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June 2013 | Issue 24

Living (and loving) Your Opportunities At Docs Who Care, we have the unique opportunity to offer an unconventional work model to physicians and midlevel providers. Our mission speaks for itself as we serve others by helping in rural hospitals and clinics across the Midwest and Colorado. We have a great team of providers who work with us. The articles in this issue of (life.line) will give you perspectives from two different physicians who joined DWC – one during residency and another who was looking for a change of pace after many years of practicing medicine. Both realized they found personal fulfillment in assisting smaller communities as well as the benefits of flexibility in their schedules, allowing time to pursue other interests, such as family, hobbies, and volunteerism. We want you to live (and love) your opportunities! Gary Morsch, M.D., M.P.H, President and Founder

calling and presented me with an opportunity to keep my priorities in order. That opportunity was Docs Who Care.

Jeff Dorsett, M.D. Partner with DWC since 2012

always felt I that being a

physician was demanding, and I could easily burn out if I did not follow God's calling. I practiced as a family physician in Osawatomie, Kansas, for 23 years, and I had awesome partners, nurses, and staff. I truly believe we made a difference in our community. For those practicing medicine, you know the competing demands that take away from our time with patients and family. Rather than resent my job as a physician, I believe God changed my

inside this issue Living Your Opportunities

I have known Gary Morsch M.D., Paul Wardlaw, M.D., and Gary Coulter since I started my practice in Kansas back in 1989. I always kept the DWC brochure in my desk drawer "just in case." In February 2012, after much thought and prayer, I made the phone call to DWC. I completed ATLS, PALS, and renewed ACLS, all of which were great confidence builders. With DWC, I now work one ED shift in an eastern Kansas critical access hospital and one week each month in a quaint community in central Kansas, covering inpatients, clinic, and ED. Both communities are very appreciative and accepting. At the slower pace, with less pa-

perwork, I am able to provide the quality of care I desire. The variety of primary care, acute ED, and triage to tertiary care centers has made me a well-rounded physician. My initial plans were to do regular international or disaster relief trips but currently I am fulfilling my mission in these two underserved communities until my youngest sons are out of high school. I am gone from home 6-7 nights per month, but I am physically and emotionally home the remainder of the month. I have an understanding and appreciative wife who agrees the change has been great for our marriage and our family. I appreciate DWC for giving me these opportunities and look forward to my next adventures in life. (continued on page 2)

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AAFP National Conference for Residency and Students Aug 1-3 Bartle Hall – Kansas City, MO AAFP Scientific Assembly Sep 24-28 San Diego Convention Center – San Diego, CA

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These conferences offer great opportunities to find out more about Docs Who Care.

Living (and loving) Your Opportunities (continued from page 1) Ryan J. Becker, M.D. DWC Partner since 2013 Who Care has such a great history and foundation. As a resident physician and person D ocs involved in our church, community, and armed forces, I was attracted to DWC because of the objectives of the organization.

I enjoy traveling to small communities to provide relief to the local physicians in order that they can enjoy their lives outside of medicine and focus on other important things in life; family, friends, and themselves. The people at each of the locations have been very welcoming and very courteous. As I prepare for graduation from residency, working for DWC has awarded me with invaluable training and experience, further building my medical knowledge and foundation of experience. These experiences continue to prepare me to become a future practicing physician!

(op·por·tu·ni·ty) a favorable or advantageous circumstance “We had worked with another organization for many, many years that provided our emergency room physicians. They simply couldn’t meet our expectations... We knew we needed to use this opportunity to change as an opportunity to improve.

Haiti was amazing. I even saw the same patient that I had seen in one of the clinics last year! How’s that for continuity of care? Sarah Hiam, D.O. DWC Provider since 2011

The change to DWC provided us the opportunity to improve our processes and physician orientation. The relationship with DWC was turning into a partnership and we were becoming a better organization because of it. “ (Excerpts taken from: It’s all about the Heart, 2011)

Brian Evans, CEO Clarke County Hospital, Osceola, IA DWC Partner since 2009

Haiti...The Second Time Around Sarah Hiam, M.D., DWC Partner since 2011 recently returned from my I second trip to Haiti with Heart to Heart International. These trips have deeply affected my life as each time I come home, I appreciate things I took for granted in the past, such as clean water and safe roads.

I hold a greater appreciation for the modern facilities in the hospitals where I work in the U.S. In Haiti, our diagnostic tools are confined to our clinical skills and basic labs. Access to health care is very limited. Patients walk long distances over rough roads to the clinics and have no reliable means of transportation for a higher level of medical care. They wait hours to be seen, and are grateful for the care we provide. Observing Haitians' lives gives me a fresh perspective on life in the U.S. and inspires me to do more here to

2 (life.line)

help others. My trips allow me to realize how much we impact the lives of individuals as clinicians. I would highly encourage anyone who is interested in volunteering in Haiti to do so—it is an amazing, and lifechanging, experience! Volunteers are encouraged to give of their time and talent for Heart to Heart’s Haiti Operations. Please contact to learn more.

(news.line) Births Our congratulations to the following providers on these new additions to their families. Kiana Long, D.O. welcomed Kimari Jarae on June 1. Sarah Florio, M.D. welcomed Andrew Joseph, II (AJ) on June 4.

Retirements Rich Hamilton, Administrator (pictured top right) Harrison County Community Hospital, Bethany, MO Harrison County has been a DWC partner since 2001. Rich retired May 31, 2013. Congratulations to Rich on his retirement and service at HCCH. John Loebl, Administrator (pictured bottom right) Kearny County Hospital, Lakin, KS Kearny County has been a DWC partner since 2001. John retired June 7, 2013, and we congratulate John on his many years of service at Kearny County Hospital.

(provider.line) Docs Who Care and DOCS Emergency Medicine are all about opportunities! With hospital partnerships in six states - Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Iowa, Nebraska, and Colorado - we offer a variety of opportunities for coverage and service. Docs Who Care can meet your needs. j Full-time: Are you ready for a change? Docs Who Care offers many opportunities for providers who are interested in a full-time focus. You can design a schedule that meets your needs as it relates to time, income, and personal goals. Freedom, flexibility, and an excellent income are the top reasons providers partner full-time with DWC. j Part-time: Are you ready to slow down and regain control of your life and schedule? Docs Who Care offers excellent opportunities where you can work consistently each month in a part-time capacity, and you can define the number of hours you want to work. j PRN/Moonlighting: If you already have a full-time commitment or are in residency, DWC has great moonlighting opportunities available. This is an excellent way to supplement income and enhance your experience and training.

Contact us for more information. Janine Smith, Senior Vice President and Director of Recruiting

…I’m forever grateful because I really am getting to have the life

I’ve dreamed of since I decided I wanted to be a doctor when I was 12 years old. Kiana Long, D.O. DWC Provider since 2011

(life.line) 3

Opportunity Knocks

I n this issue of life.line we are addressing the concept of “Opportunity.”

By definition, this word means “a good chance” or “a favorable juncture of circumstances.” One could debate whether all opportunities are favorable or not. But, at least to someone, every opportunity is a good one. Physicians, PA’s and APRN’s seem to have no shortage of opportunities clamoring for them these days. I Googled “physician opportunities” a few minutes ago and had almost 22 million sites to choose from. I guess you could say that was an opportunity for me to visit each of them, right? With the growing need in rural hospitals for staffing services, Docs Who Care and DOCS Emergency Medicine has a multitude of opportunities for growth and expansion. We believe the lifestyle and opportunity for service is something of value for physicians, PA’s and APRN’s. After all, how many places can you have the following benefits?

With the growing need in rural hospitals for staffing services, DWC and DOCS Emergency Medicine has a multitude of

opportunities for growth and expansion.

i Flexible schedule – work as much as you want, when you want i Appreciation – rural hospitals are very appreciative of those who join their team i Control – you decide when and where you will work i Service – caring for patients and interacting with staff brings personal satisfaction i Excellent compensation – you can make a very good living i Time – you have time to do the things you want to do In this issue, we highlight some individuals who have come to DWC and DOCS from different paths…one from residency and one from years of private practice. Both of them are experiencing the benefits of this opportunity. We think you will find their stories fascinating and informative. Yes, there are many “favorable opportunities” that come to us. We believe that for physicians, PA’s and APRN’s, DWC and DOCS are great options. Contact our recruiting office to learn more. Gary Coulter, FACMPE Chief Executive Officer

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MISSION STATEMENT: Docs Who Care is a group of physicians and other health care providers who partner with community hospitals to provide clinic and emergency department staffing, hospital inpatient care, and other administrative services.

DWC life.line Issue 24  

DWC life.line Issue 24 JUN 2013

DWC life.line Issue 24  

DWC life.line Issue 24 JUN 2013