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HO HO HO! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I just love this time of year. With all my presents under the tree, fire in the fireplace and all the wonderful smells coming out of the kitchen, life can’t get any better than this... well, almost, if my mom would only stop putting stupid outfits on me and taking my picture for the world to see, this might be the best a dog’s life can get. This holiday season, let’s not forget what it’s all about. No matter what religion you are, I think all religions have one thing in common - kindness. My Dad is Polish and it’s Polish tradition to have one extra chair for Christmas Eve dinner for anyone who might show up that you weren’t expecting. So this holiday season let’s all try to do one kind thing to someone we may not know, even if it’s taking cookies over to a new neighbor or a neighbor you have lived next to for years but never got around to talking to. Until next month, have a wonderful and safe holiday!

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By: Fabian Sandler

Like you, people sometimes get to a point in their lives where they start questioning their career path, a relationship, or maybe even their life’s purpose. Most of us rarely make the huge shift that dynamically alters everything. John Carney did exactly that. He attended Texas A&M University and received an Engineering degree, but toward the end of his last semester, he lost all interest in life as an engineer. “All that hyper-analytical tendency that was so strong in me was literally replaced with an intense, intuitive, perception to connect with people very deeply,” John explains. After his life-changing epiphany, he pursued an advanced Master’s degree in Counseling at Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He returned to his native Houston, where he was a primary psychotherapist for a RAPHA in-patient unit. Later, he moved to the Lufkin area and opened a private practice. “I started off with just myself, but wound up opening a number of counseling offices in Deep East Texas with multiple therapists for 16 years. This grew to include a number of counseling centers in South Central Colorado in several cities there,” he expounds. “After about five years, I went from a national trainer of therapists and coaches to corporate consulting for about ten years with several different Fortune 100 companies, including Citibank, Honda, Rockwell Automation, ConocoPhilips, several large nonprofits, and most recently, served as the primary leadership coach for Boeing in the South Carolina area.” Quite a number of people have called John a life-altering, changeagent, mainly because of his thorough style in dealing with the whole person. He once again returned to Houston last year with an oil and gas company, and as a result of the company letting go of seventy percent of their workforce, in October John made the decision to open his own practice in the Atascocita/Humble area; something he and his wife have dreamed of doing for some time. John and his wife, Mari, are partners in their private practice. Mari is also an executive administrative assistant for a large, nonprofit, faith-based organization. John and Mari have four children, ages 16 to 28, plus one grand6 Dock Line Magazine - Atascocita Edition December 2016

child. Coming from a blended family, has given them both a better perspective when it comes to strategically helping families. Having overcome quite a number of life-altering losses, and seeing others rise above many themselves, has given them the tools to help others do the same. As a perpetual learner, over the next ten years John gradually received three board certifications as a Professional Life Coach and Counselor. He is currently studying for his fourth certification, to be completed next year, with the International Coaching Federation. John is known amongst his peers as one who creates major community transition through emphasis on life effectiveness, improvement and development. “Because of my 20+ years’ experience and successfully helping more than 2400 folks, I have two main areas of focus. 1) Professional Life Coach (which includes individual, couple, and family issues of all kinds); 2) Executive/Leadership Development Coach (for corporations and organizations -functionally, a Corporate Consultant). John’s specific specialties or niches include: • Relationship Issues (blended families, parenting, pre-marital, newlywed, pre-/post-divorce) • Communication, Conflict Resolution, and Assertiveness Training • Men’s and Women’s Issues (unique dynamics based on strengths) • Work/Life Balance and Career Transitions • Spiritual Formation and Connectedness • Stress and Time Management • Self-Awareness/EQ (Emotional Quotient) • Leadership Development, Team Building, and Organizational Consulting John has coached these specialties mentioned earlier, during hundreds of seminars, workshops and retreats, but the vast majority of them have been with individuals or couples, families and small groups. What is the difference between counseling and coaching, you might ask? “Professional Counseling and Psychology often deals with a person relative to, what in their past has contributed to their current ability to cope. Professional Life Coaching looks primarily at their current focus in life, and how that relates to their future,” John

begins. “It’s very strategic and proactive. A coach will draw goals out of the person relative to their spirit, soul, body, mind, will and emotions, past, present and future. I discuss these exact realms with people at the very beginning of the first session. Out of those nine realms, I ask folks to shoot for the stars, helping them to truly dream again. • ‘What impasse do you want to overcome?’ • ‘The things that have held you back, where you have settled for less…how would you like to see that moved out of the way?’ • ‘Change is not going to be cyclical; it’s going to be forever, for good.’ Coaching is all about professionally, respectfully holding folks accountable to their own goals and seeing serious progress…many times, like they’ve only dreamed of!” Sessions are available by phone or online, but primarily clients are seen in person. Programs are tailored to the individual’s needs. A client is not bound by contract to length of time; they can stop at any time. Coach and client come to an agreement on the goals that the client wants to achieve. The client’s progress on achieving the mutually agreed upon goals are discussed and progressive new goals are added in. “It’s loving, respectful, and professional accountability,” John states. “We always keep options in mind and strategy with movement as the focus; it’s a dance actually. If they don’t meet their goals, we reroute. It’s mostly, ‘Where are you going? How are you doing? What are you ready for today? Let’s go!’ ‘As the mind of man thinketh, so is he’, the Bible says. One thing that makes us radically different is that we work with the whole person in a faith-based and clientcentered approach.” As an example, John coaches those who have been laid off or fired and are anxious in finding another job, or want to switch careers. He can assist a client with any scenario they may have, including assisting with resumes, getting ready for interviews, or asking for more money. Another facet of Life Coaching & Empowerment is Executive Leadership Coaching, where John will meet with a group of executives, managers and other company leaders. Sessions could last anywhere from thirty minutes to an entire weekend or four-day retreats. John will ask whether the company has already had a corporate assessment done, or would they like him to perform one. John uses the Keirsey program, in which he is certified, as well as Meyers-Briggs, for the executive leadership coaching sessions. John says. “It’s especially powerful for the corporate or organizational environment. It is key for finding out about yourself, how you relate to somebody else, and how do you become more effective, reduce conflict, and learn how to communicate with them for greatest efficiency, based on personality style and temperament.” While John has been onstage in front of as many as sixty thousand people, to be interactive with the group, his preference for a corporate environment is between half a dozen to two hundred people. “I always track fruit to root,” John explains. “Whatever the fruit of the toxicity, dysfunction, ambiguity, indecisiveness, confusion or conflict is,

I go to the root as quickly as possible, and I respectfully uproot and get it dealt with.” In Corporate Consulting, John finds out what the real needs are. “No matter the size of your company or the size of your difficulty, I like to go in with the ADDIE approach for trainers, educators, and corporate consultants. I look at complete and overall systemic, organic, and structural people, and process assessment,” John expounds. “Then I go into design, development, implementation, and multi-level evaluation. I often use the ADDIE process that most every corporate trainer and educator uses. “I am a good listener,” he continues, “and I try to hear things that are said as well as those things that are unsaid. I go after resolving those needs strategically and tactically. The difference being, strategic is the higher level evaluation in design (what are we going to do to get that strategy?); and tactically is more the hands-on (how do we walk it out?). I help the organization with change management and human performance re-engineering as well as resolving issues in a very proactive manner.” On an individual note, John coaches people with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as well. “I’ve helped hundreds of first responders, military personnel, and abuse victims, anybody who has gone through trauma. If you have gone

through trauma of any kind or been exposed to stuff that’s really messing with you, I can help you get free of that.” ➢ Life Coaching & Empowerment’s phone number: 832-995-5593. ➢ Office hours: 11 AM to 7 PM, Monday through Friday. ➢ Look for them on Facebook at ➢ Website: ➢ Accepted methods of payment: Cash, credit or debit cards; Health savings accounts(HSA); and Pay-Pal Not accepting insurance at this time ➢ They can be found at 17280 W. Lake Houston Pkwy., Humble, TX 77346 (one mile south of Atascocita High School, and one mile north of Lone Star College.) The future looks bright for this new company. John articulates, “As we are launching our practice here in the Atascocita/Humble area, we have a passion to let folks know about the difference between typical counseling and professional life coaching in such a way that it impacts not only this area transformatively, but also people’s lives. It is with the full intention of paying it forward approach to life for the individual, couple, family, and organization.”u Dock Line Magazine - Atascocita Edition December 2016 7

Dear Grandpa By Erin Hein Dear Grandpa, I sure miss you. I still never smell a fresh orange without thinking of you. I never taste sugar cane, or see bubbles lights, or put my hands in fresh garden soil, or pass a really good yard sale without you appearing in mind. I miss you every time I pull out the Christmas lights and remember how you lined the roads in the cemetery with homemade lighted arches (and how you and Dad were always scheming up how to add more and more and more lights each year). I miss you when I work with my kids in our garden and remember doing the same thing with you in the garden you made behind the cemetery. You loved those baby plants so tenderly.

I even still miss those silly old geese that only loved you and chased the rest of us. And that ridiculous brown and white goat who thought he was a dog - remember the one that I convinced you to buy from my FFA friend because she loved him so much and wanted him to go to a good home? I remember he liked to go for car rides with you and hang his head out the window... Thank you for that, by the way. I wish so much that you could meet my kids. And put your hat on their head. And pull pennies from behind their ears. They love the story about how you were patient enough with the squirrels in your neighborhood that they would eat right out of your hand. Jack got to bring a picture of you to

school on Veteran’s Day last month and talk to the kids about you. He was so proud. Oh, you would have got along so well! Jack inherited your love of nature, Caroline has your imagination, and Ian has your eyes. I wish I could talk to you one more time, but in the meantime, I hope you get this letter and it makes you smile. I hope the fish are biting for you in heaven today. I love you, Erin Dear Readers, If your holiday table is missing someone special, I encourage you to try writing them a letter. It sometimes feels a little ridiculous when you sit down to start. But just start. Just write “I miss you.” and see what comes next. Burn the letter, or bury it, or bring it up to Darst Funeral Home and leave it in the locked Letters to Heaven mailbox by the gazebo and we will mulch it up (still sealed and completely private, of course) and plant it in our wildflower garden. If you have lost a son or daughter, we also invite you to join other grieving parents in our garden at 5:30pm on December 11th at the Worldwide Candle Lighting Memorial Service put on by The Compassionate Friends support group. From our family to yours, we wish you a holiday season and new year filled with peace and healing. Erin Hein is the daughter of John Darst of Darst Funeral Home. She lives in Kingwood with her husband Evan and their three children, Jack (5), Caroline (3), and Ian (1). At Darst Funeral Home, we are always here in your time of need. You can reach us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at 281312- 5656. You can read more from Erin about growing up behind the scenes of the funeral industry at www.

8 Dock Line Magazine - Atascocita Edition December 2016

Dock Line Magazine - Atascocita Edition December 2016 9

God Heal Our Land The hard fought election of 2016 is over. You may or may not be thrilled with the outcome, but in the immortal words of folksy President Abraham Lincoln, “People can be just as happy, or just as miserable, as they make up their minds to be.” When asked by one of his military strategists why God wasn’t responding to his prayers for a Union victory, that same reputedly devout President Lincoln responded, “Perhaps the Good Lord is getting distracted by the earnest prayers of that righteous General Lee on the other side.” Like

10 Dock Line Magazine - Atascocita Edition December 2016

Lincoln and Lee, it’s time for patriots who have mutually suffered to come together and pray that God will hear our prayers and heal our land! Our real enemy has never been the righteous souls who differ with our governing philosophy. According to the Bible, “We wrestle not with flesh and blood, but with unseen principalities and powers in high places.” Our mutual foe is the willfulness, greed, and corruption that drive human beings to the point they abandon virtue for

selfish gain. It truly is time to “drain the swamp” in Washington DC, in Austin, Texas, and right here in our community. Regulations are necessary to establish standards of excellence and safety. Overregulation suppresses and suffocates goodwill and ambition. Taxes are needed for the common good. Over-taxation dampens industriousness and diminishes achievement. Government bureaucracy is needed for organization and expediency. Too much bureaucracy burdens processes and misplaces accountability. Thomas Jefferson liked to quote from Thoreau’s Civil Disobedience, “That government is best, which governs least.” Donald Trump was asked about the role of our federal government in an early debate. At the time, he said it was to provide good schools for kids and good jobs for grownups. He did not realize that our constitution declares it is, “to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.” He now knows that, and has acknowledged it. Let’s pray that President-Elect Donald Trump learns fast, surrounds himself with godly people, and focuses like a laser on issues that will make our country safe, prosperous and honorable. And let’s commit to live above personal greed and corruption as we hold those above and around us to nobler standards. We all have a chance to begin again. I implore you to be honest with yourself and your neighbor; put a smile on your face and share it with everyone you encounter; do what you have to do, and a little bit more; give what you have to give, and a little bit more; and above all, commit to “Make America Great Again,” because it really is true, “We are stronger together.” 2 Chronicles 7:14 states, “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven and heal their land.” May God richly bless you in the coming years. And God bless the “United” States of America!u

Dock Line Magazine - Atascocita Edition December 2016 11

In October, Houston Police Department Captain Mark Fougerousse of the Kingwood Substation retired after over 38 years of service. My office and I had the distinct privilege of working with Captain Fougerousse during his time at both the Clear Lake and Kingwood substations, and he did a fantastic job working with command staff and protecting the community. This past month, his successor Captain Collin Weatherly officially transferred to Kingwood. Captain Weatherly has been with the Houston Police Department since 1995 and has worked his way in rank since then, spending much of his tenure at the Northeast Division. I look forward to working with Captain Weatherly on a variety of different crime related initiatives and appreciate his service to the entire city, and now, the Lake Houston area in particular. As we approach the holiday season, it is important to remember to stay vigilante while shopping, in parking lots, at home and while traveling. The Houston Police Department reminds residents to protect yourself, your family and your property against criminals. First and foremost, stay alert to your surroundings and the people around you.

12 Dock Line Magazine - Atascocita Edition December 2016

HPD offers the additional suggestions below: • Shop with a friend whenever possible. There is safety in numbers. • Avoid carrying large amounts of cash. • Pay for purchases with a check or credit card. • If possible, carry only your driver’s license, necessary credit cards or personal checks. • If you must carry a purse, do not wrap straps around your arms or shoulders. You could risk injury from a would-be pursesnatcher. • Do not carry wallets in a back pocket. • When possible, slip bags/purchases in a nondescript bag(s). • Watch your purchases while eating in mall food courts; bags can be easily snatched. • Have your car keys ready in hand before leaving the store. • Ask shopping center security for escort to your car if you are uncomfortable walking alone. • Glance in the back seat and under your vehicle before getting in. While at home during the holiday: • Keep the outside of your home well lighted with doors locked and window curtains closed. • Do not display gifts beneath your Christmas tree to be seen from windows or doors. • After the holidays, do not advertise gifts received by the boxes left for garbage collection. Destroy boxes and

place them in sealed garbage bags. Speaking of the holidays, I want to invite you to the City of Houston’s 97th Annual Mayor’s Holiday Celebration and Tree Lighting Presented by Reliant. The spirited event will take place on Friday, December 2 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in Hermann Square at City Hall, in the heart of downtown Houston. This impressive, free event is a holiday tradition of music, fireworks and family fun. A massive 64’ holiday tree shimmering with energy-efficient LED lights, glistening ornaments and a magnificent star topper will light up the streets of downtown Houston this holiday season. The holiday variety show will include a performance by former Destiny Child artist, Michelle Williams, and SVET, an Electro Hip Hop Violinist as seen on America’s Got Talent. Additionally, Shlenker Star Singers will perform and there will be appearances by costumed characters from the Houston Ballet. Mayor Sylvester Turner, Reliant and NRG Retail President Elizabeth Killinger, along with Santa Claus, will light the official Christmas tree and ignite a spectacular fireworks finale perfectly timed to the Hallelujah Chorus from “Handel’s Messiah,” featuring Music Director Ernest Walker, his award-winning band and a 60 voice combined choir from local Houston High Schools. The public is also invited to bring a new, unwrapped toy to the Salvation Army booth to help make the holidays brighter for a child this season. Each person who brings a toy will receive a light-up Santa hat from Reliant. The annual toy drive benefits the Salvation Army Greater Houston Area Command. For more information and street closures, please visit or contact my office at (832) 393-3008 or by email at My family and I have been attending this long-standing celebration since I came into office and look forward to it every year. We hope you will join us as we ring in this holiday season!u

requests (offense). Given the pitfalls discussed above, vis-à-vis: strict deadlines, numerous and complex rules, coupled with the costly results that can stem from a violation of any one of these, hiring an attorney to make strategic decisions and provide sage advice can be the difference in winning and losing your lawsuit. Also, it’s important to hire an attorney early enough in the process, even before litigation has commenced, to give

Pitfalls of the Pro Se Litigant

you an advantage in early negotiations and settlement discussions. Oftentimes, you may

The following is provided for informational

of 20 days after the date of service thereof.”

purposes only and is not, nor should it be

Yes, that’s actually the best language the Texas

construed as legal advice.

Legislature could come up with to describe an

I have practiced law and tried cases in

answer deadline date. Missing this deadline

various court forums throughout the state of

could result in a judgment against you

Texas, and one fact remains a constant: you

without you ever setting foot in a court room.

are at a tremendous disadvantage as a pro se

One of the great misconceptions among


pro se litigants is that the judge or jury will

What exactly does pro se mean? Pro se

afford them some slack in a lawsuit, since they

is a Latin phrase that means “for oneself ”. A

are not attorneys. Wrong. Texas courts will

pro se litigant is simply an individual who is

not accord a pro se litigant any leeway when

representing herself/himself in a lawsuit. I

it comes to a violation of the rules and will

know my first statement in this article seems

hold the pro se litigant to the same standard

self-serving, and to a degree it is, but the truth

as a seasoned attorney. Oh, and I neglected

of the matter is a pro se litigant is at a distinct

to mention, in addition to the Texas Rules of

disadvantage in the legal arena. Often, the

Civil Procedure there are also local rules each

damage done before an attorney is hired can

court adopts that apply only to that particular

be even more costly for the pro se litigant

court. The Texas Legislature has even gone

to fix and sometimes, the damage done is

so far as to create a section of laws that only


apply to pro se litigants. One of my personal

Another one of the truths I have come

favorite terms contained in that section is the

to realize in my legal practice: no one

“Vexatious Litigant”, which is essentially a pro

wants to hire an attorney. Let’s face it, legal

se litigant that has filed five or more lawsuits

representation can be costly and many times

in a seven-year period with less than stellar

you have already suffered some type of


economic damage. But the biggest pitfall for

My high school football coach once

a pro se litigant is waiting too long to hire a

preached to me, “a good offense is a good

capable attorney. The State and Federal rule

defense.” Although my coach turned out to be

books are several hundred pages thick for a

wrong in a football sense, I believe the phrase

reason; the legal practice is full of nuances,

does apply to litigation and the legal practice

grey areas, and outright confusing deadlines.

in general. Instead of being reactionary

For example, in Texas the deadline for filing

and having the opposing party dictate how

an answer in a lawsuit can be fairly confusing.

the lawsuit will proceed (defense), a better

The Texas Rules of Civil Procedure states:

practice is being proactive and navigating

“The defendant must file its answer by 10:00

the lawsuit toward your ultimate goal with

a.m. on the Monday next after the expiration

well-timed motions and strategic discovery

not even know what options and remedies are available when you have been sued or are contemplating bringing a suit of your own; that’s where an attorney can provide reasoned analysis and advice to prevent things from going from bad to worse. Legal Quip of the Month: “To me, a lawyer is basically the person that knows the rules of the country. We’re all throwing the dice, playing the game, moving our pieces around the board, but if there is a problem, the lawyer is the only person who has read the inside of the top of the box.”

• Jerry Seinfeld

© 2016 J. David Chilek David Chilek is admitted to practice before all Texas courts.  He concentrates his practice in the areas general civil litigation, commercial litigation, commercial collections, probate litigation, Deceptive Trade Practices, noncompete agreements, contract disputes, and real estate disputes. Mr. Chilek is an Associate of the law firm, Currin, Wuest, Mielke, Paul & Knapp, PLLC (“CWMPK”) at 800 Rockmead Drive, Suite 220, Kingwood, Texas. Besides the areas in which Mr. Chilek practices, other attorneys at CWMPK concentrate their practice in areas of estate planning, probate, family law (including divorce and custody issues), commercial collections, employment law, bankruptcy, immigration, and commercial litigation. For more information, please call 281.359.0100 or see the CWMPK website at We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for relief under the Bankruptcy Code.u

Dock Line Magazine - Atascocita Edition December 2016 13

Fondren Orthopedic Group, L.L.P. Kingwood, Atascocita, Fall Creek

Shoulder Instability Shoulder joint stability is critical to proper function of the arm. Instability occurs when the structures surrounding the shoulder are unable to maintain the ball in the socket. A dislocation occurs when the shoulder comes completely out of place. When the shoulder partially comes out of place this is termed subluxation. The uncomfortable sensation that the shoulder is about to slide out is called apprehension. While the shoulder joint is commonly referred to as a ball and socket joint, a more accurate analogy is a golf ball on a tee. Since the ball is much larger than the socket the joint is inherently unstable. The shoulder, therefore,

14 Dock Line Magazine - Atascocita Edition December 2016

depends greatly on the soft tissues surrounding it to maintain stability. The most important stabilizing structures are the labrum and the capsule. The labrum is a thick cuff of cartilage surrounding the socket that compensates for its shallow shape. The capsule is a thin layer of tissue that envelops the shoulder and helps to keep it in place. Injury or deficiency of these soft tissues is typically responsible for an unstable shoulder. Occasionally, the instability is complicated by bony injury as well, such as a fracture of the socket. Instability can develop in a variety of ways. One of the most common is the violent wrenching of the arm such as in a football tackle or wrestling

takedown. It can also occur in young athletes participating in overhead sports such as volleyball, swimming, and baseball, wherein the capsule stretches out over time causing the feeling of apprehension. This can develop into chronic instability that can limit their ability to perform. Lastly, instability can even be caused by simple every day activities such as reaching for an object. Usually, this occurs in loosejointed individuals. Shoulder instability can be diagnosed in a variety of ways. The most important method is by evaluation and examination by a physician. Plain X-rays are obtained to ensure that no bony abnormality exists. An MRI scan can be utilized to evaluate the labrum and capsule as well. Occasionally, this is combined with an injection of dye into the joint to allow for better visualization of the soft tissue injuries. The treatment of instability must be customized to each individual patient but is mostly nonsurgical in nature. Dislocated shoulders must be put back in place by a physician as soon as possible either on the playing field or in an emergency room. Occasionally, they can go back in on their own with a change of arm position. Acute injuries are treated with rest, immobilization, ice, and anti-inflammatory medications. Later physical therapy is begun to restore strength and function. Those with chronic injuries are initially treated with relative rest from their sport and strengthening exercises done at home or with a therapist. Occasionally, cortisone injections can help speed up recovery. For those that fail to improve with nonsurgical treatment, arthroscopic surgery can be performed. Using small incisions, a camera, and specialized instruments, your surgeon can repair or tighten the tissues around the shoulder to restore stability. This is usually done as an outpatient procedure. Some patients, such as high school football players, are at very high risk for instability even after a single dislocation. Surgery may be recommended in these individuals to prevent future instability. Physical therapy is initiated four to six weeks after surgery to restore range of motion and strength. Full recovery can be expected in four to six months. Dr. Razvan Scobercea is a board certified Orthopedic Surgeon who completed his orthopedic training at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. He is a part of Fondren Orthopedic Group LLP and practices in the Kingwood, Atascocita and Fall Creek locations. He sub-specialized in sports medicine and arthroscopy at the OASIS Sports Medical Group in San Diego, California where he served as assistant team physician to high school, college, and professional sports teams including the San Diego Chargers, USA Rugby, and X Games. He now serves as team physician for several local area high schools.u

Humble ISD Junior ROTC Programs One hundred years ago, the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) was created as part of the National Defense Act of 1916. JROTC programs have a strong military influence and are taught by retired military personnel. Humble ISD has five high school JROTC programs representing various branches of the military: Atascocita High School – Marines; Humble High School – Army; Kingwood High School – Navy; Kingwood Park High School – Air Force; Summer Creek High School – Army. Although the military branches in which each program identifies can vary, they all emphasize skills for life: leadership, self-confidence and discipline. The curriculum consists of education in citizenship, leadership, social and communication skills, physical fitness and wellness, geography, and civics. “We’re trying to develop the whole student, academically, physically, mentally, morally and ethically.” said J. ‘Mike’ Lasyone, USMC (ret). “We develop the whole man or the whole woman so they’re successful in life regardless of the career they choose.” Community service is also a large part of developing the cadets. The young men and women of the JROTC programs can be seen volunteering at school fairs and mentoring programs. They also conduct Veterans Day ceremonies to honor our local veterans. The cadets from a single program can volunteer 4,500 hours or more each year. The Veterans Day ceremonies in particular strike a chord with cadets. “Our Veterans are quite literally living history. We strive to honor the legacy they leave behind,” said Cadet Private First Class Harman Olson of Summer Creek High School JROTC.u

Kingwood High School JROTC cadets recreate the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier to honor veterans on Veterans Day.

Physical fitness is an important aspect of JROTC programs, as shown by cadets from Humble High School.

As part of the color guard at football games, the Air Force JROTC cadets at Kingwood Park High School stand at attention to honor the flag. JROTC programs provide color guard units for many district events.

Who is responsible for airing up the tunnel at football games? Who carries the flags after the team scores? That’s right – JROTC cadets!

Atascocita High School cadets volunteered to be part of a ceremony to honor first responders at a 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony held at Atascocita High School. Dock Line Magazine - Atascocita Edition December 2016 15

Pilates…not for Men!

Why would a man choose Pilates? It’s too easy! It’s for dancers, flexible people and young people! Believe it or not, Pilates was originally designed by Joseph Pilates, for men! Most men understand the mechanics of a car and that it needs maintaining, the same goes for the human body. In a simplified way, it is made up of muscles, bones and ligaments. If these are used incorrectly as in sitting or playing a sport that uses one side of the body only, we get out of balance. If we don’t put water into our body it can’t function properly just like a car. Men don’t get back pain! Men suffer from back pain today because of the lifestyle we have where we aren’t moving enough daily or from playing a sport that utilizes one side of the body more than the other. Unfortunately, when it comes to gardening or lifting and carrying something heavy, or a task that needs us to bend over, we feel pain. Often this is because our hamstrings are tight or our rotator muscles are weak. There is a lot of focus on the, six pack. Having a six pack looks aesthetically pleasing but does not mean a strong core or support for the posture. In Pilates, the deepest abdominal muscle, the transverse abdominis, is focused on, along with the other abdominal muscles, as this muscle aids in trunk stabilization and keeps the spine protected. When these muscles are worked, they all work with the muscles that extend the spine and improve

16 Dock Line Magazine - Atascocita Edition December 2016

the posture. Many men who go to the gym have great looking biceps, shoulders and legs! So

who would want to have the flexibility in their hamstrings to touch the floor or worry about a head that juts forward due to tight muscles? Elite athletes only lift weights! Many athletes today have added Pilates to their workouts as a form of ”pre-hab! ” I can’t speak for them personally, but we see Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods, David Beckham and actor, Sylvester Stallone, in magazines quoted as using Pilates to improve their balance, agility, and to recruit smaller muscles and ligaments that they don’t use in the gym. It would make sense for an athlete to take Pilates on their off day as a way to work on different areas and flexibility. Unfortunately, I haven’t worked with as many men as I’d have liked to in the past 10 years. Most of them have either come to Pilates because their spouses have encouraged them to join a class, or they have had orthopedic surgeons recommend they start Pilates to strengthen after back surgery. All the men who have taken classes have stayed and express the improvements they have felt. Many have been golfers and cyclists, and I had a polo player who spent many hours on his horse or riding his bike. If you can imagine the posture or movements of these men you can understand how it impacted their bodies. Men don’t spend most of the day sitting

or in vehicles! One of my clients in the UK was a dentist. He was 6’6” tall, and had spent the last 30 years hunched over his patients. He suffered from severe headaches and a kyphotic (hunched) posture. One of his colleagues an oral surgeon had stopped working due to the pain from repetitive posture. It was this guy who told my client to try Pilates as he was able to come out of retirement, through improving his posture by taking Pilates. In the Pilates world, a Dr.’s posture is described as a question mark? This is due to these professions spending a lot of time bending over patients. For some men to walk into a mat class for the first time would probably feel daunting. If you want to try mat Pilates, look for a small class or men only classes. I think for many men they have been taught that if they aren’t feeling something, it’s not working. Pilates is a mind body exercise. For many of us, it is not easy to switch off from outside interference. I have never been a person who could sit quietly and meditate, but when I focus on breathing and movement, I leave a class feeling very refreshed. It does take a while to become familiar and comfortable with the terms and movements of Pilates but like learning to read or write, you have to be patient, do it regularly and you will benefit. This is why a small class and a beginner package that takes commitment works well. There is no competition in a Pilate’s class as our bodies can all do different movements at different times. A Pilate’s class should have people looking different to accommodate each person’s physical requirements. It is also something couples can do together. Eventually, we would all like to perform the same exercises, but if we don’t, hopefully, we all look and feel better than when we started! If you aren’t as tall as you were, you get lower back twinges, your shoulders and neck are tight, you have one shoulder higher than the other, or you have to sit down to put your shoes and socks on; consider adding Pilates to your exercise routine. If you haven’t exercised for a long time, try a beginner Pilates class. For more information on classes or private sessions: go to my website, www. Or call or Text Katharine at 832-8671059u “If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old; if it is completely flexible at 60, you are young.” -J.H. Pilates

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ment and Active Labor Act. If a patient is in a medical ER and it is determined that the need is more psychiatric than healthcare-related, and the need is a crisis, then the medical hospital is required to do a transfer to an appropriate facility. This translates to potentially very long wait times for a patient having mental health issues to get medically cleared, followed by a transfer to a facility like King-

Kingwood Pines Hospital is open during the holidays! During the holidays, sometimes it is hard to find medical or mental health services due

health crisis can happen anytime, including holidays, nights and weekends.

to businesses being closed around Thanksgiv-

Emergency rooms in medical hospitals

ing, Christmas, and New Year’s Day. How-

are meant for medical emergencies, so if

ever, going to a medical hospital emergency

someone goes to their local ER, such as King-

room for a mental health crisis might not be

wood Medical Center or Memorial Hermann

needed. Kingwood Pines Hospital’s walk-in

NE, or even a freestanding ER, they first as-

mental health crisis services are open 24/7,

sess for any medical issues. This is required

365 days per year. We know that a mental

by EMTALA, the Emergency Medical Treat-

wood Pines. This process can take from 4-10 hours, depending upon how busy the medical emergency room is at the time. By coming directly to Kingwood Pines Hospital if someone is having symptoms that are not directly related to a medical problem, but instead are due to a mental health problem, a patient can have a mental health assessment much more quickly. Our lobby is a psychiatric emergency room, so we are also required to assess for any major medical problems, followed by assessing any major mental health problems to help determine if the person meets the criteria for admission to any of our mental health or substance abuse programs. If the Kingwood Pines admissions staff determines that the patient has medical issues that are primary, or more important to treat than the mental health issues, then the patient will be transferred to a local medical emergency room. Once stabilized medically, the patient may be transferred back to Kingwood Pines if mental health services are still needed. So, if you know someone that is in a mental health crisis any time of the day or night, holidays and weekends, Kingwood Pines Hospital is here to serve their needs by providing a no-cost assessment. Walk-ins with no appointment are welcome, but calling prior to coming to the hospital is always helpful. Call the main hospital number, 281-4041001, and ask for admissions. u

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Most Rainbow Trout you will see this winter are 8-10 inches long, so make sure to take Size 10 or 12 hooks and small lures with you!

Every winter sine 1970 Texas Parks and Wildlife has stocked Rainbow Trout in small public lakes and ponds around the state creating a unique fishing opportunity for Texans. Whether you grew up in colder climes fishing for mountain trout, want to try something new, or want an easy introduction to fishing, Rainbow Trout offer a winter-time special! Rainbow Trout fishing is a popular activity for anglers in winter months when native fish may be harder to find as they shelter in deeper waters and do not eat as much in cooler temperatures. It provides a unique type of fishing experience for new and experienced anglers alike. Plus, a trout fishing trip can result in a tasty meal an angler can take home! Catch-and–release fishing is a marvelous conservation tool for native species when we want to protect future generations of fish, but Rainbow Trout stocking in Texas is designed for anglers to keep their catch. We stock early enough in the winter to ensure all Trout are fished Rainbow Trout are stocked in Texas with the expectation that anglers will take a few home to eat! They are a great tasting fish and many good recipes can be found online. If you do not want to keep your fish, you can always throw them back for others to catch.

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out before spring temperatures become too warm for them. We also stock trout at high densities and set a 5 fish/person a day limit so everyone has a chance of taking home dinner. For new or young anglers, trout can be an excellent introductory fish! Trout can easily be caught on simple rigs. Many anglers report success with a just a small hook and no sinker. In deeper ponds, using a single split shot weight on the fishing line may be needed to move the bait deeper in the water for the fish to find. Traditional baits such as worms and crickets work well, but for the angler that wants to keep their hands clean, whole cornel canned or and dough baits all work well too. Just remember to keep your hook size small! Rainbow Trout are sight predators, hunting for prey items visually, and can be easily scared away from bait if they don’t like the look of it. Therefore, try to keep your tackle to a minimum. Small hooks (size #10 or #12) are best. There are even specialized circle hooks for trout that many tackle shops carry. A Fisheries biologists monitors water temperatures and dissolved oxygen at Missouri City Community Park Lake to see when the water will be cool enough for Rainbow Trout.

If you would like more information on how to fish, TPWD has an excellent PDF booklet about fishing at: For anglers that are wanting to move into artificial lures, trout provide a great chance to practice too! Trout will hit small surface flies, inline spinners, curly tail or grub jigs, bucktail jigs, swim shad, or crank baits. Most of the stocked fish will be 8 to 12 inches so err on the small side of lures! Rainbow Trout are a cold water fish, that due to Texas’s high summer temperatures can only live here when stocked in winter, or in chilly tailraces below dams. This means that while they are not native to the area, their short stay in Texas does not threaten our native species. TPWD stocks Trout in small water bodies that are easily accessible to anglers and we stock early in the cool months to ensure that all fish are caught before the temperatures begin to rise in the Spring. Most of the locations will be stocked only once or twice this winter, but our Neighborhood Fishing Program ponds every two weeks while temperatures allow. The three Neighborhood Fishing Program ponds in the Houston area are Community Park Lake in Missouri City, Mary Jo Peckham Park in Katy, and Central Park Pond in College Station. All Rainbow Trout stocking locations and dates can be found at To learn more about Rainbow Trout, including additional sites and stocking schedules, and tips on how to fish, check out www.neighborhoodfishin. org. If you have any questions please contact us at 979-272-1430 or by email at or Also please come visit us on Facebook at https://www. nHouston.u Many of the small ponds we will stock are also great places to go for a picnic, take a walk, or look for wildlife. This is Missouri City Community Park Lake, which will be stocked every two weeks while cool temperatures last.

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By: Jason C. Miller, DPM, FACFAS, FASPS

Bunions and Great Toe Joint Pain Bunion deformities and painful great toe joints are very common and can be quite painful. The term “bunion” is a generic name given to any enlargement of the big toe joint. Bunions become painful due to pressure from shoes, from misalignment of the joint, or from damage from within the great toe joint itself. A bunion can be caused from abnormal position or drift of the bones of the foot, or can be a result of an arthritic or metabolic processes. Many bunions are hereditary, and others form due to faulty foot

function and/or shoe choices and influences. Not all “bunions” are treated the same way. Initially, “bunions” are treated conservatively with larger/wider shoes, splinting/padding, anti-inflammatories, or orthotics (custom made arch supports). Eventually, most painful and large bunions require more definitive treatment, often times requiring day surgery. Early diagnosis and treatment may prevent surgical treatment of bunions, especially in the cases of very flexible feet, arthritis, and metabolic causes.

The longer a “bunion” is present, the more the cartilage and joint is damaged, often times making surgery the only option. Also, bunions and bad great toe joint function often cause pain and problems in other areas of the foot. Bunion surgery is usually relatively easy, predictable, and most often without general anesthesia in a day surgery center or outpatient hospital. Most patients are allowed to walk on their surgical foot the same day of surgery. Early treatment of great toe deformities is the single most important way to prevent end-stage great toe joint arthritis. Most end-stage great toe joint arthritis can lead to significant disability, and often necessitates great toe joint replacement surgery or great toe joint fusion surgeries. If you have a painful or enlarged great toe joint, don’t hesitate, get your feet evaluated today! Houston Foot and Ankle Jason C. Miller, DPM, FACFAS Daren Guertin, DPM, FACFAS Jacob Hord, DPM, FACFAS Elizabeth Fernandez-Arias, DPM Laura Woodcox, DPM Offices in Kingwood, Atascocita, Houston, and Mont Belvieu (281) 348-2166u

d My Frien Bobby!

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teachings. With the miracles that these Spanish God-like Fathers had to offer, it took the Franciscans only six years to sign up the first eight million new believers! Soon after news of Juan Diego’s apparition made its way around Mexico, the native Indians reconciled (a polite way of putting it!) with the Spaniards and a new race of people, the Mestizo, was created.

Christmas in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

In fact, the Lady of Guadalupe is generally depicted as a Mestiza. Today, it is estimated that anywhere from 60-80% of the Mexican population is Mestizo and slightly more than 90% of all Mexicans are Catholic. With well in excess of 100 million Catholics, Mexico ranks second only to Brazil with its population of Roman Catholics. During the 20th century, the Mexican government took a number of steps to separate church from state and also nationalized much of the wealth that the church had accumulated over the years; however Catholicism continues to have a strong influence in Mexican life today. Although it’s influential, it’s certainly not forced on anyone or even on display. In our 13 years of living in Vallarta, we’ve never noticed a priest or nun in the city; they do not wear their habits in public. Many of the annual Mexican fiestas are religious by nature but Easter and Christmas

Five centuries ago, Christmas was

came to be known, is to this day recognized

are the most widely celebrated. We have

virtually nonexistent in Mexico; in fact,

as the Patron Saint of all the Americas and

been fortunate enough to witness the past

Christianity had not even been introduced

is the basis for much of the Catholic faith

13 Christmases in PV and can say that it’s a

to the New World. The native Aztec

throughout Mexico. As an example, the most

sight to behold! They start the season early

Indians weren’t even aware of the concept

predominate historical landmark in Puerto

in December by hanging colorful lights and

of Christianity until 1524, when Twelve

Vallarta is the Our Lady of Guadalupe church

decorations throughout the city. The official

Franciscans (Twelve Apostles of New Spain)

in El Centro.

holiday season begins on December 12th, the

Evidently the Franciscans were quite

birthday of the Lady of Guadalupe, and lasts

impressed with their new convert; they moved

until January 6th with Epiphany or Los Reyes

Soon after the arrival of the Twelve

him and his wife into their new mission and

Magos (the day of the three kings or wise

Franciscans, some of the native Indians

changed his name to Juan Diego (a bit easier

men); some now refer to this holiday season

began accepting the story of Christ and

for them to pronounce!). After Juan Diego

as the Guadalupe-Reyes Marathon!

converting to Christianity. One such Indian,

witnessed the mystical Lady on Tepayac Hill

Approximately 9 days before Christmas,

an indigenous farmer named Cuauhtlatoatzin

who supposedly cured his uncle of a terminal

various processions, called Las Posadas,

(the talking eagle in the Nahuatl language)

illness, the rest of the local Indians reasoned

are initiated in surrounding cities and

living north of what is now known as Mexico

that it must be an awfully good religion that

communities as the participants begin their

City, claimed to have witnessed an apparition

these intelligent Spaniards had brought to

walk to Puerto Vallarta. These processions are

of the Virgin Mary on Tepayac Hill. Our

them; they soon dumped their ancient pagan

a celebration of Joseph and Mary’s search for

Lady of Guadalupe, as the Virgin Mary

beliefs in favor of the new Catholic Church

shelter in Bethlehem and they all convene in

came to Mexico; about a decade later, the Dominicans followed.

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El Centro on Christmas Eve at the Our Lady

temperature is 80°F, resulting in

of Guadalupe church. The children have their

the average daily temperature for

colorful piñatas and the adult celebrations

this festive season of 72°F with

begin as the entire downtown area bustles

clear blue skies and zero chance

with activity and music. Christmas Day is a

of rain; it just doesn’t get any

much more quiet and somber day; a day of

better than this!






December 28th is the Day of the

surroundings to look more like

Innocents, the equivalent of April Fool’s Day

that to which you’re accustomed,

in the United States; a day when everyone

you can purchase all sizes of

plays practical jokes on each other and not an

artificial Christmas trees at Sam’s

appropriate time to “loan” money or believe

Club, Costco, Home Depot, or


Wal-Mart; better yet, you can just

Of course, December 31st is another

hang your lights all over the beautiful palms.

joyful occasion in Vallarta. The entire

Finding poinsettias for that additional touch

perimeter of Banderas Bay lights up with

of Christmas ambiance is not a problem;

incredible fireworks displays lasting almost a

after all, poinsettias are indigenous to Mexico

half an hour and fiestas can be heard all night

and are abundant in Vallarta. Throw in a few

long throughout the city; you’ll not see a

bougainvilleas, hibiscus, birds of Paradise,

more spectacular New Year’s Eve celebration.

geraniums, orchids, and numerous other

Of course, New Year’s Day is another quiet

tropical flowers (all in full bloom over the

day as everyone again tries to recover!

holidays) and you’ll have the most beautiful

The final Christmas season fiesta is that of Epiphany on January 6th celebrating the

Christmas you’ve ever experienced. So, what are you waiting for? Vallarta’s

a short 2-3 hour flight from most US cities and with more than 50 international flights arriving daily, it’s a simple and relatively inexpensive way to enjoy the best holiday season of your life. With perfect weather, very hospitable, gentle, and courteous English speaking locals inviting visitors with open arms, clean water and food, safety and security a major priority, and fun galore, you’ll not have a Merrier Christmas anywhere; as they say south of the border, Feliz Navidad!u

arrival of the Three Wise Men. The children receive gifts and everyone enjoys a pastry called La Rosca De Reyes (bread of the kings). Typically, there is a very small doll buried in the bread roll and the person that gets the piece containing the doll is responsible for hosting the next fiesta on February 2nd, the Day of Candlemas. (You’ve got to give them credit; they have plenty of reasons for planning the next fiesta!) Now you know why they refer to Christmas Season as a Marathon! By the way, in Mexico, it’s never referred to as “Winter Solstice Holidays”, “Non-Denominational Festivities Season”, or by any other politically correct term; it’s Christmas Season! It should be mentioned that there are a few things obviously missing in Puerto Vallarta during this season of celebration. Beautiful snow covered pine trees and deep snow drifts for Santa’s sled are nowhere to be found; of course, they were probably also lacking 2,000 years ago in Bethlehem! The average daily low temperature during the holidays is 65°F and the average high Dock Line Magazine - Atascocita Edition December 2016 27

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Pelvic Vein Compression Syndrome

It is estimated that one-third of all women will experience chronic pelvic pain in their lifetime. Recent advancements show pain may be due to hard-to-detect varicose veins in the pelvis, known as pelvic vein compression syndrome. The causes of pelvic pain are varied, but are often associated with the presence of ovarian pelvic varicose veins - it is similar to varicose veins in the legs. In both cases, the valves in the veins that help return blood to the heart against gravity become weakened and don’t close properly, this allows blood to flow backwards and pool in the vein causing pressure and bulging veins. In the pelvis, varicose veins can cause pain and affect the uterus, ovaries, and vulva. Up to fifteen percent of women, generally between the ages of 20 and 50, have varicose veins in the pelvis, although not all experience symptoms. The diagnosis is often missed because women lie down for a pelvic exam, relieving pressure from the ovarian veins, so that the veins no longer bulge with blood as they do while a woman is standing. Many women with this syndrome spend many years trying to get an answer to why they have this chronic pelvic pain. Living with chronic pelvic pain is difficult and affects not only the women directly, but also

her family, friends, and her general outlook on life. Because the cause of the pelvic pain is not diagnosed, no therapy is provided even

though there is therapy available. Symptoms: • Pelvic pain or aching around the pelvis and lower abdomen • Dragging sensation or pain in the pelvis • Feeling of fullness in the legs • Worsening of stress incontinence • Worsening in the symptoms associated with irritable bowel syndrome Pain is the most common symptom, and worsens when standing, sitting, during pregnancy, and during or after sexual intercourse. The pain is usually on one side but can affect both sides. However, not every woman with this syndrome will get symptoms, and many only do following pregnancy. Treatment: Dr. Revana is one of the only doctors in our area that uses catheter angiography for the treatment of pelvic vein compression syndrome. The use of the catheter makes it possible to combine diagnosis and treatment in a single procedure. Catheter angiography produces very detailed, clear and accurate pictures of the blood vessels and may eliminate the need for surgery.u

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Time for a Year-end Investment Review With the holiday season upon us, you may well be busier than usual. However, by spending a few minutes reviewing your investment scenario of this past year, you can see where you’ve been, where you might be going, and what you need to do to keep moving forward toward your long-term financial goals. So, as you look back at 2016, pay close attention to these elements of your investment picture: • Performance – Reviewing your investment performance over time is im-

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portant in helping you determine if you’re on track to achieve your financial goals. So, in evaluating how your investments did in 2016, ask yourself some key questions: How did your investments do relative to their performance in past years? If there was a big difference, what might have accounted for it? Were your returns relevant to your long-term goals? In other words, if you have already established a return rate you’ll need to reach your goals – and you should indeed set such a rate – were your actual returns “on track” to help you make progress toward your objec-

tives? And, just as importantly, were your return expectations realistic, based on your investment mix and the market environment? • Investment mix – If you are a diligent investor following a well-designed strategy, you probably started out in 2016 with an investment mix that reflects your risk tolerance, time horizon, and short- and longterm goals. But over time, your investment mix can change, even without your having done so on purpose. If you owned a certain percentage of an asset, such as growth stocks, and those stocks appreciated in price substantially, they could take up a larger percentage of your portfolio than you had intended, thereby exposing you to a higher risk level than that with which you are comfortable. So now that the year is coming to a close, examine your investment mix to see if it needs “rebalancing.” • Contribution levels – Are you taking full advantage of your 401(k) or other employer-sponsored retirement plan? Specifically, if you got a raise this past year, did you boost your contributions to your plan? The more you invest now, and throughout your working life, the less likely it will be that you have to play “catch up” in the years immediately preceding your retirement. • Mistakes – We all make mistakes in every walk of life – including the way we invest. In looking back over 2016, can you spot some investment mistakes you might have made? Did you temporarily “bail out” on investing immediately after the “Brexit” vote, only to find, a few weeks later, that the markets had soared to record highs? Did you act on impulse and buy a so-called “hot” stock that turned out to be inappropriate for your needs and risk level? While mistakes like these might be costly in the short term, they can ultimately prove invaluable – if you learn from them. We’re just about ready to turn the page on the 2016 calendar. So, as you review your investment decisions for the past year, try to determine what worked, what didn’t – and what you can do to improve your results in 2017. This article was written by Edward Jones for use by your local Edward Jones Financial Advisor. u

There are a lot of economic development activities happening in the Lake Houston Area. A recap of recent activities is below. For up to date information on what’s being built and developed in Lake Houston, visit 250 Assay Street - (11/2016) On Tuesday November 15, 2016 McCord Development held the topping out ceremony for 250 Assay St., the first multi-tenant building in Generation Park’s lifestyle district, Redemption Square. 250 Assay St. is Houston’s only curtain walled mixed-use building to break ground in 2016. Each floor of the building features efficient layouts with large offices, useful collaboration spaces and floor-to-ceiling windows with views from every corner. In addition to the office space, the ground floor of 250 Assay St. will feature an array of restaurants. Adjacent to the building, a five floor, 710-car parking garage will provide year-round climate control comfort with a covered connection to the building’s expansive lobby for tenants and visitors to 250 Assay St. and Redemption Square. The five story Class A building is scheduled for completion in June 2017, and one floor of office space is still available with suites starting at 1,950 square feet. West Lake Houston Medical Center - (10/2016) Located on southbound side of West Lake Houston Pkwy, just before the entrance to The Groves. New medical office and new location for Doug Erdy Group real estate offices. McCord Development - (11/2016) Announced the relocation of their headquarters from downtown Houston to 250 Assay St. in the Redemption Square district located in Generation Park. McCord will be more than doubling its Houston-area footprint. Currently, McCord Development occupies 6,843 square feet at 1021 Main St. in downtown Houston. Page Southerland Page Architects designed the five-story, Class A office building in partnership with McCord Development, and E.E. Reed Construction LP is the general contractor. There’s one floor of the building remaining for lease. Houston-based Transwestern is leasing the retail space and McCord is leasing the office space. Over the summer, Houston-based FMC Technologies Inc. (NYSE: FTI) moved more than 1,000 employees into its new headquarters at Generation Park. Shoppes at Kingsgate - (10/2016) A 18,600 sf Aldi grocery store and 9,500 sf Dollar Tree has been announced to open in 3Q 2017. Other recent announcements include Fur Babies (5,600 square feet), Liberty Tax (1,100 square feet) and restaurant Wok Wok (1,500 square feet) and Cell Phone Doc (800 square feet). Schreer Partnership recently purchased the 153,000 square-foot Kingwood Shopping Center where Steinmart is located and plan to change the name to the Shoppes at Kingsgate. Long-term contracts with Steinmart, the dry cleaning business and many of the other existing businesses within the new Shoppes at Kingsgate have been secured. They plan to make each of the buildings have a unique look, change the lighting and landscape to transform it into a gated shopping center that is very user-friendly. White Lightning - (9/2016) The owners behind Moon Tower Inn and Voodoo Queen will build a 21,000-square-foot country-style bar and lounge at 9506 N. Sam Houston Parkway which is slated to open end of December 2016. Main partner Brandon Young says, “We want more of a Vegas-style, really nice (establishment).” He hopes to invite musicians like outlaw country performer Rex Griffith, along with other Texas and big country acts. Young will incorporate some of the Tiki-style drinks from Voodoo, along with some of the carefully chosen local craft beer selections he offers at Moon Tower Inn. “There will be a little bayou lounge with daiquiris, and in the bar and grill we’re gonna have a bunch of craft beer, a small cocktail menu,” he says. As for the food, it will be “Southern fare. Chicken-fried lamb chops, fried black-eyed-peas, gumbo, burgers.” A mechanical bull will also be included. The Mission of the Lake Houston Area Chamber of Commerce is a cooperative effort of business people to attract new business, support and strengthen the business environment, serve the needs of the members, and cooperate with civic leaders and other interested parties to promote community growth.

Jenna Armstrong, IOM President & CEO


Recent Economic Development Activity in Lake Houston

Atascocita December 2016