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Tips for reducing the risk of rape

A victim trapped by a rapist is like a deer trapped by predators. It is definitely possible for a girl to protect herself from being tormented mentally as well as physically. It is important for every person to know certain ways to be free from the evil eyes, movements and approach of a rapist.

Know the trustworthy: Stats say that more than 70% of the rape victims are undone by people whom they know before. Therefore, it is important for a person to know another one’s traits thoroughly before making visits alone.

Trust your Instincts: If you feel through your natural instincts that something is wrong, get away from that situation and find a safer place as early as possible.

Stay with your friends: Wherever you move go in groups. Always make eye contacts when you stay in different spots in a suspicious situation

Know your limits while drinking: Alcohol is the first fault you commit to welcome a disaster. Stay minimal in drinking and make sure that you have control over your body and mind. Never stay alone after having a drink.

Be assertive: Make sure that you strictly object a person who tries to grab your attention through unnecessary activities or comments. This is an ideal step to get rid of an evil seed. Always have an active mobile phone to seek someone’s help to get rid of trouble.

Know your surroundings: If you are in a new place or new campus, make sure that you learn the safest place to walk in order to move around .Stay away from parking spots, parking garages and lonely places.

Do not Sink Online: Never disclose all your personal information over the internet. Also be watchful and make protective arrangements when you are preparing to meet a person directly whom you have met on the internet.

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Most Important tips for reducing the risk of rape  

Do you feel that you are in risk of getting raped? Read this presentation and some basic tips which you need to follow in your life style to...