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PARISH OFFICE Hours: 9am - 4pm 5124 Gateway Dr. , Tampa, FL 33615 Ph. 813.885.7861 Fax: 813.884.3624

SCHOOL OFFICE 5111 Webb Rd., Tampa, FL 33615 Ph. 813.884.4502 Fax: 813.885.3734

CLERGY Very Rev. Michael Suszynski, Pastor Rev. Jairo Atehortua Parochial Vicar Rev. Philip Clement, Parochial Vicar Deacon Pablo Maldonado Deacon Ramon Rodriguez

STAFF Parish Business Administrator - Paul Hunter Facility Manager - Dave Arnold / 919-4284 Parish Secretary / Bulletin Editor - Irene Martinez Receptionist/ Asst Editor - Silvia Rivera Director of Music - Mr. Alex Groppe Director of Faith Formation - Carmen Cayon Sacrament Prep. & Youth Ministry Philomena Johnson - Faith Formation Apprentice Meg Kanatzar -

MASS SCHEDULE Monday through Friday: 7am & 8:30am Saturday: 8:30 am & 4:30pm (Vigil) Sunday: 7:30am, 9:00am, 10:30am (signed), & 12pm MISAS EN ESPAテ前L: Cada domingo a la 1:30pm Cada viernes a las 6:30 pm LATIN MASS: Sundays at 4:30pm CONFESSIONS: Saturdays - 2:30 to 3:30pm in Church DEVOTIONS Morning Prayer Group: Liturgy of the Hours Mon., Tue., Thurs., Fri. & Sat.: 8:10am 8:25am ADORATION OF THE BLESSED SACRAMENT Every 1st Friday following the 8:30 am Mass until 6:15pm ROSARY : Thursdays at 11:30am in the chapel ROSARIO EN ESPAテ前L - Jueves de 5:30pm6:30pm en la capilla

Church of the Incarnation


February 9, 2014

Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time GOD’S SUMMONS If we are not able to witness concretely to the love of Christ in our lives, then we are truly salt that has gone tasteless. Our flavor and impact are lost. How difficult it is to get them back again. In the late 1940s the Christophers movement began in the United States. The Christophers’ motto, “It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness,” attracted many through the Christophers’ effective use of the media, advertising, and the encouragement of its members to proclaim Christ in the workplace. Jesus calls us to be that candle and to set ourselves in the most visible place. Jesus, who brought eternal light to the world, tells us that we, too, are the light of the world. Through our words and actions we must let our light shine in the sight of all so that in seeing our good works, everyone may give praise to God. Copyright © J. S. Paluch Co. READINGS FOR THE WEEK Monday: 1 Kgs 8:1-7, 9-13; Ps 132:6-7, 8-10; Mk 6:53-56 Tuesday: 1 Kgs 8:22-23, 27-30; Ps 84:3-5, 10-11; Mk 7:1-13 Wednesday: 1 Kgs 10:1-10; Ps 37:5-6, 30-31, 39-40; Mk 7:14-23 Thursday: 1 Kgs 11:4-13; Ps 106:3-4, 35-37, 40; Mk 7:24-30 Friday: 1 Kgs 11:29-32; 12:19; Ps 81:10-11ab, 12-15; Mk 7:31-37 Saturday: 1 Kgs 12:26-32; 13:33-34; Ps 106:6-7ab, 19-22; Mk 8:1-10 Sunday: Sir 15:15-20; Ps 119:1-2, 4-5, 17-18, 33-34; 1 Cor 2:6-10; Mt 5:17-37 [20-22a, 27-28, 33-34a, 37] TREASURES FROM OUR TRADITION You need more than water for a bath. Most family bathrooms contain an arsenal of soaps and emollients, lotions, shampoos, and conditioners to combat grime and honor the body. A bath without oil is still unthinkable. No wonder early Christians used lavish amounts of oil to “paint” the skin of people drawn dripping wet from the baptismal font on Easter. There were two oils used in baptism long ago. “Oil of exorcism” protected candidates from “evil spirits”; it strengthened their resolve and purified their purposes. The second oil, slathered over them after baptism’s bath, “sealed” them, making them like Christ, the anointed one, the priest, the prophet, the king. Chrism has always had a powerful odor; rich resinous perfumes are stirred in before it is consecrated. As the newly baptized were embraced by new brothers and sisters in Christ, the scent permeated the hall of Eucharist, a sign of our connection to Christ and to one another. —Rev. James Field, Copyright © J. S. Paluch Co. LATER . . . One who waits to do a great deal of good at once, will never do anything. —Samuel Johnson 2|

Did you know that our parish has a Traditional Latin Mass said every Sunday? Come experience the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass as it was celebrated for centuries, the Mass many of your favorite saints would have attended. The Latin Mass is celebrated by Fr. Philip Clement, Fr. Patrick Hough, S.J., and Fr. Paul Mangiafico and is offered every Sunday at 4:30pm. If you would like to experience the Latin Mass in its fullness, come on the last Sunday of the month for the Solemn High Mass and hear the Latin Mass Schola sing their beautiful Gregorian Chant, or come to a High Mass on either the second or third Sunday of the month and hear the beautiful singing as well. For a quieter, more sublime experience, consider coming to the Low Mass offered on the first Sunday of the month. Come experience part of our Catholic heritage.

Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

February 9, 2014

† Mass Intentions †

Please Pray for One Another

SUNDAY - FEBRUARY 9 - FIFTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME 7:30 A.M. 9:00 A.M. +Louise Schmidt by George and Thelma Schmidt 10:30 A.M. +Kathleen Schreifels by Incarnation Columbiettes 12:00 P.M. (SI) Ill Members of ICCW by ICCW 1:30 P.M. +Dorothy Villavicencio by Family 4:30 P.M. PEOPLE OF INCARNATION MONDAY - FEBRUARY 10 - ST. SCHOLASTICA, VIRGIN 7:00 A.M. +Holanda Cenal by Alba Caballero 8:30 A.M. (SI) Maripili and Fernando by Family TUESDAY - FEBRUARY 11 - OUR LADY OF LOURDES 7:00 A.M. +Holanda Cenal by Sue Stewart 8:30 A.M. +Paul Maher by Pat Haitz WEDNESDAY - FEBRUARY 12 7:00 A.M. 8:30 A.M. THURSDAY - FEBRUARY 13 7:00 A.M. 8:30 A.M. (SI) Jadon Gage Rivera by Grandma FRIDAY - FEBRUARY 14 - STS. CYRIL, MONK AND METHODIUS, BISHOP 7:00 A.M. 8:30 A.M. (SI) Laura Wagner by Mr. and Mrs. Rivera 6:30 P.M. +Margarita Flores by Family SATURDAY - FEBRUARY 15 8:30 A.M. +Marie Odette Smith by Shirley and Family 4:30 P.M. (SI) Harry Sheridan by Helen SUNDAY - FEBRUARY 16 - SIXTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME 7:30 A.M. +Don Shamblin by ICCW 9:00 A.M. PEOPLE OF INCARNATION 10:30 A.M. +James J. Kelly by Wife 12:00 P.M. +Virginia Ward O’Hara by Diane and Steve Holub 1:30 P.M. +Secundino A. Sierra Bello by Sister 4:30 P.M. +Socorro Macion by Cheralyn Quevedo

If you would like to add a name, e-mail Silvia Rivera at: or call the parish office.

SACRIFICIAL GIFTS OF TREASURE OFFERTORY (First Collection) is used solely for the operation and maintenance of the parish. Weekly Target .................................................. $23,000.00 02/02/2014 Offertory Donations .................... $20,475.08 Shortfall ............................................................ $ 2,524.92 Tuition Assistance ............................................ $ 162.00 Dominican Parish ............................................ $ 1,579.00 RENOVATION & BUILDING FUND (Second Collection) is used to pay the monthly principal and interest obligation on our Church Renovation Loan and to fund repairs and updates to our Church building. 02/02/2014 Renovation Donations ....................$ 3,865.00 THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY! If you have any questions about our finances or parish renovation activities, please contact Business Manager, Paul Hunter at 813-8857861 or by e-mail: DONATION STATEMENTS FOR TAX PURPOSES Please request donation reports for tax year 2013 by e-mail . This saves time for you and postage for the church. Please do not call to make the request unless you do not have access to e-mail.

Lord, hear our prayers for the sick listed below and for all those who are not listed, but are in need of our prayers: Jeannette Abrenica Isabel Acosta Bella Andrew Lucas Baker Maria Barrios Julie Bianchi Gisela Brandes Roxane Charles Michelle Chirino Nora Cortes Louis Crapsi Leslie D’ Elia Enid Diaz Jack and Lucy Dietz Jan Douglas Edward Drost Manuel Duran Shannon Elver Aurora Esparza Deborah Fisher Harry Folk Rose Ann Froberg Agustina Galan William Gareau Joe Giangiacomo Sal Giordano

Manuel Gonzalez Michael Griffin Nancy Gwinn Robert Hasty Joane Hellenbrand Richard J. Hernandez Jim Horn Don Hughes June Jebson Peter Jebson Mimi Kuhla Dale Levi Tom Lom Antonio Mabini Matthew McClane, Sr.

Joann McCullough Gabriel McPfimel Marie Mendez Cam Metcalf Sandy Moley Beba Montero Rene Music John Nevadomski Noah Nero Lisa Paige Bob Patterson

Sergio Pages, Jr. PV2 Chad Michael Burgess PV2 Angelique Burgess Ryan Wegman SSG Michael Haley

JR Pearce Kim Perez Mary Perkinson Tom Phillips Tom Price Bernard Rafferty, Sr. Donna Ridgeway Irvin Rivera, Jr. Rose Ann Robert Dewey Roberts Isaias Rodriguez Lydia Santiago Dianna Slowey Thomas

Adriana Smith Bill and Angie Spink Adam Sprouse Shirley Sullivan Jaime Torres Philip Traina Ines Velazquez William Vitto Rose Vrabel Brett Wallick Jerry Wegman Nick Wolf Amy Workman

Lt. Col Gregory Palmer, Afghanistan Cormac Lomasney, Afghanistan Brian McPhillips, Afghanistan Esteban Gonzalez, Afghanistan SGT Damian Patrick Bumm

Thank you to Buds Blooms & Beyond for their donations of flower arrangements for our weekend liturgies and for our Chapel

11234 W. Hillsborough Ave. Tampa, FL 33635 (813)818-9600 (800)531-2837


Church of the Incarnation Director of Faith Formation & R.C.I.A. Carmen Cayon



Grades Pk-12 Sacrament Preparation & Youth Ministry Philomena Johnson Faith Formation Apprentice Meg Kanatzar

"Proeliatores Dei" is our parish's young adult group. Young adult parishioners ages 18-28 are Young Adult Ministry Fr. Philip Clement

welcome to join us every Thursday night from 7:30 - 9:00 in the Lion's Lair for faith, fun, and fraternity. For more information, please go to our website: or call Fr. Philip at the church office (813-885-7861). We hope to see you there!

NEW BIBLE STUDY GROUPS HAVE STARTED! Contact Carmen Cayon at 813885-7861 for information.

Ages 13-18 Come meet the teens of Incarnation and join us for games and snacks at… Incarnation’s 1st

Youth Ministry Gathering

THIS Wednesday, February 12th @ 7:00pm – 9:00pm In St. John’s Room 4|


Church of the Incarnation


Open Houses for Prospective Students Thursday February 27, 2014 (p.m.) and Tuesday March 11, 2014 (a.m.) Since 1964, Incarnation Catholic School has provided academic excellence rooted in the Catholic faith to students and families across the Tampa Bay area. Building on its traditions, the school provides educational opportunities for students to become who God created them to be. Using a Pre-K to Grade 8 model, Incarnation Catholic School fosters Christian relationships among all students, encouraging community service and participation in the life of their Parish. ICS accepts Step Up for Students Scholarships and is fully accredited by the Florida Catholic Conference. We hope to see you at one of our two upcoming Open Houses! Contact the School Office for details.

WHO: Grades Pre-K to Grade 8 families interested in learning more about an ICS education for the 2014—2015 school year. WHEN: Thursday February 27 at night from 7:00—8:30 p.m. -Tuesday March 11 in the morning from 9:00—10:30 a.m. WHERE: Come to St. Michael Hall, registration tables will be setup and you will be escorted to our Presentation Room. WHAT: An overview of academic, extra-curricular and spiritual offerings at Incarnation Catholic School; guided tours.

INCARNATION CATHOLIC SCHOOL 5111 Webb Road * Tampa, FL 33615


Phone: 813.884.4502 * Fax: 813.885.3734 E-mail:

TREE OF LIFE MEMORIALS ALTAR SERVERS - David Smith - EUCHARISTIC MINISTERS - Frank Salamone READERS - Will Beran - 882-0178 ENVIRONMENT/ART - Connie Hennessey - 884-8326 USHERS - Tom Osborn - 885-3829 VISITORS OF THE SICK - Fr. Jairo Atehortua - 885-7861

In memory of a loved one who has passed away you may want to consider the Tree of Life Memorial at the church’s entrance. You may also want to remember a special Anniversary or a family member with a Leaf on the Tree. For information call Connie Hennessey at 884-8326.

BIBLE STUDY - Carmen Cayon - 885-7861 CARNIVAL - Paul /Norma Hunter - 854-1171 COLUMBIETTES - Suzanne Perry-Casler - 610-6456 or Meet every 2nd Thursday at 7:00pm, St. Patrick's Room FINANCE COUNCIL - Deacon Frank Julian - 885-7861 HELPING HAND - Paul Hunter - 885-7861 ICCW - INCARNATION COUNCIL OF CATHOLIC WOMEN Diane Fitzpatrick - 813-926-4921 - Gen. Mtg. 1st Thursdays - Rosary at 7pm - Mtg. starts at 7:30pm JOB SEARCH SUPPORT - Hilda Lyons - Tuesdays, 10:30 a.m. at the Town ’N Country Public Library KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS 4th Degree Assembly 2984 Harry - 813-765-5725 - meets every 3rd Monday at 7:30 PM KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS - Dave Shively -813-525-5839. LIFE MINISTRY - Teresa Trubilla - 841-6563 - MUSIC MINISTRY Tuesday Rehearsals, 7 - 9pm in the Church Music Room PRAYER SHAWL GROUP - Silvia Rivera - 885-7861 2nd Tuesday, 7pm in Faith Formation Office RELIGIOUS ARTICLES STORE - Connie Hennessey - 884-8326 SPECIAL EDUCATION - Mary Thomson - 884-8040 STEWARDSHIP - Tim Madden - 831-9770 THAT MAN IS YOU - Michael Rivera - 598-0972 Tuesdays at 5:15am in St. Francis Rm 12 STEP MEETINGS - Mary at 813-884-7171 Men's Closed Meetings - Tuesday, 7 pm St. Patrick's Room Closed Meetings - Wednesday, 7 pm St. Patrick's Room Al-Anon Closed Meetings - Wednesday, 7 pm St. John's Room


ANOINTING OF THE SICK gives spiritual strength in the face of suffering. A Parish priest is on call 24 hrs. in cases of emergency and is available for appointments. Call the Parish Office at 8857861. MATRIMONY (Marriage) - Couples need to contact the Parish Office at 885-7861 before setting a date. The preparation process takes a minimum of 6 months. HOLY ORDERS is for single men answering the call to priesthood. Any man or woman interested in the religious life should contact one of our parish priests or the Diocesan Vocations Director at 345-3338. HOMEBOUND MINISTRY - Eucharistic Ministers are available to bring Holy Communion to the sick at home. Please call the Parish Office at 885-7861 to make arrangements.

COMITÉ PASTORAL HISPANO - Padre Jairo - 885-7861 Se reúne el tercer jueves de cada mes CORO HISPANO - David Funes - miércoles a las 7:00pm y los domingos a las 12:00 pm EMAUS DAMAS - Karla Navas-Rodriguez 813-263-4220 o Liliana Astete 646-339-4286. Miércoles de por medio 7pm. EMAUS HOMBRES - Stevenson Quirindongo

ESCUELA DE EVANGELIZACION JUAN PABLO II Maria Teresa Aguilar 813-315 0925. Viernes 7pm, salón de clase #3. GRUPO DE JOVENES - Carmen Cayón - 885-7861. Viernes 7:30pm, salón St. John. GRUPO DE JOVENES ADULTOS - Ana Acevedo al 359-7722. Viernes, 7:30pm, salón de conferencia. GRUPO DE MATRIMONIOS - Lecy y Dante Sanchez - 850-4526. Viernes, 7:30pm, salón St. Francis 1.

our newly renovated Religious Arti-

GRUPO DE ORACION - Maria Rodriguez al 813-926-6436 . Martes 7:30pm, salón St. Michael.

cles Store. Located at the main en-

LECTORES - Alan Aguilar- 315-0928

trance of the church, on the left

LEGION DE MARIA - Azucena Zavala 813-410-5737. Sábado 9:30am, salón St. Francis.

hand side. Open before and after the weekend Masses. MANY NEW ITEMS! Need information? Call Connie 813.884.8326

MINISTROS DE EUCARISTIA - Tito Bello - 516-2619 MONAGUILLOS - Doris Quirindongo - 843-6654 UJIERES - José Guaba - 504-5538



Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

February 9, 2014

SUPPORT OUR LOCAL FOOD PANTRY! * DINNER OUT AT CHILI'S - Come support the Kaye Prox Food Pantry by having dinner out on February 18, 2014 from 12:00 - 8:00 p.m. at Chili's on W. Hillsborough Avenue. 10% of all food sales goes to Kaye Prox. Invite some friends and enjoy the food all while supporting a good cause.

Troubled after abortion. Specially trained priests, professionals and lay individuals are available to assist you in your reconciliation and healing. Next Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats: March 28-30, 2014 (English) and May 16-18, 2014 (Spanish). Call Project Rachel 1-888-456-HOPE (4673) and ask for Emma, Spanish call 813500-9785 and ask for Rosa. HEART support groups taking place around the diocese for both men and women. More information email or go to

5K Hunger Walk/Run - The Kaye Prox Food Pantry will host its first annual Hunger Walk/5K run on Saturday, April 19, 2014 at 7:30 a.m. at Al Lopez Park in Tampa. We are hoping to register 500 runners and walkers. Register on-line at or contact Nidia Ross at 813-784-2865 or email We would love to see each church sponsor a team and join in this worthy cause. You will receive a free t-shirt, food at the finish line and a participation medal. Help us end hunger, one step at a time.

OUR NEW DIRECTOR OF MUSIC Born on the Jersey Shore, son of Alexander and Estelle, Alex Groppe has been a Floridian for 31 years and comes to us by way of Bishop McLaughlin Catholic High School, where he currently serves as the school’s Campus Minister. He brings to us 27 years of experience in parish liturgy & worship, music, art and environment, education & faith formation ministries

Rest in Peace ANDRES PAULINO-TAVERAS 11/30/1969 - 1/28/2014 NILDA LINARES 12/9/1934 - 1/26/2014

Please keep their families close in thought & prayer during this difficult time.

throughout the northern deaneries of the Diocese of St. Petersburg. Currently pursuing a Doctorate in Ministry with a specialization in the Creative Arts, Alex earned his Master of Arts degree in Theology from St. Leo University in 2012 and a Bachelor of Arts in History, Gifted and Secondary Education from St. Leo College (1993). He holds professional memberships in NPM (National Pastoral Musicians), NCEA (National Catholic Education Association) and CAS (Catholic Artists Society). Over the past 30 years, he has developed numerous adult choirs, family choirs, cantors, small ensembles, instrumentalists of all ages, children’s choirs, children’s hand chime choirs and adult bell choirs. In addition to being an organist, Alex is a trained

Our parish needs YOU. We are striving for 100% participation in the 2014 Annual Pastoral Appeal. Your gift will help our parish fulfill our diocesan responsibility and increase our ability to serve here at the parish.

vocalist and plays most brass instruments and piano. Among his lifetime achievements… Valedictorian of his undergraduate college class, 1993, Sallie Mae First Class Teacher of the Year for the State of Florida and 1994 Distinguished Alumnus of the Year for his high school alma mater, F.W. Springstead High School in Spring Hill. Alex avails himself to the Diocese throughout the year as both a Safe Environment and Catechist Formation instructor. In addition to being both a theologian and a pastoral musician, Alex is a fine artist who professionally produces works of art in oils, art glass, stone, fiberglass, wood, and gold leaf; many of his compositions can be found in churches throughout that state of Florida as well as in private collections. Alex is blessed with still having his Mom and Dad (celebrating their Golden Jubilee

Demonstrating our One Faith, Guided in Prayer by the Holy Spirit will Strengthen our Service to all.

this year) and is currently building a suite addition on his home within which he will welcome them this Summer to tend to them in their golden years (Mom just turned


Church of the Incarnation









DANCERS (Scariff-Hardiman School of IRISH DANCE. Return engagement by popular demand.


DANCING with DJ, DOOR PRIZES & 50-50 - Music by Jay Rojas

Tickets sold in the gazebo after Mass 2/16, 2/23, and 3/2 JOSE PENA 813-475-5119 STAN ZGURZYNSKI 813-885-5228

DAVE FINCH 813-885-1065


M C 33 D

: M



We invite all parishioners to join us in a special retreat which can be done privately or on in a group, based on the book 33 Days to Morning Glory by Father Michael Gaitley. This program only requires of you to set aside just 5 minutes a day to read from this book. English & Spanish versions are available. START DATE: February 20 / CONSECRATION DAY: March 25, 2014 SESSIONS: Classroom 1- 7:00-8:30 PM Evenings Feb. 20, 25, Mar 4, 11, 18, 25 TO REGISTER & FURTHER INFO, PLEASE CONTACT:

Xenia Maye: 813-731-7682 or Carmen Cayon: 813-885-7681 8|

Knights of Columbus Council Basketball  Free Throw Contest (Age 10‐14)  Knights of Columbus (KC) Incarna on  Council held the annual Free Throw  Contest on a very chilly day on January  22nd with the highest number of par cipants in recent years.  119 students age  10-14 from Incarna on School (plus two  15-year olds) greatly exceeded past  years’ par cipa on totals.  Age group  winners will compete in the KC District  Contest in February.  Two age groups  required a “throw-off” to determine the  winner to move on to the District.   Many thanks to the volunteer  Knights and Coach Garafolo, who made  this event for our youth happen.  

Photo from the Award Presenta on on  January 29th:    Front Row: Knight Roger Caruso, Emily Edbrooke (14), Maureen Tanner (13), Paola  Torres and Allison Kramer (12), Keyarra  Henderson (11), and Kaela Sanchez (10).    Back Row: Miguel Ferrera (14), Alex Garcia  and Tyler Hernandez (13), Tyler Field (12),  Jancarlos Cruz (11), Sean Varao (10), and  Incarna on Coach Vince Garafolo

Quinto Domingo del Tiempo Ordinario 9 de febrero de 2014 El justo brilla como una luz en las tinieblas. — Salmo 112 (111):4

Domingo 9 de Febrero de 2014. Quinto Domingo del Tiempo Ordinario Reflexionando la Palabra de Dios La sal es el condimento que da sabor a los alimentos y los conserva. No es visible, pero se notan sus efectos. El discípulo, el que ha hecho vida propia el espíritu de las bienaventuranzas, el que ha entrado en proceso de conversión, el que se ha dejado renovar por Cristo, el Hombre nuevo, es esta sal del mundo. Como la sal, también el discípulo, muchas veces de una manera anónima, silenciosa, debe disolverse en el mundo de su tiempo. Debe hacer suyos los gozos y las esperanzas, las tristezas y las angustias de los hombres sus hermanos. Y desde el Evangelio, darle el color de la novedad radical. Así como la sal da sabor, se disuelve, así también el discípulo debe esparcir el buen sabor, la fuerza contagiosa del Evangelio. Si el discípulo pierde esta fuerza, ha dejado de ser discípulo-testimonio y se convierte en anti-testimonio. "No sirve más que para ser tirado fuera”. Luz del mundo somos también. Si Cristo llama así a sus discípulos, ordenándoles que tengan la actitud que corresponde a ese estado luminoso e iluminador, también a nosotros nos señala como luz del mundo. San Mateo se expresa de forma contrastante: "Ustedes son la luz del mundo", como si quisiera significar claramente que esta dignidad ha pasado ahora de los judíos a sus discípulos y al nuevo pueblo. Por lo tanto, los cristianos han de anunciar al Mesías que vino y salvó al mundo. Esto han de predicar y en esto son luz en medio de las tinieblas. Su cualidad les impone constantemente unas obligaciones: no tienen derecho a sustraerse a su función: no deben dejar que la sal se vuelva sosa, insípida, ni meter la luz debajo de una olla. Así, si el cristiano puede mostrarse legítimamente orgulloso de estar asociado al mensaje de Cristo, y si su actividad inspirada por el Espíritu Santo se dirige al mundo entero, sin embargo no debe dar su propia luz sino anunciar la de Cristo, que vino a iluminar a todo hombre. La conducta de los cristianos deberá suscitar en todos la alabanza al Padre por lo que ha hecho. Las maravillas de Dios son el punto de partida de la alabanza; el cristiano ha de ser una de esas maravillas que provoque el grito de admiración y de alabanza. Dar gloria supone la aceptación, que es señal de la conversión. Así está llamado el cristiano a provocar la salvación del mundo, con la luz que difunde. P. Jairo Para salar la tierra Así es como la Iglesia ha ido creciendo y expandiéndose a lo largo de su historia. Las palabras de Jesús: Ustedes son la sal de la tierra, ustedes son la luz del mundo han resonado en los oídos de generaciones de cristianos como una invitación a transmitir la buena noticia recibida a aquellos que no la conocían. Y ahora somos nosotros los responsables de esa comunicación. La pregunta que surge es: ¿cómo? La comunicación de la buena nueva no se basa en discursos hermosos de humana sabiduría. San Pablo se convenció por experiencia propia que el hermoso discurso que había preparado para los atenienses no sirvió para nada. Sus palabras no llegaron a tocar los corazones ni las vidas de los atenienses. Con San Pablo aprendemos que la humana sabiduría no lo es todo. Es importante y necesario el testimonio.

¿Te gustaría descubrir el verdadero sentido de la vida?.......¿El arte de ser feliz, aprender a sufrir menos?.......¿Como lograr una transformación según el modelo de Cristo Jesús?....... Para esto, con gran gozo queremos invitarte a vivir un Taller de Oración y Vida del Padre Ignacio Larrañaga. ¿Dónde? Aquí mismo en esta parroquia de Encarnación. ¿Cuándo? Comenzando el miércoles 29 de enero, 2014 a las 7:00pm en el Salón # 4. ¡Jesús te está llamando, no lo olvides! Para más información llamar a: Belkis Santos al teléfono 813727-8958.

ATENCIÓN! 4to Retiro Diocesano Emaús de hombres, el próximo 14, 15, y 16 de febrero, 2014. Para más información llamar a Stevenson Quirindongo al 813 -817-9321 o Juan Caba al 813-5312035. ¡Jesucristo ha Resucitado!

El Ministerio de parejas MDS cordialmente invita a todos los ministerios a la reunión dirigida por el Padre Jairo el jueves, 12 de febrero, 2014 a las 7:30pm en el salón St. Michael. Tendremos cuidado de niños. ¡Seamos luz!

La próxima donación de sangre es el próximo domingo. El móvil de sangre estará aquí de 8:15am - 2:30pm. |9

9 de febrero de 2014


TRADICIONES DE NUESTRA FE La primera santa americana fue Rosa de Lima, peruana de nacimiento. Murió en 1617 y fue canonizada en 1671, diez años después de la primera fundación inglesa en lo que hoy son Estados Unidos de América. Esta santa americana es acompañada por otros santos como san Felipe de Jesús (mexicano) canonizado en 1862 y Madre Francisca Cabrini (italoestadounidense y la primera santa de EE. UU.) canonizada en 1946. Oficialmente hay 60 santos y 77 beatos que nacieron o trabajaron en América. La mayoría de estos son 50 mexicanos, 33 brasileños, 12 canadienses, nueve estadounidenses, ocho colombianos, siete peruanos, tres argentinos y tres chilenos. Guatemala, Cuba, República Dominicana, Uruguay y Venezuela tienen un santo (a) cada uno. Estados Unidos y Canadá comparten siete mártires. La mayoría de los santos o santas del continente americano fueron beatificados o canonizados durante los últimos 100 años. Sólo ocho de ellos y ellas fueron canonizados durante los últimos ocho años. No todos estos santos nacieron en América, pero sí dedicaron su vida a evangelizarla. Estos 137 santos de la Iglesia universal son un testimonio de la obra del Espíritu Santo en el continente americano. —Fray Gilberto Cavazos-Glz, OFM, Copyright © J. S. Paluch Co.


1 Re 8:1-7, 9-13; Sal 132 (131): 6-7, 8-10; Mc 6:53-56 Martes: 1 Re 8:22-23, 27-30; Sal 84 (83): 3-5, 10-11; Mc 7:1-13 Miércoles: 1 Re 10:1-10; Sal 37 (36):5-6, 30-31, 39-40; Mc 7:14-23 Jueves: 1 Re 11:4-13; Sal 106 (105):3-4, 35-37, 40; Mc 7:24-30 Viernes: 1 Re 11:29-32; 12:19; Sal 81 (80):10-11ab, 12-15; Mc 7:31-37 Sábado: 1 Re 12:26-32; 13:33-34; Sal 106 (105): 6-7ab, 19-22; Mc 8:1-10 Domingo: Sir 15:15-20; Sal 119 (118):1-2, 4-5, 17-18, 33-34; 1 Cor 2:6-10; Mt 5:17-37 [20-22a, 27-28, 33-34a, 37] LECTURAS DE HOY Primera lectura — Cuando compartes tu pan con el hambriento, y sacies la necesidad del humillado, entonces brillará tu luz en las tinieblas (Isaías 58:7-10). Salmo — El justo brilla como luz en las tinieblas (Salmo 112 [111]). Segunda lectura — He anunciado a ustedes el misterio de Cristo crucificado, a fin de que la fe de ustedes dependa del poder de Dios y no de la sabiduría de los hombres (1 Corintios 2:1-5). Evangelio — Que su luz brille ante los hombres, para que viendo sus buenas obras, den gloria a su Padre, que está en los cielos (Mateo 5:13-16).

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Incarnation Catholic Church bulletin for February 9, 2014

514090 02092014  

Incarnation Catholic Church bulletin for February 9, 2014