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April – May 2017

OUR HOSTS FAMILIES The first day we went to the church and we had our first service. After that we had dinner with both families. Laura Johnson and her husband were my first host family from church. I stayed with Macarena. The second day we came back to the church and had three more services. We ate and then went to the theater to see the "Blue Man Group". It was an amazing experience. I enjoyed it a lot. In the afternoon we had the pleasure to visit the Cubs stadium and the Chicago fire department. In the same day, we left the people from church and went to our new home with the host family from school. The Stancil family hosted me for 4 days. I went to school with Bailee Stancil. The first day we had dinner at Portillo's and then we visited her best friend Victoria who was Macarena's sister. We spent a lot of time together. We went to school four days, it was a little bit different from here but I loved it. Despite school, she showed me tourist places like downtown, Navy Pier, the shopping center, the beach and more. The last day with Bailee we played football at school. The school experience was awesome, everyone was so nice. On Thursday afternoon we were joined by Erin, who worked with us a few years ago in Argentina as a Young Adult in Global Mission. After that, we came back to the church where our new host families were waiting for us. The Valdez family hosted me and Macarena for 2 days. Our new siblings were Kristina and Tony. On Friday and Saturday we went downtown where we could see some gorgeous buildings. We spent time at the zoo and then we did the hop on and hop off bus tour. One of the stops were Hard After our first service at church we have a big dinner with almost everyone who wanted to come, not just the ones who assisted the previous services. There we all met our called Church Families, and some of us were lucky to also have the possibility to meet the other School Families. As soon as I entered the room I found

Rock Cafe. We also had dinner with Erin and Josh. On Saturday morning we took the water taxi. We walked down Michigan Avenue doing some shopping until we got to the Bean. It was our last stop. I had the best time ever in Chicago. It has been almost five months since that unforgettable experience and I can remember every minute of it as it had happened only yesterday. We were all really excited before this trip. Chicago is not only beautiful but also very exciting. There are always activities taking place at any time. The food is delicious. I experienced a good time away from home. I bought a lot of things and had the opportunity to meet different people from different cultures. I wish I could come back soon. Every single person I met was so nice with me. I appreciate it a lot.ROMINA OLIVERA

JoEllen, Bob, Finn and Kathy Hoffman, they were supposed to be my hosts there in Chicago. Since the first moment I started to talk to them I knew that they were a united and lovely family. A few minutes before the end of the evening Lisa appeared. Lisa Collyer was the mother in Collier’s family. The way she talked to us and tried to teach us every detail about how it is to live in Chicago. I think the Collyers helped me to understand how politics and economy work in the state, so I really appreciate them for teaching me so many things. If I could say something to them now, I would tell them how much I missed them and regret spending so little time with them.

My School Family was the Hoffman. I hadn´t met Joey until the first night I stayed in their house. He was meant to be my school partner. Apart from that, there was another foreign exchange student in

the house with me, his name was Finn, and he became one of my best friends there in Chicago. His homeland was Germany, but I wouldn´t have known that he hadn´t told me. Finn became very close to me, so I decided to spend my days in U.S. with him instead of Joey. The time we were together is the best memory I brought home. I think he is one of my very best friends even now that we haven´t talk or see each other for a long time. For this side, I think the Hoffman taught me the culture, education and the common life of a Chicago family. Both families made me understand different perceptions of the city, that´s way I think they all will always have my thanks and love. FEDERICO RAMPAZZO

I knew my host family of the church the same day that I arrive to Chicago on April 29, in a dinner that the people of the church did for us. That night, Florencia and I were going to stay with them. At first I was afraid to stay with people that I don't know but in the dinner they were so friendly and good with me and Florence that i was not afraid anymore. The family consists of Pam and Armando that were the parents and Victory and Leilani were his My experience of this trip was amazing. I learnt many things that I never imagined. The experience is different when one is surrounded by people who speak another language. The people were very friendly and hospitable. The look of the people when we arrived was of absolute happiness. From that moment I knew it was going to be a great trip. One of my best memories when I was in the United States was when I met a host family. I felt excited and nervous at the same time. Laura and Mark were Romina’s and I host family. They were

daughters. I didn't spend much time with them but because of how little I met them I found them to be very good and lovely people. I was with two families from the school. I knew my fist host family of the school in the dinner that the people of church do the day that I arrived. I pass my fist night with Charlotte and his family on Sunday 30 of April. The parents of Charlotte, Paul and Gail did everything to make me fill like at home. Paul lent me a guitar and a ukulele, because he knew that I like music, and Gail was a really good cook. At the second day I start to miss my family so much and for that i stay one night with Margarita. On Wednesday morning I went to Victoria ’ s house to stay with her, her family and Macarena. With Victoria and her friends I visited many places of Chicago. We went shopping and visited Downtown. The truth is that I had a lot of fun with them and now I have very good memories. LUDMILA BARRAZZA

kind with us. I will never forget when their cat tried to take my phone, this memorie is one of my funniest and favourite moment of my staying in Chicago. After having been sharing moments with Laura and Mark I went with the family of the school. My sister’s name is Victoria and her mother, Sandra. For 4 days I went to school with Victoria and spent nice moments with her and her friends, Bailee (who was Romina’s sister) and Katie. Bailee, Romina, Vicky, Katie and I spent many moments together and we were able to meet many beautiful places. We met Navy Pier and we

went out to eat at night. All these moments remained in my heart and I will never forget. After these days we returned to the church and with Romina went with another family: Tony, Karen and their sons, Kristina and Tony. They took us out to eat and we were treated very well. It was very nice to share moments with this family because they were always attentive if we needed anything and they were very friendly too. We spent days with Erin and Josh who visited us a few years ago. We had many fun times with them and I am very grateful for that.

I am also very happy with our friends from the church who on our second day took us to the show "Blue man group" and in the last days they took us to travel downtown, we traveled on the Chicago train and met the United Center. My days in Chicago surrounded by excellent people were very special and I know that I will never forget this nice experience MACARENA CĂ CERES.


The first thing that we did was going to see to ''The Blue Man Group'', a show in which only 3 men with the face painted in blue played music and a couple of games really fun, in which some of them the public participated. After seeing them we went, by surprise, to the Chicago Fire Station. There we had some really interesting talks with the firemen. Right after it, our teachers told us that there was some little extra time to do something especial, and with that excuse they took us to Luther North, the school we were supposed to meet the next day. Of course it was all planned, and it was arranged that there would be the place in which our families (We called them “School Families ”) would meet us and take us home. It really was a nice surprise. This all happened on Sunday 30º, and since that day we didn´t see each other but at school until Thursday 3rd.. That day we said goodbye to our new friends, playing some soccer at school with them and some other Luther North students. After it and some sad hugs, we finally said goodbye to the School Families, and

came back to our tourism group. That particularly sad day, we visited Chicago´s Science and Industry Museum, in where we got a lot of fun and nice pictures. On Friday 4th we met Erin and Josh, two friends of us who been to Argentina some time ago. Before going to their church, we had been doing some shopping downtown and specially visiting the Navy Pier. Of course we wouldn´t have did it without the help from the Hop-on/Hop-off Bus, although it was a really windy day for being on the upper floor ¡Which had no cover for the wind! Before the end of the day, we couldn´t leave Chicago without visiting United Centre. The last day had come, Saturday night we had to take our flight back to Argentina, so this day was really depressing for every one of us. Those last hours we went back to Downtown to taste a little bit of Chicago´s local food, highlighting Chicago´s hotdogs and deepdish pizza. Most of this day we spent it with Erin and Josh, who been with us when we returned to Navy Pier. Between the things we visited that day was Trump´s tower and the Bean (iconic Chicago landmarks). Before heading to O´Hare Airport, we had a meal at the church. Everything was very emotional, and I think we all had some tears in our faces that night.


It is known that is more difficult to learn English if your mother language is a romantic one, like is for example Spanish, Italian or Portuguese. These languages share lots of words and ways to form sentences that make a romantic speaker the best candidate to learn one. But in the case of English, a Germanic language, it becomes such a hard work to learn it because some things are completely different and can even not make sense at all for us. It is hard, but isn’t impossible. A better and faster way to learn a language like this is to actually live in a place where people use it. To start with, it is known that a baby learns a language by adapting himself to the surroundings, listening to other people talk and getting used to patterns and signals seen. So if you done it since you were born, why wouldn’t you do it now? It is talked about a human been as a social subject who literately must live in a society to survive, so it has to adapt to the one around him. That means no matter how it is, a human been is always alike his society. For the other hand, it’s obvious that a grown human doesn’t have a the same learning capability a baby has, so its highly recommended you to learn some tenses and word meanings after you go to another country. Furthermore, an adult is used to make predictions, deductions and hypothesis about things, which means that if they are having a conversation with someone whose language is different to his, he will probably

understand whatever he thinks. The opinion of the subject, in this case can get

between the two parts of the conversation, which can lead them to misunderstand each other if the first man doesn’t know the other’s language properly. In conclusion, being in an English speaker country will improve by far your language abilities, because as it becomes your new surrounding society, your brain unconsciously get used to it and prepare yourself to interact with it. But of course it is needed to know first the basics about the language so you avoid understanding whatever you want, or just not understanding at all. FEDERICO RAMPAZZO

It is easier to learn English in an English speaking country. We have more resources at our disposal, easier access to native speakers. When we go to a country with this language we have the opportunity to perfect our listening comprehension. We are in constant contact with people. Being a foreign country forces us to say wrong sentences, to have our mistakes. People can’t decide to talk since their life depends of that. To live the experience of visiting another country, to know another culture, to taste new flavors, wonder of beautiful landscapes, to speak another language and to experience customs foreign to

It is easier to learn English in an English speaking country because you are all the time in contact with the language. I mean, if you are in other country you can try to communicate with someone and if he doesn’t understand you, you can try to communicate pointing things or with signs. Maybe it would be a little desperate not to understand anything at first but with time and practice, you can learn to speak English very well. •You can learn attending a course, too. Making a sentence and a test however, it will take

yours, is something that is priceless. To developed perfectly in the local language. At first it starts as a totally different world, ends up being part of your routine, so in a while, one adapts. Learning the customs and culture of another country is always a very important experience. A broad knowledge helps us to develop with people very different and makes you grow as a person. Although one doesn’t have a good academic performance, the experience of studying abroad will always be worth even if only because of living in another culture. MACARENA CÁCERES

more time. You can have the highest mark but you will learn the formal form to talk and it is more likely that in the country that you visit the people will speak an informal way. In conclusion, I think that is easier to learn English in an English speaking country because it is better trying to learn and make mistakes with someone who speaks the language all the time. LUDMILA BARRAZA

Personally, I believe that the necessity of fluent or daily communication leads to a possible improvement on a foreign language, basically because you surely could not survive without interacting with your environment, especially on a foreign place. So you eventually should get to adapt yourself to wherever you are living. In my case it only helped to increase my vocabulary, but travelling (for example) to the USA and having no idea of what the language is like, is not a good combination, it may get you into awkward situations, and even annoying to both sides of the communication. My experience was good. It was easy to communicate, I felt confident although I had one or two cases in which I got nervous but nothing relevant actually. In travels like mine, you can encounter yourself with new words, meanings, accents and a whole bunch of new things that you may thing you

already know, but in fact you probably ignore most of its real reasons.

Having the chance of learning new languages is so beautiful, and teaching it as well, even much more if it is to a foreign individual who does not know nothing but still, its thrilled to learn about something new. I compare learning to building bridges. Knowledge and domination over a language gives you infinite chances of everything, and encourages you to keep on learning. Many ways exist for you to learn, but real immersion and practicing is the best in my opinion. PABLO CORRADINO

Is easier to learn English in an English speaking country if you know something about that language. I learnt a lot of new words when I was in the United States. It can be a little hard to understand what they are saying at the first time but then you are going to feel confident. If you travel to another country to learn English you will have some advantages and disadvantages. One of these advantages is that you'll see another culture and learn new vocabulary. You'll improve your speech, writing and the quality of your expressions. You'll enjoy new experiences. You'll meet new people and make more friends. The disadvantages are less. One of them is that you'll meet a lot of people who speak Spanish but

it depends where you go. If you want to get by in a country like the United States at least you should have a basic English. ROMINA OLIVERA











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I would like to thank all the people from church and all our host families. All of you were so kind with us. Nothing of this trip could be possible without your help. I'm so grateful and happy of met people like this. One more time, thank you all so much. OLIVERA ROMINA

I would like to thank my church and school’s families in Chicago for teaching me Chicago’s culture, let me live like a son in their houses, treat me like a king and be so careful and lovely with me. Also I think Edison Park’s church people deserves an acknowledgement for making possible our trip and letting us know their country and traditions. RAMPAZZO FEDERICO.

I want to thank all the people of the church, the host families and my teachers for make possible the travel. Thank you the people of the church for show us your city and for be so nice and loving with us. Thank you host families for allowed us stay in your houses without know who we were and really thank you for take care of us like if we were your own child. without all of you anyone of us wouldn't have make the trip. BARRAZA LUDMILA.

I would like thank my teachers and all the people of the church who made possible this wonderful adventure come true. Thanks to the host families and my new friend Vega for giving me such unforgettable memories. MACARENA CÁCERES

I heartedly thank everyone in Edison Park for your extraordinary generosity, hosting and cooperative help with the project we have carried out together in the last years. We certainly could not have done it without your assistance and love. The hospitality shown to us during our recent visit to Chicago has been invaluable as well as the friendly atmosphere we experienced in every single moment we shared with all you. Being with you has been a real joy! “So close no matter how far”


I wish to thank everybody equally, for all the effort done to ensure us a delightful trip. From the church, to the school, they all been through a hustle to arrange almost perfectly everything for us. Without them, one of our dreams wouldn't have been accomplished successfully. Simply Thank you. Thank Ya'll PABLO CORRADINO

There are no enough words to express the joy and love we all felt during our visit to Chicago this year. You made us feel at home!. I am so grateful to everyone at Edison Park Church and both schools, “The Luther North High School and the Lutheran Unity “, for all the care and support you gave us to carry out every stage in this Exchange Cultural Project. Building a bridge always aims to get somewhere and meet someone on the other side. I heartedly believe that we were blessed because we got to Edison Park and met such a wonderful, generous and lovely people on the other side. The amazing experience we lived will be kept as a treasure in our memory and in our heart. And as God has promised, you will receive a hundredfold for everything you have given us. Margarita

In September 2012, we met a group of kind people who wanted to know and help the students in Argentina. They came to Grand Bourg, and visited the school and the Congregation, and started a deep relationship with us. They recieved me, and a group of teachers, and finally on April 2017, they recieved us, and a small group of students, to share an experience at the “Luther North High School” in Chicago area. We felt at home there, because those brothers and sisters, made us feel this way. We are, and will be thankful, and we feel happy to have a lutheran family in Edison Park. Miguel

April – May 2017

Edison Park Lutheran Church

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