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Doc Love’s Computer Repair and Service Why Call a Geek When You Can Call The Doc? Newsletter Thanks for your continued business!

Issue 4, February 12th 2010

I hope everyone had a good holiday season and is off to a great new year. I am working on several things for my business this year, including some new service and product offerings. Since I sometimes find it difficult to get this newsletter out on a regular basis (ahem yes I know it’s been months) I will be moving this platform to Facebook. If you have a Facebook page your can become a fan of Doc Love’s Computer Repair by following this link: Doc Love’s Fan Page I will update this page more regularly and post promotions and new offerings there. So become a fan and drop us a note. I will still email on occasion but will reserve that for immediate issues such as virus warning and such.

Q&A Q: What should I do with my old computer?  Call A and D Computer Recycling at 801-330-9912 he will pick up your old computer destroy the hard drive right there and recycle the rest, he also takes laptops and broken LCD screens free of charge, if you have an old CRT monitor he will take that for a small fee as well, best of all he comes to you Email us at with any and all of your questions and I will be happy to answer them.

Some of you may have noticed when you have called a familiar voice picking up the phone, Katt will be working with me again part time so please if you get her give her a warm welcome back. Also just a note, some of you may have my cell phone number I ask that you please call the main line 801-892-2314 for assistance first as sometime’s I leave my cell phone somewhere or I just don’t hear it, if you call the main line it forwards to my cell when no one is at the office however if you try and just call the cell number I may not answer it or get your message right away. Thank you again for your continued support of Doc Love’s and I look forward to serving your computer needs in the coming year and beyond.

Maintenance Many of my business clients have found real value in our monthly maintenance contracts, we keep their computers running smoothly. Lately I have gotten requests from my residential clients asking about computer maintenance as well, so I am not offering a quarterly maintenance solution for my residential clients, I can come every three months and perform basic maintenance on your home computers. If you would like to be set up for this program just email me at and I will be happy to add you to my list and put in the subject line add for quarterly maintenance. You will then get a call or email every few months so we can set an appointment to maintain your computer.

To remove your name from our mailing list, please reply to this email with the word Remove in the subject line. Questions or comments? E-mail us at or call us at 801-892-2314

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