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October 2013 | Issue 26

Giving Back It is not always possible, or necessary, to cross major cultural or physical barriers to serve others. Sometimes we can serve by simply reaching out to the person right next to us. Sometimes all a person needs is for us to be present with them – to simply be there. At Docs Who Care, we know that serving takes on many forms. I am amazed when I hear stories of the way our physicians and midlevels serve the communities where they live and work each day. They connect their diverse expertise, resources, and time to give of themselves to enhance the lives of those with whom they come in contact – not only in the hospitals and clinics they serve, but in the communities and neighborhoods in which they live and work. Through their commitment to service and volunteerism, they are reaching people in many diverse ways – volunteering in indigent care centers, providing health and wellness education in schools and churches, working with organizations that serve the youth, the homeless, the aged, and society's marginalized. The list goes on and on. The DWC philosophy of service is being put into action wherever we live and serve. Each of us has something to give, and we can start right where we are! The following stories will give you a glimpse of the service taking place right next door! Gary Morsch, M.D., M.P.H, President and Founder


another FP for his clinic. Dr. Akerson was available and it was a perfect match.

Partner with DWC since 2010

23 years of life in Sidney, NeA fter braska, Dr. Akerson and his wife

decided to relocate 400 miles across the state of Nebraska. They moved to a suburb of Omaha where he had a contract to work for an Air Force Base acute care clinic; however, a week prior to moving, he was notified that they could no longer fund the clinic. Dr. Akerson had already signed up with Docs Who Care “just in case” he didn’t get a full-time job right away. Shortly after moving, a medical school classmate and good friend needed

It wasn’t long before Dr. Akerson began receiving emails from DWC asking for weekend help. He decided that small town ER work would help him keep his skills, since being a “city doctor” requires a different set of skills but he no longer had the opportunity to treat acute injuries, MI’s, strokes, etc. Dr. Akerson decided to take a 62-hour shift in O’Neill, NE, and, if he liked it, he would agree to a regular once-a-month weekend rotation. The staff were well trained, fun, and dedicated. The patients were also very appreciative. It was fun and rewarding to be back in the small town setting. continued on page 2

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NHA - Nebraska Hospital Association Oct 23-25 Embassy Suites – La Vista, NE

CareerMD Fair Oct 24 Sheraton Crown Center – Kansas City, MO

IAFP - Iowa Academy of Family Physicians Oct 31-Nov 1 Prairie Meadows Event Center – Altoona, IA

MAFP - Missouri Academy of Family Physicians Nov 8-9 Big Cedar Lodge – Ridgedale, MO

KHA - Kansas Hospital Association Nov 14-15 Hyatt Regency – Wichita, KS

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I am proud to be a small part of an organization defined by

service, compassion, excellence and quality of care. Joe Metcalf II, M.D. DWC Partner since 2008

Remembering the encouragement from Dr. Morsch to become involved in the community, Dr. Akerson visited the local coffee shop on Saturday mornings where he was immediately accepted into a men’s coffee group. Since starting in O’Neill, he has attended football games, wedding receptions, Christmas parties, and local fundraisers. Perhaps most fulfilling for Dr. Akerson has been his involvement in the local Presbyterian church. He has now attended there long enough that it has become his church home away from home. In fact, because the church is in process for finding a new pastor, on two occasions he has even had the opportunity to lead the service. Dr. Akerson truly enjoys his time in O’Neill, both in the hospital and in the community.

TIM LAWTON, M.D. Partner with DWC since 2006

everal years ago, S Dr. Tim Lawton organized a program called “Eight Weeks to Wellness” for employees of Herington Municipal Hospital. He covered a spectrum of health topics including nutrition, physical activity, healthy relationships and coping with stress. The participants attended weekly lectures and kept track of their physical activi-

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ties. Teachers included several DWC physicians, a local physician, dietitian, physical therapist and others. The program sparked employees to start their own “race across Kansas.” They paired up and kept track of their miles, until one pair had “walked” across the state. Dr. Lawton was also involved with a program funded by a grant from the Dickinson County Community Foundation. Participants came once a week to the local high school to weigh in, share in group supports and benefit from lectures about health and weight management. Prior to Dr. Lawton’s joining DWC, he was in private practice. He sensed a need to make a change in his life, and he now enjoys doing fullspectrum medicine and getting acquainted with the different communities where he works. At times his family joins him to take part in community events. In addition to starting the healthy lifestyle programs, Dr. Lawton has given lectures at local senior centers, sharing lunch, and answering questions. Dr. Lawton has enjoyed the many opportunities he’s had to reach out and make a positive impact on the health of the local communities.

You Make the Difference Volunteers are encouraged to give of their time and talent for Heart to Heart’s Haiti Operations. Please contact:

(news.line) Birth Announcements Congratulations to the following providers on these new additions to their families. Dr. Ashley McCurry welcomed Evelyn Belle on August 21, 2013 Dr. Uyiosa Aimiuwu welcomed Sophia Esohe on September 6, 2013


Condolences Our sincerest sympathies to the family for their loss. Dr. Kara Thompson, on the passing of her father, September 30, 2013


(qual·i·ty of life)

general well-being of individuals and societies

“...Docs Who Care has supported physicians all over the world, but in MY world, it has supported rural communities and access to care for populations that might otherwise have “gone without.” All this is done with good humor, a caring, kind attitude and always looking at what is best for the patient.” Sharon Beaty, FACMPE, CEO, Plymouth, NH Partner since 1999

(provider.line) ountless Docs Who Care physicians have enjoyed opportunities to make a difference in a comC munity in need. Of course, our number one priority is always to positively influence a community clinically. Just as rewarding, though, are the times when our providers have an opportunity to

They have the

care and compasssion that make

rural hospitals the choice of our communities. Rita Jones, Administrator

Dundy County Hospital Benkelman, NE Partner since 2005

influence a community outside of medicine. Through the years, many DWC providers have left a lasting influence on the communities they serve. We’ve seen just about everything from bowling leagues, Bible Studies, nutrition education, community service projects, safety education, golf tournaments, fundraising race sponsorships, bake sales, to hospital foundation support projects. In each case, it is very fulfilling to make a difference in a community that greatly appreciates your contribution and influence. With Docs Who Care, the possibilities and opportunities are endless! If you like the idea of making an impact and serving an appreciative community, contact us today! Please contact us at for more information.

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Reflecting Back...Aiming Forward has said, “All of life is a journey…which paths we take, what we look back on, and S omeone what we look forward to…it’s up to us.” Life is a journey that includes many forks in the road…choices to be made. We all tend to sneak peeks at where we have been and we desperately try to know and plan for the future. Not all of it is up to us. How happy we are as the journey unfolds is something we do control. I can honestly say that I have a great sense of happiness as I consider both what has already happened and what is anticipated for the future. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about this lately as succession plans are in place for my retirement from Docs Who Care.


The past 12 years have been the highlight of my career.

The past 12 years have been the highlight of my career. Participating in this wonderful, unique model of staffing for rural hospitals has been an absolute joy. Getting to know the people who work so passionately for their local hospital has been a privilege. Working with a host of dedicated and gifted Physicians, Physician Assistants, and Nurse Practitioners has expanded my life experience greatly. And, participating daily with the talented and committed staff of Docs Who Care has been a delightful experience. Dr. Gary Morsch continues to challenge me in a multitude of areas of service and philanthropic activity. I will never forget these fabulous years of my life. At the same time, I am looking forward and am pleased to introduce Mr. Ken Wood as the new CEO of Docs Who Care. Ken brings a wealth of knowledge of the health care industry to this new assignment. His education and work experience will serve him well in continuing the mission and focus of this organization. I look forward to introducing him to the hospitals with whom we are privileged to work and the providers who are on the front lines caring for patients across the five-state region. He and I will be working side-by-side over the next few months as I phase out and he assumes greater responsibility. While the person carrying the title of CEO is changing, I am confident that the same commitment to excellence, the same devotion to honesty and integrity, and the same desire to meet the needs of rural hospitals will remain. Those are the core values of this organization that are constant and unchanging.


Please accept my personal thanks to all of you who helped to make these twelve years so fulfilling and enjoyable. Yes, I’m reflecting…but anxiously aiming forward as well! Gary Coulter, FACMPE Chief Executive Officer

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MISSION STATEMENT: Docs Who Care is a group of physicians and other health care providers who partner with community hospitals to provide clinic and emergency department staffing, hospital inpatient care, and other administrative services.

OCT 2013 life.line issue 26  

OCT 2013 life.line issue 26

OCT 2013 life.line issue 26  

OCT 2013 life.line issue 26