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April 11, 2009


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Lane Frost tour arrives

StreetBeat record year Free concert series on pace to break attendance records By Beth Potter Mountaineer Staff Writer StreetBeat organizers are expecting a colossal crowd for Wednesday’s final concert Wednesday. Concert-goers may actually come to hear Chadzilla & The Asteroids, the ‘80s cover band on tap to rock the grand finale event, which starts at 6 p.m. in Vail Village just east of Checkpoint Charlie on Gore Creek Drive. They might also come to see if they’ve



For week of April 6

Trading was quiet Friday as stock markets in the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Australia and New Zealand were closed for the Good Friday holiday. Exchanges in Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Singapore and the Philippines were also closed. Oil markets were also closed. Most markets reopen on Monday, but European markets are closed until Tuesday. For the week the Dow is up 65.79, or 0.8 percent, the S&P is up 14.06, or 1.7 percent, and the Nasdaq is up 30.67, or 1.9 percent.

Your heating bill should go down next witner

The 60 million American homes that rely on natural gas for heat can expect [See THE UPDATE, pages 8-9]


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won the Volvo C30 grand prize (see related story, right). Or they might just come for the expected sun and fun. The concert series is put on by the Vail Valley Foundation. By all accounts, StreetBeat is expected to break attendance records this year, said Diane Moudy, owner of Resort Entertainment in Edwards, which has been booking the bands for the event for the last 10 years. “StreetBeat has been huge this year,” [See STREETBEAT, page 14]

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Crowds gather at the Hell’s Belles StreetBeat show April 1, 2009. Pia Reynaldo photo.

Dress in your ‘80s best for StreetBeat Make sure to wear your best ‘80s attire to Wednesday’s StreetBeat show for a chance to win a great pair of skis. There’s going to be a costume contest to end all costume contests, hosted by the Vail Valley Foundation. A pair of Atomic Snoop Daddy skis with bindings is the prize for the best costume. We just want to say that for those of us who graduated in the ‘80s, we just can’t bring ourselves to put the word “costume” in the same sentence with our creative high-school outfits. Are we talking Cyndi Lauper’s littlegirl dresses, polka dots and pigtails? Or maybe Boy George’s make-up and trademark hat?

No matter — Chadzille & The Asteroids, the ‘80s cover band, is sure to rock the crowd at the outdoor concert. It starts at 6 p.m. in Vail Village just east of Checkpoint Charlie. Don’t worry if you’re not into the ‘80s. You also still have a chance to win the 2009 Volvo C30, the grand prize of StreetBeat. If you’re a Vail Valley resident, you need to be present to win and show a driver’s license or some other form of identification. A couple of years ago, the car winner in question was just coming out of the bathroom when he heard his name. His friends quickly hustled him up to the stage.

Rogers: I didn’t talk to Bricklin Mountaineer Staff Report

The Vail Daily has responded to claims that Daily Marketing Manager Mark Bricklin is deliberately removing Vail Mountaineer newspapers from valley Starbucks locations. Vail Daily Publisher/Editor Don Rogers says he didn’t actually talk to Bricklin on Wednesday following Bricklin’s caught-in-the-act removal of 15 Vail Mountaineers from the Bridge Street Starbucks. “There’s a characterization of me having spoke with Mark,” said Rogers on Friday. “It was my presumption, that he returned them to the box … I didn’t speak to Mark about it.” Rogers also says he never said exactly which box or what color that box was. But Mountaineer Editor John LaConte says during his conversation with Rogers on Wednesday, Rogers implied he had indeed talked to Bricklin and that Rogers said Bricklin returned the papers to a “blue” box. “That’s what I have in my notes, and that’s what he said,” said LaConte. “There’s no other way to interpret that then to assume he had actually talked to Bricklin, or witnessed it himself… Now we’re learning that neither is the case.” LaConte added that while the Daily seems to be laughing

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the matter off, the Mountaineer staff takes it very seriously. “We don’t want them removing our papers from businesses where we have a right to be. The community wants our newspapers in Starbucks, we want our newspapers in Starbucks, Starbucks wants our newspapers in Starbucks, why is the Daily resisting it so adamantly?” asked LaConte. “This is ridiculous.” Rogers said the Daily has a “business agreement” with Starbucks to be one of the three papers allowed in the newspaper racks in the center of the store. He said they give Starbucks free ads in return for the rack space. Rogers added that Bricklin likely interprets the agreement to mean that they are to be the only local newspaper in the store, despite the fact that Starbucks managers have said the Mountaineer is welcome in the baskets next to the couches. Mountaineer Publisher Jim Pavelich says it seems like there’s a communication disconnect at the Eagle-Vail paper. “Now we find out [Rogers and Bricklin] never even talked about it?” questioned Pavelich. “For an outfit that specializes in communication, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of it going on over there.” Bricklin’s only response to the matter, says Rogers, was to “show up to work [Friday] in his most brightly colored shirt.”

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

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U.C. and Davis, but not the college in California EDITOR’S NOTE: Every day or two we take a cruise through some local police reports so we can bring you our favorites. The general theme is two-fold: (1) Sometimes we’re all this silly, and (2) this stuff is funny because it’s not happening to you ‌ this time.

8FTU 7BJM r 

St. Joseph’s Baby Acid: We’re not sure what the fuss is when it comes to Ecstasy, but Javan Davis is going to have plenty of time to figure it out, along with why his batch of ecstasy had Bart Simpson’s pictures on the pills. An undercover Sheriff’s deputy we’ll call Undercover Cop, or U.C., got a call from a confidential informant who said he knew a guy who knew a guy who had a bunch of Ecstasy pills he wanted to sell – 100, in fact, which is way more giggling than adults should be doing. So, U.C. picked up photo copied bills that added up to $1,200 and headed over to El Jebel for a chat with Mr. Davis. Mr. Davis, who says he’d been drinking the night before, offered to buy his brother a cheeseburger in exchange for a ride to Wendy’s, where he was supposed to meet with U.C. for their business transaction. While Davis and U.C. were conducting a little business, Davis’s brother took his car next door to the lube shop for a little maintenance. U.C. apparently didn’t want to blow his entire wad of photo copied money, so he offered to buy a couple Ecstasy pills for testing purposes. If he liked them, he’d buy the rest later, presumably with more photo copied money. Davis, who apparently thinks ecstasy pills have some sort of family bond, said he didn’t want to break up the set of 100 and did the classic sales and marketing move called the takeaway – he started walking away from the deal. Unfortunately for him, he had the ecstasy in his shirt pocket. Detectives moved in and cuffed him and his brother, which really strained the ties of brotherly love because, as you’ll recall Davis called his brother for the ride. They kicked his brother loose, because it’s not against the law to get your oil changed, at least until the Obama administration outlaws oil. When deputies searched Davis, they found the Bart Simpson ecstasy pills and $231 in cash, which is more than enough to buy even the most expensive item on the Wendy’s menu. But alas, it was all confiscated for evidence. None went to brotherly sustenance. Davis is currently residing in the Eagle County Crossbar Hotel where is passing the time watching Simpsons reruns. Take a seat: When the adorable hostess says “take a seat, please,� she’s just being polite. She doesn’t really mean take a seat. An Edwards bar/restaurant with a

Locally owned and operated since 2008

(970) 926-6602 295 Main St., Suite C103, Edwards, CO 81632

popular outdoor deck had a half dozen fewer chairs after someone stole enough tables and chairs to furnish an apartment. They’re worth about $500, so whoever you are, you just rolled up a karma debt worth $500. Renegade Romeo, Juliet Junior: If you’re going to drive around in a stolen truck, don’t smile at a security camera while you’re stealing the gas to go in it. Their tale is something less than Renegade Romeo and Juliet Junior. Crank up the steel guitar and country music while we tell you all about it. She’s adorable, but underage, and needed a ride. They met two weeks earlier and were on their way from Wisconsin to visit Juliet Junior’s mother in Las Vegas, the land of long-term relationships. He was at the wheel when they wrecked her car, stranding them in a Henderson, Nebraska truck stop. While we’re sure Henderson is a delightful location and the truck stop has every possible truck stop amenity, she was ready to follow Horace Greeley’s admonition and “Go West, young man� (person in this case). Juliet Junior’s Renegade Romeo wandered off and returned a while later with a pickup truck, which he said he borrowed from a friend. He did indeed borrow it, but the owner wasn’t all that friendly about it. Anyway, they continued their journey toward the city of slots and sluts, Las Vegas, and began to realize they should have stolen a solar powered vehicle because they were running dangerously low on fossil fuels. They stopped at West Vail Shell. On the other hand, this was at night, so they were intercoursed either way. At Renegade Romeo’s admonition, Juliet Junior climbed out of the truck and pumped $22 worth of regular. That’s it. $22. Juliet Junior explained later that they skipped because they didn’t have any money. They jumped back on the highway without paying for the gas and before you can say Bonehead Bonnie and Clyde, local authorities were in hot pursuit. They flew through the traffic light in Edwards at about 100 mph, finally pulling over when they wisely realizing that they couldn’t outrun radar. When Juliet Junior climbed out of the pickup, she was heard to intone, “How much time am I going to do for this?� A penetrating and pertinent question. It turns out, none. Among the lengthy litany of charges leveled against Renegade Romeo was contributing to the delinquency of a minor, although it doesn’t say how delinquent Juliet Junior was before Renegade Romeo got hooked up with her. The saying, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,� does not apply to him. Renegade Romeo will be staying in the Eagle County Crossbar Hotel.

PUBLISHER: Jim Pavelich ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER: Erinn Hoban EDITOR: John LaConte ART DIRECTOR: Pia Reynaldo GRAPHIC DESIGNER: Scott Burgess REPORTERS: Randy Wyrick, Beth Potter ADVERTISING: Mark Sassi, Kimberly Speers, Jennifer Ellis INSIDE SALES: Lindsay Dominy ADVERTISERS please check your ad for accuracy the first day it runs. The Vail Mountaineer’s liability for errors shall not exceed the value of the first day’s ad. Š2008 Vail Mountaineer. All rights reserved. No animals were harmed in the production of this paper.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Vail Mountaineer

Bull riding bustin’ out Lane Frost Challenge Tour rolls into Eagle River Center tonight By Randy Wyrick Mountaineer Staff Writer If you’re atop a bull, strapped there with leather that might have recently been one of his relatives, you’re not at the top of the food chain. Bulls and cowboys will have that discussion again tonight when the Eagle Valley Bull Stomp comes to the Eagle River Center. It’s part of the Lane Frost Challenge Tour, one of the top bull riding series running. There’ll be 40 riders signed up for this event. The top 10 get to come back for the second go-round, when a different bull will try to kill them some more. “We should have riders from all over,” said Eldon Monsen who’s producing the event and providing most of the bulls. No one wants to see anyone injured, said Monsen, but it’s always entertaining to see both cowboys and creatures tossed around a little. Bulls don’t want to be ridden. They learn that the harder they try top get rid of their rider, the faster it happens and the happier they are. “Some of them just seem to know their job,” said

Eagle Valley Bull Stomp

Saturday, April 11 Gates open 5 p.m., bucking starts at 7 p.m. Lane Frost Challenge Tour bull riding event presented by the Eagle Valley Chamber of Commerce. Eagle River Center at the Eagle County Fairgrounds Tickets $12 for adults, $6 for children under 11 Tickets available at Copy Plus in Eagle, Wylaco in Gypsum and at the door.

Monsen. “You want them to have attitude, but be manageable, with a lot of athletic ability.” Western Heritage Night Lane’s parents, Clyde and Elsie Frost, will be on hand for tonight’s event. They hit the road occasionally to help promote and preserve America’s Western heritage, and to help raise funds for the Lane Frost Scholarship Fund. The scholarships go to National High School Finals Rodeo contestants who want a college education, a goal their son pursued. Lane Frost, for whom the tour is named, was arguably the best bull rider who eve lived. He was killed after a successful ride at Cheyenne’s Frontier Days. He’d gotten off and was trying to get away when the bull caught up and killed him. “That’s all he ever wanted to be,” says Clyde Frost, Lane’s father. “It wasn’t long before we knew that he was going to ride bulls. It was him wanting to, we didn’t force him. We tried to discourage it even. We’d rather he’d been a banker, a lawyer or something. It’s a tough life.” The plaque by the Eagle River Center’s front door says the building is dedicated to helping preserve Eagle County’s western heritage, and Monsen said the Frosts will be right at home. “I was fortunate enough that they let me put on a bullriding event in Vernal, Utah, Lane’s home town,” said Monsen. That led to Monsen partnering with Clyde and Elsie to establish the Lane Frost Challenge Tour, which stops in the Eagle River Center tonight.

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St. Patrick’s Catholic Parish Easter Mass Schedule

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Easter Sunday, April 12th

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Saturday, April 11, 2009


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High-end homes could hit the auction block Brokers say auctions ‘build excitement’ By Beth Potter Mountaineer Staff Writer A Beaver Creek homeowner is getting ready to put his multi-million dollar home up for auction. No, he’s not on the brink of foreclosure. Quite the opposite, says Amy Dorsey, his real estate broker at the Park Hyatt Slifer Smith & Frampton office in Beaver Creek. No, the homeowner in this luxe resort community has picked out a new home he wants in The Hamptons, and he’s wants to sell his home here so he can move, Dorsey says. “Auctions aren’t for every property owner, but if they’re in a hurry, it can be good,” Dorsey says. “A lot of people say it’s a bad thing for the market, but our European clients love it.” In fact, Slifer Smith & Frampton is opening a new auction division, with its first event slated for July, says Ric Souto, head of the new division and a real estate broker. It’s not the only real estate firm in the county to do so — Hoffman West Real Estate in Avon plans to hold its first auction on June 27 in connection with J.P. King Luxury Real Estate Auction Co. “It used to be thought of as a last resort, but that’s no longer the case,” Souto says of the auction mentality. “It’s an accelerated way to sell real estate. Figuratively speaking, it’s on steroids.” Several clients already have contacted Slifer about auctioning off their homes, although no one has signed a contract yet, Souto says. In general, the properties are over the $1 million mark; Hoffman West is targeting any property over $1.5 million. “I think the slow market has brought it to the fore-

front, but we’ve been thinking about this before the quote ‘slow market’ became what it is,” Souto says. The number of real estate auctions is on the rise across the country as the economy has slowed in recent months. But while an auction in Denver recently listed more than 200 homes for sale at all price ranges, luxury homes usually are auctioned off one at a time. Both Slifer and Hoffman West plan to market two to five homes per auction, maybe more. With 223 singlefamily homes above $2 million on the market right now in Eagle County, it appears there is plenty of inventory. “There’s an excitement about auctions,” says Terry Hoffman, co-owner of Hoffman West. “If you think buyers have gone silent, the auction will tell you if they have or not and how the market is trending.” Eagle County real estate sales have slowed down in recent months, although February saw 16 percent more sales at prices 29 percent higher than January, according to statistics released April 6 from Land Title Guarantee Co. in Eagle. Prices for homes that are selling appear to be all over the map — February’s average home sale price was $1.6 million, according to Land Title. Real estate auctions certainly are not new, but they have been relatively rare in resort communities, says Byron Koste, director of the University of Colorado Real Estate Center. Places like California and Arizona have hosted regular auctions over the last year or so, he said. “We like to believe we’re above the fray,” Koste says. “It just has taken longer to get here because we have been hit less heavily by the downturn.” Lawrence Yun, chief economist for the National Association of Realtors, sees the auctions more as a real estate broker marketing tool. “Real estate is an entrepreneurial business, so it’s not surprising that they’ll use a non-traditional method to market properties,” Yun says. “And until the credit market loosens up, overall, cash is king.”

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Locker Storage

ALLEGEDLY! By Randy Wyrick Mountaineer Staff Writer EDITOR’S NOTE: It’s an Allegedly follow-up! When we last visited with Backhoe Boy, in a piece entitled “Don’t bring a backhoe to a gun fight,� a couple Sheriff’s deputies had accused him of trying to run over them with, you guessed it, a backhoe. Following a court appearance this week, we learned that police reports do not necessarily contain an even-handed perspective and all the pertinent information. Imagine that. What started out as a neighbors dispute ended up with two deputies’ guns pointed at Backhoe Boy’s head and him knocked to the ground and twice kneed by Eagle County Sheriff’s Deputy David Proctor. Backhoe Boy, despite the moniker, is no boy. He’s in his early to mid 60s, about 5-feet-9 and about 150 pounds. Backhoe Boy is headed to trial for refusing to stop grading his private road when Proctor wanted him to. He’s charged with resisting arrest and obstructing an officer. Backhoe Boy’s attorney pointed out that, according to the law, just because an officer wants you to stand still, you don’t have to if you’re not committing a crime. Backhoe Boy was just grading his road. His neighbor called 911, which he has done with alarming regularity, because he said a guest couldn’t get out while the road was being graded. Proctor was dispatched to the scene and, after discussing the matter briefly with Backhoe Boy, B.B. declined further discussion, climbed back in his backhoe and continued grading his road. “I am going to continue grading my road. I have the right to do that,� Backhoe Boy told Proctor, according to testimony. And that’s what he did. Proctor set off in pursuit, at 3 mph, and called for backup which soon appeared in the person of Dep. Bradley Rosenbauer.


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Backhoe Boy battles back Cops say he’s ‘lucky he didn’t get shot’

Vail Mountaineer

Proctor pursued the backhoe down that private road, at 3 mph, with lights flashing. Rosenbauer started to turn up the road. Proctor insisted Backhoe Boy was fleeing the scene on his backhoe, at 3 mph. Rosenbauer fired up the lights and moved to block the road, which the backhoe was still descending at 3 mph. Proctor was in hot pursuit, following the backhoe down, with his lights flashing. As Backhoe Boy neared the end of his road, Rosenbauer was waiting and, according to his testimony, feared for his life because Backhoe Boy’s backhoe just kept coming – at 3 mph. When Backhoe Boy stopped, Proctor ordered him from the cab, which worked out well because it was time to climb down anyway, although it was hard to hear because the backhoe’s engine was still running. Proctor demanded that he get down on his knees and put his hands behind his head. Proctor slapped handcuffs on one wrist and ordered Backhoe Boy to give him his other hand. Backhoe Boy turned his free hand toward Proctor and rose slightly. Proctor drove the halfway-handcuffed Backhoe Boy to the ground and kneed him twice. During questioning in court this week, Proctor confirmed that he said, “He’s lucky he didn’t get shot.� “You would have shot him?� asked his interviewer. “You bet,� Proctor confirmed he’d said. Then Proctor confirmed that he also said: “All I wanted to do was talk to him,� and “He was under arrest for not stopping and talking to me,� and “The problem is that he wouldn’t stop when I told him to stop,� and “I have the right to detain someone to stop him and talk to him anytime.� In denying a motion to dismiss and ordering the case to trial, Eagle County Court Judge Katharine Sullivan said that while she sympathized with Mr. and Mrs. Backhoe Boy, because they’d built their dream home and all, Proctor and Dep. Bradley Rosenbaum were right to be concerned for their lives and welfare because they didn’t know whether or not he had firearms with him in the cab of the backhoe. Guns are not uncommon in this part of the country, Sullivan said, and the deputies were acting properly because the backhoe didn’t stop so they could search it and find out for sure.

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‘Love our locals’ program hits Vail’s Sweet Basil Restaurant offers 30 percent off tab to donate to schools

476-6111 • Located east of City Market in the Brandess Building

Mountaineer Staff Report


When you’re a popular restaurant like Sweet Basil, you get a lot of requests from non-profit groups for help. Now, Matt and Jana Morgan, one of the restaurant’s owners, have coordinated those requests. Sweet Basil, at 193 E. Gore Creek Drive, will offer 30 percent off of dinner checks next week to diners who mention their featured school. The restaurant will turn around and donate that 30 percent to the chosen schools. “We try to say yes to as many requests as we can and do something meaningful and significant,” Morgan said. “This creates a significant contribution and gives a reason to people to come out.” The schools are: Red Sandstone Elementary in Vail; St. Clare of Assisi in Edwards; Eagle County Charter Academy in Edwards; Edwards Elementary School in Edwards; and Battle Mountain High School in Avon.

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Five schools chosen Each school was chosen for a reason — Battle Mountain High School students asked for a donation to support the school’s “Project Graduation” program, a nonalcoholic end-of-year party for students, for example. Morgan’s children attend the Eagle County Charter Academy. “We think it’s awesome. We’re excited about it,” said Kerry Loetscher, office manager at Red Sandstone. “I know most of the staff are planning to go.” At St. Clare of Assisi, the money raised will be used

Sweet Basil’s Matt Morgan, right, with Mountaineer Sales Manager Mark Sassi. Sweet Basil will offer 30 percent off of dinner checks next week to diners who mention a local school. The restaurant will turn around and donate that 30 percent to the chosen schools. Sassi had nothing to do with Morgan and company’s decision to offer the special. Photo special to the Mountaineer.

to help pay for an eighth grade pilgrimage to Santa Fe, said Jennifer Bianchi, administrative assistant. “We appreciate Sweet Basil supporting local schools. That’s what’s most important to us,” Bianchi said. “It really shows that they ‘love our locals.’” Edwards Elementary will use the money to buy books and items that teachers need in their classrooms, said Heidi Hanssen, the principal. “It’s especially a nice gesture when coming from a restaurant like Sweet Basil who gets a lot of their business from the guests that visit our community,” Hanssen said. “It makes me realize that they still remember and respect the locals.”

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Vail Mountaineer

From our kitchen to yours Need a family dinner for tonight? Let Foods of Vail make your life easier by planning your evening.


Kids enjoy a recent jazz performance at the Vilar as part of the ‘Jazz Goes to School’ program, presented by the Vail Jazz Foundation. On Monday Jazz Goes to School will host two special performances at the Vilar. Photo special to the Mountaineer.

Two concerts for kids . . . Jazz Goes to School program wraps up at Vilar By Beth Potter Mountaineer Staff Writer Fifth-graders go wild when they hear musicians playing the music on stage at the Vilar Performing Arts Center that they have composed. Tony Gulizia and the Jazz Goes to School Sextet will do just that in two special performances on Monday at the Beaver Creek venue. Gulizia directs the Jazz Goes to School program, which is presented by the Vail Jazz Foundation. Local performers, including Gulizia, work with students throughout the year on learning about jazz music, including how to compose songs and write lyrics. The sextet will play a program of “A Tribute to the Giants of Jazz”, featuring a selection of tunes that have shaped the history of jazz in America in the two concerts. Songs from jazz greats like Duke Ellington and Benny Goodman, Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, and others are on the program.

Gulizia’s brother Joey is also part of the program as the band’s drummer. He is joined on stage by Andy Hall (bass), Roger Neumann (saxophone), Kirk Garrison (trumpet) and Michael Pujado (congas and percussion). The sextet presents a foot stompin’ show that pulls together all of the musical concepts taught to fourthand fifth-graders in the first three classroom sessions. The program educates more than 1,000 students every year, including students at the Eagle County Charter Academy, the Vail Mountain School, the Vail Academy, Stone Creek Elementary School and St. Clare of Assisi School. Jazz Goes to School has exposed over 10,000 school students to jazz music since its inception. Others are welcome to attend the concert at $9 per person. Jazz Goes to School is sponsored in part by Alpine Bank, Vilar PAC Community Use Fund, City Market/ The Kroger Foundation, Colorado Mountain Express, Eagle County RE-50J School District elementary school parent teacher organizations, parent teacher organizations of the private and charter schools, the Ella Fitzgerald Charitable Foundation, the Vail Valley Foundation, the Vilar Center for the Arts Beaver Creek, the Walmart Foundation, and numerous private donors.

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substantially lower bills next winter thanks to a glut in supply and the weak economy. Just as distributors start to lock in contracts for the coming winter, natural gas prices have fallen almost 75 percent. Not all of that will show up as savings on the heating bill, but it should still mean noticeable savings. Utilities also generate about a fifth of the nation’s electricity with gas, and many of their customers should notice price breaks as well. Electric utilities burn natural gas at power turbines, so homes that use electric heat could see big price breaks, too. And barring a scorching summer or a brutal hurricane season, analysts say prices could fall even further. The reason: New technology this decade has unlocked massive reserves of natural gas in North America, and the sudden jump in supply has collided with a recession, the worst since World War II, that has sapped demand. The result has been a collapse even more dramatic than the drop in oil prices. Natural gas futures ended this week at $3.61 per 1,000 cubic feet, down from a July peak of $13.69. That’s a decline of 74 percent, compared with a decline of 64 percent in oil prices over the same period. Households have yet to see those huge drops reflected in their heating bills because the companies that buy and distribute natural gas in bulk are still passing on the premium prices they paid last summer. But lower rates are almost certainly coming. Distributors are already signing contracts for next winter that lock in today’s low rates.

Graduation blues in Texas

Eighteen-year-old Garrett MilesMcCarthy, a private first class in the Marine Corps and high school student in El Paso, wants to accept his high school diploma in his military dress blues, despite the fact that his school principal rejected that request. The El Paso Independent School District has a rule that “prohibits students at graduation ceremonies from MILES-MCCARTHY wearing anything other than the traditional regalia,” reports the El Paso Times. “School board members next week will consider whether to bend or change the rules for Chapin’s

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graduation ceremony so that Miles-McCarthy could receive his diploma in Marine dress blues.”

NASA and Colbert, a match made in space

Comedian and satirist Stephen Colbert is still clinging to hope that NASA will name a new room at the international space station after him. The space agency said Friday it would announce the name of the module Tuesday on Comedy Central’s “The Colbert Report.” Astronaut Sunita Williams will appear on the program. The agency held an online contest, letting the public vote on a name for a future addition to the station. “Colbert” beat out NASA’s four suggested options: Serenity, Legacy, Earthrise and Venture. The comedian said in a statement: “I certainly hope NASA does the right thing. Just kidding. I hope they name it after me.”

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More sacrifice in Iraq

Five U.S. soldiers who were killed in Iraq Friday in the single deadliest assault on American troops in more than a year were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, a U.S. military spokesman said. “The U.S. convoy ... appeared to be a target of opportunity,� said Maj. Derrick Cheng. The five were killed when a suicide attacker detonated a truck packed with explosives near a national police station in a residential neighborhood in the northern city of Mosul as an American convoy was passing. Two Iraqi national police officers also died, and two U.S. soldiers were injured in the attack, the military said. Local police reported three officers killed and scores more hurt, as well as Iraqi soldiers and civilians. “I heard a huge bang and then saw smoke coming up,� said Khalid al-Liheibi, who lives in the area. The military declined to release the dead and wounded soldiers’ names because their families have yet to be informed.

Federal income tax collections from corporations plummet

The Treasury Department said Friday that the budget deficit increased by $192.3 billion in March, and is near $1 trillion just halfway through the budget year, as costs of the financial bailout and recession mount. Last month’s deficit, a record for March, was significantly higher than the $150 billion that economists expected. The deficit already totals $956.8 billion for the first six months of the budget year, also a record for that period. The Obama administration projects the deficit for the entire year will hit $1.75 trillion. Through the first six months of the budget year that began Oct. 1, tax revenues have totaled $989.8 billion, down 13.6 percent from the year-ago period. The government’s receipts have been reduced sharply by the recession, which is shaping up to be the longest of the post World War II period. The downturn began in December 2007. Government outlays totaled $1.95 trillion through March, 33.4 percent higher than the year-ago period. Besides higher payments for the financial rescue, the government is paying more in such areas as unemployment benefits and food stamps.

Morbidly obese people sleep more than researchers thought

Former Harvard Medical School assistant professor Robert Fogel falsified data in a study of sleep apnea in severely obese patients, the Office of Research Integrity at HHS said Friday. The 2003 study, entitled “Anatomic and physiologic predictors of apnea severity in morbidly obese sub-

jects,� has since been retracted by the journal Sleep. “The research-integrity office said Fogel’s changed or falsified nearly half of the sleep data ‘so that those data would better conform to his hypothesis,’ reports the Wall Street Journal. “He also fabricated about 20 percent of anatomic data that supposedly came from CT scans, the office said, based on information that Fogel volunteered.�

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Confidential Compassionate Counseling s Providing psychological services for adults, children and teens.

Bankrupt Bernie

A federal judge says investors can force Bernard Madoff into personal bankruptcy proceedings. Federal prosecutors and the Securities and Exchange Commission have argued that it would be unnecessary and costly for the convicted financier to file for personal bankruptcy. But U.S. District Judge Louis Stanton disagreed in an opinion released Friday. The 70-year-old Madoff is in prison awaiting a June sentencing after pleading guilty last month to charges that he defrauded investors of billions of dollars. A court-appointed trustee is in the process of liquidating his business assets.

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CIA openly exits secret jail business

The CIA has stopped using contractors to interrogate prisoners and fired private security guards at the CIA’s now-shuttered secret overseas prisons, agency Director Leon Panetta said Thursday. Panetta told agency employees in an e-mail message that the guards will be replaced with CIA officers at the sites, which President Barack Obama ordered closed on his second day in office. Terminating the private security guards who watched over the secret sites would save the agency $4 million, Panetta said. The CIA refused to provide details about the contract, including its total value and the company or companies that were fired. The secret prisons are now empty, Panetta said, and the agency has not taken any new prisoners since he became director in February. The CIA is now preparing plans for the prisons to be permanently shut down. An intelligence official said the facilities have to be cleaned of any potentially sensitive materials before they can be closed. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the process of shutting down the secret sites. The CIA, however, still has the authority to hold and interrogate prisoners for short periods. Panetta said they will be interrogated by agency employees, not private contractors, and then quickly handed over to the U.S. military, or to their home countries or countries that have legal claims on them. Between 2002 and 2006, the CIA held and interrogated fewer than 100 prisoners, former CIA Director Michael Hayden told Congress last year. It used harsh interrogation methods on about a third of them. Three prisoners were subjected to waterboarding, a form of simulated drowning.

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Saturday, April 11, 2009


Golf weather means fun times St. Clare event raises money for tuition By Beth Potter Mountaineer Staff Writer

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Edwards Riverwalk

The golfing weather has arrived, again. To celebrate, St. Clare of Assisi School in Edwards is holding its annual shamble golf tournament to raise money for the school’s tuition assistance fund. The event is slated for Monday, May 18, at the Sonnenalp Golf Club in Edwards. Some years, the weather is great, some years the weather is terrible, but every year the event is a great party, said Debbie Taagen, an event organizer. “Two years ago, we had a little bit of foul weather, but we gave away jackets or sweatshirts, so they went to good use,” Taagen said. “Last year, it was gorgeous, and everybody got a nice tan, so you never know.” For non-golfers, a “shamble” is similar to a golf “scramble”, where players tee off, then every player in the foursome hits from where the best ball landed. New this year is a special $200 discount per foursome if teams register before April 17. The cost is $225 per player, $900 per foursome or $700 before April 17. Sonnenalp Golf Club in Edwards hosts the event, with the award party afterward at Balata restaurant. The tournament is definitely a good cause, helping the school maintain a diverse group, including children who otherwise would not have access to private education, Taagen said. The group usually raises about

St. Clare of Assisi School’s golf committee knows how to put together a great charity event. (Left to right): Bern Krueger, Timm Kluender, Debbie Taagen, Diana Layman and Joan Sego and (not pictured) Bruce Gillie and Tim Taagen work hard on the annual tournament. Photo courtesy Debbie Taagen.

$30,000, or enough to help 30 students. To register, contact the school at: 970-926-8980 or send an e-mail to:

Letters to the Editors - The Vail Mountaineer accepts letters. To be considered for publication, letters must be concise, timely and relevant to the work at hand; overly cranky, whining, self-serving, racially offensive, and/or libelous missives will be rejected without further adieu. Subject to approval and editing by the Mountaineer staff, letters that include full name and home town for publication, along with mailing address and phone number for verification, should be submitted via e-mail to:

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Saturday, April 11, 2009


No jive -- Spring turkey season starts today Colorado’s spring turkey season offers hunters one of the most unique experiences in the field. From late April through mid May, turkeys are at the height of their mating season. The hens are calling for the toms, and the toms are on the move looking for mates and putting on their displays of wild machismo. “There is nothing else like hunting turkeys,” says Tom Spezze, southwest regional manager for the Colorado Division of Wildlife. “You call them in, the toms are making all kinds of noises spitting and drumming, and they’ll get right next to you. It’s incredibly exhilarating.” The 2009 spring turkey season starts April 11 and continues through May 24, although dates vary in some units. Over-the-counter licenses can be purchased for most units in the state; but some areas are limited so be sure to check the 2009 turkey hunting brochure. Turkey hunters can use shotguns and bows during the spring hunt. Shots are usually made within 30 yards of a bird. Hunters must be sure of their targets--only toms can be hunted during the spring. Because turkeys are very wary and spook easily, hunters are allowed to dress in full camouflage. One note of caution: Because hunters wear camouflage, turkey hunting can be dangerous in popular areas. As with every other type of hunting, only shoot at what you see and clearly identify. If you shoot in the direction of a sound you might be shooting at another hunter making a call. If you need to signal to another hunter the best method is to whistle. Turkeys roost in trees at night so the hunter’s first task is to locate the resting spot. Spezze recommends that hunters arrive near the roost just before dawn and find a place to set up without spooking the birds. Hens welcome the day with a very sleepy “tree call.” The toms will gobble in response to nearly every hen call made in the roost. After adequately announcing the day, the birds will fly down from the roost once light is full. Then they’ll begin calling to gather the flock for the day. Seasoned spring turkey hunters will usually begin calling to the toms before any of the birds fly down in an effort to direct them away from the roosted hens. A common mistake turkey hunters make is “overcalling,” says Spezze. Hunters should only imitate the various calls the turkeys are making at that moment. “Nothing scares off an already-wary tom more than calls that are too loud or too frequent,” Spezze says. As toms approach, the hunter must sit absolutely still. Any shot must be executed very quickly. Shotgun pellets won’t penetrate a turkey’s plumage, so the aim must be at the head and neck. Two types of turkeys live in Colorado. The Mer-

Vail Mountaineer


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riam’s turkey lives primarily in the mountains, while the Rio Grande turkey lives on the flat lands east of I-25. Populations of both types of turkey are healthy and have been growing during the last few years. The Merriam’s turkey is partial to open meadows and usually roosts in ponderosa pine trees. They can also be found in oak brush and pinon-juniper stands. Hunters should find areas where turkeys have cover, forage and nesting habitat. Look for meadows in narrow valleys where there are grassy areas, aspen groves and ponderosa pines. The Merriam’s, however, are wanderers and will roam over large areas. The Rio Grande is the larger of the two birds and can usually be found in cottonwood trees and along riparian areas. The birds are creatures of habit, often roosting in the same tree and feeding in the same fields every day. Rio Grande turkeys are easier to locate than Merriam’s and hunting them is generally not as difficult. Turkeys forage for seeds, grasses, forbs and insects. Hens usually nest in tall grass and prefer to be near a water source. Hunters should scout areas looking for sign-- tracks, feathers, droppings, scratching and dusting areas. Even if turkeys are not seen or heard, it’s a good bet to hunt in places where there are lots of fresh sign. Turkey calls also are essential--box calls, slates and mechanical-plunger calls are easy to use. Hunting in the morning is typical, but toms can also be called in late in the afternoon. So don’t hesitate to hunt late in the day. The long season also works to hunters’ advantage. Some of the best hunting occurs late in the season when hens are on the nest. If you miss opening day, you won’t be missing your chance to get a turkey. For more information about Division of Wildlife go to:

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

ATHLETIC STUFF The air up there . . .



M-Th 9-6, Fri 9-5, Sat 10-2, Sun Closed



ABOVE: Snowboarder Jay Lavy offers a mid-air handshake to no one in particular while doing tricks in Vail’s legendary halfpipe at Golden Peak. BELOW: Skier Christopher Ewart gets his skis crossed as a part of his high flying action, also in the Golden Peak halfpipe at Vail. Both photos taken Monday by Avery Cunliffe.

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-PDBUFE JO "WPO $FOUFS t "WPO $0 t  Between the great skiing, great clients in town, great listings I have, there is never a dull moment! Having all of my British clients in town on the same weekend, I recently hosted a party at my house. I served my yummy, home made appetizers, French champagne and wine and we all proceeded to laugh well into the night! Everyone got along fabulously. However, not being a salmon eater, I saw a great piece of smoked salmon so thought everyone else would enjoy it. My husband, chef extraordinaire, added his special touches of capers, onions and cruditÊs to the plate. I was teased throughout the evening about my salmon – I do not like it so do not serve it usually! I did not know you do not cut the skin off the

I narrowly escaped the entertainment faux pas of my life. bottom which looked rather fatty to me nor did I pay attention to it sitting on the table with my new kitten,

al ,

d • 92


Tuxedo, going to town on it. Since being adopted by our family, this lovey-dovey cat already thinks he has died and gone to heaven living at our house. Now with a plate of smoked salmon and a room full of guests watching him – well, need I say more? Thank heavens they were all Brits with the wonderful sense of humor they have and their fondness for French champagne – I narrowly escaped the entertainment faux pas of my life! Prrrr‌..

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Ski & Golf All in One Day Professional Home Improvement Services

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YOUTUBE IT: Search Don Koharski on for a video of the Koharski - Schoenfeld incident

Don Koharski retires from NHL NHL referee Don Koharski has decided to retire after 32 long years on the ice. Koharski was forever one of the higher profile referees after an incident in the 1988 Stanley Cup playoffs. The New Jersey Devils got it handed to them by the Boston Bruins in game 3, but the Devils head coach, Jim Schoenfeld, wasn’t convinced it was a fair contest. In an historic confrontation, Schoenfeld called out Koharski for what he believed to be poor officiating. It got ugly when Schoenfeld called Koharski a “fat pig,” and told him to have some more

Vail Mountaineer

donuts. The NHL suspended Schoenfeld for Game 4, but the Devils got an injunction from a New Jersey court, allowing Jim to be back on the bench. The regular NHL officials then showed their solidarity by refusing to work Game 4, and the NHL was forced to bring in substitute officials. Thursday’s Lighting-Capitals game was Koharski’s last game. He has laced the skates up in over 2000 games for the NHL, and has accepted a upper management job with the NHL recruiting referees.


Saturday, April 18, 2009 All scramble golfers and match racers ski & golf for the kids.Proceeds go to SSCV scholarship fund for future Junior Olympians

$150 per person $500 for a foursome Contact Jennie Geisness, Development Director Ski & Snowclub Vail, 970-790-5122 to sign up

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Saturday, April 11, 2009



[From page 1]

Moudy said. “The energy is great, and people (want to forget) that the economy is crappy.” Estimated crowds of 3,000 or so attended the free concerts at Golden Peak for Taj Mahal on March 19 and for John Brown’s Body in Vail Village on March 25. That free concert model also will be used for the first time this year at Spring Back to Vail on Friday with crooner Chris Isaak and on April 19 with the pop band O.A.R., Of a Revolution. “It’s a good way to give back to the community and our guests,” Liz Biebl, a spokeswoman for Vail Resorts, said about the free concerts and other events planned for Spring Back to Vail. Paid concerts and other events have been cordoned off in the Ford Park parking lot in the past, Biebl pointed out. Headliner concerts this year will be set up on Meadow Drive near International Bridge in front of the unfinished Solaris project. “These will be fun, because they’ll take place in the Village, not off in the parking lot,” Biebl said. “The model has changed to be more participatory and easier for people to access.” A big name act can cost up to $30,000, say the people who book those big names. “It’s not a cheap,” says Mike Kloser, who books concerts at Beaver Creek. “It’s more expensive than people realize to book these acts. I’m excited to hear it’s a free concert as well because I really like to see these guys, and the fact that it’s free is all the better.” Spring Back to Vail Outdoor musical events also have become more popular over the years as other music venues closed — there are currently no indoor venues large enough to handle large events, Moudy said. Summer Bravo! festival events, mostly classical music and dance, draw the largest summer crowds to the Ford Amphitheater. Spring Back to Vail starts Monday. Other end-of-season entertainment includes nightly parties, the ever-popular World Pond Skimming Championships, the Breitling All Mountain Film Competition, an “Epic Lounge” and ECO Village.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


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Ski to the Bear for...


Boardercross boss . . .

Coffee w/ Breakfast Soda w/ Lunch must mention this ad

• Espresso Drinks • Gourmet Sandwiches • Crepes

Serving Breakfast, Lunch & Aprés 7 Days a Week 300-1394 • Top of Bridge Street

Kalia Caradonna (left), eight years old from Edwards brought home a bronze medal from USASA Nationals in Super Boardercross at Copper Mountain this week. Kalia is also a Jimi Hendrix fan, a great daughter, a cool sister. Her parents are Laurie and Tony Caradonna longtime locals and super awesome parents! Congratulations! Rock on Kalia!

You’re NOT Crazy Life Happens

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Saturday, April 11, 2009


Armstrong may get banned Lance Armstrong believes that French doping officials may go as far as to ban him from competing in this year’s Tour de France because he violated a rule when approached by one of the organization’s testers. When approached by the tester for the test, which included a hair sample, the tester agreed to let Lance shower while his assistants checked the man’s credentials. The AFLD says Armstrong “did not respect the obligation to remain under the direct and permanent observation” of the tester. “There’s a very high likelihood that they prohibit me from riding in the Tour,” a somber Armstrong said Friday in a video statement posted on his Web site. “It’s too bad. The Tour is something I love dearly.” Armstrong has had tense relations with France’s antidoping authorities for years, but had been hoping to coexist with them while he tries for an eighth Tour title in July after coming out of a 3½-year retirement. “I know we have a lot of history there,” Armstrong said. “I know that certainly my comeback wasn’t welcomed by a lot of people in France. It’s unfortunate.” Armstrong recorded the statement from Aspen where he has spent a few days training as he tries to return from a fractured collarbone suffered last month during a race in Spain. Armstrong said the disputed test was his 24th out-of-competition test since his comeback began last September.

Kim’s birdie barrage sets Masters’ record In only his second competitive round at Augusta, Anthony Kim made history at The Masters Friday when he made six birdies on the front nine and five on the back, setting The Masters single day birdie record at 11. The 23-year old shot 7-under 65 after making double bogey on the 10th and bogey of the fourth and ninth. This puts Kim at 4-under for tournament, back in the picture after a disappointing 75 in the KIM opening round Thursday. Kim attributed Friday’s success to an increased perspective on life following news of Nick Adenhart’s shocking death. The previous record holder was Nick Price who made 10 birdies in route to a third round 63 in 1986. —Dean Blazier, special to the Mountaineer


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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Rocks win home opener . . .

Vail Mountaineer


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King Crab Legs

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From left, Jake Sestak, Will McDougal and Austin Sestak, all of Aurora, Colo, have their gloves at the ready as they hope to catch a ball during batting practice prior to the start of the baseball game between the Colorado Rockies and the Philadelphia Phillies at Coors Field in Denver, Friday. Garrett Atkins homered and Todd Helton drove in three runs for Colorado to get the Rockies off to a 3-1 start, before Tulowitzki tripled to deep left in the fifth to give the Rockies a 5-1 lead. Colorado would go on to crush the Philadelphia Phillies 10-3. AP photo.

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Vail Mountaineer

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Be sure to visit Splendido tonight for the last night of the season. Splendido wants to thank everyone for their continued support this season. They will be reopening June 5. Spendido is the crème of the crop when it comes to service and wine selection. Pictured here are some of Splendido’s finest, from left is Scott Yenerich, Sommelier; and James Peterson, Dining Room Manager; and Bill Davies a favorite for beverages.

Is that Ed from the Gear box behind that helmet? We think so. Stop in at the Gear Box in Gypsum to find new and used fishing poles, tennis rackets, helmets, and much much more!

The team at Eagle Valley dental is up to it again! Dr. Wing and his team Sarah, Genna, Marce, and Ana are offering FREE exams and oral cancer screening through the month of April. They also have a fantastic referral program:refer 2 patients and they will give you a $100 credit on your account. Call today to schedule your appointment and don’t forget to ask about free teeth whitening. 328-7304

pazzos Serving the Vail Valley since 1990


Economic Stimulus Plan:



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Saturday, April 11, 2009

the kids on your way to the post office? Has the laundry room exploded on to your living room couch? Are you in need of six arms and hands but only have two? We give you Amy Hunter, AVAILBLE, LLC. Services include property management, personal assistant, private concierge, home sitting/pet care, and au pair services. Amy is a multi-tasking, organizing, detailoriented, talented diva that will help your scattered schedule and hectic life you secretly live. She is also CPR certified, so when you walk into your home and pass out because you didn’t recognize the floor, she’ll resuscitate you back to life. Contact Amy at 376-2840

Vail Mountaineer


A new contemporary, abstract gallery!


Paradigm is offering Easter Brunch on Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Stop in and say hi to the brother/sister team Nathan and Lea. Lea is in the process of moving from LA and is holding an Energy Wellness Event at Paradigm on May 11th. Call 328-7990 for more information.

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Phyllis Ansted is feeling well and ready to landscape again this season starting now! Phyllis took over Saylor’s landscaping company a number of years ago. Call 390-2483 or 390-7937 to have Phyllis plant your flowers, mow your lawn, or help you get your sprinkler system set and ready to go for the summer.

We will reopen June 5, 09

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Is your prescription empty? Did you remember that doctor’s appointment? Did you forgot to pick up

Ryan looks forward to seeing all of your smiling faces every morning. So don’t forget that Red Canyon is open on Saturday and Sunday from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sew Fantastic Alterations and Home Decor Marcy D. Tracy

Seamstress/Designer Avon • 688-4868





Blowout Sale!

50% Off

Today is the last day of the Linen Kist & Pinecones Sale! Hurry in for huge savings on Bed and Bath Linens, home accessories, Furniture, and men’s and women’s clothing! Amy and Rhondi will be there from 10-4!

All Consignment!!!

Additional sales on new items as well.

Mommy & Me Boutique is switching from consignment to new retail only. Come in and take advantage of these incredible new deals.

Tara provides small town comfort in a cup at Yeti’s Grind in Eagle. Stop by for breakfast, lunch, appetizers, coffee, espresso, beer, and wine.

FOR SALE! Private Water Ski Lake • Partial Ownership • 20 Acre Parcel • Located in Dotsero • World class site • $225,000 per ownership • Last one for sale

Mike Young 376-2020

Melanie Kofoed was overflowing with the Easter spirit during her workout at the Vail Valley Medical Center’s cardiac rehab unit in Edwards.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Vail Mountaineer


consignments received ever yday shop often!

Experience Fashion on a Budget! 214 CAPITOL STREET IN EAGLE .PO'SJ BNQN t 4BU BNQN


Spring Into Whiter Teeth! Steve Oakson, DDS General Dentistry Implants Dentures

Erin Ivey is the one on the right, and if you hurry in to her store, Copy Plus in Eagle or Gypsum, you can buy tickets for tonight’s Eagle Valley Bull Stomp. It’s at the Eagle River Center, that big green building at the Eagle County fairgrounds. The gates open at 5 p.m. for Western Heritage Day and the bucking starts at 7 p.m. Tickets are $12 for adults and $6 for kids under 12. And did we mention that you can them at Erin’s store, Copy Plus? The guy on the left is Nate Ivey. He would be Mr. Erin. We caught up with them at the Dusty Boot in Eagle Ranch.

Ask about our Bleaching Promotion now in progress! some restrictions apply

Located in Gypsum Plaza Suites 3 miles west of Costco on Hwy 6 620 D Red Table Drive, Gypsum

524-1105 Our Dental team ďŹ les with all insurance carriers

Paying too much for HEALTH INSURANCE? Monthly Health Insurance Rates

Age 21 Male 21 Female 30 Male

If you live a good life, you’ll get to hang out with Bethe Wright. We caught up with her at this week’s Project Graduation fundraiser at Angelino’s and the Dusty Boot in Eagle Ranch. Project Graduation is an alcohol-free night of fun and frivolity for graduating seniors. You can still donate. Just call Eagle Valley High School at 328-8960.

The kid on the left is Mack Callicrate, the beloved son of Cindy and Bob Callicrate. Keeping an eye on the whole crew is Otto Tally. They were at Angelino’s and the Dusty Boot in Eagle Ranch for this week’s Project Graduation fundraiser. You can follow their sterl;ing example and donate to Project Graduation by calling 328-8960.

Eagle Valley Bull Stomp April 11th 7:0 0 pm Gates open at 5:00 pm

Adults - $12.00 Child under 11 - $6.00 Eagle County Fairgrounds Tickets At Copy Plus - Eagle Wyalco Supply - Gypsum Pendleton • Pepsi • Town of Gypsum • Let’er Buck Whiskey Town of Eagle • Coors • SilverLeaf Suites • Wells Fargo The Dusty Boot • Eagle Sinclair • Collett Enterprises Wyalco Supply Company • EMJ Productions • TV8/TV17 Eagle Embroidery • Americinn Suites • Copy Plus Napa Auto Parts • Ti-Bet Enterprises • Brush Creek Saloon Cattoor Transportation, Inc.

30 Female 43 Family of 4 50 Male 50 Female




$120 $121 $154


$183 $460 $248 $231

Final Rates vary by Age & Health Status


Vail Mountaineer

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Pizza, Pasta and more Great Authentic Italian Food

Aprés Ski 3-5

The Valley’s Newest Pizza Restaurant

We were rattling around in our extensive archives and found this photo from the Eagle Valley High School cross country team banquet. This was their first team since both the world and former EVHS athletic director Pete Nolan were young. They had a dandy season.

Located in The Lodge at Avon Center (Behind Bob’s Place) 748-6792 Open 9:30am - 8pm

BEST in the

Still the

Deal Mountains Saturday Night Smorgasbord Baked Chicken & BBQ Ribs $1295 Monday Pasta Night $ 95 9 a plate

We Have Rooms for Rent

7am-9pm 827-4164 160 Railroad Ave., Minturn

The guy on the left, the one growing more distinguished by the day, is Greg Osteen. He runs Vail Valley Cares, the parent organization of all kinds of other orgnizations designed to help you when you need it. That’s Janet on the right. She runs Greg and zillions of other things. We found them at last week’s Project Graduation fundraiser dinner at Angelino’s and the Dusty Boot in Eagle Ranch. You can still donate, and you want to, by calling Eagle Valley High School at 328-8960.

Ultimate Spring Special



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t up rG ea ay to the iveaw p o St rgy G Ene th




Not valid with other offers.



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Shadey Deals, Inc

One hour massage in-office visit only Kathy Kosierowski, C.M.T. 970-331-7570 Laura Silverstein, C.M.T. 970-390-9039






off er sh p

Window Treatment Specialists

Vail to Gypsum t 970.926.2888 t Jay & Jan - Owners

Free Estimates - We Come to You! - Exceptional Service Since 1991

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Vail Mountaineer


Moving? Jeremy 970-566-3214

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k or W

Book #94





o hr


Specializing in: Outdoor Kitchens Water Features Hard Scapes Outdoor Firepits


• Across the room or state, load and unload rental trucks Small moves • Deliveries Landfill • Denver runs 22 Year local • References Licensed • Insured

Cowboy Singer & Guitar Player Plays Country, Pop, Rock & Roll, Ballads and additional originals. Will play at parties large and small. And tells stories.


Professional Home Improvement Services

Fill in the blank squares so that each row, each column and each 3-by-3 block contain all of the digits 1 thru 9. If you use logic you can solve the puzzle without guesswork. Need a little help? Use the Hint to identify the next square you should solve. Answers will be posted next day.

Joe 471-3344



For more puzzles visit:

Buy, Sell, Rent, or Find

926-6602 SKYBLUE RENOVATIONS Building Better from the Ground Up


Want to make some extra money in a fun atmosphere? Looking for all positions, line cooks and wait staff. Eagle Diner

Services Include: Property Management Personal Assistant Private Concierge Home Sitting & Pet Care Au pair Services

Amy Hunter “At your service”



General Home Repairs by Charles Lorch Cell: 970-987-1638

P.O. Box 1294 Eagle


Chance of Rain/Snow HI 44˚ LOW 28˚


Chance of Rain/Snow HI 48˚ LOW 27˚


Chance of Rain/Snow HI 53˚ LOW 28˚


Chance of Rain/Snow HI 56˚ LOW 26˚

Wanna Be Sold! For thirty words or less,

fill your open position, rent your condo, or sell your boyfriend’s HDTV & car! Only $35/week!


Full time Administrative Assistant to Client Services & Content Production dept for rapidly growing web-based advertising co loc. in Edwards. Assist w/ research projects & content production in a fast-paced environment. Candidates must have excellent comp & comm skills, must work well independently.


Head housekeeper needed at the Sitzmark Lodge. Full-time employee, general. Housekeeping duties and coordinating housekeeping tasks. Experienced, proficiency in English required.

Home improvements and repair, Second home maintenance, Office build outs. No job too small. Drywall, Paint, Light Electrical and Plumbing. Call

Classifieds References Upon Request Bonded

Jeremy M. Chase


Moving Sale!

• Carpet & Upholstery • Tile & Grout Cleaning • Spot Removal • Pet Odor Treatment • Carpet Protectant

Commercial & Residential Environmentally Safe Products Bonded & Insured 24/7 Emergency Service Se Habla Espanol

10:00am Gypsum Town Hall Children’s Ministry For more information call 970-471-1373

Experienced, certified babysitter available for both days and evenings. Interested? Please call:


Vail Mountaineer

Computer desk with file cabinet drawer, slide in/slide out keyboard shelf.

Saturday, April 11, 2009 2003 Audi Quattro

Allroad 5dr quattro AWD Man $17,991 2.7 #2800 Manual 40,927

Private bedroom & bath in SF home avail 5/1. Renter will share laundry & kitchen facilities. N/P N/S, refrigerator provided. Great views from deck. 1st month & security upfront.


4BR 3.5Ba, 2 living areas, 1 car garage, NS, pets neg. Walk to school, movies and more!

2003 BMW 3-Series Sedan $15,991 3.0 #P2017 Mileage: Contact Us

Buy, Sell, Rent, or Find

926-6602 2003 Porsche Boxster

2dr Roadster S 6-Spd Manual $22,991 3.2L #P3068A Manual Mileage: Contact Us

29,890 Miles, 2.5L 4Dr Wolfsburg Edition, Automatic, Pure Beige interior Stock #P4189


2003 Volkswagen Golf


1BR 1Ba Eagle Ranch Carriage House. Wood floors, excellent mountain views, W/D.


Need to promote and generate new business? Let us help! 926-6602 Classifieds $35 per week.


4dr HB GL Manual $7,991 2.0L #P7195 Mileage: 76,384

44,217 Miles, 4dr Value Edition, Automatic, Dr blue exterior, Black interior Stock #P7626

40,141 Miles, 2dr GLS Turbo, Automatic, Lt green exterior, Cream interior Stock #P4914A

Roommate needed in Eagle Vail condo. 1BR 1Ba available in 3BR 3Ba condo, River Oaks. Bus access. 1st month, last month.

Own bed, own bath, NS, NP. Female preferred, in house with other female professional. Next to hiking trail, ample parking, great privacy.


5 Dr, gray int. Tint windows. 119Kmi, very clean int. Great winter car, needs little work. Great town car.

Liftview 2BR 2Ba condo. Clean, FP, dishwasher, W/D, balcony, extra storage, near lift, NS, NP. First, last, security.

2003 Toyota Tacoma


44,490 Miles, 2 Dr HB 2.0T Manual, Back interior Stock #C1068



Clean title, kept up to date w/ maintenance. Inside/outside clean.


4 Dr Sedan H4 AT Ltd, Automatic Stock #P9281


4WD EX Manual $11,991 2.4L #P8687 Manual Mileage: Contact Us


2002 Audi TT 2dr Roadster

3.6L V6 4Motion 4Dr, Automatic, Classic Gray interior Stock #P7133


2003 Honda CR-V

57,810 Miles, 4dr GL TDI, Automatic, Dk blue exterior, Black/gray interior Stock #P2193


155� with 939mi, reverse, gas rack/can, cover, aftermarket can, Walker shocks F/R, underseat factory bag.

Nice 3BR 3Ba single family home with 3 car garage on 11 acres. Horses allowed. 6-12 month lease.

36,540 Miles, 2.5L 4dr, 5 Spd Manual, Dk gray exterior, Anthracite interior Stock #3696


Studio unit, 1 room with small refrigerator, cook top & sink w/ private entrance. Pets possible, includes utilities. 6-12 month lease.

12 month lease, large end unit. 3 level townhome, 3BR 3Ba, N/S, N/P, W/D. 1.5 car attached garage, gas heat. Excellent property across from Edwards Medical Center

3BR 2Ba unit. Pets possible. Rent incl utilities. 6-12 month lease. $799 for 1st month

154 800 2008. Fox floats, custom w/ extras

2001 Subaru Forester

Homestead Townhome available to rent 4/20. 6 month or longer lease. 2BR, 1.5Ba, W/D, fireplace, unfurnished, newer appliances, nice neighborhood. $1375/month


Gorgeous 3BR 2.5Ba luxury townhome w/ attached garage; unfurnished end unit for more views w/ upgrades galore, fireplace, hardwood floor, A/C, washer/dryer & more. Reduced price w/ 1 year lease. N/S N/P

3BR + loft, 1.5Ba, townhome in Homestead. Plenty of parking, close to trails and town of Edwards. W/D, fireplace,p artially furnished. NS NP First, last, deposit. Available May 1



4dr L Auto $5,991 2.5L # 7531 Automatic Mileage: Contact Us

2BR 2Ba, 1 car gar, fully furnished, garden level. Very clean, includes utilities.

Lovely, quiet, sunny 4BR 4.5Ba duplex in Singletree; 180-degree views, 3,000sf, 2 car garage. Will consider pets.


2dr Cpe GLS TDI Manual $8,991 1.9L, Gray #2691 Manual, 69,229

2BR 2Ba top floor, end unit, apt in Brookside Condos in Avon available for rent. On river with high end Faux finishes. Swimming pool, hot tub, underground parking and across from lift. Available May 1.



2001 Volkswagen New Beetle

2004 Volkswagon Jetta GLS Turbo. Front wheel drive w/ASR. 60K miles, leather-heated seats. 2 sets of tires on rims. 1.8L Turbo, full mfg warranty to 74K or July 09. Well cared for, excellent condition.

3.0L 4 Dr Sedan Call for details Stock #P2017

5-Spd $13,990 1.8L #P4493 Manual Mileage: Contact Us

2 Bedroom, 2 Bath townhouse. 1 car garage, hardwood floors, N/S N/P. Security deposit & references.

New 3BR 2.5Ba, 2 car garage townhome avai ble to rent. Great views.

41,614 Miles, 4dr FWD, Automatic, Silver exterior, Black interior Stock #P5342

2004 Subaru Impreza Sedan Sdn 2.0 WRX Auto Price: Contact Us 2.0L Black # 0984 Automatic 37,497

Booth Falls townhome. 2BR 2Ba + loft. Views, bus route, furnished. 6 month lease.


4WD Double Cab V6 Automatic (Natl) $16,991 3.4L #3116A Automatic Mileage: Contact Us

2 bedroom townhome on the river. Furnished and on the bus route.

47,732 Miles, 2.0L 4dr Value Edition, Automatic, Lt blue exterior, Gray interior Stock #2975


59,958 Miles, 3.3L 5dr LE 7-Passenger, Automatic, Tan exterior, Stone interior Stock #2768


Professional roommate needed for exclusive home in Avon, NS.

Large 1BR 1Ba, living room, dining room, & kitchen with private ectrance. Pets possible, rent includes utilities. 6-12 month lease.

2BR 2Ba condo with washer & dryer on site. Pets possible. Rent incl utilities. 6-12 month lease.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


2BR 2Ba, fireplace, garage. N/S Pets considered pool and hot tub, furnishings optional Located at Eagle County Airport

MegaSpace for Mega Storage Commercial Rental rates run from $650-950 and are 1000 sq ft - 1500 sq ft

Immaculate 3BR 2Ba sf home w/ attached 2 car gar. Lg master bedroom, bath and wa k-in closet.Vaulted ceilings, large deck. Grass mowed and watered for you, central heat and AC, low utility bills. Avail 6/1.



Professional office space for lease. 1,124 sq ft for only $14 sq ft NNN. Ready for immediate occupancy. Plumbed for Dental / Medical / Chiropractic.

412 Taylor St. Studio suite available. Sunny 1BR, Ba, living room, furnished, access to W/D. Deposit due up front. Can be couple with child. Parking available, no dog.


from us at the VM classifieds

527 sq ft open office available on month to month basis, or 1-6 month lease. Desirable location.

Views of Beaver Creek from Great room • Ski-in/ski-out Cathy Miskell (970)376-7227

3698 Daybreak Ridge. Ski-in/ski-out 6BR masterpiece in Bachelor Gulch with a 50 foot stone fireplace.

3698 Daybreak Ridge $7,995,000 Furnished Suzi Apple


Lot for sale. Scenic 2 acre lot w/ Gore Range views and a pond!

83 Norgaad Way $375,000 Liz Leeds


Sat April 11, 2-5pm 285 Timberwolf Cotton Ranch, Gypsum $550,000 Vail Mountain Realty Debra Duvall 970-471-1706

Sat April 11, 11-1pm 170 Price Pl Willowstone, Gypsum $499,000 Vail Mountain Realty Debra Duvall 970-471-1706

Sun April 12, 9-5pm 11B Blackbear Cotton Ranch, Gypsum $549,500 Vail Mountain Realty Debra Duvall 970-471-1706



2195 Cresta Rd. Magnificent 7BD ski-in/ ski-out estate. Over 13,700 sq ft, 12 fireplaces, outdoor & indoor waterfalls & stone grotto spa.

2195 Cresta Rd. $11,900,000 Suzi Apple

Buffalo Park Unit 13. 3BR 2.5Ba, ski-in/ ski-out condo w/large master suite, spacious deck, underground parking, & Alpine Club Membership Option.

Buffalo Park Unit 13 $1,345,500 Suzi Apple



Bear Paw 204B. 3BR 3Ba ski-in/ski-out condo. Huge enclosed patio, new furnishings & electronics.

Settlers Lodge Unit 203. Sunny, south facing 3BR condo in the heart of Bachelors Gulch mountain. Lowest price/sq ft condo in Bachelor Gulch.

133 S. Fairway. Located on the 3rd fairway. 7,289 sq ft home has 6 beds, bar, billiards, multiple decks, & private guest quarters.




Bear Paw 204B $2,300,000 Suzi Apple

11,026 sf masterpiece, insp by romantic style found in Italian mtn villages. Stone terraces overlooking Spring Creek, 2 acres of open space, unrivaled outdoor living.

50 Spring Creek $9,500,000 Suzi Apple


Settlers Lodge Unit 203 $1,750,000 Suzi Apple

1848 Beard Creek Trail. This 4BR 4.5Ba home is located in Seven Eagles. Lowest priced in per sq ft in CVC.

1848 Beard Creek Trail $1,400,000 Suzi Apple






Sat April 11, 9-5pm 11B Blackbear Cotton Ranch, Gypsum $549,500 Vail Mountain Realty Debra Duvall 970-471-1706

u Ho

133 S. Fairway $4,495,000 Suzi Apple

764 Beard Creek Trail. This gorgeous .84 acre lot is perched above the 11th fairway & surrounded by endless views. Walking distance to clubhouse.

764 Beard Creek Trail $925,000 Suzi Apple



802 Beard Creek Trail $4,675,000 Suzi Apple

Sat April 11, 3-6pm 1060 W. Beaver Creek F203 Sunridge, Avon $289,000 Vail Mountain Realty Debra Duvall 970-471-1706

d To

2,172 sf 3BR + office, 3Ba, 2 car garage. Thoughtful flr plan, big views & great finishes incl granite, stone, hardwood & timber beams. Owner is ready to sell!

26 Bentwood, Sky Legend $499,000 Lynne Krnacik





233 Timberwolf $474,900 Liz Leeds

970.331.1806 970.393.3191 Ken Rue

Avon Crossing $424,900 Judd Babcock


833 Strawberry Park. 2.46 acres, 7BR home boasts ski-in/ski-out access, aweinspiring views, exquisite detailing & furnishings in an unequaled setting.

833 Strawberry Park $10,900,000 Suzi Apple


1458 Beard Creek Trail. Spectacular .57 acre lot on the 6th fairway of CVC course. Sweeping views, mature trees, & a stream make this a one-of-a-kind.

1458 Beard Creek Trail $895,000 Suzi Apple


c du


Main floor living in Cotton Ranch. 4BR + den, 2 car garage. Close to schools!

Avon Crossing. 2BR condo. Convenient location to all of Avon’s amenities. Great investment opportunity & locals buy!


c du

802 Beard Creek Trail. Modern mountain luxury. 5BR, multiple stone verandas, fire pit, large rec room, wine cellar, elevator, & gorgeous views from every room.

Sat April 11, 2-5pm 341 Blackbear Cotton Ranch, Gypsum $599,700 Vail Mountain Realty Debra Duvall 970-471-1706

Sat April 11, 11-1pm 21 Springfield Chatfield Corners, Gypsum $549,500 Vail Mountain Realty Debra Duvall 970-471-1706

Prime commercial space now available! Excellent rates, great location, easy access, large atrium, lots of parking, fitness center, private ski shuttle, on town bus route.


Borders Lodge #308 • Beaver Creek



Platinum Rated Condo

WebID: N27461

Fri April 10, 1-4pm Sat April 11, 1-4pm 10 Prarie Circle Singletree $1,750,000 Susie Weber 970-471-1858

Vail Office Space Glen Lyon Building Ski-in/ski-out, gold medal fishing water on the Town of Vail bus route. Creekside, balcony access. 480 sq ft. Available immediately.

Prime Location - Highly Visible - Retail Corner unit. Approx. 1345 sq ft


Friday April 10, 2-5pm Saturday April11, 2-5pm 2195 Cresta Arrowhead $11,900,000 Gateway Land & Development Suzi Apple 970-376-5417

Need office space in the Village at half of the going rate? Flex spaces from 335 to 2,500 sq ft. Nice.

Ri n !

Newer 2BR 2Ba condo available in Dakota Square. Great views! Available NOW.

Price: $899,000

Rental in Downtown Edwards Plaza. Good for retail or office use. 1050 sq ft, 760 sq ft, and 430 sq ft. All spaces finished and divided into small offices.

Vail Mountaineer


6,200+ sf. Beautiful 4BR 3.5Ba high end home + a large 1BR 1Ba guest suite & 1,895 sf of unfinished basement. Vaulted ceilings, granite, stainless...

Only $539,900 Bob New


Riverfront park in Lower Downtown. Exceptional value for the discerning buyer. 2100 16th Street #210 $319,000 Susan Matthews



Vail Mountaineer

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Luxurious Mountain Living The Iverson Team 200 Windermere Circle § $2,695,000 4BD/4.5BA § Web ID: M318090

New Listing!

Cherry Creek North Unrivaled address... 2BR 3Ba 191 Clayton Lane #304 $1,095,000 Susan Matthews


9405 Brush Creek. 4BR retreat located on 3.86 acres w/ hillsides, meadows, & a creek. Spacious outdoor living, unique detailing & endless views.

9405 Brush Creek $1,200,000 Suzi Apple


Kathy Iverson 970.569.2112

Service, Integrity, and 40 years of Combined Real Estate Knowledge in the Vail Valley

Crestmoor Park Specatcular blend of premium finishes... Main floor master and 3BR suites on 2nd floor

119 Krameria Street $1,995,000 Susan Matthews


14241 US Highway 6. Beautiful 35.5 acres boasts over 850 ft of Eagle River frontage, gated access, & sweeping valley & river views.

14241 US Highway 6 $1,250,000 Suzi Apple



137 Main St. Commercial office space w/ wet bar, coffee room, full kitchen, & gorgeous finishes.

137 Main St. $525,000 Suzi Apple


36809 Highway 6, .45 acre lot on the 12th fairway of CCR. Views of Castle Peak, Back Bowls, & Eagle River provide the ultimate setting.

36809 Highway 6 $675,000 Suzi Apple



Sleepy Hollow Ranch. 87 acres of Brush Creek & endless views, this ranch may be subdivided. Feat. a charming home, guest cabin, & track barn.

Sleepy Hollow Ranch $12,995,000 Suzi Apple





130 Gaylord Street $1,975,000 Susan Matthews

255 Mayer St. $735,000 Suzi Apple

$398,500 Mike Devins

FSBO 970.471.9259

Denver Country Club Graceful beauty with historical features and today’s amenities.

255 Mayer St. SF home on a corner lot adjacent to open space. 3BR, bright, open living spaces, & unparalleled location.

House, pond, horse corral & garage. New doors, windows, paint & septic. Greenhouse & clean hot tub too! MLS #V318007

3BR 2.5Ba townhome. 1 block to theatre, restaurants, shops, fitness center. Upgraded finishes, fenced backyard w/ patio, master BR suit w/lg deck, attached gar. High ceilings, lots of light, granite & tile. Co-op w/ borkers.

Matt Iverson 970.569.2104

Lovely 3BR sf on the creek & 7th fairway. Large, gracious living room. Separate dining & additional family room. Possible expansion on large duplex lot. Exceptional value!

$969,000 Bev Trout


Racquet Club condo on Gore Creek. 1BR 1.5Ba, recent $50K remodel. Offered designer furnishes. 2 decks, wood FP. On-site athletic club, outdr pool, property management & rental prog. Walk to TOV bus. Brokers welcome.

$369,000 Dan Reynolds


206 N. Brett Trail. 3BR 3.5Ba home nestled against Lake Creek. Great outdr living, many upgrades, wonderful entertainment spaces, convenient loc.

206 N. Brett Trail $1,275,000 Suzi Apple


The Reserve G102. Great 2BR 2Ba condo, walk out to the pool and river! Great location for the price!

The Reserve G102 $424,000 Judd Babcock


Everything about it will wow you! 6,500+/- sf, 4BR 5.5Ba, gourmet kit, offices, media rm, wine cellar, exercise rm, 4+ car gar on 1.5 easy care acres.

2800 Rule Ranch Road $1,950,000 Suzi Gartner


Great value between Eagle Ranch & downtown Eagle! 3BR + den, w/ functional floorplan, granite counters, hdwd floors, gas FP, 1 car gar. Low dues!

510 Brush Creek Terrace $399,000 Doug Schwartz


Best custom home value in ER! 4BR 3.5Ba Ranch. Beautiful finishes. On quiet cul-de-sac, end of 4th fairway. Private setting, big views. Pre-approved short sale.

$650,000 Bob New


Offers owners on-site tennis/health club, heated pool, hot tubs, steam room & restaurant. Rental income.

Bld 12 Res 15, 2BD+ loft $640,000 Bld 3 Res 9, 2BD 2Ba $519,000 Mark Weinreich


Sunny 2 story loft! Seller to pay Buyer’s Condo fees for a year! You’ll love walking along the river & enjoying local amenities.

Quartz Building #210 $535,000 Sandra Kelly


One of the nicest loc in the complex w/ views to Eagle River! Clean, quiet, top flr 3BR 2Ba, vaulted ceilings, AC, elevator, undrgrnd parking. Close to amenities!

River Pines C304 $499,500 Janice Cerra, GRI


55 Trailside Lane § $4,995,000 6BD/7BA § Web ID: M22040

Price Reduced!

Large 5BR w/ large eat-in kit. Located on 2 acres of land. Multi-level Trex deck. Minutes from dntwn Eagle. Lowest horse prop in Eagle.

1301 Fulfort Ct. $549,000 Dari Laidman


Magnificent 35.5 acre ranch w/ 6 stall barn, 10,000 sf indoor riding arena, 6 irrigates fields, outdoor arena, custom log home & awe-inspiring views.

2505 Rule Rd. Sandra Kelly


Developer now offering 4 buyer incentives. From upgrades to lease-to-own. Call/email for opt details.

Aidan’s Meadows Prices start at $679,900 Rick Messmer


Prime Edwards Riverwalk office space, main level, riverside. 895 sq ft, full or partial lease or sale. Entry, 2 offices, 3 workstations, kitchenette, bathroom. Furnishings negotiable.

Christopher Burner AIA


186 Brett Trail South. Beautifully furnished new home in 1.04 acres features 4BR suites, a pond and fishing to Lake Creek.

186 Brett Trail South $1,950,000 Suzi Apple


Top floor, 2BD 2Ba, 1 car gar on the Eagle River, only minutes to skiing & all the Vail Valley has to offer. Amenities incl private fishing, pool, & hot tub.

$360,000 Mark Weinreich


Saturday, April 11, 2009

3BR + study, 2Ba home. Vaulted ceilings, gas fireplace, large gar, deck & fenced yard. www.

154 B Riverview $377,900 Steve Morris & Betsy Randall

3BR 2.5Ba duplex in Chatfield Corners. 2 car garage, A/C, lots of upgrades from developer.

Chatfield Corners $359,900 Jim Mallas


Hardscrabble Ranch Lot 13, 2.3 acres overlooking the Gypsum Valley w/ access to the BLM & big views.

Hardscrabble Ranch Lot 13 $285,000 Owner Financing Avail. John Nichols

220 Cooley Mesa Rd. 1.17 acres boasts unparalleled, central, location, situated next to Costco in the Airport Gateway Center.

220 Cooley Mesa Rd. $662,800 Suzi Apple


. Quick walk to bus, movie & dining. 1,400 sq ft, 3BR 2.5Ba, end unit townhome with a one car garage.


880 Homestead Dr. #6. 4BR 3.5Ba, granite countrs, gas fireplace, & large deck. Membership to court club incl.

880 Homestead Dr. #6 $575,000 Judd Babcock

$490,000 Kelly McDowell




3BR 2Ba, 2 car garage, large corner lot. Backs into private land. Plenty of room for first home. Clean and bright!

$385,000 Darrell Chavez


709 Edwards Village Blvd. New 3BR 3Ba SF homes. Featuring Lake Creek views, hardwood floors, stone FPs, & large covered deck.

709 Edwards Village Blvd $865,000 Suzi Apple


Vail Mountaineer


Fice acre horse property w/ irrigation water, adjacent to public land. New 5BR 3Ba, 3 car garage home with office & satillo tile.

$749,500 Henri Stone


Gorgeous 3BR 2.5Ba townhome. Beautiful mtn views. 1.5 garage, decks, plenty of storage space, walking dist to court club. Brokers welcome.

Arlington Place $529,000



c du

e ric


P Cattleman’s Club 2 & 3. 4.09 acres of dramatic views up Lake Creek & Sawatch mtns coupled w/ aspen groves provide ultimate setting.

Cattleman’s Club 2 & 3 $1,750,000 Suzi Apple


This 5BR masterpiece is on 3 acres & has exquisite finishes, a grand master suite, state-of-the-art theatre & unrivaled outdoor living.

The Hermitage $6,995,000 Judd Babcock


Cattleman’s Club 7 & 8. Dramatic views up Lake Creek & Sawatch mountains, coupled with creeks & aspen groves, provide the ultimate setting.

Cattleman’s Club 7 & 8 35 acres starting at $5,900,000 Suzi Apple

Explosive mtn views, close to town. This well-kept 6BR SF home is 3,700+ sf & situated among aspen & pine. Lg garage & storage. Owners motivated, close 6/22. FHA, VA, & other avail.

MOTIVATED! $329,000 David Whitman



Ideally situated in a gorgeous high-alpine setting. Charming sf home w/ garage on fantastic flat lot that gets sun all day. Big mtn views, new paint, newer roof, tile & wood flrs, fenced yd & loads of potential

136 Monument Str Priced to sell at $300,000 Matt 970.390.2692

Water Street. Build with confidence, knowing that your views will n ever be obstructed, two lofts offered at this price. Water Street $365,000 Heather Stolz

d ce

d To

970.926.SAVE (7283)




Pr 5BR masterpiece w/exquisite detailing, unrivaled outdoor living, sumptuous master suite & breathtaking views.

190 Aspen Bluff $5,500,000 Suzi Apple


50 Prickly Pear Ct. $389,000 Suzi Apple


Juniper Trail. Everything is huge but the price! Incredible Red Sky custom homes for under $1M! Homes on beautiful lots in a gated community.

Juniper Trail $998,750 Suzi Apple


850 Main St. This 3BR home is nestled on the Eagle River & feat 400+ sq ft of outdoor living. Additional .7 acres offers the ability to build a second home.

850 Main St. $1,450,000 Karen Gilbert


505 Lark Sparrow Lane. Wrap around deck, gourmet kitchen, great views, 4BR & much more!

505 Lark Sparrow Lane $2,750,000 Keith Thompson





50 Prickly Pear Ct. 35 acres, expansive views, flat & buildable, horses allowed. Electricity & phone to property.



u Ho


3BR 2Ba home in the heart of Singletree. Granite coutertops, new carpeting, & incredible views across the valley.

1121 Berry Creek Rd. $619,000 Judd Babcock


Fab NEW comtemp home w/ unique & beautiful finishes, 2FP, 3 car gar, great rm w/ huge views, gourmet kit, 4BR, 4.5Ba. Master on main level, w/ adj BR/ Ba or office. Lg media rm, 2 addt’l BR on lower level. Great for entertaining.

$1,750,000 Susie Weber


Meticulously maintained, dramatic South facing views, vaulted ceilings, outdoor living, recent landscaping. Lg 2 car gar. Near golf, skiing & shops!

326 Hackamore $699,000 Mark Weinreich


Bright cheery 1 level. Ski slope/mtn views. Lg outdoor living. Patio, flat yard, mature landscaping, cul-de-sac. Loc vaulted ceiling & open floor plan. Sf prices like a duplex. Close to golf.

Reduced! $949,000 Mark Weinreich







d To


Luxury & privacy on the Vail Golf Course, sf home w/ Gore Range views. Tucked on a priv cul-de-sac w/ vaulted ceilings & lots of natural light.

1100 Hornsilver $5,595,000 Liz Leeds


Platinum rated, top flr 3BR 3Ba penthouse w/ views to Vail Mtn & Gore Creek! Turn key, upgrade comtemp bath, kit, furnishings! Heart of Vail, good loc.

Mountain Haus 670 $3,690,000 Janice Cerra, GRI


Fish From your deck & enjoy the sounds of Gore Creek from this beautifully appointed, 4BR 3Ba log home. 2 car garage, fully furnished! TOV bus!

Lodges at Timber Creek, C13 $1,595,000 Janice Cerra, GRI


The BEST views of Vail Mtn! This magnificent mtn retreat, 5BR 5.5Ba, backs up to BLM land. Incl all of the finest luxuries. Unparallel views!

786 Potato Patch Dr. $4,775,000 Liz Leeds


Entertain in gourmet kit, open flr plan. Offered fully furn w/ ample space to overnight guests in this 5BR + 2nd living area res. Newly remodeled, new appliances, granite counter tops.

$1,690,000 Mark Weinreich


926-6602 Own on Forest Rd! Ski-in via Bear Tree. Lovely sf home w/ views of Gore Range & Red Mtn. Expansion possibilities.

224 Forest Rd. $7,150,000 Liz Leeds


The best 2BR 2Ba value in Vail. Ski Mountain views, Gore Creek frontage, recently renovated. Walk to skiing & dining. Pool & parking.

$985,000 Frank McKibben


Amazing Beaver Creek & Sawatch views. End unit feat private top floor master & lower level w/ 3BR 2Ba. Huge views, great finishes, incl. alder doors & trim.

Enclave Townhouse Unit C $796,500 Mac Hodge


Amazing investment opportunity to own this entire 4-unit complex. Each 4BR 3Ba unit has a 2 car gar. Ideal for employee housing! Rental history available.

$2,200,000 Michael Routh



Vail Mountaineer

Saturday, April 11, 2009

SATURDAY April 11, 2009  

The 60 million American homes that rely on natural gas for heat can expect Crowds gather at the Hell’s Belles StreetBeat show April 1, 2009...

SATURDAY April 11, 2009  

The 60 million American homes that rely on natural gas for heat can expect Crowds gather at the Hell’s Belles StreetBeat show April 1, 2009...