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WE ARE THE #1 FOAM POUCH MANUFACTURER IN THE UNITED STATES – 25O MILLION MADE IN OVER 28 YEARS! We specialize in making custom foam pouches and packaging. Our competitors typically only provide preset stock sizes to choose from. And they typically offer only 1 thickness of foam. This limits your options. As you’ll see below, we provide the freedoms of customized dimensions and thicknesses. This allows you to design the pouch that is just right for your needs. And since we’re a manufacturer, our prices are generally much lower than distributors.

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Superior Protection that’s perfect for items in transit and storage Custom Made Sizes per the specifications you provide Lightweight for reduced shipping costs Thin and Flexible so they take little storage space in your warehouse


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Flexibility in Dimensions so you get the product that is just right for your needs 3 Thicknesses (3/32″ – 1/8″ – 1/4″) that give you options and freedoms “they” don’t offer Polyethylene Foam Pouches are strong and offer excellent protection for your products


Other Options With Foam Pouches 1 MIL HIGH DENSITY FILM

1 Mil High Density Film adds strength and protection to the pouches, and is especially useful for items with sharp or pointy edges


Flaps are used to fold over the open end of the pouch to ensure that the item inside is well protected and not able to slide out


Anti-Static Foam Pouches are ideal for static sensitive items like like circuits boards and electrical components (available in 1/8″ thickness only)

Foamconverting foam pouches  
Foamconverting foam pouches  

Foam Converting specializes in custom foam pouches and packaging with superior protection in custom sizes that are lightweight, thin and fle...