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The Promise Academy at ML King HS


The STE2AM Academy Newsletter

Science, Technology, Engineering\Entrepreneurship,

July-Sept. | 2012 September Dates Sept. 8

BEST Robotics Kickoff event.

Sept. 27 Carole A. Smith Technology Symposium at Temple University

Arts & Mathematics

Sept. 27 Back-to-school night at the Promise Academy at Martin Luther King HS

Sept. 29 High School Expo at 440 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia School District Headquarters

Sept. 29 First Tech

Challenge (FTC) Kick-off event for Philadelphia-area schools

We must continue to tap into the “new age of innovation� in our young people. By investing in STEM or STEM-like hybrid programs, we do just that. Our STE2AM program has been well received in our greater school community. Our population will continue to be instantly gratified. This instant success will propel our students to greater academic heights. -William C. Wade, Principal

Welcome to the STE2AM Academy! The Promise Academy at Martin Luther King High School is proudly kicking off its first year of our STE2AM Academy. This first cohort of ninth-grade students is beginning to explore project-based learning techniques that promote critical thinking, problem solving and an overall collaborative theme. Please explore the new offerings presented in our STE2AM newsletter, and join us in welcoming our students to an exciting new educational opportunity. more on


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1st Annual Summer STE2AM Academy July 3rd – August 2nd

Science, Technology, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Arts, Mathematics In the first year of our summer STE2AM academy at The Promise Academy at ML King HS, we met our students head-on to deliver 21st century skills in the areas of robotics and renewable energy. This year’s summer program was the district’s bestattended summer enrichment program in the last 10 years, with an average daily attendance of 35 students.

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Over the course of 5 weeks, students created remotely operated vehicles capable of navigating boundaries and collecting samples in an underwater environment. Students also attended trips to the Seaport Museum, the U.S.S. Becuna, and the ACUA Water Treatment Facility, which housed an impressive wind turbine and solar panel energy grid. Hands-on labs using solar panels and wind turbines were used to reinforce these renewable energy concepts.

The culminating robotics event at Widener Memorial School was a great success, and was well attended by family and community sponsors. Please visit our blog for more information: www.mlkstemacademy.


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The Promise Academy at

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and competencies.

Martin Luther King High School is

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Students beginning in the

proud to be the sole provider of 

(III) the creation of rigorous,

STE2AM academy this year

this STEM educational platform in

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will start their ninth grade

the School District of Philadelphia

K-12 programs designed for

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all learners with a strategic


focus on gender, racial and


in 2012-2013.

the foundational

Areas of major emphasis include:

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In later years,

(I) the promotion of STEM literacy 




for all students with an emphasis

comprehensive web of student

Architectural Design, 3D









Solid Modeling, Design for



and lower-income students,



(II) the preparation of all students



to be competent, capable citizens


in a technology-dependent society

measuring full STEM literacy





of Engineering and among


other a la carte options.

For more info, visit: Dolor Sit Amet

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Q1 Problem-Solving Survey: Survival! A student (you) has just been washed to shore with a waterproof backpack. Just one hour before, they were thrown from their ship when a giant storm cracked the boat’s hull into two pieces. Although they were a popular student at ML King HS, people will not be looking for them since they were on a yearlong ocean expedition, and were not planning on making contact with civilization during that time. No…not even on Twitter. Thankfully, they thought quickly to grab some items before the storm destroyed their ship. Unfortunately, their backpack could only hold six items. To ensure their survival on the deserted island for a whole year,

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student groups were asked to choose six items and include the rationale for each one. Below, you will find the breakdown of their top 6 choices: -

Swiss Army Knife Flashlight Sleeping Bag Matches Spool of Rope Kettle

“…And this is the kind of thing <STEM education> that inspires kids across the country. They’re telling their moms and dads they want to be part of a Mars mission – maybe even the first person to walk on Mars...

And you thought your students were addicted to technology…

- Barack Obama


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Robotics Programs Interested in joining? See Dr. Baxter (Rm. 348), Mr. Jones (Rm. 136) or Ms. Sangalang (Rm. 108) or visit our website below for more info

A renewed emphasis on STEM education in high school is a logical next step if we wish to produce highly marketable student

STE2AM\Auto Academies Create Partnership with Wharton HSGLN & NFTE After






graduates effective skills,



communication problem-solving

and a creative approach to the world around them.

Aberdeen Asset Mgmt. and Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) in September 2012, students in the STE2AM and Automotive

- Ryan Baxter,

academies are competing in an investment program, and are planning to

STE2AM SLC Coordinator

enter a business plan competition in the area of â&#x20AC;&#x153;alternativeâ&#x20AC;? energy. Knowledge@Wharton High School, an initiative of the Wharton School that promotes financial literacy, entrepreneurship, business and leadership, has partnered with Aberdeen Asset Mgmt. to run an investment competition for Philadelphia-area high schools. The goal of this competition is to have students develop critical thinking skills around how to make an investment. Under the direction of Mr. Jones and Dr. Baxter, students are working in a one-of-a-kind collaboration between the Science and Career & Trades Education (CTE) departments. Student teams are currently devising strategies for investment, developing prototypes, seeking endorsement and performing market analyses. Student members include (alphabetically): Ted Brown, Nicko Bryant, Chris Davenport, Jaleel Edwards, Randolph Edwards, Louis Harrison, Stephen Hawkins, Aaron Nelson, Raphael Nembhard, Jahlil Nesmith, Dashawn Powell, Devonte Powell, Marquece Waters.

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Fall 2012 - STE2AM Newsletter  

The Promise Academy at Martin Luther King High School is proudly kicking off its first year of our STE2AM Academy. This first cohort of nint...

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