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A MESSAGE FROM BOB POSNER, M.D. Greetings!!! I hope your holiday season was filled with joy, happiness, loving family time, and of course, great health. On December 5th, we celebrated our 30th anniversary of the opening of my internal medicine practice. Wow! 30 years? Where did the time go? I have seen patients that have become parents, then grandparents and I have had the great fortune of providing medical care to three generations of families. Although the statistics show that the number of independent, primary care practices is dwindling, I have zero plans to retire. I am still passionate about helping people become happier and healthier, both by providing preventative services such as the Serotonin-Plus Weight Control Program as well as diagnosis and treatment when a medical problem develops.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR ALLOWING ME TO BE YOUR DOCTOR! We have been remiss about not sending out periodic newsletters, but this will change, as we plan on sending a newsletter out quarterly. We are offering amazing new services to our practice and these newsletters will provide information about these offerings. Also, we will provide helpful tips for losing weight and keeping that weight off! PLEASE provide feedback to us as to how we can improve the content of our newsletters to help you maximize your health and wellness. You can send your comments directly to me at: - Dr. Bob Posner


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