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2 DOCICA magazine July 2011

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4 is

4 DOCICA magazine July 2011


ssues a month.........all inspired by one muse....could it be you?


For all those women out there that are tired of being sold something they don’t need to buy. For all those women that would rather read about the girl-next-door that is making a difference than the next blockbuster actress. For all those women who wake up wishing their was more to life than a 9 to 5. For all those women who went to put on their favorite jeans and the snap won’t close. (Don’t worry we have been there too). For all those women that are tired of photoshoped models setting the standard of beauty for us and the next generation. For all those women that are ready to stand up and make something beautiful out of their lives. 5


EDITORS’ LETTER I love nerds. No seriously...I love them. I love them because I am one of them. I love to read all the interpretive signs at a National Park. When it comes to marshes, ponds, or tide pools I am all about my field guide and naturalist journal. I collect pine cones, shells, driftwood, and acorns. I encourage my daughter to turn over rocks for pill bugs and to catch fireflies after dinner. On our sailboat I chart our route two or three times just for fun. When I am in class I drive the 6 DOCICA magazine July 2011

teacher crazy with questions. I am a nerd who constantly wonders about the world around her. That is why I am so excited to introduce our newest chica to you‌Jennifer Barbour (Jen). Jen Barbour is one of those rarities that is completely gorgeous and kinda nerdy at the same time (nerdy in the most

affectionate sense of the word). She knows tons about the world around her and she radiates wonder. Jen is the friend you wish you could hang out on the beach with everyday just to hear all she knows. But, she is also the girl that teaches you how to paddle board, wears the cutest board shorts and stays up late to point out the constellations. So this month as you read her story and take inspiration from her life in the Lowcountry, may you become a nerd too and may you always find yourself beautiful. xoxo -Mel

LOVELY life 7


CONTRIBUTORS We could not have done this without ya!

Jen Haynes & Mel Wilson Co-Editors-In-Chief Jennifer (Jen) Barbour Covergirl & Writer Guest Blogger Margaret Lowrance with Style Nook

Director of Photographer Jen Haynes Photographer Cathy Rodriguez Photographer Jess Rodriguez Photographer Lori Pinkerton Photography Assistant Charlie Wilson Thanks to Kiawah Resort, Heron Park Nature Center, & Shabby Apple (our Affliate).

8 DOCICA magazine July 2011

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SHOP FETISH: This week we asked our dear friend Margaret, from Style Nook, to give us her thoughts on one of our favorite Charleston Shops...Proud Mary.


ave you ever come across a great website where you wanted to stay a while and take a longer look? And then as a bonus you find out the company stands for something special? For me that website was Proud Mary. Check out this gorgeous handwoven brocaded bag with leather handles. I adore those brightly colored pom poms and the size is perfect! I mean, really, what’s not to love? Harper Poe, creator of Proud Mary, started her company after a volunteering trip to South America. She had a clear vision to create a socially responsible textile company working with lowritten by Margaret Lowrance photography by Sully Sullivan cal artisans while providing them fair wages and access to broader 10 DOCICA magazine July 2011




Isn’t she lovely!!!! 11


age to click on an im ite head to her s

SO LOVELY & UNIQUE 12 DOCICA magazine July 2011


markets. After falling in love with the brightly colored textiles and indigenous people, she decided to bring her passions together and Proud Mary was born. This is their mission: “PROUD MARY BELIEVES IN DESIGN THAT SOLVES PROBLEMS. WE CREATE UNIQUE, HANDCRAFTED PATTERNED GOODS THAT ARE MADE IN A SOCIALLY AND ECOLOGICALLY RESPONSIBLE MANNER. OUR AIM IS TO ESTABLISH HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS WITH ARTISANS IN DEVELOPING NATIONS. THESE RELATIONSHIPS OFFER A BENEFICIAL EXCHANGE OF IDEAS AND RESOURCES. PURCHASING PRODUCT ALONG WITH ACCESS TO NEW MARKETS PROVIDES ECONOMIC GROWTH FOR THE ARTISAN AND THEIR FAMILIES. THROUGH OUR PRODUCTS, WE HOPE TO SHARE THE STORIES OF THE HANDS BY WHICH THEY ARE MADE.” Proud Mary designs all fabrics in house, and works with artisans to produce the amazing textiles that make up their unique pieces. They offer accessories, pillows, and table linens that are sure to make you swoon.

Click here to see the collection. 13


check out a few of my favs!

And these handmade pillows! Oh these pillows are divine! Their rich texture and gorgeous patterns are just beautiful. I am a huge lover of contrast in interior design, so I am definitely drawn to the black and white pillows with their perfect tassels. And get this, the pom poms on the new collection are similar to those worn by Mayans as embellishments on hair wraps. Proud Mary had always admired them and found a cooperative that specializes in making them. It’s those little details that make them so special. 14 DOCICA magazine July 2011

LOVE LOVE LOVE I love these handwoven pouches that could be used as a clutch, make-up bag, holder of colored pencils. You name it, the possibilities are endless for these little cuties!

LOVELY life 15



hese napkins are printed with potatoes in South Africa and then are hand sewn in SC. Aren’t they perfect? And if all that isn’t enough, there is also a collection of items found on their travels that make up Proud Mary Market. With every purchase of a “market” item, they will give 10% of their sales to a non-profit that works with young Mayan girls to provide scholarships and mentor programs. How great is that? Click here to

learn more.

What an amazing company, right? I am definitely hooked. Not only does Proud Mary offer gorgeous products, but they also give back with profit sharing and fair wages to global artisans. Now that really is something to be proud of!

visit Margaret’s blog Style Nook for more stunning style

16 DOCICA magazine July 2011


portraits & love stories 17



lay it down sista, lay it dow

written by Mel Wilson photography by Mel Wilson & Jen Haynes

18 DOCICA magazine July 2011


wn 19



is such a nasty word. Just saying it my mind flashes to saddlebags (the cellulite kind....ew!), baggy eyes the morning after a big cry (the worst), and airport baggage terminals, where you wait for your cute vintage suitcase and it never comes (annoying). On my recent Eco-tour to Hawaii, with eleven of my dearest friends, we learned very quickly about how baggage could ruin your day. (Don’t worry, we never lost a piece of luggage). Quite the opposite, we actually chose to let go of certain items from our luggage over time. Since, we were island hoping for 14 days, it was imperative that our bags remained under 50 lbs. Every couple days we would hop on yet another plane, and our bags would be weighed and measured to make sure that they would fit. Without fail some one’s luggage would be over. We then would have to stop and purge. Empty water bottles, leave a magazine or book behind, or 20 DOCICA magazine July 2011

LOVELY life 21


hand off part of our bag to another group member. Overtime, we got good at anticipating the weight of our bags and some us actually went to the post office and sent a portion of our bags home. Why? Without sending it on or purging it... we knew we could not pick up (or buy) more good stuff. We were all hoping to bring home some 100% Hawaiian coffee, a sarong, and an iconic pair of slippahs (flip-flops) to take back home to our families.

around?” (I know I am switching gears on you, I am now talking about that baggage that we all do not want to admit that we have.) You know the stuff. It’s the bag you carry that wraps around you tight, two or three times, and covers your neck, your heart, and even your ankle bones. Its the bag that whispers in your ear “you’re not good enough and never will be”, “you might as well give up”, or “no body even cares about you”. It’s the bag that hurts so much

While we had all packed everything in our bags on our own before we began the trip, by the end of the trip we all wondered why we had brought so much stuff. Some of it we had packed purposely and others we had just picked up as we were running around our homes in a packing frenzy. As well, some of it was worth carrying while other items were just tiresome.

to talk about, but has become so entwined with your being that we are unsure if we can put it down.

“If baggage is that nasty, why do we carry it around?”

This got me thinking, “If baggage is that nasty, why do we carry it 22 DOCICA magazine July 2011

I am not sure were baggage comes from, but I am pretty sure we just pick it up around town. In fact I am pretty certain that most of it comes to us without us ever noticing that we picked it up. Like when we were children in the schoolyard and a bully told us we were ugly, hairy, or too lanky. Some of us actually believed the bully (that dirty scoundrel) and


picked up those words and began carrying them around. Now, even in our thirty year old beautifulness, we hide our arms and legs to cover our so called lankiness. It seems baggage can also come from those that are closest to us. I worry myself silly with the words I choose to repeat to my daughter, “like brush your hair”, “stop dillydallying”, and “settle down”. What if she ends up carrying my words around as baggage believing that all she is is “a tangled-hair-slow-pokedbanchie”. I mean I would feel horrible if that was the case. But the truth is we all carry baggage from our parents or those closest to us. Here’s the deal though, regardless of baggage’s nastiness there are two great things about it. 1. Baggage can only be carried if you pick it up. 2. Baggage can be put down at any time. Just because the bully, mom, best friend, husband, coworker, boss, girl-across-the-room, neighbor, etc. says something that hurts you (whether purposeful or

accidentally) you don’t have to pick it up. You can choose to lay it down sista, lay it down. This takes effort, I know. But believe me, carrying it for 10, 12, or 30 years takes even more. Secondly, all the baggage that you have been carrying for that 10, 12, or even 30 years it can be put down at any time. Lay it down sista, lay it down. You no longer need to hold on to the “I am not good enoughs” or the “I will never be pretty enoughs” or the “I just sucks”. These things do not belong hanging off your back, your arms, your mind, or your heart. Lay them down sista, lay them down. Why? There is good stuff waiting for you. I promise it is even better than 100% Hawaiian coffee.

Thanks to the Montreat College Master’s in Environmental Science gang and Dr. Brad Daniel for the inspiration. 23


24 DOCICA magazine July 2011



CHIC SUITS by shabby apple

written by Emily McCormick photography courtesy of Shabby Apple

Online women’s clothing retailer Shabby Apple ( launched Queensland, a line of fanciful, feminine swimwear. Bright whites, pinks, blues and reds make up this collection, with feminine ruffles, bows, twists and braids throughout the line. This swim line features mix and match tankinis as well as onepiece swimsuits that flatter women of every body type. “Few women relish in the idea of finding a bathing suit,” Athelia Woolley, co-owner of Shabby Apple said. “Often concerns about body type cloud the shopping experience and women are left to purchasing a swimsuit that’s focus is more on being flashy than flattering. This line of 25


wear unites what’s ‘hip’ with what’s ‘flattering’.” The cuts and styles of the suits as well as the fabric hold in bumps and bulges in the midsection. Shelf bras and optional padding lend support and curve to the bustline. The swimwear is easy-to-care for, hand wash and line dry. The high-quality Lycra holds its color and shape through many swims and washings. The collection is affordable, with prices ranging from approximately $70 to $80. Shabby Apple also offers dresses for newborns, children, preteens and women of all sizes. The brand features hip, affordable dresses, while staying loyal to their aphorism that a dress should be a one-piece outfit, no need to add anything - no tank tops, cardigans or slips necessary. the perfect black suit 26 DOCICA magazine July 2011

click on an image to go to the site.


ABOUT SHABBY APPLE LLC is an American online dress boutique. Shabby Apple simplifies the dressing process for women. The company focuses on helping women dress for their body shape by providing detailed information on the styles, cuts, and fabrics that flatter various body types. 27


SO GLAMOROUS This suits screams glamour. The ultimate one piece that lets you feel sexy and sultry without ever having to show your tummy.

28 DOCICA magazine July 2011


SO DARLING This cutie pie of a suit is perfect for those days you feel flirty and sassy. Check out the flattering hip line. 29


PERFECT COVER-UP After those long days at the beach. Cover up in this gorgeous Maxi. You will feel like a godess.


how absolutely divine

30 DOCICA magazine July 2011



also suggests different accessories for a single dress to create looks appropriate for various occasions. The dress designs are inspired by indie-prep professionals and hipster moms. The company designs women’s dresses, feminine fitness wear, a swimwear line, a maternity line, a Shabby Baby line of dresses for girls up to eight years old, a preteen line for girls eight to twelve. Shabby Apple launches six lines of dresses a year and is a women-owned and operated, socially responsible company. They have partnered with Unitus, a non-profit organization in the micro finance industry, to help alleviate global poverty for millions of women and their families.


After years of not being able to find stylish dresses that covered enough skin to make the owners feel comfortable (without wearing a tank top or cardigan) owners Emily McCormick and Athelia Woolley decided to do something about it. The company launched in December of 2006 and is distributed online and to clothing boutiques around the country.

turn the page to see more yummy dresses 31


32 DOCICA magazine July 2011


AHHH! WHITE We all need a little white dress on a summer’s day. These put a twist on the traditional white linen shift. Check out the details. 33


34 DOCICA magazine July 2011

NAUTICAL LOVE Perfect for on land or on sea...these seer sucker dresses are darling.

LOVELY life 35


ISLAND BRIGHTS A stand out, knock out collection, Shabby Apple’s South Pacific line leaves us wanting to buy the lot and move to the Big Island.

36 DOCICA magazine July 2011

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38 DOCICA magazine July 2011

LOVELY life 39


GREEN is the new^black n o i t a c a v even on

40 DOCICA magazine July 2011



reen is the new black, or so it is said. In a slumping market with one of the worst financial crisis we have ever faced it seems a recent study concluded that 32% of Americans are still buying as long as it is “green”. Green living has infiltrated the lives of thousands of Americans including their homes, their wardrobes, and now even their vacations! A recent spot on CBS News The Early Show featured Plenty magazine’s Editor Jessica Tzerman (click here to see video) and her top picks and advice for going green this year while you travel. Tzerman also suggested to head to locations that had “green inns”, Among her top ideas were to conlots of bike riding or walking, local sider a carbon offset. Where you pay markets, outdoor recreation oppora little extra to off-set the amount of tunities, and great landscapes. Afcarbon used on your trip for flight, ter looking at her list of criteria and cars, etc. This extra cash gets doher vacation suggestions we denated to The Conservation Fund’s cided we had to add Kiawah Island carbon offset program, “Go Zero” Golf Resort to list. Green inn... which uses the money to help with check! Lots of bike riding...check! conservation efforts. Check out Local markets...check! Outdoor for more info. beauty a plenty...check! Turn the page to find out more. 41


east meets west TRAVEL GUIDE:


this week

written by Mel Wilson & Jen Haynes photography by Jen Haynes & Lori Pinkerton

42 DOCICA magazine July 2011

LOVELY life 43



44 DOCICA magazine July 2011






Don’t you worry I know what you are thinking. I can’ resort. In full DOCICA style...we have 3 ways for yo little island. Budget, Mid, or Luxe. Choo 46 DOCICA magazine July 2011



’t afford a “green” ou to enjoy this hot ose your your style.


BUDGET When we think of the word RESORT our minds automatically flash dollar signs. However, the unique thing about Kiawah Island Golf Resort, is their community outreach programs. Located near 1,000 of acres of Nature Conservancy and many other acres that they have conserved themselves, the Kiawah Island Golf Resort has outstanding eco-touring programs and an innovative nature center called Heron Park. Focusing on creatures and plants in the Lowcountry Kiawah’s programs are open to the public for the day. As well, you can rent bikes, catch ghost crabs on the beach, or walk the numerous paved trails through the maritime forest. Best of all these are all practically free. Check out their website for more info and eco-tour schedules. 47


SANCTUARY Just as its name implies this resort hotel is tranquil, stunning, and ever so relaxing. From the view to the grounds every inch is posh! 48 DOCICA magazine July 2011

LOVELY life 49


50 DOCICA magazine July 2011

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oping to stay longer than a day? Then rent a house using Kiawah’s Resort Villa search engine. Depending on your needs their site will help you determine which villa is right for you. Once you get all settled in your home for the week. Head to the “green” umbrellas down on the beach near the various boardwalks to get your Beach Amenity Pass. Included in your 52 DOCICA magazine July 2011

MID pass is “Beach Toys, Bocce Ball, Ladder Golf, Beach Croquet, Horse Shoes, Paddle Ball, Buckets, Shovels, Boogie Boards, Skim Boards, Cornhole and/or Frisbees”. Choose to rent for the day or for the week. Or try something more adventurous... rent a paddle board, sea kayak, or surfboard. All available to the public for a reasonable price, these items are a great way to combine adventure to your lazy beach afternoons.

LOVELY life 53




54 DOCICA magazine July 2011

LOVELY life 55


GOING GREEN From recycling, to native plantings, to eco-tour opportunities this resort is making valiant efforts to go green. 56 DOCICA magazine July 2011

LOVELY life 57



Have the money and time to go all out? Might as well at this beauty of a resort, the Sanctuary, where you can combine ecomotor boat tours with 5-star dinning, a round of golf, and a sip of a Mint Julep by the pool. The Sanctuary on Kiawah is nothing short of breath-taking and their “green” mindset and strives are evident everywhere you turn. Even their grand staircase is flanked by two dazzling portraits of the marsh and the beach bringing the outside in. The Sanctuary is also nearby five award-winning championship South Carolina golf courses including the Ocean Course, home of the 2007 Senior PGA and 2012 PGA Championships. Don’t stress if golf is not your game Kiawah boasts hard and clay tennis courts as well, that are ranked #1 in the world by Tennisresortsonline. com. Need more family activities? Check out the kayaking, nature tours, bicycling to beach fun at this “Top Family Resort”, as voted by Travel + Leisure Family Magazine. 58 DOCICA magazine July 2011

LOVELY life 59


60 DOCICA magazine July 2011

STAY & SIT Stay in these stunning little flats and enjoy incredible views. And then sit by the pool and look over the ocean as the sun rises.

LOVELY life 61


62 DOCICA magazine July 2011




64 DOCICA magazine July 2011

LOVELY life 65


next WEEK: delish DISH inspired by jamin’, jellin’, relishin’ and other farm to table eats.

66 DOCICA magazine July 2011

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