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August 2013 | Issue 25

The Rewards of Response As a physician, finding the freedom to serve in a crisis or disaster is not always easy. Docs Who Care started as a response to a need in a small Kansas town and a desire to help others. Although DWC deals with crisis response on a daily basis as we provide coverage for hospitals across the Midwest and Colorado, it is the disaster response that captures the heart of so many providers. Over the years, I have discovered that the reason people don’t help is that they don’t know how – they are paralyzed by their lack of information, or they think they lack the time. Yet at their very core they want to help. They know that serving others will bring meaning and fulfillment to their lives. Docs Who Care offers many benefits, including the flexibility to serve others – locally or internationally – in a crisis or as a volunteer in a much needed area of the world. Dr. Jenifer Cook has served alongside DWC in the state of Kansas since 2001, using her vast skills to respond to those in both crisis and disaster situations. Join us in investing in the future…to serve…one need at a time! Gary Morsch, M.D., M.P.H, President and Founder

Jenifer Cook, M.D. Partner with DWC since 2001

my work N otwithlongDocsafterWhostarting Care, I learned about Heart to Heart International, and I went to China to teach Neonatal Resuscitation. Through this, I became connected with the disaster response “crew” that I would work with time and time again.

My first crisis response was Hurricane Katrina in 2005. I started seeing patients at the well-established tent clinic, and within a few days Dr. Gary Morsch and I went to the command center in New Orleans. While there, we learned about Hurricane Rita, prepared mobile medical bags and drove to Newton, Texas, to take shelter.

inside this issue The Rewards of Response

After chain sawing our way out of a forest, we headed to the hospital in Orange, Texas, where Dr. Morsch had prearranged for us to help after the storm. We found the ambulance service still in operation bringing patients to an evacuated hospital that was running on a generator with only minimal drips of water and a locked pharmacy. For almost three days, three of our physicians saw patients and treated them as best we could or flew them out to surrounding hospitals. We had no flushing toilets or running water, but we survived with our bottled water and MREs until the government teams arrived. I knew right then that “God made me for this!” Helping those in crisis after a disaster is the most rewarding medicine for me. We learn to work with what we have and get creative for what is needed, which is similar to and maybe why I like working in rural medicine with DWC. continued on page 2

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AAFP Scientific Assembly Sep 24-28 San Diego Convention Center – San Diego, CA

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IHA - Iowa Hospital Association Oct 8-10 Marriott Downtown – Des Moines, IA

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CareerMD Fair Oct 24 Sheraton Crown Center – Kansas City, MO

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IAFP - Iowa Academy of Family Physicians Oct 31-Nov 1 Prairie Meadows Event Center – Altoona, IA

The Rewards of Response Jenifer Cook, M.D. continued from page 1

Docs Who Care has come to our rescue several times...before

the tornado, during the tornado and after the tornado. Mary Sweet, Administrator Kiowa County Memorial Hospital Greensburg, KS DWC Partner since 1998

My next adventure came after Greensburg, Kansas, had an F-5 tornado hit in 2007. I met the mobile medical truck and treated patients as needed. It was from my experience in Greensburg that I began to grasp the inexplicable damage caused by large tornadoes, and years later, when visiting with the local people, I realized my stories were nothing compared to their stories. The latest disaster was the 2013 tornado in Moore, Oklahoma. My car was packed, but I was hesitant because a volunteer with no support, food, or supplies, becomes another person in need. Fortunately, I received the call, and I headed south, praying all the way, taking back roads to arrive at the “staging area.” The people of Moore were amazingly strong. Going through the streets offering

tetanus shots, basic meds, and medical care, one woman came to the front of her home that had been leveled to a pile of sticks and said, “I’d invite you in but the place is a disaster!” I gave her a hug and a prayer. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to work with Docs Who Care, which enables me to be free to respond to crisis needs. Indeed, God made me for this!

(bio.line) Paul Jaster, M.D. DWC Partner since 2011 orking with Docs Who Care has given me a very flexible schedule which allowed me to spend the family time I needed through the severe illness of a child and my wife's cancer and W death. This flexibility also allows me to teach in Africa periodically until I can ultimately return there full-time once again. In addition, I appreciate the fact that the lower volume sites allows me to spend more time with the patients.

From Our Heart to Yours olunteers are encouraged to give of their time and talent in crisis and ongoing care for Heart to V Heart’s Haiti Operations. Please contact to learn more.

Katrina Hurricane

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Joplin Tornado

H aiti Earthquake

(news.line) Birth Announcements Congratulations to the following provider on this new addition to his family. Tony Pallan, M.D. welcomed Joseph T. on July 11, 2013.

Condolences Our sincerest sympathies to family and friends for their loss. Leatrice “Joy” Walker, APRN, worked with DWC from 2009 and passed away July 18, 2013.

I have felt good about helping the local physicians and hospitals in times of crisis...

Tim Lawton, M.D.


DWC Provider since 2006

Anniversary Our congratulations on this great accomplishment. Lou Anne Hummel recently celebrated her 10-year anniversary as President of Priority Physician Placement.



New Staff Please welcome this new addition to the DWC team. We are pleased to announce that Christy Forquer has joined the Docs Who Care team as Executive Assistant to Dr. Gary Morsch. Christy brings a diverse skill set to this position. Most recently, Christy has been an Event Administrator/Road Manager for national conferences. She will have the responsibility of coordinating the various activities of Dr. Morsch.

(provider.line) ave you ever been called to respond to a crisis? Through the years, Docs Who Care providers H have responded time and time again to calls for assistance during a crisis situation. There is no doubt that the rewards are great when you can use your medical skills and training to help others in need. Wouldn’t it be great to have the kind of flexibility that allows you to immediately respond, if needed? That’s exactly what Docs Who Care is all about - enabling you to have the ability to go when needed - to capture the moment of a crisis. With Docs Who Care, the possibilities and opportunities are endless. Please contact Janine Smith, Senior Vice President and Director of Recruiting at for more information about how you can change your lifestyle to make an impact on those in need.

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One Need at a Time risis response can take many forms. The official definition of crisis is a C time of intense difficulty, trouble, or danger. It’s a powerful word and it is one that we use frequently at Docs Who Care. The rewards of responding to times of crisis and carefully planning the difficult decisions that must be made during a crisis are worth every effort.

This happens only because people have the partnership spirit that recognizes that a

friend is in need

and I can help.

Much of what we do is crisis-driven. Over the years, our office staff and cadre of medical professionals have responded to unexpected needs of rural hospitals with unbelievably short time frames - both locally and internationally. This happens only because people have the partnership spirit that recognizes that a friend is in need and I can help. I’ve listed just a few of the times DWC has responded within a moment’s notice. x

A physician in one town informed his hospital CEO on a Friday that he would not be returning to work on Monday…or ever.


One local physician fell off a ladder and was unable to work...he was one of only two physicians in that community.


One hospital called on a Thursday requesting coverage beginning the next Monday for a physician just diagnosed with a terminal illness.


Finally, one of my first experiences of this kind was when a hospital board informed us on Thursday that the following Tuesday was the day they were terminating the contract of their only physician on staff.

In each of these urgent situations, our staff and providers responded as true partners and we were able to provide the services needed by these hospitals. In a crisis, our team is quick to need at a time. Gary Coulter, FACMPE Chief Executive Officer

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MISSION STATEMENT: Docs Who Care is a group of physicians and other health care providers who partner with community hospitals to provide clinic and emergency department staffing, hospital inpatient care, and other administrative services.

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