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Final Proposal: Joseph Giani How do historical philosophies on happiness compare to the recurring themes in my class’s idea of happiness? I want to address this question, because to me, human emotion and psychology are fascinating. I believe that, in comparing these philosophers to the kids in class, I can decide how I feel about the way my classmates answer: “Who do i want to be?” And my analysis becomes the comparison; my judgement becomes the statement. Using numerous classmates’ journals, I have been provided with three points that seem to generally summarize what most of my classmates want to be in their futures: 1) a successful person, in all that entails, 2) an ethically sound human being, who helps those in need, and 3) someone who can support his family, and make their parents proud. By comparing to the likes of J. S. Mills, and Aristotle, I can analyze changes in belief and contrast the eras in a way. All-inall, the entire project will then use these comparisons to end with a final judgement on where I stand. My personal judgement is that, while I respect the philosophers of the past, I find no issue with the ideas on happiness today. Because, while Aristotle argues happiness is the telos, my classmate’s feel that happiness is brought through success, and being the best self one can be, and bringing others with you, if you can. I also feel that, while many times, what causes the most happiness can be the best option, it is not always, while being successful in what you love brings a certain happiness like no other, even if it doesn’t raise net happiness or good. Finally is my medium choice. After a week of deliberation, pondering and debating, my medium choice came down to one question: how can I best relay my discoveries and analyses? Much to my disappointment, it didn’t hit me like newtons apple. But when I finally decided, it was: a narrated documentary. I believe, by using audio, text, and video, I feel the message can best get across to all students in the class. It can also give effective voice to the students I am using in my analysis, to further understand exactly what their thoughts and ideas are, and place them next to Aristotle or Mills.

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