Best CSGO Settings

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How to Improve Your CSGO Aim With These CSGO Settings Aiming in a CSGO game is one of the essential skills that you can learn. When you have good aim, it's easier to win games and get better at the game. With these CSGO settings, there will be some changes that will help improve your aiming skill even more! Remember that you don't have to keep all of these settings; you can always change them up once you are comfortable enough. These will be some of the best CSGO settings that will help improve your aiming and overall game play as well. Make sure to change your crosshair as well. Auto Weapon Switch Off: cl_autowepswitch 0 now, you don't have to worry about accidentally changing your weapon during a match and losing that kill that you had. Resolution: 1920×1080 If you want the best resolution possible when it comes to CSGO settings, this will be one of the best choices for you. You'll see everything much clearer and will notice enemies more efficiently without any trouble. Brightness: 0 All the way down If you want the best CSGO settings for aiming and visibility, having a brighter screen will help you out a lot more. Aiming will be more accessible when there is no glare from the sun or lights behind you and your screen is bright and visible. Mouse DPI: 400 If you want to aim better, then having a high mouse DPI will help you out a lot more than most other CSGO settings that are available for players. At 400 DPI, the cursor will be able to move faster and smoother with ease, so you'll be able to aim better in no time. Mouse Sensitivity: 6 All the way up having your mouse sensitivity up is one of the best CSGO settings that you can choose from. When you have it on 6, it's going to allow your cursor to move faster across the screen so that you can get your crosshair on the target much quicker. Custom Resolutions: This option should be turned off by default because it can mess with your CSGO settings easily. If you have it turned off, then you won't have to worry about accidentally changing your resolution while in a match! If your mouse doesn't have enough buttons, you can always change your settings in the game, so they are easier to manage. For example, if you only have two buttons on your mouse, you can switch between primary and secondary weapons with one button instead of having to use both (When your sensitivity is on 6). This will help you aim better when it comes down to one versus one battle, and it will be easier for you to hit shots as well. To get more information please go to