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==== ==== Strategic Link Building Panda Edition - Shoot Your Website To The Top Spot In Google ==== ==== How to Do Effective Link Building I have seen many people ask how to build links for SEO. Many people do not realize this is one of the most important pieces of search engine optimization. This is probably one of the biggest mistakes by webmasters. Many are focused on only on page SEO. They do not realize how important it is to build quality backlinks to their website. Before you start building your links, write down about 10 of your main keywords. These will be the keywords you will want to focus on in your link building campaign. There is a free tool called My SEO Dashboard that you can signup to free. This nifty little tool will allow you to view your rankings in a nice little report for you. As you start building the backlinks, you will slowly but surely witness your rankings go up in the SERPs. So I know you may be asking "how do I get links back to my website?". There are many ways you can start getting these good links. You may want to go and signup for a couple of articles websites. These sites are a great resource for backlinks. Publish quality content in return for a link back to your site. You may also consider signing up to a handful of social web2.0 sites and pointing them back to your website. There are a few other techniques as well. Forum and blog commenting is another technique used by many. If you find a forum or blog that is closely related to your niche, you will be in good shape. Google takes all of this information into consideration. Also, if you plan on submitting your site to directories, make sure they are of quality. Of course DMOZ would be great to get listed in. I have seen too many people submit their site to thousands of junk directories that won't do anything for them. This information should help you in your journey to build some quality links. Just remember, this does not happen over night. Just keep steadily building links in everyday. You will notice a significant jump in rankings if you use these methods.

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==== ==== Strategic Link Building Panda Edition - Shoot Your Website To The Top Spot In Google ==== ====

How to Do Effective Link Building | 2012 Link Building Tools  

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