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“Personal beauty is a greater recommendation than any letter of reference� - Aristotle

Enhances Appearance Make-Up makes a woman look more attractive by highlighting the features. For Instance, if you have attractive eyes, you can make it look more beautiful using quality eye make-up products like mascara and eye-liner.

Masks flaws Make-up can easily cover any flaws that you have on your face. For instance, the darker pockets found below the eyes can be lessened by applying concealers properly.

Protection from UV-rays Leading cosmetic manufacturers now add sun protection ingredients into their products. Thus, the cosmetic products not only improve your appearance but also protect your skin from UV-rays.

Wide Selection Cosmetic products were once meant for only celebrities and rich people. But, now it is available in all types, sizes and price ranges. Thus, everyone can buy cosmetic products at prices to suit their budget

Boosts Confidence Make-up provides an opportunity to exhibit your personal style. It makes you feel good about yourself. It allows people to interact with others confidently knowing that they are betterlooking

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