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How often do you (your students) update your online website?

RespondentOther, Number please specify 9 when the new print issue goes out 10 It can be several times a day or once or twice a week. Blogs are part of their work and Web site ( so this l 19 whenever we come out with a new issue 20 prior restraint...the principal reads, edits & uploads 28 only when issue is published 29 sometimes more often, sometimes less depending on time and content. 31 Every two weeks 32 When stories are due, sometimes daily, sometimes weekly 41 once we're live 43 After each print issue 49 when we can. 56 Not sure. We've only been online for a week. 59 whenever we print 60 We do not have an online website due to school policy. 62 it coincides with the print version, 8 times a year 63 when we publish in print

and Web site ( so this lets us update several times a day, on some days.

cycle 1 survey Question 4 - How often do you (