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Join Frankie Mad Stein from Science with Monster High in science FrankieStein experiments that might just knock your socks off. Not literally though.

Join Deuce in finding out what kinds of foods can help out with those The blemishes that Unslightly appear out of Blemish now where.

No Bullying Zone

October is Antibullying month. Find out what is considered bullying and how to stop it.

History on Cybertron, Horoscopes, Gossip, Fashion, and much much more

October 2013

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Contents Page 11 – Monster High Learn all about the guys and ghouls that has everyone still in a monster frenzy. Come meet Frankie Stein, Draculaura, Cleo De Nile, Clawdeen Wolf, and many others.

Page 38 – History of Cybertron Who doesn’t love Transformers? Well find out the history of Cybertron that you couldn’t find in the movies. Also get some sneak peeks in the Autobot land.

Page 40 – Gadget Corner Find out the latest gadgets that everyone is trying to get.

Page 50 – Bullying Prevention Month Bullying is still a huge issue world wide. Find out what you can do to stop those that feel the need to push others around.

Page 56 – Mad Science with Frankie Frankie Stein joins us in our mad science experiments that are safe and easy to do at home. She just might give you some good ideas for that science fair project for school.

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Page 64 – Halloween Fashion Hang out with Clawdeen and Cleo to find out what the latest fashion is for the Halloween party of your dreams.

Page 94 – First Transgender Queen Find out how the Homecoming night came to an end for one girl, Cassidy Lynn Campbell.

Page 95 – Online Etiquette Bullying is not the only thing that can be stopped. Find out the tips to Online Etiquette that can prevent the behavior before it happens.

Page 112 – Psst...Fyi...Did you know? Find out what our lovely Gossip Columnist has been cooking up over her break. She just might have some juicy tidbits that we missed while we were out enjoying the summer.

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Meet the Monster High Ghouls Monster High has become more than just dolls made by Mattel. It has become the ultimate fantasy world for all girls of any age. With characters that are the offsprings of famous monsters, Monster High has quite the attendance sheet. The first Monster High students to emerge were Frankie Stein, daughter of Frankenstein and his bride; Clawdeen Wolf, daughter of the werewolf; Draculaura, the daughter of Count Dracula; Cleo

De Nile, the daughter of the Mummy; Deuce Gorgon, the son of Medusa; Lagoona Blue, the daughter of the Creature from the Black Lagoon and a Nereid; and Ghoulia Yelps, the daughter of zombies. Other characters have emerged such as: Operetta, the daughter of Phantom of the Opera; Clawd Wolf, brother to Clawdeen and son to the Werewolf; Jackson Jekyll and Holt Hyde, the sons of Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Mrs. Hyde; Abby Abominable, the daughter of the Abominable snowman; and Robecca Steam, the daughter of mad scientists. While the dolls are the ultimate highlight for any girl because they can make their own drama, Mattel has released webisodes that are available online at their site as well as specials that air on Nickelodeon. The newest upcoming video is called 13 Wishes. This will be released on DVD October 4, 2013.

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Cybertron, pictured as it was in the cartoons, is the home planet to the Transformers. The versions of the planet are different when concerning the comics, the cartoon, and the movie. Find out how the cartoons and comics differed from the live action movie.

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History of Cybertron Every planet is different. Whether it be Earth, Krypton, or the infamous Cybertron. What makes the Transformers tick? Was their planet really alive or was it created by the Allspark?


ybertron is the home planet of the Transformers and usually, as depicted in the comics and cartoons, the body of their creator Primus. Cybertron is a shining metal, technological world. A planet of towering future cities without end and vast metallic plains, spiraling metal mountains and bottomless neon-lit chasms.


he movie depicted a different story of Cybertron. While the planet was not wasted or destroyed in the cartoons, the movie stated that Cybertron was destroyed.



Eventually, what little the Transformers knew of their origins would be lost to time.�

n the movie, Cybertron was created by the Allspark. With the same power, the Thirteen Primes were also created. It was soon discovered that while the Allspark’s power was vast, it was not infinite. The universe provided the answer as a star went supernova nearby and recharged the Allspark. Though the Primes could travel through the dimensions, they needed help locating stars and harvesting their energy.


he Allspark gave the Thirteen primes two gifts. The first gift was a second race of Cybertronians called Transformers.. These races made the Dynasty of Primes which was in charge of protecting the Allspark and Cybertron.



he story continues that one of the Thirteen Primes went rogue and killed 11 of his brothers. The twelveth brother was able to seal the Allspark in an tomb made out of his brothers before his spark went out. When the rogue Prime, who then came to be known as the Fallen, went to rest in his

he second gift was the Matrix of Leadership. This was a key which contained the essence of the Allspark and powered the star harvesters.

own tomb to recharge, the spirits of his brother sealed him in his tomb Out of the war, only one surviovor of the Primes remained.


t is because of the war that happened, that Cybertron was destroyed in the movie. The races became so consummed fighting over the Matrix of Leadership and the Allspark, that their planet died. une in next month as we go over the history of the leaders including the original creator, Primus. Till then, Roll out Autobots.

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Gadget Corner Technology can be fun if you know what you need. Sometimes the best people that know that are the people that invent the items. So this month, we have some fun gadgets that we think might just knock your socks off and cut down how many times you need to go to the store.


irst up is a really fun gadget made by Microsoft. This is the Asus Taichi Touchscreen Ultrabook. This nifty item is the best of a tablet and a laptop rolled into one. You simply lift the top for a full access laptop. Then when you only need the simplicities of a tablet, you simply close the top. Pretty neat if you ask me. Well this gadget costs $999 and is available through Microsoft for purchase.

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amsung is at it again by trying to release the latest in cellular technology. Just when you didn’t think a cell phone could get any smaller, Samsung brings out the Samsung Galaxy Mini. This phone fits into your pocket but allows you to talk for a whopping 9 hours. The phone does come with a camera, so don’t worry about losing any time of hanging out with friends and fam without a way of remembering it. This phone is $149 and is available at Target for purchase.

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he LG Pocket Photo Mini Mobile Printer is just the thing for all the yearbook staff of any high school. You can take the pictures by phone or by camera and print the pictures off right there. Guarantees that not only do the subjects of your photos can get a copy but, so does the teacher for the yearbook. This neat little gizmo is available on Amazon for $129.

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veryone knows how important it is to have your cell phone charged and ready. Well, with this telephone system, you can do just that. Panasonic came out with this Link2Cell Cellular Convergence System to help solve all pesky problems with losing your cell phone charger. The great thing about this system too is you can make crystal clear calls without having to worry about dropped calls. This is available through Panasonic for $91.99.

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ho doesn’t like to have a portalable game system that they can enjoy? Well Samsung game out with the Samsung Game pad. This great doohickey connects to the Samsung Galaxy so you can play any game or app without having to worry about the stupid touchscreen issues. This is available at Expansys for $109.

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y Charge Freedom case is exactly as it describes itself. This case fits the iphone 5 and allows the owners to have twice the battery power than what their phone currently holds. The great thing about the design of this case is that if you drop it, it won’t hurt it. This is available at My Charge for $79.99.

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N for $249.

vidia is at it again with something new in graphics. This is Project Shield. This is a full gaming controller with a 5 inch screen that can even interact with Google Play and Tegrazone. It operates with an Android System. You can buy this controller at Nvidia

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he future of driving is now. Instead of checking the dashboard of your vehicle for the cameras in the back, check out these glasses. These glasses are called the Recon Jet. These can even operate GPS while you are driving. They are available for purchase at $599.

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Bully Prevention When we are kids, we think that hair pulling, scratching, poking, tripping, and other things are the thing to do to show someone that we like them. How times have changed. In today’s age, we have children that have gone to the point to call others fat, stupid, or something else to the point where the kids are beginning to get depressed and thinking that they are worthless. So why isn’t something being done? Some schools have gone to the extreme of keeping younger children segregated from the older children in attempts to stop the bullying. Some schools have resorted into only allowing certain unifroms instead of the normal clothes that they can wear at home. What does the uniforms solve? This allows a unified student body and does not leave room for gang related material. This also makes all the student’s look like each other. So besides shoes, bookbags, and hair style (and coats when the weather calls for it); all the kids look like each other so that way the clothing factor cannot be used against kids any longer. What else can be done about bullying? Listen to

your children. If it seems that they are having problems in school with work, moody, or starting to get violent towards their siblings then that means there is a problem. Sit down with them and talk to them. Find out what is going on. Make it a point to get involved. When taking them to school, take your child with you into the office of the school. That way they see that you are doing something about the situation. This helps the child to feel as if they can come to you about a problem and that they are being heard. Make sure though, if the problem persists, that they see you are willing to take it to the highest point to make sure they are safe and secure. What happens if your child is the bully? Find out why. There are many reasons why a child becomes a bully. There could be problems with the parents. Sometimes this occurs if there are issues between the parents themselves. Remember your child can still pick up on even dirty looks. If there are spousal issues, make sure that not only are you trying to work on things but that you are getting your child the help that they need as well to get through the emotional situation as well. Other causes could be that the child has a lot of

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siblings and might need some special time. As parents, we don’t mean to single out any one child of ours. However, when one excels, we do have a tendency of holding that child up and making the others feel that they have to match them in order to be important. So let each child in your home know that they are important no matter what. Another reason is that the child is being abused or neglected at home. There are some children that are responsible for caring for themselves at home or are getting beaten. If you think this might be happening, do not be afraid to notify the proper authorities. Even if it is family, those children need to be protected at any cost versus being left to continue to be hurt or neglected.

Silence is no longer an acceptable response to bullying. Adults, students, and educators can no longer look away when they see bullying. Ignoring it won’t work.

We need to remember that children are our future. They were also our past at one point and time and are our present. Children shape the world. As adults, we remember what we learned as a child, how we were treated as a child shapes our relationships as an adult, and what we saw and felt is what we carry on. So give the children something good to see, remember, and to feel. Stop bullying and save the lives of our children.

More than 160,000 U.S. students stay home from school each day from fear of being bullied. Bullying directly affects a student’s ability to learn. Students who are bullied find it difficult to concentrate, show a decline in grades, and lose selfesteem, self-confidence, and self-worth. Students who are bullied report more physical symptoms, such as headaches or stomachaches, and mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety, than other students. In some cases, bullying has led to devastating consequences, such as school shootings and suicide. Bullying affects witnesses as well as targets. Witnesses often report feeling unsafe, helpless, and afraid that they will be the next target. Students can be especially effective in bullying intervention. More than 55 percent of bullying situations will stop when a peer intervenes. Student education of how to address bullying for peers is critical, as is the support of adults.

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Mad Science with Frankie Stein E

veryone should love science. Heck that is how my Dad came to life. He was a science experiment of Dr. Frankenstein. Though the villagers didn’t understand my Dad or Grandpa, He is truly a work of art and mind. So what we are going to do is do a few experiments ourselves. Don’t worry, these are perfectly safe and might even be fun for the parents. So make sure you get their consent before doing any of these. Now for the experiements we have a variety. We can make glowing water, gravity free water, our very own lava lamp, a tornado in a bottle, or we can play around with a little bit of static electricity which is my favorite. Well grab a parent or two and let’s start with the static electricity experiment. It is guaranteed to be a shocker!

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Static Electricity They say opposites attract and that couldn’t be truer with these fun static electricity experiments. Find out about positively and negatively charged particles using a few basic items, can you control if they will be attracted or unattracted to each other? What you’ll need: • 2 inflated balloons with string attached • Your hair • Aluminium can • Woolen fabric   Instructions: 1. Rub the 2 balloons one by one against the woolen fabric, then try moving the balloons together, do they want to or are they unattracted to each other? 2. Rub 1 of the balloons back and forth on your hair then slowly it pull it away, ask someone nearby what they can see or if there’s nobody else around try looking in a mirror. 3. Put the aluminium can on its side on a table, after rubbing the balloon on your hair again hold the balloon close to the can and watch as it rolls towards it, slowly move the balloon away from the can and it will follow.   What’s happening? Rubbing the balloons against the woolen fabric or your hair creates static electricity. This involves negatively charged particles (electrons) jumping to positively charged objects. When you rub the balloons against your hair or the fabric they become negatively charged, they have taken some of the electrons from the hair/fabric and left them positively charged. They say opposites attract and that is certainly the case in these experiments, your positively charged hair is attracted to the negatively charged balloon and starts to rise up to meet it. This is similar to the aluminium can which is drawn to the negatively charged balloon as the area near it becomes positively charged, once again opposites attract. In the first experiment both the balloons were negatively charged after rubbing them against the woolen fabric, because of this they were unattracted to each other.

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A Lava Lamp Learn how to make an easy lava lamp with this fun science experiment for kids. Use simple household items such as vegetable oil, food coloring, Alka-Seltzer and a bottle to create chemical reactions and funky balls of color that move around like a real lava lamp. What you’ll need: • Water • A clear plastic bottle • Vegetable oil • Food coloring • Alka-Seltzer (or other tablets that fizz)   Instructions: 1. Pour water into the plastic bottle until it is around one quarter full (you might want to use a funnel when filling the bottle so you don’t spill anything). 2. Pour in vegetable oil until the bottle is nearly full. 3. Wait until the oil and water have separated. 4. Add around a dozen drops of food coloring to the bottle (choose any color you like). 5. Watch as the food coloring falls through the oil and mixes with the water. 6. Cut an Alka-Seltzer tablet into smaller pieces (around 5 or 6) and drop one of them into the bottle, things should start getting a little crazy, just like a real lava lamp! 7. When the bubbling stops, add another piece of Alka-Seltzer and enjoy the show!   What’s happening? If you’ve tried our oil and water experiment you’ll know that the two don’t mix very well. The oil and water you added to the bottle separate from each other, with oil on top because it has a lower density than water. The food coloring falls through the oil and mixes with the water at the bottom. The piece of Alka-Seltzer tablet you drop in after releases small bubbles of carbon dioxide gas that rise to the top and take some of the colored water along for the ride. The gas escapes when it reaches the top and the colored water falls back down. The reason Alka-Seltzer fizzes in such a way is because it contains citric acid and baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), the two react with water to form sodium citrate and carbon dioxide gas (those are the bubbles that carry the colored water to the top of the bottle). Adding more Alka-Seltzer to the bottle keeps the reaction going so you can enjoy your funky lava lamp for longer. If you want to show someone later you can simply screw on a bottle cap and add more Alka-Seltzer when you need to. When you’ve finished all your Alka-Seltzer, you can take the experiment a step further by tightly screwing on a bottle cap and tipping the bottle back and forth, what happens then?

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Gravity Free Water What goes up must come down right? Well try bending the rules a little with a cup of water that stays inside the glass when held upside down. You’ll need the help of some cardboard and a little bit of air pressure. What you’ll need: • A glass filled right to the top with water • A piece of cardboard   Instructions: 1. Put the cardboard over the mouth of the glass, making sure that no air bubbles enter the glass as you hold onto the cardboard. 2. Turn the glass upside down (over a sink or outside until you get good). 3. Take away your hand holding the cardboard.   What’s happening? If all goes to plan then the cardboard and water should stay put. Even though the cup of water is upside down the water stays in place, defying gravity! So why is this happening? With no air inside the glass, the air pressure from outside the glass is greater than the pressure of the water inside the glass. The extra air pressure manages to hold the cardboard in place, keeping you dry and your water where it should be, inside the glass.

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Glowing Water Make glowing water with the help of a black light in this fun science experiment for kids. Tonic water doesn’t look very strange under normal light but what happens when you look at it under a black light? Does the dye from a highlighter pen do the same thing? Find out what happens and why it happens with this cool experiment that you can do at home. What you’ll need: • A black light (you can find them at places like Walmart and hardware stores, as well as online stores like Amazon). • Tonic water or a highlighter pen. • A dark room to do the experiment.   Instructions: 1. If you are using a highlighter pen carefully break it open, remove the felt and soak it in a small amount of water for a few minutes. 2. Find a dark room. 3. Turn on the black light near your water, how does it look?   What’s happening? Simple explanation: The ultra violet (UV) light coming from your black light lamp excites things called phosphors. Tonic water and the dye from highlighter pens contain phosphors that turn UV light (light we can’t see) into visible light (light we can see). That’s why your water glows in the dark when you shine a black light on it. Black lights are used in forensic science, artistic performances, photography, authentication of banknotes and antiques, and in many other areas. Detailed explanation: Black light (also known as UV or ultra violet light) is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The electromagnetic spectrum also includes infrared, X-rays, visible light (what the human eye can see) and other types of electromagnetic radiation. A black light lamp such as the one you used emits a UV light that can illuminate objects and materials that contain phosphors. Phosphors are special substances that emit light (luminescence) when excited by radiation. Your water glowed under the black light because it contained phosphors. If you used a highlighter pen then the UV light reacted with phosphors in the dye. If you used tonic water then the UV light reacted with phosphors in a chemical used in tonic water called quinine. There are different types of luminescence, they include fluorescence (used in this experiment, it glows only when the black light is on), phosphorescence (similar to fluorescence but with a glow that can last even after the black light is turned off ), chemiluminescence (used to create glow sticks), bioluminescence (from living organisms) and many others.

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Tornado in a bottle Learn how to make a tornado in a bottle with this fun science experiment for kids. Using easy to find items such as dish washing liquid, water, glitter and a bottle you can make your own mini tornado that’s a lot safer than one you might see on the weather channel. Follow the instructions and enjoy the cool water vortex you create! What you’ll need: • Water • A clear plastic bottle with a cap (that won’t leak) • Glitter • Dish washing liquid   Instructions: 1. Fill the plastic bottle with water until it reaches around three quarters full. 2. Add a few drops of dish washing liquid. 3. Sprinkle in a few pinches of glitter (this will make your tornado easier to see). 4. Put the cap on tightly. 5. Turn the bottle upside down and hold it by the neck. Quickly spin the bottle in a circular motion for a few seconds, stop and look inside to see if you can see a mini tornado forming in the water. You might need to try it a few times before you get it working properly.   What’s happening? Spinning the bottle in a circular motion creates a water vortex that looks like a mini tornado. The water is rapidly spinning around the center of the vortex due to centripetal force (an inward force directing an object or fluid such as water towards the center of its circular path). Vortexes found in nature include tornadoes, hurricanes and waterspouts (a tornado that forms over water).

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Halloween Fashion

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It is so hard to find a good costume for that party that you are dying to go to. So Clawdeen and I are here to help you find that creeporific outfit that will make everyone jealous of you. Not that you could ever be me, but we can certainly try and get you close. So pay attention as my time is very short. A ghoul’s job is never done when being the most popular with a spooktacular boyfriend.

Hey guys and ghouls. Don’t mind Cleo. She woke up on the wrong side of her coffin. We’re here to make sure that you will pick out the best costume that fits who you are while being fangtastic. So keep on reading so we can tell you what’s the top choice for this year for young guys, young ghouls, and the ghoulish teens.

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Oh great. The spastic stitches girl made the cut on the cutest outfit for young ghouls. Well if you have to look like a spastic then I guess it would be better to go as the girl that loses herself for a reason. This outfit is available online at and costs $32.99.

I just adore furry things. That could be because I’m furry too. However this is super duper cute. Kinda reminds me of this think that my brother flirted with before getting with my best ghoul friend, Draculaura. Well this creeporific outfit is available at and costs $27.99

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Talk about being retro. Although this outfit is adorable, please do everyone a huge favor. Don’t do the rats nest that everyone in the 80’s seemed to love to do. It is far from attractive and such a pain to comb out. This costume is available at costumesupercenter. com and costs $32.99.

I love retro clothes. This so reminds me of that musical that my ghoul friend, Operetta, showed me about that one guy that got with that one girl. Oh well, you know what I’m getting at. You can never go wrong with a simple costume that you can even wear when it’s not Halloween. This outfit is available at and costs $16.99.

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I do love a man that is brave and smart. Reminds me tons of my boyfriend, Deuce. Well this Iron Man is totally in fashion and trend. You will be the envy of all the other guys and might even snag your very own Pepper. This outfit is available at costumesupercenter. com and costs $26.99.

I could have sworn pirates were more hairier and dirtier than this cute little guy. I guess things have dramatically changed. Well Arg me matey, this dashing pirate outfit is available at and costs $17.99.

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Hmm, another man with muscles. A ghoul could get used to this. This dashing superman outfit is available at and costs $24.99.

What boy doesn’t like to dress up as a soldier and carry a gun? Thankfully the gun isn’t real. Dress up like this Northern soldier that is available at and costs $25.99.

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Well someone obviously woke up on the wrong side of the rabbit hole. Reminds me of my maid when she sees that I dumped out my closet on the floor for the zillionth time. Well this Dark Alice costume is available at and costs $32.99.

Ewww, either Ghoulia’s lunch is rotten or I just found the first Zombie Banana in history. Either way, you’ll totally creep people out by walking around as a piece of rotten fruit. This outfit is at and costs $35.99.

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Well, if you wanna be a heart stealer the best way to do it is by dressing up as the Great and Powerful Oz. He was known to make the Wicked Witch of the West turn cold by his magical works. This outfit is available at and costs $36.99. (does not come with a music box to woo the ladies.)

This outfit so reminds me of Robecca Steam’s style. Steampunk your way through a creeporific party in style. This outfit is available at and costs $39.99.

The following fashions can be found on IMVU.

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The Unslightly Blemish

Deuce here. I know most of you think it is uncool to eat healthy. Well, as an avid food lover, I am here to tell you that it is not uncool. I happen to love the Culinary classes at Monster High and as you can see I have a perfect face. No blemishes what so ever. I am also very lean and muscular. Can’t really be on the casketball team without being able to keep up. So how do I keep up on eating right and being able to still look cool? It’s gotta be my shades. Just kidding. I found a lot of recipes that actually are very healthy while tasting great. Just remember, I have a thing about Greek food. So if it isn’t to your liking then please don’t make it. I don’t need to hear Venus complain to me about wasting the Earth’s plants and stuff again.

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Pesto Chicken Florentine * 2 tablespoons of olive oil

* 1 (8 ounce) package dry together for 3 to 4 minpenne pasta utes.

* 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped

* 1 tablespoon grated Romano cheese.

* 4 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves cut into strips * 2 cups fresh spinach leaves * 1 (4.5 ounce) package dry Alfredo sauce mix * 2 tablespoons pesto

1. Heat oil in a large skillet over medium high heat. Add garlic, saute for 1 minute; then add chicken and cook for 7 to 8 minutes on each side. When chicken is close to being cooked through (no longer pink inside), add spinach and saute all

2. Meanwhile, prepare Alfredo sauce according to package directions. When finished, stir in 2 tablespoons pesto; set aside. 3. In a large pot of salted boiling water, cook pasta for 8 to 10 minutes or until al dente. Rinse under cold water and drain. 4. Add chicken/spinach mixture to pasta, then stir in pesto/Alfredo sauce. Mix well, top with cheese and serve.

Page 90

Grandma’s Chicken Noodle * 2 1/2 cups wide egg noodles

* 3 cups diced, cooked chicken meat

* 1 teaspoon vegetable oil * 12 cups chicken broth * 1 1/2 tablespoons salt * 1 teaspoon poultry seasoning * 1 cup chopped celery * 1 cup chopped onion

1.Bring a large pot of lightly salted water to a boil. Add egg noodles and oil, and boil for 8 minutes, or until tender. Drain, and rinse under cool running water.

* 1/3 cup cornstarch * 1/4 cup water

2. In a large saucepan or Dutch oven, combine

broth, salt, and poultry seasoning. Bring to a boil. Stir in celery and onion. Reduce heat, cover, and simmer 15 minutes. 3. In a small bowl, mix cornstarch and water together until cornstarch is completely dissolved. Gradually add to soup, stirring constantly. Stir in noodles and chicken, and heat through.

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Greek Pasta Salad III * 8 ounces rotini pasta * 1/2 cup olive oil * 1/2 cup red wine vinegar * 1 1/2 teaspoons garlic powder * 1 1/2 teaspoons dried basil leaves * 1 1/2 teaspoons dried oregano * 3 cups sliced mushrooms

* 15 halved cherry tomatoes

2. Mix together cooked pasta, olive oil, vinegar, garlic powder, basil, 3/4 cup crumbled feta oregano, mushrooms, cheese tomatoes, Feta cheese, 1/2 cup chopped green green onions and olives. onions Cover and chill for at least 1 (4 ounce) can chopped 2 hours, serve cold. black olives 1. Bring a large pot of lightly salted water to a boil. Add rotini pasta and cook for 8 to 10 minutes or until al dente; drain.

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First Transgender

Queen Cassidy Lynn Campbell did something typical when she was named her Southern California high school’s homecoming queen. She wept. But Campbell hopes her crown will serve a specific purpose: The transgender teen wants to open people’s minds about gender identity. “I wasn’t doing this for me,” 16-year-old Campbell, who lived as Lance Campbell until three years ago, told ABC News. “I was doing this for so many others around the nation.” Winning the student vote over five other finalists, Campbell became the first trans homecoming queen at Huntington Beach’s Marina High School, although she says she experienced some backlash when she had made it into the top 10. “They think I’m just a boy doing this for fun ... just a boy dressing up as a girl and trying to win a crown when that is completely the opposite of what it is. I’ve always seen myself as a girl,” Campbell, who has posted a number of YouTube videos tracking her transformation from boy to girl, told ABC. Eventually, she changed students’ perceptions. “I think it’s really cool how we allowed her to run, and I just think it’s a really good thing,” student Kelsey Callanan told ABC. Campbell’s mother, Christine Campbell, was also amazed by her daughter’s crowning achievement. “I never would have thought in my lifetime that I would see this,” she said. “It’s wonderful. She really did it.” “My goal isn’t to be famous, it’s to open people’s eyes to the world around them, to teach people to be open minded and to rethink social norms,” Campbell Tweeted. As for her homecoming victory: “This was for … every misunderstood child affected by ignorance.”

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veryone can give you the hoopla about online etiquette, the things of which to do and not to do while surfing the net. Well, I can tell you that sometimes, no matter what you do, you can’t always follow the rules. But here are some tips to help you avoid breaking

the rules. irst off, you need to be honest about who you are when talking to anyone. Did you know that you can get someone in trouble if you falsify your age to someone online? Oh yeah. This is like the golden ticket to a “Go to Jail, do not collect $200” for anyone that is caught

associating with anyone under the age of 18 in a manner that might not be appropriate. But here’s the way around that one for the person that was dumb enough to engage it, if there is evidence that the person stated that they were any other age that what they really were, then you have a good fighting chance in court. For example, IMVU has your age in their records when you sign up for your account. Even if you hide it on your profile card, the administration can still pull up those records. So do yourselves a favor, just don’t lie about the age.


ullying is hard to deal with. We’ve all been through it. I know I have a few times. Regardless how it makes you feel, two wrongs don’t make a right. So instead of just exiting out of the conversation, do a few things first. One is to report the chat log, messages,

pictures, etc. that was used to harass or bully you. This will make sure that there is a record of you saying that what happened is not okay. Then make sure you add the person to your block list. This shows not only were you not okay with what they were doing to you, but you seriously don’t want to be around them nor was asking for that kind of treatment. Lastly, make sure there were no threats of bodily harm made towards you. If there was, you need to tell your parents and contact your local police department. All information can be found on the net if you know how to find it. So any threats need to be taken seriously. Remember though, when you report the chats and what not, make sure that you did not start any of the behavior by what you wrote. When you report things, they get your part of the conversation too. If you are found to have started it, there will be repercussions on you as well.

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f you are going through some emotional things, it is best if you just avoid the internet like the plague. Sometimes people post things that they normally wouldn’t say and the sad part is, even if you delete it later, someone has already seen it. So if you have gone through a

break up, a death in the family, or anything else; avoid places like Facebook. While you didn’t mean to offend anyone, someone probably did get offended. ost appropriate pictures. No one wants to see your underwear. This is another way that you can bring on cyber bullies. Remember this, there is a good chance that your parents are watching everything you do regardless if you are “friends” with them on any social

sites. So if you don’t want your Daddy to know you have been a naughty girl or your Mommy to know you have been a naughty boy, then keep yourself covered. It actually shows people that you have more respect for yourself and shows maturity by not showing skimpy disgusting photos.


asically on an online setting, remember how your parents raised you. If you do not disrespect, lie, bully, or walk around nude (or close to it) in the real world, don’t do it on the net. Everything you do reflects back on your parents. Even though times have changed

to where most children and teens can be held accountable for their actions, it doesn’t mean that the parents and guardians do not have to go through it too or reap some of the punishment. So keep it clean and respectful.

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You wanna do what?


o every crowd of teens have their dan-

long, the tracks consist of binaural beats, in

gerous things that they are in to. This

which the tone of one frequency is played into

generation is no different than any

the right ear and a slightly different frequency

other generation before them. It is just get-

is played in the left ear. While some parents

ting harder to catch them before they come

have expressed

to harm. So here is the 7 most dangerous


trends that teens are in to now. Please do not

the trend could

try these at home.

lead to future use









to alter consciousness via sound. The Internet

drugs. There are




n this age of technology, it’s not surprising that entrepreneurs are trying to create a way to get high online. The result is a phe-

nomenon called “I-dosing,” which attempts craze has teens plugging in their headphones to listen to downloadable MP3s that are said to have effects akin to getting high on actual



that I-dosing itself is harmless.

opularized in the late nineties rap scene, purple drank has been abused by teens for decades. Rap music is still

peppered with to


the substance,

elicit the same

and more teens

“high” as spe-


cific drugs. Any-


where from five

concoction at home. By adding cough syrup

to 30 minutes

with codeine to a soft drink and candy (usu-

been the

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ally Sprite and Jolly Ranchers), tweens and teens create what they consider a quick remedy for tension, anxiety, and aggression. The drink can be made with the over-the-counter medications like Robitussin DM, which contains dextromethorphan. Normally used as a cough suppressant, in large doses this substance


hallucinations. A single use can be lethal to an inexperienced user. Other possible side effects include drowsiness, inability to concentrate, slowed physical activity, constipation, nausea, vomiting, and slowed breathing.


hile its origins have been disputed, one thing can’t be denied: Planking has taken over as a new teen

trend. The activity consists of lying face down — like a board — on any and every surface. Participants snap a photo and upload it to the internet, where planking groups have proliferated to immortalize the most daring or silly pictures. It has caused numerous injuries and at least one death when a young man tried to plank on a balcony and plummeted seven stories. In most cases, planking is relatively harmless, but parents should remind teens to use common sense and safety while participating.


fraid to be caught with the smell of alcohol on their breath, many kids have taken






trend. Instead of throwing back a shot, teens hold the bottle to their eye and pour the liquid directly into the eye, which is laden with blood vessels. Here, the alcohol is quickly absorbed through the mucous membrane and enters the bloodstream immediately through the veins at the back of the eye. Eyeballing may yield a quick buzz without the bad breath but there can be extreme consequences: Because most vodkas are between 40 and 50 percent alcohol, it can scar and burn the cornea, and even cause blindness.


his potentially lethal “game” involves

the use of restraints or the assistance of a friend to choke the player in order to

cut off the flow of blood to the brain. The purpose is to obtain the high that comes when the restraint is released and the blood rushes back into the brain. In actuality, the “high” feeling comes from thousands of brain cells dying because of lack of oxygen, causing long term brain damage, comas, strokes, and bleeding in

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the brain (also known as “silent stroke”). Because there is never a way to know the exact time to let go, many participants pass out and some have actually hanged themselves. Most players are teens who want to get high without using drugs or alcohol. Although it is estimated that as many as 250 to 1,000 teens die from playing the choking game each year, most are ruled suicides.


he new drug sold legally as “bath salts” in head shops and liquor stores grabbed national headlines when it was outlawed by Louisiana in January 2011. Many states are trying to make the drug illegal, but since it takes different forms and combines different ingre-

dients, state government officials have struggled with how to define the illicit substance. The bath salts have been found to contain mephedrone and MDPV, two drugs that cause severe hallucinations and psychosis in users who smoke, snort, or inject the substances. A single use causes intense cravings that results in three to four day binges and can end in suicide. Because bath salts continue to be legal in many states, some teens incorrectly assume the effects are less dangerous than other known narcotics. In the past six months, there have been over 3,470 calls to poison centers in 28 states to report incidents of bath salt exposure.


tudies indicate that as many as 40 percent of all young athletes take protein enhancements, which are available in forms ranging from bars to shakes to powders. While teens may take the supplement in order to improve muscle growth, muscle recovery, and

overall athletic performance, there is no evidence that supplements are any more “enhancing” than a nutritious diet. In fact, such supplements can have harmful effects, such as weight gain, muscle cramping, high blood pressure, and heart problems. Creatine, which is found in many products, can actually interfere with a growing adolescent’s own natural production of creatine, making the body reliant on supplements. Overuse can actually cause blood acidity, which then draws calcium from the bones to counteract the higher acidity of pH in the blood, leading to declining bone strength and kidney stones formed by excess calcium. Advertisments for protein enhancements are ubiquitous in sports magazines, and the substances will likely continue to be popular because of the high protein to low carbohydrate and fat ratio, but parents and athletic coaches should monitor their use and encourage a healthy diet for teen athletes.

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Music with Operetta Hello Guys and Ghouls, Operetta here to teach you the funner things of life and what I enjoy the most. That’s right, the art of music. Since this is my favorite time of the year, I’m going to teach you the greatest Halloween songs. So sit back and have some fun.

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Monster Mash I was working in the lab late one night When my eyes beheld an eerie sight

They did the mash


They did the monster mash

And said, “Whatever happened to my Transylvania twist?”

For my monster from his slab began to rise

The zombies were having fun

And suddenly to my surprise

The guests included Wolf Man

The party had just begun

Dracula and his son He did the mash He did the monster mash The monster mash It was a graveyard smash He did the mash It caught on in a flash He did the mash He did the monster mash

From my laboratory in the castle east To the master bedroom where the vampires feast The ghouls all came from their humble abodes To get a jolt from my electrodes

Igor on chains, backed by his baying hounds The coffin-bangers were about to arrive With their vocal group, “The Crypt-Kicker Five”

They played the mash They played the monster mash The monster mash It was a graveyard smash They played the mash It caught on in a flash

They played the monster mash

They did the monster mash The monster mash It was a graveyard smash

It’s now the monster mash The monster mash And it’s a graveyard smash

It’s now the mash The scene was rockin’, all were digging the sounds It’s caught on in a flash

They played the mash They did the mash

It’s now the mash

Out from his coffin, Drac’s voice did ring

They did the mash

Seems he was troubled by just one thing

It caught on in a flash

He opened the lid and shook his

It’s now the mash It’s now the monster mash

Now everything’s cool, Drac’s a part of the band And my monster mash is the hit of the land For you, the living, this mash was meant too When you get to my door, tell them Boris sent you

Then you can mash Then you can monster mash The monster mash And do my graveyard smash Then you can mash You’ll catch on in a flash Then you can mash Then you can monster mash

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The Addams Family They’re creepy and they’re kooky, Mysterious and spooky, They’re all together ooky, The Addams Family.

Their house is a museum Where people come to see ‘em They really are a scream The Addams Family.

(Neat) (Sweet) (Petite)

So get a witches shawl on A broomstick you can crawl on We’re gonna pay a call on The Addams Family.

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This is Halloween Boys and girls of every age Wouldn’t you like to see something strange?

Come with us and you will see This, our town of Halloween

This is Halloween, this is Halloween Pumpkins scream in the dead of night

This is Halloween, everybody make a scene Trick or treat till the neighbors gonna die of fright It’s our town, everybody screm In this town of Halloween

I am the one hiding under your bed Teeth ground sharp and eyes glowing red

Round that corner, man hiding in the trash cam Something’s waiting no to pounce, and how you’ll...

Scream! This is Halloween

In this town Aren’t you scared? Don’t we love it now? Well, that’s just fine Say it once, say it twice Take a chance and roll the dice Ride with the moon in the dead of night

Everybody scream, everbody scream

Here in a flash and gone without a trace

I am the “who” when you call, “Who’s there?” I am the wind blowing through your hair

I am the shadow on the moon at night

In this town we call home

Filling your dreams to the brim with fright

In this town, don’t we love it now? Everybody’s waiting for the next surprise

Skeleton Jack might catch you in the back And scream like a banshee Make you jump out of your skin This is Halloween, everyone scream Wont’ ya please make way for a very special guy

In our town of Halloween!

Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! Halloween!

Everyone hail to the pumpkin song

In our town of Halloween

Red ‘n’ black, slimy green

Fingers like snakes and spiders in my hair

This is Halloween, this is Halloween

Life’s no fun without a good scare

That’s our job, but we’re not mean

I am the clown with the tear-away face I am the one hiding under yours stairs

Tender lumplings everywhere

This is Halloween, this is Halloween Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! Halloween!

Our man jack is King of the Pumpkin patch Everyone hail to the Pumpkin King

This is Halloween, this is Halloween Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! Halloween!

In this town we call home Everyone hail to the pumpkin song

La la-la la, Halloween! Halloween! [Repeat]

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Purple People Eater Well I saw the thing comin’ out of the sky


It had the one long horn, one big eye

(We wear short shorts)

I commenced to shakin’ and I said “ooh-eee”

Flyin’ purple people eater

It looks like a purple eater to me

Sure looks strange to me

It was a one-eyed, one-horned, flyin’ purple people eater

And then he swung from the tree and he lit on the ground

(One-eyed, one-horned, flyin’ purple people eater)

He started to rock, really rockin’ around

A one-eyed, one-horned, flyin’ purple people eater

It was a crazy ditty with a swingin’ tune

Sure looks strange to me (One eye?)

Sing a boop boop aboopa lopa lum bam boom

Well he came down to earth and he lit in a tree

Well bless my soul, rock and roll, flyin’ purple people eater

I said Mr. Purple People Eater, don’t eat me I heard him say in a voice so gruff

Pigeon-toed, undergrowed, flyin’ purple people eater

I wouldn’t eat you cuz you’re so tough

I like short shorts Flyin’ little people eater

It was a one-eyed, one-horned, flyin’ purple people eater One-eyed, one-horned flyin’ purple people eater

Sure looks strange to me (Purple People?)

One-eyed, one-horned, flyin’ purple people eater

And then he went on his way, and then what do ya know

Sure looks strange to me (One horn?)

I saw him last night on a TV show He was blowing it out, a’really knockin’ em dead

I said Mr. Purple People Eater, what’s your line He said it’s eatin’ purple people and it sure is fine But that’s not the reason that I came to land I wanna get a job in a rock and roll band

Well bless my soul, rock and roll, flyin’ purple people eater Pigeon-toed, undergrowed, flyin’ purple people

Playin’ rock and roll music through the horn in his head

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Thriller It’s close to midnight

Inside a killer

And share a

something evil’s lurkin’ from the dark

Thriller tonight

(killer, thriller)

You see a sight that almost stops your heart

Night creatures call

I’m gonna thrill you tonight

You try to scream

And the dead start to walk in their masquerade

But terror takes the sound before you make it

There’s no escaping the jaws of the alien this time


You start to freeze

(They’re open wide)

Darkness falls across the land

As terror looks you right between your eyes

This is the end of your life

The midnight hour is close at hand

under moonlight

You’re paralyzed

Creatures crawl in search of blood They’re out to get you

To terrorize y’all’s neighborhood

‘Cause this is thriller

There’s demons closing in on every side

And whosoever shall be found

Thriller night

They will possess you

Without the soul for getting down

And no one’s gonna save you

Unless you change that number on your dial

Must stand and face the hounds of hell

From the beast about to strike

Now is the time

And rot inside a corpse’s shell

You know it’s killer

For you and I to cuddle close together, yeah

Thriller night

All through the night

I’m gonna thrill you tonight

You’re fighting for your life

I’ll save you from the terror on the screen

(Thriller, thriller)

Inside a killer

I’ll make you see

I’m gonna thrill you tonight

Thriller tonight, yeah

(Thriller night, thriller) That this is thriller

I’m gonna thrill you tonight

You hear the door slam

Thriller night

Ooh, babe, I’m gonna thrill you tonight

And realize there’s nowhere left to run

‘Cause I can thrill you more

Thriller night, babe

You feel the cold hand

Than any ghoul would ever dare try

And wonder if you’ll ever see the sun



You close your eyes

(Thriller night)

The foulest stench is in the air

And hope that this is just imagination

So let me hold you tight

The funk of forty thousand years

Girl, but all the while

And share a

And grizzly ghouls from every tomb

You hear a creature creepin’ up behind

killer, diller, chiller

Are closing in to seal your doom

You’re outta time

Thriller here tonight

And though you fight to stay alive Your body starts to shiver

‘Cause this is thriller

‘Cause this is thriller

for no mere mortal can resist

Thriller night

Thriller night

the evil of the thriller

There ain’t no second chance

Girl, I can thrill you more

to count the thing with the forty eyes, girl

Than any ghoul would ever dare try



(Thriller night)

(Thriller night)

You’re fighting for your life

So let me hold you tight

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Witch Doctor I told the witch doctor I was in love with you I told the witch doctor I was in love with you And then the witch doctor, he told me what to do He said that ....

Chorus: Ooo eee, ooo ah ah ting tang Walla walla, bing bang Ooo eee, ooo ah ah ting tang Walla walla, bing bang... Ooo eee, ooo ah ah ting tang Walla walla, bing bang Ooo eee, ooo ah ah ting tang Walla walla, bing bang

I told the witch doctor you didn’t love me true I told the witch doctor you didn’t love me nice And then the witch doctor, he gave me this advice He said to ...

Repeat Chorus

Now, you’ve been keeping love from me Just like you were a miser And I’ll admit I wasn’t very smart So I went out and found myself A guy that’s so much wiser And he taught me the way to win your heart

My friend the witch doctor, he taught me what to say My friend the witch doctor, he taught me what to do I know that you’ll be mine when I say this to you Oh, Baby ....

Repeat Chorus

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Phantom of the Opera In sleep he sang to me in dreams he came That voice which calls to me and speaks my name And do I dream again? For now I find The Phantom of the Opera is there inside my mind

Sing once again with me our strange duet My power over you grows stronger yet And though you turn from me to glance behind The Phantom of the Opera is there inside your mind

Those who have seen your face draw back in fear I am the mask you wear it’s me they hear My spirit and my voice in one combined The Phantom of the Opera is there inside my mind

Beware the Phantom of the Opera Is that the Phantom of the Opera?

Sing, my angel Sing for me Sing, my angel Sing for me

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Ghostbusters Ghostbusters!

I hear it likes the girls I ain’t afraid of no ghost

If there’s something strange in your neighborhood

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!

Who you gonna call?

If there’s something weird and it don’t look good


Who you gonna call?

If you’ve had a dose of a freaky ghost


You’d better call Ghostbusters!

I ain’t afraid of no ghost I ain’t afraid of no ghost

Let me tell you something Bustin’ makes me feel good

If you’re seeing things running through your head Who can you call?

I ain’t afraid of no ghost


I ain’t afraid of no ghost

An invisible man sleeping in your bed Oh, who you gonna call?

Don’t get caught alone, oh no


Ghostbusters! When it comes through your door

I ain’t afraid of no ghost

Unless you just want some more

I ain’t afraid of no ghost

I think you better call Ghostbusters!

Who you gonna call?


Ghostbusters! If you’re all alone, pick up the phone

Who you gonna call

And call



(Repeat and fade)

I ain’t afraid of no ghost

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Love Potion #9 I took my troubles down to Madame Ruth You know that gypsy with the gold-capped tooth

But when I kissed a cop down on Thirty-Fourth and Vine

She’s got a pad down on Thirty-Fourth and Vine

He broke my little bottle of Love Potion Number Nine

Sellin’ little bottles of Love Potion Number Nine

Love Potion Number Nine Love Potion Number Nine

I told her that I was a flop with chicks I’d been this way since 1956 She looked at my palm and she made a magic sign She said “What you need is Love Potion Number Nine”

She bent down and turned around and gave me a wink She said “I’m gonna make it up right here in the sink” It smelled like turpentine, it looked like India Ink* I held my nose, I closed my eyes, I took a drink

I didn’t know if it was day or night I started kissin’ everything in sight But when I kissed a cop down on Thirty-Fourth and Vine He broke my little bottle of Love Potion Number Nine

[Guitar Solo]

I held my nose, I closed my eyes, I took a drink

I didn’t know if it was day or night I started kissin’ everything in sight

Love Potion Number Nine

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Fright Song ( ha ha ha ha ha)

Oh, Draculaura’s stealing my heart

(you give me the chills)

Clawdeen Wolf, you make me howl at the moon(auuuuu)

Walking down a darkened halfway Everybody turns to look at you It’s not because you’re different It’s just because you’re so scary cool!

A sinister style, mystery with a smile You’re drop dead gorgeous, (drop dead gorgeous) This school gives me the creeps, but when I’m with my peeps You can’t ignore us This is where the ghoul kids rule!

Monster, Monster High Monster high Monster, Monster High Come on, don’t be shy Monster High The party never dies

Lagoona, you’re the finest fish in this lagoon Cleo De Nile, you’re so beguile Even though you act so vile,(uh huh) And Deuce has stone-cold style These are my boos, my skeleton crew A little strange, but so are you Don’t you wanna be a monster, too?

Oh, freaky just got fabulous Everybody wants a piece of you Best eyes, best smile, let’s be realistic Most characteristic, most hippin’ horrific

A sinister style, mystery with a smile You’re drop dead gorgeous, drop dead gorgeous! This school gives me the creeps, but when I’m with my peeps

Monster, Monster High

You can’t ignore us

Monster High

This is where the ghoul kids rule!

Monster, Monster High Freaky, chic,and fly

Monster, Monster High

Monster High

Monster High

Where student bodies lie

Monster, Monster High Come on don’t be shy

Hey, Frankie Stein’s got me falling apart

monster high ( high)

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Fright Song (cont) The party never dies

We’ve got spirits, yes we do We’ve got spirits, how ‘bout you?

Monster, monster high


Monster high Monster, monster high

(Ha ha ha)

Freaky chic,and fly

(Knock ‘em dead)

Monster high

Lyrics from <a href=””>eLyrics. net</a>

Where student bodies lie

M-O-N-S-T-E-R Monsters, monsters, so bizarre M-O-N-S-T-E-R Monsters, monsters, yes we are (x2)

(Monster, monster high Monster high Monster, monster high Come on, don’t be shy Monster high The party never dies)

Monster, monster high Monster high Monster, monster high Freaky chic,and fly Monster high Where student bodies lie

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Psst...FYI...Did you Know? OMG!! This is so exciting being back in a new magazine!! I can barely contain myself. Well anyways, you don’t want to hear how excited I am. You want to hear the latest gossip... I mean 411 on the Hollywood vibe. So lets start!! Okay we’re going to start off with, EWWW NASTY!!! Miley Cyrus is out with a vengeance and it’s almost quite disgusting. The former Hannah Montana star is still feeling her ground about being an adult and it seems she doesn’t care who she hurts in her wake. Poor Liam Hemsworth. Seems the 20 year-old star has finally cut ties to her on and off again fiancee. Well we kinda could have guessed since she had issues even wearing the gorgeous ring he got her. Why was this relationship doomed we’ll never know. While Miley is pulling her antics, she has stars such as Britney Spears and Adam Lambert defending her actions. Adam Lambert has been quoted to say, “Hey if it wasn’t your cup of tea, all good but why is everyone spazzing? Hey- she’s doing something right. We all talkin.” Well that’s fine and dandy when we’re used to it from someone like Adam and maybe even Britney herself. But Ms. Hannah Montana? I think not. Well, Miley, hope you get your act together. As for songs, ‘Wrecking Ball” is good but we all know the truth hun. Liam didn’t wreck you, you wrecked him. And being naked for the video doesn’t show anything about you being crushed or you licking a sledge hammer. That shows you have overt sexual feelings and should maybe consult the other stars on how to get it out properly. Get some clothes on!!!

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When they sang ‘Bye, Bye, Bye’, I don’t think N’Sync meant forever. During the VMA’s the long awaited return of this iconic boyband reunited. The bandmates had agreed that they wouldn’t have done it if it weren’t for Justin Timberlake. Timberlake called J.C. Chasez and from what Chasez stated he said, “Hey man, listen. I’m getting this award and they have given me a pile of time to perform and we started our careers at MTV and I think we should get the band back together.” Timberlake was up for the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard award and couldn’t think of a better way to accept it than to include the rest of the guys. Even though remembering the times and music wasn’t difficult, the same could not be said about the moves. On another note from N’Sync, Lance bass is now engaged to be married. If we all remember the former member came out of the closet a few years back. No date has been set yet. But I’ll let you know when :).

Hot cutie batotie, Zac Efron, was just released from a stint in rehab. Oh wow! The great part was this came as a shock all across the globe as the star known famously for the High Schoo Musical trilogy was able to keep his problems out of the limelight. He went into rehab for alcoholism and now seems to be in better spirits without the spirits. When press caught up to the 24 year old hunk at the premiere of his newest movie, Parkland, the actor stated that he was “good, real good.” Efron portrays Jim Carrico in the film, the real life doctor who was the first to treat President John F. Kennedy at Parkland Memorial Hospital after the President had been shot. The movie hits theaters October 4th. We wish Zac a great continued recovery and can’t wait to see what else he has in store for us.

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In the Stars This is your time to shine. You’ve been saving your money to get a cool Halloween costume and it’s going to pay off. You’re going to be the hit of whatever party you decide to go to. But be warned — you’re not going to be the best, the slutty bank robber who drank too much jungle juice is.

you they kill hobos to get off.

girlfriend has sex with her brother.

ready has or never will.

ance. Start wearing the tweed coat to work and take it from there.

You’ve been feeling pretty good about yourself now that the summer is over and the school year is in full swing. But your friendship skills as being a good listener are going to backfire when your best friend tells

You are the ram. Forceful. Crass. You shoot first and ask questions later. Much like Han Solo. But be forewarned, if you’re in a crowed bar and a fat guy demands money from you, pay him. Lest you be frozen and your

You’ve been very introspective lately. And that’s a good thing. It’s important to question the self. But you must remember that when you’re on the toilet for several hours, whatever was going to come out either al-

You’ve always been two minds about everything. One part of you wants to live your life like everyone else. The other part of you wants to dress up like Dr. Who and live a bling money money thug life. Happiness is bal-

Page 115

Crap. You’re a cancer? Things never work out well for a Cancer. Avoid tall buildings and sleeping this month.

You’re a happy piece of crap. You’re always so dang happy all the time. Knock it off. You’re making everyone else look bad.

basement will not be praised.

You’ve been thinking about starting your own YouTube channel for a while, and that’s awesome. But your sweet idea you have about filming you and your friends doing a shotfor-shot remake of Labyrinth in your

Planning has never been your strong point, but if you end up in a Saw-like movie scenario, you’ve been warned. Start carrying a survival kit on you at all times and don’t take drinks from strangers.


You’ve been procrastinating last month. Not good. You know what you have to do to get your life back on track. Catch up on Dexter before the new season starts or you’re going to be left out of your friend’s

Page 116

Your birthday is, like, two months away. Haha.

It’s not easy being green. We’re not talking about being green with envy; we’re talking about being a frog. Stay away from frogs this month at all costs. Even though Derek says you can get an awesome high by licking the back of a frog, don’t listen to him. He drinks way too much cough syrup.

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