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How to Do Business Marketing on the Internet! Is Business Marketing on the Internet a Mystery to YOU? One only has to look at the many mediocre business websites on the Internet to realise that business marketing on the Internet is a subject that many business owners and even web masters in South Africa know very little about. As an Internet Marketing consultant I’m trained to look past the “pretty” of a website and focus on how much commercial worth this tool brings to a business. Yes, TOOL, nothing more, nothing less. Does this marketing tool deliver results?

What is the main result we expect from any form of marketing we do? Traffic, leads, enquiries, etc. This is exactly the same for your Internet marketing campaign, may it be a website or a Facebook Page, you need to get traffic to and from both to have a measure of success. I bet many of you wonder whether business marketing on the Internet is for your business or even affordable because unfortunately like in any growing industry we all suffer the rip off artists, read on and learn how to spot and avoid them. FACT: According to Google statistics, 97% of your local customers with a smartphone or an Internet connection use that devise FIRST to search and research potential products and purchases. Can you afford to ignore the bulk of your market due to a non-existent Internet marketing strategy? I bet not!! So what can you do about your business marketing on the Internet? Read on here’s


a couple of how to tips I normally only share with my clients. 1. The first thing you will want to do is to either claim your Google Places page or set one up if there’s nothing. Google is busy integrating these Google Places pages with Google+ Local but this will take sometime, so for now it’s good enough for you to claim the Google Places page but do register your Google+ profile at the same time, it is useful to your on-line presence. TIP: make sure you complete your profiles completely with as much info as possible, it will help with the SEO of these. 2. If you have a website make sure the SEO (search engine optimisation) is done properly and that it is focused on your local area, this is very important because most of your customers will come from your neighbourhood, right? Make sure the people most likely to buy from you can find you, simple! If you don’t have one add a blog to your website or simply use a blog as your website, use this to inform your customer and to position yourself as an expert. 3. Take a dip into Social Media, more that 90% of South African Internet users have a Facebook profile. Be sure to connect with your local friends and clients on Facebook and engage in some Reputation Management using Social Media, these days people say all kinds of things about your business on-line, make sure you are aware of it because how you respond is vital to your business image on-line. 4. If you do the 3 point above right you should now have some traffic coming to your website or blog. What do you do with them? Simple, you find a way for them to leave their contact details so that you can add them to a database of customers and prospects that in time you can mass communicate specials and new additions to. This database (good will) can be worth it’s weigh in gold as your business grows. 5. The next step is to consider whether you are satisfied with the results you are getting and if you should embark on some paid Internet advertising like PPC (pay per click), done right it can add a new dimension to your business income. It is a fact like taxes and death, business has to market in order to survive in the market place and in difficult economic times like these business strictly speaking should be doubling their marketing spend, unfortunately this is often not the case and you suffer. The fact is that business marketing on the Internet is your most effective, cost effective marketing strategy you can invest in right now. Don’t let the technology angle dissuade you from experiencing the success that’s a couple of mouse clicks away. I trust the information will be of use to you. Do remember that we specialise in Internet Marketing campaigns for all kinds of businesses, big or small, so give us a call on 072 405 3932 so that we can discuss yours. Tonie Konig Internet Marketing Expert Helping Local Business Profit from the Internet and Social Media, See My Blog Internet Marketing Consultant SA

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How to Do Business Marketing on the Internet!  
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