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Would you like a set of custom golf clubs built to your swing? THIS IS NOT A RETAIL STORE TRYING TO SELL YOU SOMETHING OFF THE SHELF!

Objective • I will fit and build you a set of golf clubs that you can not purchase elsewhere • Only the finest materials are used. • State of the art fitting launch monitors such as TrackMan and Shaft Lab.

Customer Satisfaction

Perceived Value


Customer Satisfaction


• Quality is to understand and meet your swing requirements. • Value is for you to become a better ball striker. • Service is ongoing.

Meeting your Needs Fitting

• Fitting: State of the art computer and software golf swing analysis • Materials: The world’s best forgings and golf shafts. • Building: Hand Crafted with frequency matched and “Zero Axis Alignment” processes. • Experience: 55 years.




Our Strengths • Experience, High Quality, Ongoing Service and Relationship with the Customer. Highly Technical! Owned and Managed by Mechanical Engineer.

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Key Benefits • I will fit and build you a set of golf clubs that you can not purchase elsewhere • If necessary, all lie adjustments are free. • If your clubs are damaged or stolen, records will be stored for replacements.

Next Step • Call 650-726-2323 for an appointment. • If open, come in and meet David Butler who was named the Miura World Wide Club Fitter of the Month.

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