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The Need and Opportunity Those who know Docs Who Care are familiar with our strong connection to Larned, Kansas, because this is where our group started many years ago. The following is an update from one of our providers, Nancy Kisner, PA. Believe it or not, I cared for her family nearly 18 years ago, and met her at that time. As DWC has served over the years, we’ve had many opportunities to assist hospitals in a time of need. Nancy, along with all of our providers, does an incredible job of serving when called upon. Gary Morsch, M.D., M.P.H, President and Founder

hen Docs Who Care called W to ask if I would be interested in serving at a new site, Larned State Hospital, I thought it would be a good fit because of my experience in Psychology. Dr. Morsch explained what a great opportunity this would be to further expand DWC’s mission of service. The local hospital in Larned, Kansas, was the first site of DWC and their physicians had been providing medical care at that hospital for nearly 18 years. Before committing to this assignment, I decided to take a tour of the campus and evaluate the needs of the site. Larned State Hospital was

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April 2013 | Issue 23

Nancy Kisner, Physician Assistant, Partner with DWC since 2009

asking DWC to provide medical coverage and stability. Our discussions about how to proceed at LSH blossomed into the possibility of teambased medicine. Docs Who Care providers are independent, dedicated, service-oriented islands of care in rural medicine. In this situation, we wanted to integrate as much as possible in a short amount of time, and the best way to do that was to assemble a team of providers who would collectively improve our processes even as we cared for the patients. Docs Who Care providers were warmly welcomed and it was easy to serve the needs when the staff was so enthusiastic about our presence. The hospital administration gave us the support we needed to make positive changes. Serving the dedicated staff members of LSH was perhaps our most impactful work of all. Larned State Hospital is an institution nearly a century old, and multiple generations of Larned families have cared for the residents. Not only is supporting LSH an ongoing mission for the community, it is also vital for the

economic stability of the area. We had the opportunity to help facilitate meaningful changes which eased the staff workload. It was an honor to work side-by-side with our Docs Who Care providers and the staff of the hospital. Docs Who Care embraced this opportunity and spent countless hours behind the scenes working to adjust to the needs of the hospital. We fulfilled our mission to serve LSH for eight months with passion and excellence. What a wonderful privilege it is to serve communities through Docs Who Care.

Aerial view of the Larned State Hospital Campus

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Colorado Rural Hospital Conference (CRHA) May 8-10 Cheyenne Mountain Resort – Colorado Springs, CO

INMED May 31-Jun 1 Graceway – Kansas City, MO

Kansas Academy of Family Physicians (KAFP) June 13-14 Marriott Hotel – Wichita, KS

(bio.line) Mary “Kay” Cummins, ARNP| DWC Partner since 2010 Kickapoo Nation Health Clinic, Horton, Kansas

It is knowing how to work

as a team with the staff at a hospital, integrating their knowledge of their people and their community with my knowledge of best practices for a particular condition...

I had the opportunity to work at the Kickapoo Nation Health Clinic in Horton, Kansas, through Docs Who Care. The staff and variety of services provided to the patients impressed me the most. I felt that I contributed to each patient’s individual medical needs, addressing the patients’ medical requirements. My experience working at this facility and with the staff was very memorable. I will especially cherish the time I spent there because the experience opened my eyes to the underserved and the healthcare they desperately need. I feel honored to have played a part in meeting the needs of that community.

Debbie Wolfe, ARNP | DWC Partner since 2009 Prairie Band Potawatomie Health Center, Mayetta, Kansas There is a juxtaposition when one sees the casino, with a lot of money changing hands, and yet such need for many of the Prairie Band Potawatomie Nation tribe. The clinic staff at the health center are very dedicated, and it was a privilege to work alongside their medical team. The healthcare issues in this community vary a great deal, and they have many programs in place to refer patients for specialized treatment. Their beautiful clinic, pharmacy, social services facility, and local parks and grounds offer an impressive example of a community joining together and accomplishing great things.

Arlyn LaBair, M.D. DWC Provider since 2003

Haiti Alert - Heart to Heart International Continues work in Haiti

Dr. Gary Morsch in Haiti

More than three years after the earthquake of January 2010, Heart to Heart International remains in Haiti, providing direct patient care in more than a dozen locations, working with the Haitian Department of Health to improve the country’s laboratory standards and building community health clinics. In general, Heart to Heart continues to broaden access to healthcare, working side

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by side with Haitian medical professionals to help move the country from Survivability to Sustainability. Heart to Heart recently responded to another deadly Cholera outbreak in the remote southeast of Haiti. The response consisted of treating the ill; training 24 community health agents in cholera prevention; providing dozens of rudimentary hand-washing stations; and delivering hun-

dreds of “cholera kits” filled with items like soap, bleach and oral rehydration salts. Volunteers are always encouraged to give of their time and talent for Heart to Heart’s Haiti Operations. Please contact medicalvolunteers@ to know more.

(news.line) Births Congratulations to Timothy Hsu, M.D. and his wife as they welcomed Catherine Ling on December 14, 2012. We also congratulate Michelle Siebrecht, PA, and her husband on the birth of Ryder David on April 3, 2013.

Wedding Meredith Woolley, M.D. was married on November 23, 2012.

Sympathy Our sympathies go out to Paul Jaster, M.D., on the passing of his wife, Carolyn, March 15, 2013.

(staff.line) Congratulations Congratulations to Bren Dawson, Administrative Coordinator, who recently celebrated her 10-year anniversary and to Rosa Acheson, Administrative Assistant, who celebrated her 5-year anniversary with Docs Who Care.

New DWC Staff Our team continues to expand as we offer a high level of service to our hospitals and providers. We are pleased to announce that Alyssa Johnson has joined Docs Who Care. She is our newest Administrative Assistant. In this role, Alyssa’s responsibilities include assisting the CEO, the Accounting Manager, and the Senior Vice President/Director of Recruiting. We welcome Alyssa to our team.

(provider.line) One official definition of the word community says, “A unified body of individuals.” Community is more than just a word to Docs Who Care – it is one of our core values. Maintaining a sense of community with our hospitals and providers is a high priority. Docs Who Care is a unified team committed to making a positive difference in the communities we serve. Enjoy the benefits of being part of the Docs Who Care community. Flexibility, excellent compensation, control of your schedule, and a true sense of community, are just a few benefits that come from working with Docs Who Care. For more information, email Janine Smith, Senior Vice President and Director of Recruiting at

Alyssa Johnson

Docs Who Care was there for Dundy County Hospital

when we needed them most. Rita A. Jones Administrator DWC Partner since 2005

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Community Counts


uccessful organizations, like successful individuals, typically have a set of core values that guide them in determining who they are and what they do and how they do it. They are like beacons in the night, providing guidance and direction through all conditions and circumstances. Docs Who Care has a set of core values to which we refer almost daily as we make decisions about our current and future operations. In this edition of (life.line), we are featuring COMMUNITY SERVICE and the many ways we help to give back to the communities where we are privileged to serve. I’d like to tell you about some of these efforts to partner with these great people and the places they call home.

We challenge everyone to adopt Community Service as one of your core values and begin to experience the joy and fulfillment that comes from serving others.

- Volunteer deployment – Because of the type of work performed by the providers who associate with us, they have the time to volunteer in their home towns as well as nationally and internationally. In many cases, DWC is involved in the deployment of these volunteers to serve. Katrina, Greensburg, Joplin, and Haiti are a few of the places where DWC has been integrally involved in the details of volunteer staffing. - Hospital foundations and charity events – Each year, DWC donates thousands of dollars in support of the hospitals with whom we work. Golf tournaments, charity walk/runs, employee appreciation events…and much more. We are happy to assist our partners in this way. - DWC staff – We have several ways that encourage our staff to be involved, including paid volunteer days, matching gift program, 10 year anniversary gift for a volunteer trip, and staff service projects. - Speaking and book giveaways – Dr. Morsch is frequently invited to speak to hospital groups, civic groups, and churches in sharing his message of the value of volunteerism and service. His books are in high demand and spread the word about the value of giving back. - Heart to Heart International – DWC continues to be very involved in the charitable work of this organization founded by Dr. Morsch through service projects, disaster response recruitment, deployment of volunteers, and other areas when asked. - Community hospital support – A key part of our mission is to maintain the place of the community hospital in the healthcare delivery system. We have responded to hospitals in need on numerous occasions by partnering with hospital administration, foundations, county commissioners, and other groups in supporting the community hospital. COMMUNITY SERVICE is one of our principle points of interest that continues to lead us into new areas of possibility. We challenge everyone to adopt COMMUNITY SERVICE as one of your core values and begin to experience the joy and fulfillment that comes from serving others. Gary Coulter, FACMPE Chief Executive Officer

DOCS WHO CARE DOCS Emergency Medicine 1337 South Fountain Drive Olathe Kansas 66061 Phone: 913-397-7800 Fax: 913-397-7801 Website:

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MISSION STATEMENT: Docs Who Care is a group of physicians and other health care providers who partner with community hospitals to provide clinic and emergency department staffing, hospital inpatient care, and other administrative services.

April 2013 life.line Newsletter Issue 23  

docs who care, service, locum tenen

April 2013 life.line Newsletter Issue 23  

docs who care, service, locum tenen