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Natural Health Tips - Food Diary Helps with Weight Loss What if someone told you that weight loss could be simple? No crazy diets, no expensive appointments with nutritionists, no list of “forbidden foods.” All you need to do is keep a food diary. By writing down everything you eat, you can clear a path to weight loss and make healthy eating a breeze. It’s all about knowing serving sizes and being honest about your daily food intake. All you need to start are a pen and paper and these general guidelines for your recommended daily diet: Women: –Seven servings of fruit and vegetables –Six servings of grain products –Two to three servings of milk and alternatives –Two to three servings of meat and alternatives Men: –Seven servings of fruit and vegetables –Seven servings of grain products –Three servings of milk and alternatives –Three servings of meat and alternatives Remember; keeping a food diary is about writing down exactly what you ate and drank—not what you thought you did. By writing down every single nibble and how big the portion was, after seven days, you’ll discover everything you need to know about building a successful diet. You’ll indentify when you overeat, or have one too many “treats.” You’ll also make sure that you’re getting enough fruits and vegetables.

At a hospital clinic in Greenwich, Connecticut, specialists have had great success in helping diabetic patients manage their weight. In fact, the clinic divides their patients into two groups: the food diary keepers and the non-keepers. According to one doctor at the clinic, the people who keep diaries are usually very successful and only need help for about 12 weeks. But the non-diary-keepers? Patients who don’t keep a diary sometimes visit the clinic for years trying unsuccessfully to get extra weight off and keep it off. Keeping a food diary is like exercise; it will always help you lose weight if you do it consistently. Remember that dieters who keep journals are more successful because they’re willing to acknowledge every bit of food they eat, and this shows them how many calories they are consuming per day. A food diary also helps you to maintain a balanced diet. If you’re eating 10 servings of cereals and bread and only one serving of protein every day, for example, it’s easy to see how you might be putting on those extra pounds. Substituting more lean protein into your diet will give your muscles more fuel and your stomach less fat to store. Just make sure you carry your diary with you everywhere. A diary can help you lose weight, but not if you don’t use it! Article Source: Doctors Health Press is a leading source of health tips and health news. Our health newsletter provides natural health advice and herbal remedies for different diseases and conditions.

Natural Health Tips - Food Diary Helps with Weight Loss