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Dodge City & Ford County

Kansas Historic Tax Credit Program State & Local Impact

The Kansas Historic Tax Credit provides valuable private investment that preserves our history and heritage not only for today but for future generations. These tax credits are a critical piece of the foundation of the City of Dodge City, Ford County, and State of Kansas economic development programs and job creation. The proposed tax reform plans would make redevelopment impossible. In Dodge City, the majority of the tourist attractions will be adversely affected if this valuable incentive is lost. This tax credit has the added value of providing funding on an annual basis for maintenance issues. In Dodge City, there are a total of 48 properties that could benefit from historic tax credits. The potential for economic impact is immeasurable and should not be disregarded. The state historic tax credits do not cost the state revenue, they help produce it. Included are several projects throughout Dodge City and Ford County that have either been completed or in the planning process where the state historic tax credit program will or has played a vital role in the project’s success. All projects listed in this document are excluded from receiving Federal Historic Tax Credits. The Federal Historic Tax Credit is only applicable on qualifying income-producing properties.

Sacred Heart Cathedral

Sacred Heart School utilized state historic tax credits to install air conditioning and upgrade electricity. The lack of air conditioning in the school building made it challenging for the students and faculty to work during the months of April, May, August and September. In addition, it caused an elevated security risk because doors and windows had to be left open for ventilation. The campaign took in 200 cents on each historic tax credit by giving a 50% credit instead of the 100% allowed. Before the campaign was launched to the public the committee had raised 40% of the funds and 100% of the contributions were local. The project was made possible with the state historic tax credit program.

Hennessey Hall

The City of Dodge City used state historic tax credits to make repairs to Hennessey Hall. Half of the building’s roof was replaced for $239,000, and $59,000 was received in tax credits. Not only did this project preserve a historic building that was part of the former Saint Mary of the Plains College campus, but it also created jobs and capital investment. The building houses many of the areas non-profit organizations and the Dodge City Campus of Newman University, which provides both undergraduate and graduate educational opportunities for the community’s and area’s place bound students.

Current Projects

Santa Fe Depot

The historic Santa Fe Depot built in 1898 has served as a gateway to the great American West. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2000, the Depot currently houses the Amtrak Train Station and the Depot Theater Company. Local organizations have been working diligently on preservation and redevelopment plans to continue to turn the Depot into a major cultural, entertainment and tourism destination for Dodge City and the Southwest Kansas region. Carrying on the rich tradition that Fred Harvey established, redevelopment plans include adding an Artist in Residence program with tenant rooms, full service dining and expanded live stage theater. This project would not only serve to preserve a historic structure but would also provide an additional cultural, entertainment and economic anchor for Downtown Dodge City.

Estimated Cost of Project: $1.5 million State Tax Credits to be Leveraged: $500,000

Potential Economic Impact: Jobs Created – 45 direct and indirect Tourism Dollars Impacted – $3,760,425 annually

Current Projects

Boot Hill Museum

The Boot Hill Museum has started a redevelopment project to improve and enhance museum buildings and position the museum as a national-caliber Western History Museum celebrating and preserving the unique history of Dodge City. Following a favorable review by the Kansas Historical Society, Boot Hill Museum’s strategic plan is to rehab the Front Street Replica that thousands of visitors from around the nation and world travel to Kansas to see each year. This project has potential to enhance the city’s historic provenance and relevance and differentiate Dodge City from other travel destinations. This project will not only create development, but sustainable revenue growth for the community.

Estimated Cost of Project: up to $1 million State Tax Credits to be Leveraged: $300,000 Potential Economic Impact: Increased Visitors: up to 82,000 Tourism Dollars Impacted – $615,000 annually

Current Projects

Carnegie Center for the Arts

The Dodge City Area Arts Council is working to preserve and stabilize the Historic Carnegie Library building and to function as the Art Center for not only Dodge City but for all of Southwest Kansas. However, before redevelopment plans can begin repairs and restoration must take place. Specifically, on the stain glass windows, roof, air conditioning, and plaster walls. 30% of the cost of these various projects could be funded through Historic Tax Credits. Strategic short and long range plans include featuring both national and international artists, creating a ride for the arts to raise funds and bring visitors to the community and region, and to work jointly with other attractions through educational programs for local youth. Currently, the Carnegie Art Center brings in 4,167 visitors annually. As a 501c(3), non-profit organization, the Dodge City Area Arts Council does not qualify for the Federal Historic Tax Credits. Estimated Cost of Project: $45,000 State Tax Credits to be Leveraged: $13,500 Potential Economic & Community Impact: Increased Visitors – Approx. 1,350 No. Impacted by Educational Projects – Approx. 16,533 (ages 7-18)

Current Projects

Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church - Windthorst, KS

The Immaculate Heart of Mary Church at Windthorst, Kansas, was built by a group of German immigrants in 1913 and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1998. The current project plans are to repair and restore the stained glass windows which were originally installed in 1916. These 23 windows are in the Munich Pictorial Style which is the most laborious style of stained glass ever done in history. Other plans include reparation of the shingles on the steeple and bell tower, and repairing the water lines from the well to the buildings. Long range redevelopment goals for Windthorst entail setting up a museum near the church that would house memorabilia from the homesteader families. The church is open daily to the public and is utilized by Dodge City Community College for choral concerts.

Estimated Cost of Project: $105,000 State Tax Credits to be Leveraged: $31,500 Current Economic Impact: Annual Visitor Count - Approx. 2,000 people

Potential Projects Buildings listed on the National and State Register of Historical Places that are eligible to apply for State Historic Tax Credits include: Santa Fe Depot Boot Hill Bed & Breakfast Carnegie Center for the Arts Hennessy Hall

Immaculate Heart of Mary Church Lora Locke Hotel Mueller-Schmidt House Sacred Heart Cathedral

In 2008, a Dodge City Downtown Historical District was established, making an additional 42 properties eligible for State Historic Tax Credits. These properties include: McCoy-Skaggs Co. Bldg. Comm. Bldg. (117 Spruce) County Health Dept. Bldg. U.S. Post Office Owings and West Bldg. High Plains Title Bldg. H.B. Bell Block Comm. Bldg. (116 Front) Osage Bldg. Chalk Beeson Theater Dodge Theater Bldg. Ford County Courthouse Hinkle House First Methodist Church St. Cornelius Episcopal Church Comm. Bldg. (617-619 1st Ave.) SW Bell Bldg. Bainbridge Bldg. Comm. Bldg. (501 First Ave.) Gwinner Bldg. H.A. Hart Bldg. Kansas State Bank (Fidelity State Bank) *Comm. Bldg. denotes Downtown Commercial Buildings

Impact State Wide

Since being implemented in 2002, the Kansas Historic Tax Credit has been an essential tool in redevelopment and rehabilitation projects all throughout Kansas. From FY 2002-2009: Number of Assisted Completed Projects - 540 Total Project Costs - $271 million State Historic Tax Credits Utilized - $69 million

Total Economic Impact of the Kansas Historic Tax Credit - FY 2002-2009 Economic Benefits to Kansas: Jobs (person-years) Income Output Gross state product Total taxes Federal taxes State & local taxes State-alone taxes In-state wealth (GSP less federal taxes)

4,443 $141.6 million $323.2 million $182.9 million $56.2 million $41.4 million $14.8 million $7.8 million $141.5 million

The local organizations and government entities that have aided in the creation of this document include: City of Dodge City Community Facilities Advisory Board Dodge City Convention and Visitor’s Bureau Dodge City/Ford County Development Corporation Dodge City/Ford County Festivals Dodge City/Ford County Tourism Coalition Dodge City/Ford County Tourism Task Force Ford County Main Street Dodge City The entities listed above, as well as the total number of representatives from tourism organizations equal a combined 260 local individuals who support the Kansas Historic Tax Credit Program. For more information on the State Historic Tax Credit program and related projects in Dodge City & Ford County, contact: Melissa McCoy Project Development Coordinator City of Dodge City (620) 225-8100

State Historic Tax Credit Program  

A brochure describing the impact the State Historic Tax Credit Program has and will have on our local economy.

State Historic Tax Credit Program  

A brochure describing the impact the State Historic Tax Credit Program has and will have on our local economy.