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Tips to Save Energy for Homeowners and Businesses Summary: Energy efficiency is important for consumers and society because of the negative impact of energy waste to the environment and pocket books. There are not only financial savings but environmental conservation benefits through energy reduction. Saving energy is a social issue that has a good will value for consumers but also a direct financial incentive. These simple to follow tips will assist homeowners and businesses in reducing their energy consumption to save. Article: These are some simply and easy to follow steps to assist homeowners and businesses in saving energy and reducing their energy waste. Through reducing the use of energy not only is the environment better off but so is consumer spending on energy. There are many energy saving options for today’s consumer such as purchasing energy star rated appliances or installing energy inefficient windows or remembering to turn off appliances and electronics when not in use. Energy Star Ratings Many modern home appliances are energy star rated which means that they operate efficiency in terms of their energy usage. For consumers that have older appliances it might be time to upgrade to newer ones that run at more energy efficient levels. Most retail stores carry many brands and models of energy star rated appliances and electronics. Homeowners may be wasting energy and increasing their expenses simply by running older appliances. Sometimes governments also offer subsidies to upgrade or purchase energy star appliances. It is good to check with your municipality to find out if such offers exist for you. Windows It is common that energy can be lost through older windows that may not be effective at keeping the heat inside the home or office. Checking for energy rated windows that have a tight seal may save energy and reduce heating costs for homeowners and businesses. It might be a good idea to do some research and have professionals install windows to ensure that the seal is tight and efficiency is maintained. Replacing windows can be expensive but like an economist might suggest it is an investment with a rate of return. One that can be measured financially through cost savings, but more importantly one that has good will to society by reducing energy waste. The Digital Age of Automation Some electronics can provide more control and flexibility over maintaining systems such as heating, cooling and lighting. Consumers can automate when systems turn on and off through digital thermostats and other products such as timers. This means homes and offices can run on automation, thus, when no one is there or people are asleep energy is conserved and not wasted. These systems also reduce the choir to remember to turn everything off. With live moving at the speed of light the less to remember the better.

The Charge of Charging A good simple rule of thumb is to turn off all gadgets when not in use and to unplug chargers when electronic devices such as cell phones are finished being juiced. Most devices like computers also have power management options that can be configured to save energy. These features might include a sleep mode after some time lapses. These auto management features assist their owners in saving energy. One common rule most forget is to turn off devices when not in use for long periods of time. These costs can add up and waste much energy unnecessarily. The Owner’s Manual Sometimes manuals are boring and full of more information than an owner really cares to know but reading sections of the manual that relate to energy consumption might assist in saving energy. There may be configuration settings or options that can be set to reduce consumption and run the appliance or device at optimal levels of efficiency. Reduce Sometimes purchasing multi function appliances and electronics might be wise to save money and energy. A great example is with printers where there are all-in-one or 4-in-1 options. Some printers include faxing, printing, scanning, and copying functionality in the same unit. These units are generally priced no more than standard printers and offer homeowners and businesses the ability to downsize to one device instead of 4. Furthermore, sometimes a device is not needed at all because there is an electronic service online that will provide the same function. A classic example is online faxing. A sleek and simple to use interface on a computer can replace a physical fax machine. Conclusion Being energy wise is important because it can save consumers money and reduces energy waste, thus, having a positive impact on society and the environment. A better and greener tomorrow and energy bill reductions through following a few simple steps can make the world of difference for consumers and all of society. Some classic and well branded words to live by are reduce, reuse and recycle. Author Box: Writing about new technology and what is new in electronics is a passion and exciting for me. I enjoy researching and finding the most innovative and useful electronics coming to market because I love to be the first to explore their features and share with others. As a community of consumers of electronics it is important to share our views and insight with others. I cannot count the times I purchased a lemon before the days of the internet. Now I can find great information, do research and share with others to help everyone make better, more informed decisions. Source / Reference:

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Tips to Save Energy for Homeowners and Businesses  

Some easy to follow tips and steps for home and business owners to save and conserve energy to reduce costs and be more environmentally frie...

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