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eview: Organic Wine from Vintage Roots - The Organic Wine People (Competition Ended) ] ’Tis the season to be merry and there is nothing like a good quality wine to get me in the merry mood. I am not a big drinker but I do love wine and for me quality is better than quantity. A few years back I discovered that some of the normal wines out there aggravated my skin condition of rosacea, and that a bottle of red would send me into Father Christmas rosy cheeks in no time, so I was keen to see if organic and also ‘no added sulphites’ wine would be better. I am pleased to say it is and so I was introduced to ‘Vintage Roots - The Organic Wine People’. I was happy to find such a great selection available from this company which also has a great working ethos which I will go into in this post.

Who Are Roots?


Vintage Roots is a UK based organic wine company which started out in 1986 when the founders were assisted by the Enterprise Allowance Scheme which helped these budding entrepreneurs get their passion off the ground. A n d what a great passion to have organic wine!

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F r o m no experience to travelling around France c o m piling their first list of organic wines, travelling in

a battered Citroen 2CV with a tent, to now showcasing some 300 organic wines, dozens of beers, ciders,spirits, liqueurs, juices and chocolate. They took their passion and expanded it. Winning the Decanter accolade for Best Specialist Independent Wine Merchant really puts this company top in my eyes for both their ethos and their passion for organic wine. In my communications with them, and watching their videos HERE , I feel very enthused about this company and I am glad to share what they do.

Why Go Organic When Buying Wine? Firstly it’s good to understand what organic actually means in terms of wine. Organic wines are made from grapes which are cultivated without recourse to synthetic pesticides, fungicides, herbicides or fertilizers. To produce a quality wine it is imperative that the base product is sound and we believe that organically-grown grapes have a head start because they are not in a cycle of chemical dependency. ~ Vintage Roots So organic grapes are grown in the way nature meant plants to grow, with nutrient rich soil, with worms and all the natural components of a healthy soil turnover - full of life. Organic farming encourages biodiversity where all species and plants flourish in perfect balance with the surroundings and the environment, unlike chemical-based farming methods, which strip the nutrients from the soil, and pollute the grapes thus having a negative effect on the wine itself. I feel that my body senses this when drinking non-organic wine, as my inner sensitivities go haywire, producing bright red cheeks and sometimes acne from drinking red wine that is non-organic.

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100% Organic Refers to wines that are produced with grapes that are certified 100% organically grown and do not have any added sulfites.


Organic wines are made with organic grapes.

Foods and Wines of New Orleans brings together a delicious collection of the traditional foods with new ways of using exotic seasoning and unusual combinations, plus a comprehensive survey of Louisiana excellent wines and sherries.

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The USDA Defintion for Organic food is as follows emphasize the use of renewable resources and t environmental quality for future generations. Org conventional pesticides; petroleum-based fertiliz

s: “Organic food is produced by farmers who the conservation of soil and water to enhance ganic food is produced without using most zers or sewage sludge-based fertilizers;

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5 Hot Latino Celebrities These five Latino men have won the hearts of many of their female followers not just with their looks, but with their talents, as well. Now, they reveal another skillset from their repertoire that is sure to make women swoon even more for them. Here’s our list of the hot Latino celebrities who love to cook. Mario Lopez It is just fitting that the first one on the list is, in fact, a certified master chef in the kitchen. Unbeknownst to many, Mario Lopez really knows his way around the kitchen with the American television host and actor even launching his own cookbook series and showing his wares in cooking shows on TV from time to time, according to Ryan Guzman The 28-year-old American actor was known for his roles as Jake in the TV series “Pretty Little Liars” and as Sean in the popular “Step Up” films. His fans would surely love to know that one of his dream date ideas is cooking for his date. “I like to cook too, so, I wouldn’t mind cooking a dinner and then bring it out to some scenic area. We would just have a lot of fun,” Guzman told Celebuzz. Some of his favorite Latino dishes to cook are tripas, posoles and carnitas. Rafael Nadal The tennis star, regarded by some people as the best player who ever stepped on a clay-court, shared in his book that he is fond of cooking not just for himself, but for others, according to a blog from the NY Times. “I cooked, as I do most nights during the Wimbledon fortnight,” he wrote. “I enjoy it, and my family thinks it’s good for me. Something else to help settle my mind. That night I grilled some fish and served some pasta with shrimps.” In his book, “Rafa,” he also shared how he likes going to the supermarket to buy some of his favorite snacks like Nutella chocolate and potato chips. He said that he is not the typical athlete when it comes to healthy eating because he eats like normal people do. Leo Messi The Argentinian football superstar can also do some magic trick in the kitchen. Check out one of his Instagram posts below showing off his skills in cooking. The video features the Spanish club Barcelona forward preparing some tasty looking meals. 16 stylus magazine

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This is going to be the best Tequila on the market bet on it. They going to take over Cali ,Vegas, Arizona, than the world.

There is a lot of interest and a lot of confusion about organic wine these days. The interest stems from the increasing presence of wines with organic claims on store shelves and from wine consumers who want organic alternatives to conventional wines. Most of the confusion has to do with the labeling of these organic wines.

Casa Mexico Tequila Featured in 504 Wine & Sprit Magazine Special Edition

We Love a nice bottel of Tequila and this Casa Mexico is the best

Wine is good. Check. And a little intimidating? Check! Sure, it’s a deep and complex subject, but unless you’re a philosopher with a vineyard, wine is simply about enjoying what’s in your glass. In fact, we’ve built our entire wine department on this philosophy.


Growing Grapes and Making Homemade Wine Wine quality is dictated mainly by the grapevines, not by the winemaker.The better the grapes, the better the wine. If you have a proper growing site that has good drainage, access to full sunlight and nutrient-poor soil, you can micromanage their development and pick them at the moment of perfection. Wine quality also depends on picking the fruit when its not only ripe, but mature, and making sure the harvested fruit is immediately brought to the winery — perhaps your garage or basement — to begin the winemaking process.

CRAB SHACK The Spot: Angry Crab & BBQ 2808 East Indian School Road 602-956-3088 The Hours: Happy hour is 3 to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday at the bar and hightops only

Inside: Angry Crab & BBQ in Phoenix is the second restaurant (of several more to come) from the folks behind Angry Crab Shack in Mesa, a popular East Valley spot that’s known for its Southern-style seafood boils. When you think “seafood boil,” you probably picture plastic bibs, metal buckets, and generally messy eating — and that’s exactly what you get at both the original and the second locations. It’s not the classiest place you could belly up to the bar for happy hour. But you didn’t come here for class. You came here for discounted seafood and beer.

“Best Mexican Sushi in Phoenix!” You need to be aware that you can ask for a Carne Asada Sushi, and is really good, we go at least once a week, the Jalapeño Poppers are amazing, and we always do a Fried Sushi with a non fried Sushi, the bar always has Soccer or any sport you request. Is really good and also, they have live music on the weekends.

From Tempe to 43rd Ave and Indian School is quite a trek for sushi but we had a Groupon and decided to try something new. I ordered the Las Vegas Roll just to have something I KNEW I’d like and decided to try one of the Latin rolls. I got the Guamuchilito - Shrimp Tempura, Avocado, Cucumber, Crab Meat, Cream Cheese/Fresh Shrimp (breaded and deep fried). It was amazing. The decor was nice, not overdone. The service was good (read: helpful & friendly). We will definitely make that drive again. I can’t wait to try some of their other creative rolls.


The Spot: Angry Crab & BBQ 2808 East Indian School Road 602-956-3088

504 Food & Wine Magazine Special Edition  
504 Food & Wine Magazine Special Edition  

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