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Outpatient Centers is More Beneficial than Hospitals, Assures Same Day Spine Surgery, the leading spine surgery outpatient facility, has assured better patient care than hospitals. The American outpatient medical center claimed of providing cutting edge and effective treatments with better equipments and more personalized care than hospital treatments. “We have a firm belief that outpatient care facilities are much more effective than hospital in-patient treatment procedures. According to us, the first step to best recovery is to walk out from surgery center the very day of the surgery. Thus, here we release all our patients on the same day of their surgery so that they recover comfortably from home. Hospitals are known for high infection rates given the aggregation of too many patients in one place- but when you get to recover in a secured environ of at home nursing & care there is always the minimal chance of catching infections”, said a spokesperson from the major American outpatient back surgery center. A good achievement they had is that all their centers reported of no infection issues with the patients last year. They always follow a tailored treatment approach for all their patients as per the patient’s specific conditions and symptoms. Same Day Spine Surgery emphasized on taking a multidisciplinary approach in treatment which enables them to find out the best possible option for each patient. The outpatient spine care facility informed to take care of diverse spine conditions such as DDD, Building disc, pinched nerve, Radiculitis, Spinal stenosis and many more. “It’s good to mention that we have a better quality staff team here than usual hospitals. We are backed by nationally leading board certified doctors who are experts in minimal invasive advanced treatments such as laser disc surgery. With us you are always assured of executive level treatment with more advance technology like laser disectomies, stem cell therapy, minimal invasive fusion, etc which is unlikely in hospitals”, the spokesperson added.

This laser spine surgery outpatient facility has come up with prompter surgery times than hospitals. Unlike hospitals, they never keep patients under prolonged anesthesia which











Outpatient Centers is More Beneficial than Hospitals, Assures