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Total Cost of Ownership reduced by 25% per quarter for industry leading coating and finishing company. About Beckers Industrial Coatings Becker Industrial Coatings supplies coatings for the industrial finishing of metal and plastic, is European market leader for coil coating paints and a key supplier of special coating systems for industry. Becker Industrial Coatings concentrates particularly on supplying technologically advanced coatings for processes with lower environmental impact (such as coil coatings) or coatings with inherently lower impact (such as waterborne, high solids or radiation curing coatings). A key factor in Becker Industrial Coatings' success is its highly de-centralised structure. A very small head office co-ordinates only where essential — devolving responsibility to each independent operation around the world, which is closely focused on market sectors and s pecific end use customers.

The Challenge

The Approach

Becker Industrial has undergone some changes as a company during the life of their current five year contract. In line with these changes they wanted to address such areas as cost control, managing compliance, enhancing user experience and ultimately reducing their total cost of ownership.

Having understood Becker’s requirements, DEX undertook a full print audit to asses costs across the business with a view to consolidating of devices, introducing print policy disciplines for the future and improving productivity within the IT department.

The Solution Becker were able to take advantage of new technology with future integration of a document management solution. The pressures on the IT department were lessened through the introduction of the DEX Managed Print Service, with remote device monitoring, automated meter reading collection and toner replenishment without user intervention. Dex introduced a clear and consistent service level agreement with clear KPI’s and an agreed long term print strategy including defined print policy. Through the Managed Print Service, DEX also now provide Becker with bespoke management information to drive improvement and further cost reductions

Cost Control

End User Experience

- Management Reporting - Xerox Standard Accounting - Agreed SLA’s and reviews

- Automated meter reading collection - Toner replenishment without user intervention - Automated meter readings - Online management portal - Reliable equipment - Colour across all departments

Managing Compliance - Reduced transportation - Clear recycling process - Energy Star and Blue Angel compliant products

Cost Reduction - Total Quarterly Cost of Ownership was reduced by 25%

Assess - Design - Implement - Manage

Dex - Beckers Case Study  

Total Cost of Ownership reduced by 25% per quarter for industry leading coating and finishing company.

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