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4 is

4 DOCICA magazine July 2011


ssues a month.........all inspired by one muse....could it be you?


For all those women out there that are tired of being sold something they don’t need to buy. For all those women that would rather read about the girl-next-door that is making a difference than the next blockbuster actress. For all those women who wake up wishing their was more to life than a 9 to 5. For all those women who went to put on their favorite jeans and the snap won’t close. (Don’t worry we have been there too). For all those women that are tired of photoshoped models setting the standard of beauty for us and the next generation. For all those women that are ready to stand up and make something beautiful out of their lives. 5


EDITORS’ LETTER I love nerds. No seriously...I love them. I love them because I am one of them. I love to read all the interpretive signs at a National Park. When it comes to marshes, ponds, or tide pools I am all about my field guide and naturalist journal. I collect pine cones, shells, driftwood, and acorns. I encourage my daughter to turn over rocks for pill bugs and to catch fireflies after dinner. On our sailboat I chart our route two or three times just for fun. When I am in class I drive the 6 DOCICA magazine July 2011

teacher crazy with questions. I am a nerd who constantly wonders about the world around her. That is why I am so excited to introduce our newest chica to you‌Jennifer Barbour (Jen). Jen Barbour is one of those rarities that is completely gorgeous and kinda nerdy at the same time (nerdy in the most

affectionate sense of the word). She knows tons about the world around her and she radiates wonder. Jen is the friend you wish you could hang out on the beach with everyday just to hear all she knows. But, she is also the girl that teaches you how to paddle board, wears the cutest board shorts and stays up late to point out the constellations. So this month as you read her story and take inspiration from her life in the Lowcountry, may you become a nerd too and may you always find yourself beautiful. xoxo -Mel

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CONTRIBUTORS We could not have done this without ya!

Jen Haynes & Mel Wilson Co-Editors-In-Chief Jennifer (Jen) Barbour Covergirl & Writer Guest Blogger Abigail Cahill O’Brien with 5th Joy

Director of Photographer Jen Haynes Photographer Cathy Rodriguez Photographer Jess Rodriguez Photographer Jason Haynes Photography Assistant Charlie Wilson Thanks to Kiawah Resort, Heron Park Nature Center, & the Montreat College’s Masters in Environmental Education.

8 DOCICA magazine July 2011

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Lowcountry Love Located on a beautiful barrier island just a few miles from historic Charleston, South Carolina lies Kiawah Island Golf Resort.

10 DOCICA magazine July 2011


ALL NATURAL: Outside & In written by Mel Wilson

photography by Jen Haynes

I recently saw a t-shirt that

stated, “You know you are a naturalist when your house is decorated with animal bones, sea shell carcasses, and antlers�. I had to laugh. It is so true, for those of us that spend countless hours outside, when we venture in, 11


most buildings appear un-inspired. With their monotone colors, lack of pattern, and one dimensional lighting inside spaces evoke our yearning for grander spaces like the Valley of Yosemite, the Outerbanks’ marshes, or the view from a peak on the Tetons.

spaces. Numerous design movements such as Craftsman or Feng Shui have been catalysts to encourage raw elements of nature as the centerpieces of our designs. But how do you do that on a budget? In this economy, do any of us really have the cash to update our spaces?

For years, designers like Nate Berkus or Candace Olson have solicited bringing the outside in. Entire paint lines have been created at SherwinWilliams, Lowe’s and Home Depot mimicking the colors that we see in our most-loved outdoor

To answer that question we turned to the home of Jennifer Barbour, Naturalist & Boat Captain on Kiawah Island for design inspiration. See our 5 budgetfriendly nature-inspired tips.

12 DOCICA magazine July 2011

Naturally Stunning Whether on the dock or jumping through the waves, Jen moves with grace and kindness. It is no wonder she is adored by so many.

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1. Clean those windows

By giving your windows a good shine you open up your home to the light and energy that the day brings you. After a good window scrub you will notice that everything (including your furnishings) just looks newer. 14 DOCICA magazine July 2011

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2. Color is key

It is remarkable how a forty dollar gallon of paint can change the mood of any room. Pick a warm neutral or an airy blue to get that outside feel. Don’t feel like painting the whole thing? Choose an accent wall.

3. Neutral as an essential piece

Numerous layers of neutral add depth, pattern, and interest while still translating a calming affect to your eyes. As well, a neutral pallete allows you to make simple changes without big dents in your wallet. 16 DOCICA magazine July 2011


4. Green accents

Grab a vase and some clippers and head to your backyard. Using a few palm fronds, bamboo shoots, or leafy twigs can bring tons of life into your space. 17


Candles add romance to the evening...

18 DOCICA magazine July 2011


...while palm fronds add whimsy to the day.

QUICK CHANGE OUT Add the “green” in different places depending on your mood or what is growing at the time. The wall-mounted candle holders would look great with shells or flowers, too. 19


20 DOCICA magazine July 2011


5. Collections abound

Shells, twigs, acorns, maps, vintage books, antlers, etc. are an uber budget-friendly way to add depth to your space. As well, you can have fun collecting all these with your kids. 21


from dock to home

22 DOCICA magazine July 2011


He’s a Natural

Even Jen’s boys rooms, are filled with a nautical outdoorsy theme. Check out how her colors from the dock translate to the nursery. 23


a how-to guide to:


part diary + part scrapboook + part lette written by Mel Wilson photography by Mel Wilson & Jen Haynes 24 DOCICA magazine July 2011



er home 25


Cupping espresso at Molokai Coffee


have always hated to be the girl with the camera. I would much rather be in the moment; soaking up the adventure and running through the waves. But on my two week trek in Hawaii, I found a new love... travel blogging. Instead of keeping a trip log, a naturalist journal, a scrapbook or writing postcards back home I combined all four with a group of friends I was traveling with. My good friend Katie 26 DOCICA magazine July 2011

created the blog for us using a Wordpress template and each of us signed in as a administrator. Then throughout our travels we carried around our iphones, droids, and digital cameras and blogged as we went. Because it came from a group of us, there was no pressure to blog everyday or at every activity. We each just filled in when a sight inspired us. For instance I loved pics of food especially local Hawaiian favorites like Musubi or plate lunches! While others loved scenery shots, adventure shots, or embarrassing black mail shots! While I have never been one for the cutesy stickers at the scrapbook store, I can’t wait to have a record of the zany ecoadventure with my friends in Hawaii as a living reminder. The best part is travel blogging is totally eco-friendly.

LOVELY life 27


Try your own travel blog:

1. Find a template of

your liking on Wordpress or Blogger. (We find Blogger easier for novices to navigate, but Wordpress has some findability perks).

2. Name your ad-

venture and claim a domain name...these are free through Blogger or Wordpress if you keep their domain name in the name. Like or pay $10 bucks to not have a name without. 28 DOCICA magazine July 2011


3. Choose your de-

vice. I am in love with my iPhone so it has to be it... but any digital camera or phone will do. Note: if you can use your phone there are some great mobile capabilities by Blogger and Wordpress if you download the apps. Well worth the download so you can be like my friend Allison and blog as you walk through a coffee plantation or lava field. 29


4. Bring a back up cord.

We have left (or should I say I have left) cords in airports, rental minivans, and hostels. Bring a wall and car charger times two just to keep you in business.

5. Download Hipstamat-

ic for $1.99. Hands down this is my favorite app that I have ever spent money on. It makes my images oh so dreamy and I can choose several different lens, flashes, and films. The combinations of the numerous camera bag acessories create the coolest retro shots. I got stuck on the the Jimmy lens and Blanko film in Hawaii. They looked so 70s cool. 30 DOCICA magazine July 2011


We tried to capture our toes on every beach they touched 31


32 DOCICA magazine July 2011


6. Shoot and blog in the moment.

It is in the moment that you remember the hilarious idiosyncrasies of your travel companions and the names of roads, lookouts and landmarks.

7. Get going....the world is waiting for you! Thanks to Brad, Dottie, Katie, Amanda, Allison, Tanya, Phil, Gloria, Sandy, Kelly, and Sharon for all the fun. 33


BLOG LOVIN’ ABBY WITH 5TH JOY We adore a good blog. So each week we bring you a couple that stand out from the rest...because more than anything these authors have got soul. age to click on an im log head to her b

34 DOCICA magazine July 2011



very once in a while life circles back around. At the end of last summer we came in from a test sail on our soon-to-be sailboat “Pearl” and I began reading 5th Joy, a blog written by Abby Cahill O’Brien, a seaside New Englander. Abby’s adulation of her old farmhouse, her bond with the coast, and her modern yet vintage vibe kept me reading for hours. Cleverly named 5th Joy, Abby’s blog, covers her 5 greatest joys in her life: style, food, design, flotsam, and writing it all down. (Don’t worry we had to pull out our dictionary for flotsam, too. Flotsam: floating debris from a wrecked ship or odds and ends). Weekly Abby writes thought-provoking posts, which is a much needed commodity in our blogger world. (I mean... how many blogs can one read with more pics of the author’s favorite things?) Instead, Abby introduces her followers to artists, travel locations, new ways of eating, design trends, beauty tricks, uncommon recipes or little gizmos that just need to be shared. (Make sure to check out her posts on her recent yoga trip, her journeying to eating raw, and her post about sleep...all life changers for us). Posting questions as well, we have found that Abby’s posts leave us wondering and conversing further...pushing us to become greater versions of ourselves. written by Mel Wilson

photography by Abigail Cahill O’Brien 35


Coincidentally, Abby’s enchantment with language in her “About” section spurred us to do something crazy four months ago. (Yes, she believe it or not is one of the reasons we took the jump to begin DOCICA.) In explaining why she started 5th Joy, Abby, speaks of this voice that kept nagging her about the exuberant creative side that longed to create some beauty of her own. (Her words reminded us then, just as they do now, that if we are not careful our lives will end up to be unfulfilling love affairs with our iPhones or worse yet, that we will miss out on who were are truly meant to be). This week we hope you visit her site and get a little inspiration of your own, but more than that we hope you listen to that small voice that rises in the dawn and tells you to make something beautiful. After all its your life. Here is an excerpt from her blog that gives credence to why we think her blog is worth following. 36 DOCICA magazine July 2011



turn the page to read an excerpt 37


EXCERPT from 5th Joy By Abigail Cahill O’Brien

THIS GIRL’S GOT SOUL One of Abby’s favorite pictures features her grandmother on the deck of the S.S. Santa Barbara. (seated left). We think that knowing that this is one of her favorites images says a lot about who Abby is.

Fast forward to life after college: I took a job in advertising, knees quaking before my college loans, and began to learn about deliverables, target audiences and formatting status reports. My mind wasn’t sparking, but I was polishing other skills: the ability to work in large groups, speak up in meetings and actually care about a budget, all of which were previously unthinkable. Even so, every time I dumbed down an email, every time I wrote or said words like synergy and optimize, a voice inside me seethed: Liar! You know better! What about obstreperous? Whatever happened to crepuscule? Louche? Mellifluous? I ignored it. That voice wouldn’t pay my rent. That was the voice of self-indulgent frippery.

38 DOCICA magazine July 2011

She squealed: See, I got you to use frippery!


Eight years later, the drudgery promised imminent rewards. My husband and I had paid off my loans. I stood on the brink of strategy. Of owning client relationships. Of leadership. Of global scope and multimedia channel distribution. She needled: Have you forgotten haberdasher and fabulist? Do ineluctable, feckless, sluice and requiem hold no sway? If I stuck around long enough I, too, could put my children to bed over speakerphone. I, too, could amass a wardrobe crafted to inspire confidence without risking alienation. I, too, could boast an attachment to my Blackberry bordering on the adulterous. She spat: Subterfuge! Vociferous! Chortle! Kerfuffle! Lascivious! Sonata! Shindig! Crinoline! Supercilious! Persnickety! Phosphorescence! Febrile! Hirsute! Ampersand! Hew! Caterwaul! Pontificate!

Every day I blog about the sequin that makes my life shimmer: Food, Fashion, Feathering the Nest and whatever glinting Flotsam floats my way. -Abby 39


LOVE OF THE SEA 5th Joy continually boasts great photos as well as words. These marine inspired shots make us sail away. (Right) The Mr. out for their weekend sail.

40 DOCICA magazine July 2011




Chiaroscuro! Claptrap! Curmudgeon! Aubergine! Masticate! Circadian! Eschew! Elevensies! Ocelot!

I looked great. I had nothing to say.

One morning I woke up in my Manhattan studio with my husband and realized I didn’t want to do it anymore.

Eventually, as I shut off the TV and returned to books, I began to rejoice in fresh meals made from local food. In a dress so perfect, it’s a reason to get dressed. In findThe mindless noise, the swirl of pro- ing beauty in my surroundings. In fessional words meant to persuade creating some beauty of my own. without offering a fragment of delight, the daily denial of my creativ- I began to think maybe I could take ity, left me craving dead air. I had my two selves, the word-obsessed gone so far as to insist on one hour artist and the competent businessof pure silence when I got home. woman, and fashion a career that cultivates joy. My husband, whose job so perfectly suited him he’d bound in at the end That’s how I got here, to 5thjoy. I of the day, loosening his tie with a hope it’s of some use to you. grin, who doesn’t know Chaucer from Chekhov but loves me more than cookie dough ice cream, which is to say more than anything or one on Earth, just blinked and said:“Then why don’t you quit?” So I did. And I promptly began a rigorous regimen of morning TV, followed by three or four hours at the gym, followed by evening TV. 42 DOCICA magazine July 2011

Check out Abby


TRAVEL & THE PAST We adore Abby’s love of vintage finds and heart stopping landscapes. The mix keeps us grounded while our heads are in the clouds.

y’s blog at 43


44 DOCICA magazine July 2011




written by Mel Wilson photography by Jen Haynes & Jen Barbour 45



combined their love of adventure with their love of home by making their home their sailboat. Able to cruise the weekends away, their boat gave them all the necessities a small studio apartment could give (except for maybe space). However that was taken care of by the large ocean they had out in front of them. Instead of having a living room their cockpit served as their great room and deck to their stunning backyard!!! Their kitchen was a galley fully equipped with one set of dishes, silverware, and pans. Their bedroom was in the bow of the boat called the vberth and held a couple of drawers, a slim closet and a double bed. While these quarters seem tight to many used to houses or condos when interviewing Jen recently she mentioned that living aboard was one of the happiest times in their lives. Maybe home is not the luxury penthouse or the grand villa on the coast. Maybe home is where we are? 46 DOCICA magazine July 2011



Check out Jen r at home in he hammock!

illow, the comprehensive real estate website, where potential buyers can check neighborhood ranks and general home stats also has a wacky page titled America’s Unique Homes. Made for our enjoyment, this page lists homes “that make you slam on the brakes when you drive by”. Top on Zillows list are a home shaped like a guitar, a home that resembles the white house, a home constructed out of a Boeing airplane, and a house shaped as a UFO that rotates whenever you want it to. And that is just the beginning. It seems that Zillow is not the only site obsessed with unique homes, either. Forbes published an online article about Strange Homes in 2009. Partnering up with, Sotheby’s Realty and Christie’s Great Estates, Forbes searched for homes that were for sale with unique features such as a home that floats in California, a home with a bat-man like cave at it’s entrance, and a “volcano house” found in the desert. 47



hile both these sites give me a good laugh, I can not help but think of the people that dreamed up these unique places. Who were they? What were they hoping for? Did there home fulfill all their longings? Researching one home in particular I gleaned a further understanding of these unique homes and their owners. Most intriguing out of Forbes and Zillows sites is a floating community called Residsea. With it’s headquarters in Miramar, Florida Residsea uses their facility for sales and marketing of their floating community on the world’s largest privately owned yacht The World. Measuring 644 feet, The World holds 65 private residences, which are either studios, twobedrooms condos, or penthouses. Boasting amenties similar to a cruise ship this live aboard vessel travels the world 24/7 picking up their owners (any of the 150 that live aboard seasonally) at the port of their choice. Each year the 48 DOCICA magazine July 2011

community members decide on a travel route for the year following and since 2002 The World has visited over 800 ports in approximately 140 countries. Various experts join the cruise along the way, preparing the residents culturally for the next port and providing guided tours to those that are interested. An excerpt from their website states, “Imagine a home where everything is taken care of; a sanctuary where every whim is known. Instead of staying in one place you are on an infinite voyage around the world to its most exotic ports of call.” Doesn’t the world sound dreamy? Yet amidst all the amenities and luxuries I still wonder what lies at the core of someone that chooses to live in this floating community. Is it, “simply a tranquil life removed from daily stresors” or something deeper? Then on the last line of their website I gleaned a glimmer of my answer. It read, “As time passes, neighbors become travel companions and travel companions


become good friends. We offer one another new ways to experience the many destinations we sail to. But above all, we offer each other comfort, good company, and lots of laughter�. Ultra wealthy or not people are people and the reality is that the residents of The World long to know and to be known. For many of us, there is a longing for adventure that calls to us in the morning just before dawn or as the moon rises in the evening. This longing tells us there is more to life than us, and that there is a playground, a frontier waiting for us. Men and women have traveled uncharted waters trying to quench this longing. They have conquered new lands, circumnavigated the globe solo, crested the peak of Everest, and dashed into space. But despite valiant efforts a new frontier indefinitely emerges. Oh to be an adventurer! Yet with each leap to know, humans return to longing to be known, ever as equally. To travel the world and soak in all that is out there is an electrify-

ing experience. Each day is filled with new sunrises and new beauty. But without company adventure is void. As much as we long to journey we are all in need of a handful of home. For some, home is the white house on the hill with the picked fence and a goat in the yard (just making sure you were still reading!) and for others it is the traveling the open sea in search of the next port, but no matter the place land or sea, home is the place where we feel safe, where we lay our heads, and where we run when we are in need of comfort. So maybe home is not really a place, a building, or a boat that floats on the sea after all. Instead home is where we are. Some will continue look for hope in our homes, whether they be guitar shaped, floating, rotating, or hidden by a batman cave. But the reality is that what we are really searching for goes deeper than any home can quench. Even homes on the water. 49




50 DOCICA magazine July 2011




The summer sun is beginning to give up its fight, giving way to the cooler days of fall. Kids are going back to school, the marsh grass is beginning to bloom, and family vacations at the beach are now sweet memories. For Naturalists on the islands, a sure sign of the coming fall is the arrival of a spunky bird with a loud call. 51 photography by Cathleen Rodriguez


The Belted Kingfisher (Ceryle alcyon) is a stocky mid-sized bird with a large head, thick bill, and shaggy, Mohawk-like crest. They measure between 11-14 inches in length, and have a wingspan between 19-23 inches. Both male and female have a slate blue head, large white collar, a blue band on the breast, and white underneath. The back and wings are also slate blue with black feather tips. Females have a rusty band across the upper belly, making it one of the few bird species to have the female more brightly colored than the male. A distinctive, long clattering rattle usually precedes sight of this fish-eating bird found on sheltered waters. They search for prey from a lookout perch on trees or wires and can be seen hovering over the water before plunge-diving headfirst to capture small fish. While fish make up the majority of this bird’s diet, they will also consume aquatic invertebrates, insects, and small vertebrates. They breed along streams, rivers, lakes, and estuaries across most of Canada, Alaska, and the United States. The nest of the belted king52 DOCICA magazine July 2011

fisher is a long tunnel, 1-8 feet long, excavated by both parents in a riverbank or sand bank. A slight uphill slope provides an air pocket of safety for the chicks in the event of rising waters. The female lays 5-8 eggs and both adults incubate the eggs and feed the young. Belted Kingfisher pairs are territorial, especially during breeding season. As waters freeze in their northern ranges, Belted Kingfishers will migrate to the southern United States, Mexico, Central America, the West Indies, and northern South America. So while you’re out enjoying the Lowcountry’s beautiful fall weather, look up when you hear a long clattering sound flying overhead. Or notice the distinct Mohawk silhouette of the bird perched on a cedar snag in the marsh. You may catch a glimpse of this spunky bird while he’s visiting.


“The keenness of their eyes gives them vision to spot the tiniest bit of food, and with alacrity and precision of motion they pick it up… Theirs is a world of instant decisions and quick action…” - Gwen Frostic 53


east meets west TRAVEL GUIDE:


this week

written by Mel Wilson & Jen Haynes photography by Jen Haynes

54 DOCICA magazine July 2011

LOVELY life 55



they imagine the hustle and bustle of Waikiki, but we took the inside track to discover the heart of the “gathering place” island.

56 DOCICA magazine July 2011

LOVELY life 57


TRULY OAHU It is said that every island has its own personality. Maui is the honeymoon beach with white sand beaches to lay upon, Kauai is the “garden isle” with layers upon layers of Rain forest, and the big island is the raging adolescent who boast giant active volcanoes. But what is to be said of Oahu? Traditionally pegged as a Hawaiian tourist trap most visitors never travel past Waikiki beach and therefore, miss out on all that Oahu has to offer. Home to two major volcanoes chains, the Ko’ olau and the Waianae, that flank either side of island creating a beautiful butterfly shape Oahu holds two drastically different shorelines. Its cliff crested northern shore which is home to Pipeline and various other hot surf spots in known for is large waves. While its soft southern shore provides breathtaking long view and great snorkeling beaches. 58 DOCICA magazine July 2011

LOVELY life 59


^ One of the top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world is Kailua/Lanikai. The sand is gorgeous white, the marine life is amazing and the reef keeps the waves out. > Want to try surfing? Then head to Waikiki beach...this beach is for the locals. 60 DOCICA magazine July 2011

LOVELY life 61


Don’t miss the Bishop Museum a great cultural stop filled with artifacts, myth, and history. A stop well worth your while.

62 DOCICA magazine July 2011



he land of Oahu has shaped the people as much as they have shaped it. Home to numerous battles and victories both for the ancient Hawaiians and modern Americans there is also plenty of history to soak up along Oahu’s ports and peaks. People of great strength and endurance the people of Hawaii know how to take off to the parks and beaches to have a good time. CHECK OUT A FEW OF THE LOCAL HANGOUTS... AND THEN GO GET PLANNING. 63



When you go to the north shore the Dole plantation is a tourist trap, but right outside the plantation store is a tent with a local fruit vendor (delicious) and there is good pineapple ice cream inside the plantation shop. If you get shave ice, try the lilikoi flavor (it’s local and my favorite). Of course it wouldn’t be Hawaii without spam so everyone should try a spam musubi with shoyu (soy sauce). You can buy these at any gas station stop. The loco moco is an iconic Hawaiian breakfast food (aka heart attack on a plate) but awesome if you can risk it.

64 DOCICA magazine July 2011

LOVELY life 65


66 DOCICA magazine July 2011


Makapu’u Point Lighthouse is a breathtaking site to see. Views of Oahu’s southern shores can be seen from the top of the point. 67


Makapu’u Point Trail offers several scenic over looks along its 2 mile moderate trail.

68 DOCICA magazine July 2011

LOVELY life 69


70 DOCICA magazine July 2011

written by Mel Wilson photography by Jen Haynes & Cathy Rodriguez



We have searched the Southeast for the shops we just can’t stop blabbing about.

Located at the crossroads of Kiawah, St. Johns, and Seabrook Islands, Freshfields Village is the premier stop for groceries, a dinner out, a quintessential beach cover up, or even a movie out on the lawn. Filled with over twenty shops, restaurants, and businesses Freshfields has something for both you and your sweetie and is also a great break from the beach on those days that you just don’t want to be sandy. 71



Start out your visit to the beach on a Monday and stop by Freshfields for their weekly Farmer’s Market. Choose from several Lowcountry farmer’s best picks and let them help you choose the perfectly ripe melon or bushel of peaches or corn for your week. As well, check the Freshfields calendar to see if the Charleston Museum might be there that Monday. If so let your kids enjoy their educational booths on oceans, insects, or low country wildlife. Then cruise on over (by bike of course!) to Vincent’s Soda Fountain for a classic soda, a chocolate malt, or any ice cream treat you can think of. Did you forget to refill your prescription before you left for vacation, don’t worry Vincent’s has a pharmacist on hand as well (just like years gone by). Then split forces,and let the guys head to Seasport Islands outfitters to check out their new favorite toys. Seaport carries gear and apparel for the six main sports pursued on the islands which includes golf, tennis, fishing, canoes/kayaks, bicycles, and beach/surf. Rent a sea kayak or a bike for the day or take a guided tour of the marsh. While the men are happy drooling over new fishing rods, let the women shop! Freshfields has plenty of shops for home or self to get lost in. One 72 DOCICA magazine July 2011


NEWTON FARMS The best gourment grocer on the beach with an awesome deli, local produce, and seafood galore. 73


of our favs is Pink Boulevard because we adore their philosophy. Then pop into Indigo Books and get their recommendation on a quick summer read that you can enjoy in your beach chair once you are exhausted from paddle boarding. After an hour of shopping meet back up for lunch at Heges, for classic and relaxed French cuisine or Ladles, a restaurant with 400 different recipes of soups, with fourteen choices daily. Then make one final stop at Newton Farms, gourmet grocer, to pick up your meats, crackers, and bread for the week. Don’t forget to browse the amazing flower section and pick out a stem or two for your table. With your summer read, happy husband, and a full boat bag of groceries head home to your vacation rental in time to hit the beach with your boards or kayaks. Oops forget something? Don’t worry Freshfields is only a bike ride away. 74 DOCICA magazine July 2011

Checkout Pink Boulevard’s philosophy... “We believe elegance can be casual. We believe gracefulness is compatible with fits of laughter. We believe it���s completely acceptable to be sexy. We believe in dinner parties, charity parties, beach parties, dance parties, and parties in general. We believe in living a colorful life.”

LOVELY life 75


76 DOCICA magazine July 2011

LOVELY life 77


78 DOCICA magazine July 2011

LOVELY life 79


next WEEK: stunning STYLE inspired by travel, nature, and of course our covergirl.

80 DOCICA magazine July 2011

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