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Growing a Lush and Pest Free Lawn and Garden Summary: Growing a lush green pest free lawn and garden is a feat that many homeowners attempt to achieve each year. Unfortunately there are pests such as insects and weeds that present challenges to homeowners by threatening their green lawns and gardens. The options and choices are sometimes difficult to make and present their own issues such deciding whether or not to use chemicals. These simple and easy to follow tips assist homeowners in their efforts to grow a lush green pest free garden and lawn. Article: Having a healthy lawn and garden free from pests and insects is important for many homeowners and offices. Pests and insects often times create challenges and turn once lush green lawns and gardens into pillaged terrains of yellow. Homeowners sometimes are unaware of the issues and have trouble spotting or even identifying which pest is the cause of the problem. For example lawns turn yellow from green what could be the issue? Too little water, too much heat or maybe grubs underneath your grass. A lawn is the focal point of curb appeal and must be protected to demonstrate to neighbors and the community that pride is taken in home ownership. Some gardeners and landscapers encourage the use of insecticides to keep lawns and gardens free from insects. A good amount of research should be done to ensure that any chemicals or sprays are harmless to people including children and pets. The last thing any homeowner would want is for their loved dog or cat or young child to get sick from chemical use. It is equally important to wash vegetables thoroughly before consumption, especially after using insecticides. For some lawns it may take extreme measures like grass replacement after heavy grub damage. Grub infestations can be devastating and perhaps taking a proactive treatment method is best to avoid damage from a costly pest. Weeds are pests that commonly infect and spread through gardens. Some gardeners use herbicides and fungicides to control the spread of weeds and fungus on their lawns and gardens. Others prefer to spend hours outside under the sun plucking weeds by hand. If gardening and outdoor work is relaxing and fresh air does the body good then maybe this is the right method to use for weed removal and control. In general it is always best to avoid the use of chemicals if possible. A common myth is that all bugs are pests but some bugs like Bees are actually good for gardens. Making it a mission to rid your garden and lawn from all bugs may do more damage than good. Some insects like earthworms are a gardener’s best friend because they work, compost and aerate the soil to help plants grow. Be mindful of other lawn and garden animals that provide assistance with bug control such as birds and toads. Maybe a pond garden or a bird house helps to invite animals that naturally help with pest control. The additional benefit is that birds are peaceful and entertaining to watch.

Identifying threats and developing a good treatment plan is key to combat lawn and garden pests. If using chemicals always read labels and make sure they are safe. Reading online product reviews from other homeowners is a good step in the right direction. One of the best ways to learn is from experience and if others share their experience then learning can be rapid. Chemicals such as insecticides or herbicides should not be used near water or sewers because once in the water stream those chemicals can travel. It would be horrible to make a neighbors pet or the local chipmunks sick, Alvin, Theodore and Simon would hate that. Also areas that are freshly sprayed should be avoided for a good period of time to let the chemicals settle. Chemicals on clothing or skin can travel and residue can be left on unwanted areas that have household traffic. Sometimes a professional landscaper or gardener may be necessary to provide insight or assistance in creating a lush green pest free lawn or garden. People hire professionals all the time and a landscaper can assist a homeowner in making their lawn and garden the envy of the neighborhood. These experts have the knowledge and experience to save time and hours wasted going in circles. If budget is a concern the internet and books offer free knowledge to assist homeowners in their lawn care efforts. These simply tips will assist homeowners in keeping their lawn and garden pest free. Remember that different tips and advice work best for different gardeners and landscapers with different needs. Not all advice is right for every homeowner and when additional information is required there is a world of free information online and professionals in most communities that can be called to the rescue. Being a homeowner with a lush green lawn and garden is a priceless experience and one that will set communal example to be followed by the neighborhood. Author Box: Writing about lawns and gardens and new gardening and lawn-care techniques is a life passion and excitement of mine. Being a homeowner and taking pride in my garden and lawn is something I value deeply. I have learned many tips and techniques over the years and enjoy writing about them and sharing them with others that have a similar interest. I am also passionate about new electronics and home improvement in general. I enjoy researching and finding the most innovative and useful tools to make life easier. We all grow together as a global community and I cannot count the times I have learned from others so writing and sharing is a great way to give back. Sources / References: LandscapeGardens.Org A source of landscaping and gardening articles, information and supplies for homeowners, gardeners and landscapers. Find the newest and most useful lawn and garden supplies that are available to maintain healthy green lawns and gardens. YardandLawncare.Com News, reviews and product comparisons for outdoor power tools for gardening and landscaping.

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Growing a Lush and Pest Free Lawn and Garden  

Some tips and advice on growing a lush free garden that is prest free and healthy. Landscapers and gardeners can follow this simple tips to...