

7 Here is the monster of Loch Ness, and it’s called Thalassomedon Hannington. Although Nessy sounds way nicer, much less threatening, don’t fool yourself! Nessy is a carnivore that will not take you for a ride on the lake’s waves, he will eat you. Are you a good swimmer? And, FYI, Nessy is the only Thalassomedon Hannington that has become famous, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t others in your city lake, or the local beach. Solution: Shout out loud: Nessy is here, the real Nessy! A human appetizer isn’t worth ruining so many years of hiding in the lake. She would hide again.


The Ultimate Guide

8 Oh what a small dinosaur, it is so... Ouch! Even though Compsognathus never exceeded 70 cm, it became a famous predator for its ferocity, agility, and the fact he always attacks with his friends. He lives in France, or at least it was found there. So if you hear someone screaming on the Champs Elysées, run for your life, though running might not be the best option in this case. Compsognathus are way faster than you. Solution: Climb up whatever climbable structure you find along the way, ANY, and stay there until you think it’s safe to go down.

9 Like its cousin Amphicoelias, Brachiosaurus will never try to eat you. It’s a herbivore, but yes, it is still a threat to your precious life. You are way too small, like an ant for a human, and he can accidentally step on you. Solution: Protect yourself from the Brachiosaurus by wearing a helmet with a spike.

10 And at last, everybodys’s favorite. We all know there is no escaping a Raptor. He´s faster than you, stronger than you, and he has that paw that can tear up your intestines. Solution: But we know that the best place to survive him is in the kitchen. So if you cross one, run as fast as you can into a kitchen, and if it is one in a restaurant and has reflective cabinets, even better. Good Luck!


PASATIEMPO Photography Carla Fernandez Andrade Text Rut Liermo

Dodo Issue Zero

Under the bushes, behind broken glass and between dirty caves, the rest of Park Pasatiempo is in hiding. A keepsake box made of stone, that a Galician wanted to share with his people.

The story began in 1869, when Juan Garcia Naveira, a farmer from a village in northern Spain called Betanzos, decided to emigrate to

Argentina; there like many others of that period, he gradually began to amass a small fortune, which he would use to help his village

back home whenever he returned there. He did this by creating

municipal schools, a sanatorium, community centers... And in 1893,

he created this wonderful and encyclopedic theme park, which would last for 21 years after it was conceived.

The park’s 90,000 m2 surface is divided into two levels, these included buildings, gardens, greenhouses, labyrinths, caves and underground

passages. Using sculptures and polychrome murals he shared with his fellow villagers all the different places he had known throughout his

travels, such as the Pyramid of Cheops or the Great Wall of China. He also showed them exotic animals he had seen and scientific advances of his day, such as the airplane, the diver and the blimp or the funicular.

During its heyday in the 1920s, the park was often quoted by numerous European guidebooks as a port of call for travelers and pilgrims.

But the reality of the park changed with the death of Don Juan, having

not left any stipulation in his will for the continuation of the park. After

that, with the outbreak of Civil War and the consequent postwar period, all contributed to the plundering and damage on the area.

The Park of Pasatiempo suffered then a particular journey, it became a camp and a shelter for nuns, a part of the buildings were separated by the road, and later became overgrown with weeds and vegetation.

It was not until 1986 that the City hall of Betanzos bought this land and began its restoration, Today only 20% of the park remains.

The Pasatiempo is a walk between the shadows, followed by the glance of dinosaurs, dragons and a large lion made of stone, watching as the

time goes by. A magic memory of an era when everything was yet to be discovered.




Pasatiempo, is a walk a memory of a lost tim was jet to be discove


k beneath shadows, me where everything ered.


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The caves down in “escondrijos� where stone dinosaurs can

the park are full of e only the broken n see you.

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74 74

75 75

Photos from the Betanzos Public Library.

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Photography chema martín

TWO WEEKS IN THE STATE WHERE THE SUN SHINES This beautiful vacation paradise now enjoys an international reputation. Dynamic and modern, the state is comparable to California for its dissemination of new kinds of sports and outdoor attractions, a few of many success stories found here. Always making the most of gifts that nature has generously bestowed... it is not a surprise then, that people from all over America and even Europe, are increasingly drawn to its irresistible charm, making Florida their ideal holiday destination. Every week, thousands of new visitors change their collared suits for sandals, shorts and funny shirts. And at the end of the trip, under the soft night sky of Miami with a piña colada in hand, these same people will feel like staying forever; Florida locals jokingly call these feelings “getting sand in your shoes”. (Florida Berlitz tourist guide 1981)


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Trip to the Past


Dodo Issue Zero


Trip to the Past


Dodo Issue Zero


Dodo Issue Zero


Dodo Issue Zero


Trip to the Past




Trip to the Past


Dodo Issue Zero

One day at the

Forest Photograpy Florencia Rojas

Between december and march, the forest is naked and it gets complicated to distinguish live trees from the dead ones. Streams and waterfalls freeze for whole weeks. Animals hibernate. During the day, the woods are in silence; only a few kinglet look between the moss-covered roots. The cold, the rain and the snow, they may look like a problem, but they are more than an incentive to go out with a bag in hand and hike along the dingy paths, knowing the warmth of a hot chocolate awaits you at the end of the road, and taking refuge back home from the rain once you’re soaked, it is worth it.


The Forest


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To stay overnight, or simply take refuge in the forest, it’s enough to carry a couple of sticks a big piece of plastic sheeting and a big piece of fabric, better if it’s waterproof. The first thing we need is to find the right place: it has to be one that is sheltered from the wind, far enough from the river and if possible, not surrounded by trees so that we can get some sunshine. Next, we have to remove all the stones and branches so they don’t get in the way. To build the frame we have to get some strong branches. We’ll place the first two in a triangle, supporting one another and nail them in the ground. Right after, we should do the same on the opposite side, we’ll then join the two corners of the two triangles and set with a long branch. Then, we’ll place the plastic sheeting on the floor of the tent, this is important so humidity won’t pass through the ground. Finally, we put the piece of fabric on top of the structure and we have a tent ready Dodo style. 92

The Forest


Dodo Issue Zero


The Forest


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1 2 3 4 5


The Forest


Dodo Issue Zero

T he b

ent pm

e q c ui i s a

Sleeping bag Knife First-Aid-Kit Water bottle Insect Repellent Flashlight Hiking Boots Lip Balm Watch Tent Pot and cup Plan Raincoat Rope Binoculars Comfy warm clothes Quick-Drying Hiking Pants Piece of paper and pencil Food (energy bars, cans and tins, etc‌)


Dodo Issue Zero


Model Nano Suarez . Rope-sweater and wood-bag made exclusively for Dodo by de:witt

Dodo Issue Zero


Dodo Issue Zero

to be continued...


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