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You see them all over the web. Just type "reverse phone lookup" in any search engine and hundreds of web pages appear offering reverse lookup services. In fact, it's possible that YOU stumbled unto this article because you typed "reverse phone" (or some variation) into a search engine. The question is; do these phone number investigation services actually work? That question is very necessary since some offer the service at a price. And obviously no-one wants to spend money on something that doesn't work. Well here's what you need to know: There are free reverse phone number lookups and there are paid reverse phone number lookups. The free lookups are generally very poor quality and usually do not produce much results let alone accurate ones. These should generally be avoided. Paid services claim to offer not only phone issuing location (as the free versions do) but also exact addresses, the phone owner's name, address history, line type, geographic neighbours on a similar telecommunication system and more. Not many of these services offer all that they claim, which is the reason that many people believe that online reverse lookups don't work. There are however a few reverse phone lookup services that have gained huge popularity online due to "sterling performance" and "excellent customer service". One such reverse lookup service is "Reverse Phone Detective", a very powerful reverse phone lookup services with a MASSIVE reverse phone directory database. This is the number 1 rated reverse phone lookup service available online today, and is the only reverse phone service that is a member of the National Association of Investigative Specialists. Another high quality Reverse lookup service is despite the name, they specialize not only in mobile or cell phone lookups but also in landline reverse lookups. The third most popular phone lookup service is truly a gem because it offers reverse lookups for countries other than the US. Which is rare. This phone number lookup service is called: "Phone Number Scan" As time progresses, more and more reverse lookup service providers are expected to grace the market. But for now these are the top three known market leaders.

Just remember to always do research on the reverse lookup service provider BEFORE you pay, read a review or two. "Do online reverse phone lookups work? " Well, the answer is Yes, if you know what services to use.

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==== ==== Looking for information on a specific phone number? We can help! Check out our website for a full report. ==== ====

Online Reverse Phone Lookups - Do They Work