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Buildings 82 Sites 15 Neighbourhoods 3 1910-1929 4 1930-1939 10 1940-1949 2 1950-1959 37 1960-1969 31 1970-1980 16

CYPRUS 100 [most] important buildings, sites and neighbourhoods Administration (ADM) 10 Commercial (COM) 18 EDUCATION (EDC) 18 health (HLT) 2 Industrial (ind) 12 law (law) 2 public services (pbs) 2 Recreation (rec) 7 religion (Rel) 3 residential/hotels (res) 25 transport/communication (trc) 1

Docomomo Cyprus 2014



This index of the 100 (most) important - buildings, sites and neighbourhoods from Cyprus national Register was prepared in response to a call from Docomomo’s International Scientific Committee on Registers and submitted together with Cyprus chapter’s proposals for Docomomo’s new documentation strategy. Docomomo Cyprus, took this task as an opportunity to make an extended list of significant projects constructed roughly between 1920-1980. The goal was to resist focusing on single buildings and to include a sufficient number of sites and neighbourhoods throughout Cyprus, thus illustrating the impact of modern architecture in modernization processes and the shaping of built environment: from houses to factories and from simple structures to entire landscapes. Interested mostly on the time of the projects’ completion, no reference on their current condition is included: e.g. if they are demolished, altered or reused. The final index is simply organized in chronological order, to purposely avoid other types of categorizations while allowing an insight into the historical development of the Modern Movement in Cyprus. Ultimately limited to a 100 entries, this index does not claim to offer a (comprehensive) list of the most important projects in Cyprus; but it is to be considered as an “incomplete” list with some of the most important ones. Making this admission, we allow ourselves the chance to continue expanding and enriching this index in the future. The index was the result of a coordinated effort and input from many individual researchers on Cyprus modernism. Docomomo Cyprus coordinated and finalized the list and the design of this document.The various sources used for collecting material, info and images as well as individual contributors are cited below. The images within this publication may be protected by copyright; so the permission from the appropriate copyright holder is required to publish or reproduce. CONTRIBUTORS Erhan Oze Alexis Papadopoulos Petros Phokaides Christakis Sergidis Emilia Siandou Michalis Sioulas Archives Docomomo Cyprus Working Party - Fiches 2006-2009 Mesarch Laboratory - Department of Architecture, University of Cyprus Economou Architects and Engineers Archive Colakides Associates Archive Publications “Cyprus.” Special issue, Arhitektoniki 58 (1966). Georghiou, Costas. British colonial architecture in Cyprus: The Architecture of the British Colonial Administration, 1878-1960. Lefkosia: EN TIPIS PUBLICATIONS, 2013. Michael, Aimilios, Fereos, Stefanos, Konstantinou Christos and Eirini Hatzisavva-Adam, (eds.). Learning from the modern heritage. [Mathainontas apo tin klironomia tou Monternou, In Greek] (Exhibition catalogue for European heritage days) Nicosia: Ministry of Interior, 2009. Pyla Panayiota and Phokaides Petros. “Architecture and Modernity in Cyprus,” EAHN Newsletter No 2/09 [Newsletter of the European Architectural Historians Network], May 2009. Uraz T. U., H. Pulhan, P. Uluçay, H. Toprakçi, and Ö. Özbekoglu. Houses for the Others Between1955-1993 by the Architect Ahmet Vural Bahaeddin. Famagusta: Eastern Mediterranean University Press, 2006. (Exhibition leaflet, IX Docomomo Conference, Ankara, 2006.) Öze, E. (2011) “1878-1958 Colonial Architecture in Cyprus”, (Partially published) MA Thesis in History &Theory of Architecture,YTU, ISTANBUL

Docomomo Cy is Cyprus’s chapter of Docomomo International, a non-profit organization dedicated to the documentation and conservation of buildings, sites and neighbourhoods of the modern movement for more than 25 years. © Docomomo Cyprus (Nicosia, 2014)

100 (most) important buildings, sites And neighbourhoods

Amiantos Mine Town Walter Henry Clarke (1988-1965) Amiantos village 1904-1988

Melkonian Educational Institute Unknown architect Limassol Avenue/Lefkosia c.1926


Cyprus Mines Corporation Mine Limni Mine (Cyprus Sulphur and Town Copper Company) CMC Company Morphou Bay 1913-1974

Unknown architect Limni village 1920-1979

Presidential Palace (Governor’s House) Maurice Webb (1880–1939) (United Kingdom) Lefkosia 1933-37

KEO Factory Vrettos, Kolimiatis & Romaidis (?) (Greece) Tsiflikoudia area/Limassol c.1934

Lefkosia General Hospital

Samuel Barkai (1898-1975) Benzion Ginsburg (uknown dates) Platres 1934-36

Orphanage Building (Diannelou-Theodotou School) Polyvios Michaelides (1907-1960) 98 Kennedy Street /Lefkosia c.1935

Municipal Market at Larnaka

English School

Polyvios Michaelides (1907-1960) Larnaka c.1936

Odysseas Tsangarides (1904-1974) Lefkosia 1936-39

Kyperounda Sanatorium (Jubilee Sanatorium) Polyvios Michaelides (1907-1960) Kyperounda Village 1936-40

Forest Park Hotel

Polyvios Michaelides (1907-1960) Lefkosia 1935-39



Bank of Cyprus building

Lefka Village Konak (Administration offices)

Pavlidis House (Municipal Art Gallery)

Panayiotis Stavrinides (1915-) Lefka village 1937-39

Benzion Ginsburg (u.d.) Limassol c.1938

Cinema Pallas (Pattiheion Theatre)


Public School (Lefkosha Atatürk Ilkokulu)

Panayiotis Stavrinides (1915-) Limassol c.1948

Panayiotis Stavrinides (?) (1915-) Vitonos street/Lefkosia c.1950

Unknown architect Fuzuli street/Lefkosia c. 1950

Theodotos Kanthos Residence

Athinaidio High School (Gymnasio Katholikis)

Workers Housing

N. S.Roussos (u.d.), I.Perikleous (u.d.)

Neoptolemos Michaelides (1920-1993) Ayios Andreas area/Lefkosia c.1950

Unknown architect Limassol 1950-1952

Famagusta Workers Housing

‘KEO’ Brewery

Stavros Economou (1917-2002) Stavros area/Famagusta 1950-57

N. S. Roussos (u.d.) & I. Perikleous (u.d.) Limassol c.1951

Polyvios Michaelides (1907-1960) Limassol c.1947

N. S. Roussos (u.d.) (Limassol Municipality) Limassol 1950-1952

Famagusta Municipal Beach Pavillion Stavros Economou (1917-2002) Varosha area/Famagusta c.1952

100 (most) important buildings, sites And neighbourhoods


‘Arthur Rimbaud’ School

Famagusta Municipal Stadium

Severeios Library (Pancyprian High School)

Andreas Fotiades (u.d.-1988) Ayiou Mamona Street/Lefkosia 1952-54

Stavros Economou (1917-2002) Famagusta c.1953

Polyvios Michaelides (1907-1960) Lefkosia c.1953

Public Information Office

Famagusta Municipal Baths

Costas Christophides (u.d.) (Public Works Department) Lefkosia 1953-55

Ledra Palace Hotel Benzion Ginsburg (u.d.), Michaelides Bros Technical Firm (Polyvios & George Michaelides) Lefkosia c.1954

Stavros Economou (1917-2002) Famagusta 1954-55

New Police Headquarters

Athienou Municipal Market

Coca-Cola Factory

Costas Christophides (u.d.) (Public Works Department) Lefkosia 1954-56

Neoptolemos Michaelides (1920-1993) Athienou Village c.1955

Foivos Polydoridis (1924-) Lefkosia c.1955

Maronite church (Panayia ton Hariton)

Lefka Technical School

Lefkosia Technical School

Orman and Partners (United Kingdom) Lefka village c.1955

Tripe & Wakeham Partnership (United Kingdom) Limassol Avenue/Lefkosia c.1955

Charilaos Dikaios (1912-2009) Lefkosia c.1955



‘Terra Santa’ College

Lykavitos Elementary School

Orman and Partners (United Kingdom) Limassol c.1955

G & U. Turati (Italy) Akropoli area/Lefkosia c.1955

Dimitris Thymopoulos (1919-2005) Lykavitos area/Lefkosia 1955-57

Limassol Central Police Station

Famagusta Town Hall

Lefkosia Teacher’s Training College

Xenophon Ioannides (u.d.) (Public Works Department) Limassol 1956-58

Dionysis Toumazis (1925-) Panayiotis Toumazis (1912-2005) Famagusta c.1956-59

Harrison, Barnes & Hubbard firm (United Kingdom) Lefkosia 1956-59

Bank of Cyprus Office Building Dimitris Thymopoulos (1919-2005) Lykourgou & Onasagorou Street/ Lefkosia 1957-58

A.Demetriou Apartment Building [Polykatoikia A.Demetriou] Neoptolemos Michaelides (1920-1993) Salaminos Avenue/Lefkosia 1957-1959

Sömek House and Clinic

Apartment Building (Eftapato) Fotis Colakides (1923-2009) Stavros Economou (1917-2002) Limassol c.1958

Cooperative Central Bank (Synergatiki Kentriki Trapeza)

Office Building - Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC)

Limassol Technical School

Ahmet Vural Bahaeddin (1927-1993) Lefkosia 1957-59

Polyvios Michaelides (1907-1960) Charilaos Dikaios (1912-2009) Lefkosia Grigori Afxentiou Avenue/Lefkosia c.1958 c.1958

100 (most) important buildings, sites And neighbourhoods

Saray Hotel Rahmi Bediz (1916-2010) Demirtaş Kamçıl (u.d.-1980) (Turkey) Sarayönü/Lefkosia 1958-1962

‘Pedieaos’ Building (Akinita Pedieaou)


Grecian Park Hotel

Stavros Economou (1917-2002) Pediaeos River/Lefkosia 1958-64

Neoptolemos Michaelides (1920-1993) Varosha area/Famagusta c.1959

Mitsi Lemythou Commercial School Building (Mitsi Building I)

Polyvios Michaelides Residence

Dasoupoli Elementary School

Polyvios Michaelides (1907-1960) Eleftheria Square/Lefkosia c.1959

Polyvios Michaelides (1907-1960) Lefkosia c.1959

Pefkios Georghiaidis (1935-2007) Lefkosia c.1960

‘Agios Gheorgios’ Lyceum

Hala Sultan Pavilion

N. S. Roussos (u.d.) & I. Perikleous (u.d.) Larnaka c.1960

Hakki Atun (1959-) Ayer Kasif (1959-) Alyki Salt Lake/Larnaka 1960-61

Cafe-Bar at Limassol Public Gardens

Kykkos High Schools J+A Philippou [Iakovos Philippou (1930-2009) & Andreas Philippou (u.d.)] Lefkosia 1960-64

Terra Santa School (St.Mary’s School)

Terra Santa School

Stavros Economou (1917-2002) Griva Digeni Avenue/Limassol 1960-65

Stavros Economou (1917-2002) Famagusta 1960

Foivos Polydoridis (1924-) Limassol 1960-62



Carob Wararehouse

Lanitis Farm Factory

Foivos Polydoridis (1924-), Foivos Polydoridis (1924-), Andreas Papadopoulos (1923-2009) Andreas Papadopoulos (1923-2009) Limassol Port/Limassol c.1961 c.1961

‘SODAP’ Winery N. S. Roussos (u.d.) & I. Perikleous (u.d.) Pafos 1961-63

Pancyprian Federation of Labor (PEO) Building Polyvios Michaelides (1907-1960) Lefkosia c.1962

Ministry of Labor and Social Insurance Costas Vafeades (u.d.) Lefkosia 1962-66

SPEL Building (Cooperative Bank of Lefkosia)

Süleyman Onan House Ahmet Vural Bahaeddin (1927-1993) Koskluciftlik area/Lefkosia 1961-1962

Katokopia Village Church

Stavros Economou (1917-2002) Lefkosia 1961-63

Diomides Kythreotis (1935-) & Takis Zembylas (1932-1989) Katokopia village c.1962

Turkish Lyceum

Hilton Hotel

Ahmet Vural Bahaeddin (19271993) Lefkosia c.1962

Raglan Squire and Partners (UK) J+A Philippou Lefkosia 1962-66

Efruz Houses

Nicosia International Airport Terminal Building Dorsch-Gehrmann Enginering Company (Germany) Lefkosia 1963-1968

Ahmet Vural Bahaeddin (1927-1993) Lefkosia 1962-76

100 (most) important buildings, sites And neighbourhoods


Gavrielides Office Building (Koupati)

Lefkaritis Residence

Swimming Pools with Pavillions (Ledra Palace Hotel)

J+A Philippou Griva Digeni Avenue/Lefkosia 1963-1969

Stavros Economou (1917-2002) Larnaka c.1964

Fotis Colakides (1923-2009) Lefkosia c.1964

Neoptolemos and Maria Michaelides Residence Neoptolemos Michaelides (1920-1993) Lefkosia 1964-66

Lefkosia Retail Market

‘Carlsberg’ Brewery and Offices

Stavros Economou (1917-2002) Lefkosia c.1965

Alecos Gavrielides (1938-) Lefkosia 1967 - 1968

Mare Monte Tourist Complex

Apollon Factory

Old People’s Home

Diomides Kythreotis (1935-) & Takis Zembylas (1932-1989) Karavas/Keryneia 1967-70

Diomides Kythreotis (1935-) & Takis Zembylas (1932-1989) Griva Digeni Avenue/Lefkosia c.1968

Tuna Veysi (1963-) Gonyeli/Lefkosia c.1968

Plants nursery (Fytorιo) (Municipal Garden) Neoptolemos Michaelides (1920-1993) Lefkosia c.1968

Higher Technical Institute (ATI) R.A. Callow (u.d.) Pefkios Georghiaidis (1935-2007) Lefkosia 1969-1971

Cyprus Petroleum Refinery LTD (CPRL) Simon Litwin LTD (Construction Company) Dhekeleia area/Larnaka 1969-72



Apostolou Varnava and Agiou Makariou Church Neoptolemos Michaelides (1920-1993) Lefkosia c.1970

Famagusta Court House

Lefkosia Wholesale Market

Diomides Kythreotis (1935-) & Takis Zembylas (1932-1989) Famagusta c.1970

Diomides Kythreotis (1935-) & Takis Zembylas (1932-1989) Lefkosia c.1970

Amathus Hotel The Architects Collaborative (U.S.A.), Fotis Colakides (1923-2009) Limassol 1970-73

Golden Sands Hotel Garnett Cloughley Blakemore & Associates (GCB) (U.K.), J+A Philippou Famagusta 1970-73

Salamis Bay Hotel

Aspelia Hotel J+A Philippou [Iakovos Philippou (1930-2009) & Andreas Philippou (u.d.)] Famagusta c.1971

Ayias Triadas Church (Aspelia Hotel) Theocharis David (u.d.), J+A Philippou Famagusta c.1971

Limassol District Court House

Cyprus National Fair

Larnaka Municipality

House of Alper Osman

Diomides Kythreotis (1935-) & Takis Zembylas (1932-1989) Lefkosia 1971-74

Diomides Kythreotis (1935-) & Takis Zembylas (1932-1989) Larnaka c.1972

Hakki Atun (1959-), Ayer Kasif (1959-) Geรงitkale(Lefkoniko) Village 1972-1973

Stavros Economou (1917-2002) Salamina/Famagusta 1970-73

Giorgos Maurommatis (u.d.) Limassol c. 1971

100 (most) important buildings, sites And neighbourhoods


‘SOPAZ’ Factory Stavros Economou (1917-2002) Lefkosia c.1973

‘ESEL’ Department Store Giorgos Mavrommatis (u.d.) Limassol 1974-1976

Greek Pavillion (Cyprus National Fair) Haris Fereos (1941-), Giorgos Mavrommatis (u.d.) Lefkosia 1975-1976

Lefkaritis Brothers Office Building Haris Fereos (1941-) Larnaka 1975-76

Cyprus 100 [most] important buildings, sites and neighbourhoods Docomomo Cyprus Nicosia, 2014

Cyprus 100 [most] Important Buildings, Sites and Neighbourhoods  
Cyprus 100 [most] Important Buildings, Sites and Neighbourhoods  

This index of the 100 (most) important - buildings, sites and neighbourhoods from Cyprus national Register was prepared in response to a cal...