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If you'd like to find someone's email address and you think you can't, doing an email search engine search may just be the best way to go. That's because search engines (especially really powerful ones like Google) can pull up information based upon the keywords you type in from sites all over the Internet, and the results you get are very thorough. How do you do an email search engine search? Doing an email search engine search is quite easy. In general, if you're looking for someone's email address, all you're going to need is his or her first and last name. Typing in a first and last name will pull up a listing of everything on the Internet from the search engine you choose (listed from most to least prevalent) that has that particular first and last name in it. Things that person has written, like public newsgroup postings, forum postings, blog postings, and so on can all come up on an email search engine search. And any of these things can have an email attached to them. That's exactly what you're looking for. If the person you're looking for has a common first and last name Now, if the person whose email address you're looking for has a very common first and last name come are going to get a lot of results that are not going to get you what you want, in that they will actually belong to other people. If that's the case, try typing in a location, such as a physical address, or perhaps a title like "Dr.," if applicable, or perhaps a place of employment. Type in any information you have about the person that's likely to be public information, like a job title, company name, etc., along with the person's first and last name. This will narrow down results so that you're much more likely to find the person you're looking for. Once you have a list of results Once you have gotten a list of results that are likely postings from this person, etc., click on each result's link, going to the page, website, etc. and take a look around. Chances are, you'll find an email address, website, contact information, and so on associated with the posting or other form of communication you're looking at. Even if some of these places have protected email addresses so that you can't get the email address of the contact that person directly, you may be able to contact the person through the site so that he or she can respond. And when he or she responds, you've got an email address. One thing to note is that in general, email addresses themselves are not publicly listed as phone numbers often are, such as in a directory or listing service. That's because ISPs generally protect their customers' identities and therefore email addresses so as to keep them private. Nonetheless,

most people are active enough on the Internet that finding an email address through an email search engine search should be pretty easy, and should get you the results you're looking for.

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==== ==== Looking to do a reverse email search? For email searches, people searches, and more starting from just an email or a name, visit ==== ====

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