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OUR MISSION: Docs Who Care and DOCS Emergency Medicine are a group of physicians and other health care providers who partner with community hospitals to provide clinic and emergency department staffing, hospital inpatient care, and other administrative services. Please join us as we celebrate 20 years together!


t all started 20 years ago in a small, rural town in Central Kansas. St. Joseph Hospital in Larned, Kansas had a crisis on their Iwould hands. Fulltime physicians were rare two decades ago and the last remaining physician in town had just delivered the news he be moving out of the area. The departure of this physician created a need for coverage in the family practice clinic and the ED of the hospital. They needed help fast! Dr. Gary Morsch, a family practice physician from Olathe, Kansas, was providing services as a locums (temporary) physician at a nearby hospital and received the call with a desperate request for his help. Little did Dr. Morsch know this one phone call and his willingness to help would plant the seed that, with time, grew into what is known today as Docs Who Care. Here is the story in Dr. Morsch’s own words:

In 1995 I received a call from St. Joseph Memorial Hospital in Larned, Kansas, asking if I could provide locums coverage for them since they had just lost a doctor. I took the job on, and quickly realized that they needed more than just locums. They needed a long-term plan to have quality family physicians indefinitely. I put together a group of 4 doctors who worked one week per month. We established a family practice clinic and saw patients by appointment during the day, covered the ED 24 hours a day and admitted patients to the hospital. One of us was always there, so the town doctors never had to cover the ED again. Today, the hospital, now called Pawnee Valley Community Hospital, has a new facility and is meeting the medical needs of the community in a way no one would have imagined 20 years ago. Twenty years later, Docs Who Care continues scheduling quality physicians on an as needed basis in Larned. Meeting the need and continuing to provide quality healthcare to the rural areas of the Midwest is what DWC does best…and we will continue as long as there is a need.

Ruth Lail, Graham Morsch, Rodlyn Davis, Dr. Gary Morsch

D privileged to work with such a great team of physicians, advanced practice providers, and hospitals.

ocs Who Care is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary, and we would not be where we are today without you. We are so

F O C U S 1 5... investing in the future During this year of great celebration, we plan to Focus on 2015 [FOCUS/15]. This will be the year we will focus and evaluate our efforts of quality, efficiency, and fun. We are raising the bar, preserving the culture created well beyond year 20. Our goals include the following: 

The mission of serving rural hospitals with excellence is understood by everyone associated with DWC. In addition, we do this in an environment where employees and providers are respected, rewarded, and given the freedom to excel.

The scope of our vision exceeds the boundaries of DWC. We are committed and involved in service and volunteerism in distance places such as Nepal, Haiti, Liberia, Kyrgyzstan, China, and others.

The service of DWC to rural hospitals supersedes any other consideration. Thus, we sometimes operate by a different set of standards than the average company.

Please join us as we celebrate 20 years together!

2: Docs Who Care

I have been working with DWC since 2004 and have committed "full time" to the town of Hugo, CO, for the past five years. I chose the Locum Tenens life because I am hiding in the country from city medicine. The coordination of night and day shifts fits well with my personality. Prior to DWC, I worked long hours at a public health clinic. It felt like I was always on call; even when I was off the schedule. The DWC paradigm has worked well for me. I would rather be at the beck and call of patients, nurses, and pharmacists for 168 hours straight, and then have 168 hours of true escape from work. Finally, the DWC administration has always been fantastic. Scheduling shifts has been smooth, salary has always been competitive, and the work options have always been plentiful. My experience working for DWC

has always been an A+ experience!




a permanent solution




XCELLENCE, is a powerful word! Distinction, quality, superiority, brilliance, greatness are just a few interpretations. However, if you dissect the meaning, excellence in service to the health care needs of rural communities has been our steadfast focus for 20 years and counting. Docs Who Care and DOCS Emergency Medicine have been committed to creating and maintaining a culture of excellence for our team of physicians and advanced practice providers. Some of the ways we nurture excellence are through personal service for your scheduling needs, assistance with the credentialing process, and working with you individually to develop a work plan that supports your life and income needs. As we celebrate our 20th year, we consider it a great honor to have partnered with hundreds of providers who have been just as dedicated to serving with excellence. We remain dedicated to striving for quality now and in the years ahead. If you would like more information on how to become a part of our team of providers, please contact Janine Smith at

I have freedom to pursue other interests and volunteer opportunities and not be overwhelmed while doing those or sacrifice time with the most important people in my life. ANDY BUKATY, DO, DWC ASSOCIATE MEDICAL DIRECTOR DWC PROVIDER SINCE 2005

3: Docs Who Care

MICHAEL SEWARD, EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT ince 2003, Priority Physician Placement (P3) has been a leader in physician recruitment throughout the Midwest. Founder Gary Morsch, MD, believes there is a meaningful, fulfilling place of service for every physician and founded P3 with the following goals:   

To assist physicians in identifying their priorities To seek to place physicians in practices where they can achieve their life goals To match physicians to communities in which they can serve in successful long-term relationships

P3 serves physicians in all phases of their professional careers beginning with residency. Because each person is unique, P3 strives to present a range of opportunities and practice structures from solo/group to emergency medicine, community health centers and academic medicine. The unique partnership with DWC adds a job-share model to P3’s extensive portfolio. With DWC, physicians serve rural communities a limited number of days a month, allowing time and flexibility to pursue family, volunteerism, and outside interests. P3 works closely with medical providers and healthcare sites to match the right person with the right place for the right reason. Following this model, we strive to ensure the best possible quality of life and quality of care for our community.



I am grateful to Docs Who Care for allowing me the flexibility to travel overseas and provide medical care for people in great need and to share the experience with my family.

ever shared was our month serving together at Tenwek O Hospital in Kenya in June 2014. Each of us were challenged ne of the most memorable experiences our family has

and blessed in so many ways, but I think the greatest blessing was the way we were able to connect with the people in Kenya in such a special way. As a physician, I worked in “Casualty” (ER) – diagnosing and treating all kinds of things not usually seen in rural Kansas. I worked closely with their missionary doctors, Kenyan doctors, medical officers (PAs) and nurses. As Tenwek was a teaching hospital I also had the opportunity to work with nursing students, medical students and residents. In Kenya we had a special time each day to connect over “chai” – hot tea mixed with milk and sugar. We took a pause from the fast pace of the ER and took time to talk with one another about our families and lives.

sion housing was a short walk from the hospital so I could go home and share lunch with my family. Sunset was around 6:00 p.m., so evenings were also special family times. I am grateful to Docs Who Care for allowing me the flexibility to travel overseas and provide medical care for people in great need and to share the experience with my family. Our month in Kenya will be one we’ll remember all of our lives.

My wife, Brenda, was able to use her drama and music skills to connect with the children. For most of the Kenyan children, drama was a new and fun experience. Our older sons, ages 15 and 18, were able to venture into the rural villages with the hospital’s community health outreach team. They connected with a vibrant group of young adults from around the world who were there to volunteer. Our two younger children, ages 7 and 11, connected with the children by simply playing together, climbing trees, kicking a ball, or making rubber-band “friendship” bracelets together. We brought smiles and shared God’s love with sick children in the peds ward, infants in the nursery, and children in several orphanages. As a family we also grew closer to one another. In Kenya, family and relationships are given a high priority. Each day at 1:00 the whole hospital would shut down for lunch. The mis-



Time has passed quickly over the last 19 years since I began working with DWC. I have enjoyed learning about the various towns, hospitals and clinics where I have spent time working. The patients, hospital staff and local practitioners have been appreciative of our service to them and their communities. It has been and continues to be a learning experience to meet the needs at different sites including the various EHR/EMR charting routines used. DWC has a flexible schedule and a wonderful staff who work very hard at meeting the needs of all involved. Thank you DOCS WHO CARE! TONY WITTMAN, MD, DWC PROVIDER SINCE 1996

Working with DWC has allowed me the flexibility to work in community hospitals to help local providers along with having the needed time off to care for my elderly parent. I have met many wonderful medical personnel that I otherwise would have never had the opportunity to work with. The outstanding supervising physician and staff support have also been another reason I continue to work with DWC for the past several years.

Dr. Timothy Lawton and family

As we celebrate 20 years, we are pleased to honor

those who have given their lives to

providing healthcare to the rural communities we serve...our dedicated providers. Gary Morsch, MD President and CEO


4: Docs Who Care

Beyond a Decade


Harrison County Community Hospital, a critical access hospital in Bethany, Missouri, had nearly 4,700 visits to its five-room Emergency Department in 2014. Thanks to Docs Who Care, each of those patients had a skilled emergency physician on-site, ready to provide care.


rior to our partnership with DWC, local family physicians were on call for emergency patients at the hospital. Those physicians routinely were called away from family events and patient appointments for spur-of-the moment trips to the hospital to care for emergency patients. DWC physicians, several of whom have been coming to Bethany for many years, have developed a positive rapport with our patients, hospital staff and local primary care physicians, who are now able to give undivided attention to their clinic patients. As we mark Harrison County Community Hospital’s 60th anniversary in 2015, our partnership with Docs Who Care is one of the many things we celebrate. CHRISTOPHER BEST, MD, DWC PROVIDER SINCE 2005


am writing between patients in the ED at Harrison County Community Hospital. As I do so, I recall when I bounced around different DWC sites across Kansas and Western Missouri where I learned that not all sites are created equally. Some were busy, some were slow. Some paid more, some less, and some are located “somewhere over the windmills…”. As time went on, I found the right balance for me at HCCH in Bethany MO, where the ED has been staffed through DWC for many years. From patients, staff, and administration, I get reports that DWC has helped influence the milieu of the ED favorably. One nurse who works at several sites described the DWC influence as impacting not just the ED and hospital, but also the community through positive attitudes and a caring approach to people. Working with DWC not only allows me to be a part of a something bigger than myself, it allows me to be part of something good, something that is viewed positively in the hospital and community. As I strive to maintain that good favor, which DWC has earned in this place, I am motivated to excellence making me a better physician. 5: Docs Who Care

MANY MORE TO COME Happy Anniversary DWC! Wow – 20 years! No one is more surprised than me in celebrating this milestone anniversary. Within two decades this organization has accomplished more than I had ever dreamed possible. What started out as helping a small rural hospital in crisis located in Larned, KS, has grown to now serving over 100 hospitals — stretching across the states of Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Colorado. An organization like DWC is only as strong as those representing the company – and in our case, DWC is only as strong as the quality healthcare providers we are placing at our sites. Our hardworking staff does an outstanding job of recruiting, credentialing, and scheduling our providers – but it is the exceptional quality of service our physicians and advanced practice providers deliver that is crucial to the ongoing work of DWC. Reliability, dependability and the highest level of care is what these small, rural Midwest communities have come to depend upon – and DWC has delivered year after year. Healthcare providers who find a good fit with DWC are inspired by more than filling a schedule in rural areas of the Midwest. Each physician and advanced practice provider share what DWC has termed as our Philosophy of Care – a collection of core values that set a distinctive culture in which our providers and employees function. Those who become a part of the DWC team value the importance of serving others first, having quality time to spend with their families, volunteering their skills, time and resources, and delivering the best care possible.





DOCS WHO CARE DOCS Emergency Medicine 1337 South Fountain Drive Olathe, KS 66061 (913) 397-7800 (877) 397-7800

Over 20 years I have gathered numerous memories of seeing DWC providers live out our Philosophy of Care by giving of their time, talent and personal resources. One such provider is Dr. Jeff Alpert. Dr. Alpert came to DWC in 2000. Jeff became familiar with Heart to Heart International (HHI) through his work with DWC. HHI is a humanitarian disaster relief organization I helped establish back in 1992. It was my passion for HHI that led me to the idea of starting DWC in 1995 – with the goal to free up my schedule, and others who would join me, to serve those all over the globe who are in the greatest of need of healthcare due to disasters or poverty. Dr. Alpert wholeheartedly shares my passion and vision. On April 25th of this year, Nepal was hit with a devastating earthquake. As has been the case in previous disaster situations, Dr. Alpert had his bags packed and was ready to join me and the HHI relief team as soon as permission was received. Dr. Alpert’s willingness to serve has saved lives and has changed his own life as he has given significant time and resources to the disaster areas of Haiti, the Philippines, Nepal, and others. Dr. Alpert is just one of many other DWC providers who have served alongside of HHI over the years. Partnering with DWC gives our providers the flexibility to volunteer as need arises. I congratulate DWC on its 20 year anniversary, but I also want to take this time to thank our incredible staff along with the dozens of hospitals and hundreds of healthcare providers DWC has represented over these many years. I am looking forward to the many years ahead! Gary Morsch, MD President and CEO

life.line Issue 31  

DWC 20th Anniversary Issue 31

life.line Issue 31  

DWC 20th Anniversary Issue 31