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==== ==== Looking for Seo Spyglass and other great Seo tools? Check out this honest review along with the Top 10 List of Seo Backlink tools. ==== ====

It was not until I had a formal course of study about SEO when I discovered this nifty software called Link Assistant. As I've mentioned before, I became an SEO/link builder almost two years ago now without even a hint on how to do search engine optimization. Thanks to Armil Velos, an SEO consultant and our SEO trainer who made my senses aware in this field of search engine competition. Along the course in our training sir Velos personally recommended this software to the company to use it in our keyword analysis and more that this software has to offer. SEO PowerSuite is a package of four valuable tools that function for a specific analysis and gives a realistic and doable suggestions. Below are the tools. Rank Tracker. This tool is for effective rank monitoring for your website for certain keywords that you used to optimize your website and how they do well on search engines. It tracks your ranking in over 379 local and regional search engines and monitors the ranking changes. Also, this tool keep track of your ranking history which is good if you want to have a statistic comparison in later time. Not just that this tool has to offer it can also identify profitable keywords in just minutes. Website Auditor. What it does is crawl and analyze the content of your website being optimized and gives a very detailed information of all targeted keywords on your website. How many times the keywords appear in the body, title, meta desc, meta keywords and so on. It also shows the keywords which weight most on the search engines. What makes this tool great is it gives you a neat, professional report overview of the optimization rate of your website and some proficient suggestions. SEO Spyglass. Can easily figure out how your competition made to the top in order for you to copy and improve their strategy, if their strategy works for them there's no reason it won't work on you. Spyglass can detect your competitors backlinks source, the link juice, where their massive traffic is coming from and lot more you can imagine. Link Assistant. Simply, this tool makes advanced link building strategy a cakewalk. It's link building package tool. I need to spend a dedicated time to scan through these amazing software that I have discovered. Although I'm only using the free version but it is like owning a Professional version for the result it shows.

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==== ==== Looking for Seo Spyglass and other great Seo tools? Check out this honest review along with the Top 10 List of Seo Backlink tools. ==== ====

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