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Newsletter JUNE-JULY 2013

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GET EXCITED ABOUT GOD THIS SUMMER! Matthew 16:18 (NLT) – “Now I say to you that you are Peter (which means ‘rock’), and upon this rock I will build my church, and all the powers of hell will not conquer it.”

The great motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar, once said: “We only have three choices in life: Give up, give in, or give it all you’ve got!” After my recent bout with heart disease and the surgery that followed, and believing fully that God has saved me for an important purpose, I am choosing the latter! I just wanted all of you to know that… Now, I’m inclined to ask this: Are you with me? I believe with all my heart that God has saved me to grow the Church— especially the one that I am currently appointed to, the Dodgeville UMC! I want you to know that I believe that God can and will grow this church, right here in Southwest Wisconsin! Are you ready to believe that with me? Let me give you some reasons for my hope and my excitement—reasons that I’ve already shared with our leadership… God wants our church to grow! Just take a quick look at the scripture above and you’ll see what I mean. Jesus told Peter—the big fisherman and chief Apostle—that it was upon him (and others like him) that he would build his church—not our church, but his church. The concept of church, here is both the church universal as well as the local church; God wants to build his church – all of it.

Today, there are approximately 2 billion Christians in the world; the church has grown since those first few met together in the Upper Room in Acts 1. And since our church is a part of who Jesus was talking about in Matthew 16, we have HOPE that God wants our church to grow! God revitalizes and restores people, nations, and churches that have lost spiritual energy… In the Old Testament, there are cycles of rebellion, repentance, and restoration (Judges & Chronicles in particular); when nations rebelled and then repented, God always raised up a new leader (i.e. Deborah, Gideon, Samson, etc.) who brought restoration to that nation. In the book of Revelation, we hear a similar story; the implication is also that God will restore churches that hear and repent. So, there is HOPE for our church because God’s pattern is that he desires to renew &/or restore his people. God is revitalizing churches right now! For the past 3 decades, there has been book after book written about churches that God has been busy revitalizing! There is one good example less than an hour from here (United Methodist)—two churches that God has not only revitalized, but continues to help grow! In my professional opinion, Dodgeville UMC has greater potential for growth than either of those 2 churches! God has gifted this congregation beyond belief (and my superiors have already commented on this)! My prayer before moving to Dodgeville nine years ago was this: “God, send me where you can use me the most!”—in other words, where the most potential for growth is … and I’m here. God sent me here nine years ago to ‘prepare the ground’; now, God has saved me for a very special purpose; and, until God changes my mind, I believe that very special purpose is the growth of Dodgeville UMC! Do you see the potential? Do you know that there is HOPE for your church? Do you believe that God wants your church to grow? THIS IS WHERE IT ALL HAS TO BEGIN! God has given me a new lease on

life—a new beginning. And what that really means is this: God has given US a new lease on life—a new beginning … together. Are you ready to grow Christ’s church—right here in Dodgeville—together? Get excited with me about God this summer… With great anticipation for what God is going to do,

Pastor Rom

2013 ANNUAL CONFERENCE Friday, June 7th through Monday, June 10th, Pastor Rom and Gail Ray will be representing Dodgeville UMC at the annual meeting for the Wisconsin Conference of the United Methodist Church. Please keep them and the whole conference in your prayers during this time. EVERYONE HAS A PART IN STEPHEN MINISTRY! Did you know the congregation plays a key role in the success of Stephen Ministry? The congregation’s role is to: Provide Stephen Leaders trained at Stephen Series Leader’s Training Courses to manage Stephen Ministry. Provide funding to train additional Stephen Leaders as needed. Provide funding for training Stephen Ministers. Maintain continued support and prayers for the Stephen Ministry program. By the way…if you think you would like to be a Stephen Minister or receive care from one, please contact one of the Stephen Leaders: Pastor Rom or Gail Ray.


ONE SERVICE ONLY: TWO TIMES THIS SUMMER On July 21st, because of the Farmer Appreciation Day festivities, we will have a 9:00 AM worship service only. On August 18th we will hold our 2nd annual Praise & Picnic at Centennial Park at 10:45. There will be NO early service that day.

The North and East doors will be open to allow residents to get to the basement or upstairs women’s bathroom for shelter. This is intended primarily for the residents of the mobile home community of Dodgeville, but is open to anyone.

CHOIR NOTES—SUMMER 2013 Psalm 100:2 “…come before Him with joyful song.” Our choir is in “recess” for the summer months but will return at the early service on Sunday, September 8th. We will have our first rehearsal of the season on Wednesday, September 4th at 7:00 PM. Please consider becoming a part of the choir—we welcome new or “returning” members at any time. Help us make a “joyful noise” to the Lord. If you have any questions please contact Charlene Mingst at 935-5758.

THANK YOU! Thanks to everyone for your prayers and support during my recent surgery and recovery at Upland Hills. Thank you also to those who helped me pack items and move to my new apartment at #3 Sienna Crest, 404 E Madison street. Your kind acts mean so much to me! Charlene Bennett

GRAVESIDE MEMORIAL SERVICE FOR HELEN SETON On July 21st a graveside memorial service will be held at Eastside Cemetary at 1:30 PM. Anyone who would like to remember Helen is welcome to join the family. She would have been 104 years old on this day.

LOOSE CHANGE FOR CHANGE Through the end of June, our loose change offering will continue to support those in our country who have experienced tornado damage this spring. Loose Change for July-August-September will support the shipping costs of our Christmas Shoeboxes. ALUMINUM CANS Funds collected from aluminum cans support our pastor’s discretionary fund. This money is used for those in our community who stop by the church with a need (gas cards, help with rent or bills, and other basic needs). Presently, the cans are collected in a garbage can by the East door. In the future, the plan is to accommodate bigger donations with a caged outdoor collection site. Please continue to help by bringing in your aluminum cans! CORNERSTONE PARTY The next Cornerstone party at DUMC will be toward the end of August. Be on the look out for sign up sheets in fellowship hall for food donations and kitchen help. Youth are encouraged to sign up as well. The praise band will be singing and we will be grilling hotdogs and hamburgers for a picnic. If you have any questions about these projects and how you can participate, call Juanita at 574-4591.

Summer BIRTHDAYS June 1 - Diana Dochnahl 2 - Diane Barney 2 - Lois McComish 3 - Susan Dunham 4 - Charlene Bennett 5 - Alycia Hathaway 5 - Don Hazlett 9 - Zoie Weber 8 - Dave Huxtable 10 - Kyle Fitzsimmons 12 - Matthew Butteris 13 - Kerry Beerkircher 13 - Art Humbert 14 - Emily Prochaska 15 - Bridget Beerkircher 18 - Nikki Biddick 22 - Monica Digman 22 - June Jewell 25 - Russell Nelson 26 - Richard Steele 27 - Alex Steil 28 - Derek Jacobson 30 - Bill Baebler 30 - Greg Oxnem July 1 - Rich Strutt 7 - Judy Halverson 7 - Lesley Houck 7 - Alex Ray 7 - Zackery Weber 8 - Rom Pegram 8 – John Schlueter 9 - Jack Jewell 13 - Juanita Starr 14 - Wanda McCutchin 14 - Donna Welsh 16 - Mary Dunn 19 - Zena Weber 23 - Jacob Recob 24 - Tina Smith 28 - Chelsea Olday

summer Anniversaries June 2 - McComish, Lois 3 - Pegram, Rom & Jane 6 - Tolzman, Scott & Denise 8 - Harman, Thomas & Julia 9 - Biddick, Todd & Nikki 12 - Ray, Gail & Keith 14 - Leitzinger, Kristen & Keith 15 - Boyer, William & Martha 27 - Martell, John & Shirley 28 - Jewell, Ken & June July 1 - Gorsline, Merlin & Virginia 9 - Berg, Cory & Mary 12 - Starr, Jeff & Juanita 21 - Recob, Scott & Sandra 23 - Forseth, Larry & Melanie 25 - Beerkircher, Rick & Kerry

PLEASE PRAY: Victoria Baby Azhara Bill Brown Ben Berryman Krista Ken Dobson Gloria Humbert Tina Smith Jacob Eileen Gorsline Jane’s parents James & Jen Hoelscher

CURRENT MONTH Monthly Income Monthly Expenses Paid Net Income for month Apportionments Paid Unpaid Apportionments

APRIL 2013 $ 9,514 $12,145 $<2,631> $1,088 (figure included in Monthly Expenses Paid) $1,088 (not included in Monthly Expenses Paid)

YEAR TOTALS THROUGH CURRENT MONTH Years Income $ 41,654 Years Expenses Paid $ 54,634 Net Income for Year $<12,980> Apportionments Paid $ 4,352 (figure included in Years Expenses Paid) Unpaid Apportionments $ 4,352 (not included in Years Expenses Paid) TOTAL APPORTIONMENTS DUE FOR YEAR APPORTIONMENTS DUE PER MONTH

$ 26,112 $ 2,176


Oh no…not Stewardship!!! Scott Godfrey, Stewardship & Finance Committee Chair If I asked, “Who wants to read about the discipleship of giving?”…would anyone keep reading? Don’t worry as I wouldn’t take it personally if you’d rather go rearrange your sock drawer. After all, does anyone really like to talk about money and church? Well, we may not like talking about it right now, but I promise you won’t mind it and…dare I say…may actually enjoy it in a few months! I’m going to be frankly honest with you. Growing up, I pretty much figured one of the church’s goals was to try to get your money. Why? I didn’t really know. It just wanted the money. What did you get for it? I didn’t know. Salvation, I guessed. Continued…

Now that I’ve aged (each gray hair has been earned), I’ve come to realize that my giving isn’t going to “buy my salvation”. In fact, I can’t even see it as an act of generosity on my part. What I’m coming to realize is that my giving is an act of stewardship. The word “stewardship” is very simply the act of managing another’s property, finances or other affairs. I came to this conclusion by asking myself a simple, yet telling question: Who is ultimately responsible for my many blessings? Just ask yourself this simple question and answer yourself honestly. I think you will come to the same conclusion that you and I really cannot take 100% credit for our material wealth. Not even 50%. Maybe closer to 8.2% or so. I’d like to invite you to take a journey with me to embark upon a new look at why we give what we give to our church…and in what spirit we give it. Are we just “giving” a small percentage of our wealth, or are we being stewards of all that God provides us? Believe me…I am on this journey as much as you are. I am hoping that we, together, can reach a destination where our priorities point to the glory of God and where we simply cannot be satisfied until we give of ourselves fully, unselfishly and joyfully! Will you start that journey with me? While you consider this offer, I want to tell you that your Finance Committee has been busy delving into our church finances. Can you feel the excitement? Well, you should because we actually are EXCITED to share with you our ideas and plans to grow our stewardship of God’s many, many blessings! Keep an eye out for big, fun envelope coming your way!

An update from our Christmas, 2012 and first quarter loose change for change offering: VOLUNTEER IN MISSION TEAM FROM WISCONSIN GOES TO UGANDA For ten days in March 2013, a team of 9 people, 6 from the Eureka United Methodist Church, experienced the love of Christ as they ministered among the people of Uganda. The purpose of the trip was not only to put in a well (borehole) at the Goshen Blessings mission site outside Bweyale, but to mingle with the people connected to the ministries of the Redeemed of the Lord Evangelical Church. Bishop Nelson Wesamoyo was our host as he introduced us to the various ministers and ministries working with the Redeemed Church in the Mbale and Bweyale communities. While the goal may have been to bring clean water to a community of refugees, it was the relationships that were the real gift. A suitcase full of soccer balls quickly disappeared among throngs of hundreds of children and adults - as everyone erupted into cheers and never-ending smiles. Music was the universal language as local people greeted us with songs of welcome and the team responded with their own style of music. Gifts of medical supplies, clothes, school supplies and Bibles were a "drop in the bucket" compared to the million dollar smiles and royal hospitality received by the team. Hundreds of children received cards and gifts from children in the Ripon School District. Being among people for whom "fetching water" can be a full day's work, the team has a greater appreciation for the clean water that comes so quickly and easily from our faucets here in Wisconsin. Americans rarely have to worry about the major diseases such as bacterial diarrhea, hepatitis and typhoid that plague 40o/o of the Uganda population because of unsafe water. Neither do we have to worry about dying from a mosquito bite, bites that spread malaria. With the generous support of various churches and friends of the Eureka congregation, enough money was raised to dig an additional borehole well for a school in the same refugee area, Yelekini primary school. Eureka UMC is working with the Christian foundation, lt ls Well International, whose sole purpose is to dig deep, borehole wells for rural communities in Africa. They will take on the Yelekiniwell project in Uganda so that children will not have to make a choice between hauling water and going to school. lf you would like to give a cup of clean water to a thirsty child, contact Pastor Anita Genrich at 608-393-0856, pastoran

CHANGE OF LEADERSHIP IN OUR CONNECTIONS MINISTRY Along with this newsletter comes a change of leadership in our Connections Ministry at Dodgeville UMC. Beth Schlueter and Tammy Leiser have been co-coordinators of Connections here at DUMC for quite some time. Beth has handled the ‘servant’ opportunities part of connections (i.e. spiritual gifts, matching people with ministry positions, etc.), along with weekly administrative tasks as well (i.e. Connection Card follow-up, etc.). Tammy has handled the hospitality end of things, like our Greeter and Café ministries. While Tammy will continue with her responsibilities, Beth has asked to step down at this time. Until we find the right individual to help out with this vital ministry of ‘connecting’ folks with the life of Dodgeville UMC, Beth’s weekly responsibilities will be covered by the office and Pastor Rom. In the meantime, please join us in thanking Beth for the many years of devotion and energy she has given our congregation in helping us to get our Connections Ministry up and going here at DUMC! Many thanks, Beth for a job well done…

MINISTRY MAILBOXES If you are in charge of a ministry mailbox, please remember to check your mailbox and keep it cleared out so you don’t miss any important papers. Thank you!

JOIN UNITED METHODIST WOMEN The PURPOSE of the United Methodist Women: The organized unit of United Methodist Women shall be a community of women whose purpose is to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ; to develop a creative, supportive fellowship; and to expand concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of the church. “Membership is open to any woman who indicates her desire to belong, to engage in mission, study, personal growth and social action; and to participate in the global mission of the church through United Methodist Women.” Interestingly—you don’t have to be a member of the United Methodist Church and of course, there is no age requirement. Please consider joining our local unit. Our current active membership numbers 21 very faithful women committed to the purpose of this organization. We are also very fortunate to have around 25 additional friends (men and women) whose help we very much appreciate at certain times—such as helping at funeral lunches and fundraisers and other events. We are currently on “summer recess” but starting again in September we will meet monthly for prayer, study, social action, and sometimes just for fun.* We have devotions at every meeting and each of our two circles alternately throughout the year prepare and present programs related to spiritual growth and/or mission projects. We contribute to local, state, and global mission projects that directly affect the lives of Continued…

women, children, and families. We also help to support our local church with contributions to the Mission Trip, Camp Scholarships, the Stephen Ministry, Prayer Group Card Ministry, and other projects. We also take responsibility for the upkeep of the kitchen. We care for and support one another and for those in our church family. For more information please contact Charlene Mingst at 9355758 or Jeanne Kapotas at 935-3808. *Join us for fun and fellowship as well as some really good food for “Brunch at the Barn” at 9:30 AM on Thursday, August 8, 2013 at the home of Martha Boyer.

--United Methodist Women have local units in every district of The United Methodist Church --Over 26,000 units make up United Methodist Women --Becoming a member means joining a global community of women—nearly 800,000 strong who are committed to the same purpose --Members gave more than $16 million to support mission worldwide since 2008

ADULT FELLOWSHIP Adult Fellowship will meet at 6:00 p.m. at the home of Charlie and Louise Price on Thursday, June 13 for a potluck meal. Please bring a dish to share, table service will be provided. We always enjoy seeing new faces, so please feel free to join us.

JACK & SHIRLEY MARTELL 60TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY CARD SHOWER & OPEN HOUSE Please plan to celebrate or acknowledge with a card the 60th wedding anniversary of Jack & Shirley Martell on Saturday, June 29th. The open house will be at Crestridge at 219 East Grace Street from 2 to 4 PM on June 29th.

Membership, Confirmation, Spiritual Enrichment Class Offered Fall 2013 Essential Transformation (E.T. for short) is a 13-week class for those desiring to explore the basics of the Christian faith (and is open to everyone, including long-time members!). This class is a prerequisite for any sophomore (or up) who desires to be confirmed or for those exploring membership at Dodgeville UMC. The only thing we ask is that those interested are currently active in the church (i.e. regular weekly worship, youth group, etc.)â&#x20AC;&#x201D;that they have shown evidence of interest in being an active part of our local congregation and its ministries. We will be having an informational meeting on Wednesday, August 14, at 6:30 PM in the library at Dodgeville UMC. (High schoolers must bring their parents with them to the informational meeting!) Regular classes will be Wednesday evenings, starting in September and ending in December, from 6:30-8:00 PM. (Actual schedule will be available in August. Nursery care is possible by prior arrangement.) For all who have sensed the Bible or Bible study to be intimidating, this is the class for you! We start at the beginning: We start with how to get around in the Bible itself. Then we start with basic beliefs of our faith - Father, Son and Holy Spirit - and how God works in and through our lives in special ways. Along with that, we hope to answer your questions about things like "Why the church?" Won't you pray about joining Pastor Rom and Beth Schlueter as they prepare to lead E.T. this fall? If interested, please contact the church office at 935-5451 as soon as possible! Also, if you will be bringing children with you during these Wednesday evening classes, please let us know that, too. We hope to see you there!

Vacation Bible School News DUMC invites all children ages 4 through the completion of 5th grade to VBS this summer. This year’s VBS theme is EVERYWHERE FUN FAIR: WHERE GOD’S WORLD COMES TOGETHER. Explore and experience God’s welcoming love at VBS! The fun begins Sunday, August 4th and continues each day from 5-8pm through Thursday, August 8th, ending with a closing program for the whole family. This year’s adventures include interactive Bible fun and great music, super science, cool crafts, hands-on mission work, global games, and more! To be a part of all the excitement at EVERYWHERE FUN FAIR, call the DUMC office at 935-5451 to register or visit the website to pre-register online. The Christian Education Team Please see following pages for how you can help!

***VBS NEEDS YOUR HELP*** Sunday, August 4th through Thursday, August 8th (4:30 – 8:00 for leaders) Wanted: Neighbors who want to discover the Word of God with children! Would you like to spend a whole week at EVERYWHERE FUN FAIR helping our children discover the welcoming love of God at work all around us? At EVERYWHERE FUN FAIR, we will help children experience God’s welcoming love through drama, crafts, games, science activities, music, and hours of fun! We are in need of middle school and high school youth as well as adults to help make this happen. If you are interested in any part of VBS, please contact the church office at 935-5451 or Julia Harman at 930-2220/ We need help in the following areas: Registration Table Helpers Middle School/High School Youth to be Youth Leaders Floaters Recreation Leader/Helper Storyteller/Helper Drama Team Science Leader/Helper Music Leader/Helper Craft Helper Photographer Kitchen Staff Much, much more! We are also in need of the following items…any donations would be appreciated! Please place items in the bin marked “VBS Donations” in the Fellowship Hall. $ Donations (marked VBS; can be placed in offertory baskets) Mod Podge (any size) Aleen’s Original Tacky Glue (any size) Washable Markers Permanent Sharpie Markers (any size/color) Empty Cereal Boxes (flattened) Continued…

Curling Ribbon (any color) Food Donations (list coming soon) Thank you for all of your support!

SUMMER SPECIAL MUSIC Please call the church office to sign up for special music this summer at the 9:00 AM service. (935-5451)

LOOKING FOR A PLACE TO SERVE? If you have a positive attitude and enjoy talking to people, one of our hospitality teams may be a good fit for you. We have openings for servers on the CafĂŠ Team and the Greeter Team for the contemporary (2nd) worship celebration. CafĂŠ Team servers set-up, serve, and clean-up drinks and treats for fellowship time between services once every 2 months. Greeter Team members welcome people as they enter the church building and help guide people forward for communion. For more detailed information and/or to sign up, please contact: Tammy Leiser, Connections Coordinator at or 608-235-3975.

There is still time, ladies, to sign up to join us this September 27-28 for the Women of Faith event in Milwaukee, WI. Right now we have 23 people who have decided to go along for this amazing event and there is still room for 7 more. Please contact me if you would like to go or want more information before you decide to go. Tammy Leiser, 608-235-3975 or 608-935-3537. or


Bloomfield Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center Balloon Fest To Honor Older Americans Thursday, June 6, 2013 5:00 PM to 8:30 PM Rain or Shine Events include, a parade, events for children, food stand including our famous crème puffs, and live entertainment

Wyoming Valley Church Hymn Sing (34th Season) June 2, July 7, August 4, September 1, October 6 Time: 2 Pm to 3:30 PM Church is located on state Hwy 23 Five miles south of Spring Green, Ten miles north of Dodgeville Sponsored by the Rural Musicians Forum __________________________________________ GRACE LUTHERAN CURCH Friends Night Thursday, June 20, 2013, 7:00PM My Trip to Guatemala by Janet Butteris Music by Mother/Daughter Quartet Fellowship & Refreshments to follow


Everywhere Fun Fair Vacation Bible School August 4th â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 8th, 5:00 to 8:00 PM

Dodgeville UMC Newsletter - June 2013  

Dodgeville UMC Newsletter - June 2013