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THURSDAY May 13, 2010

Gypsum Clean Up


First Notes bring music to schools Kelly Liken re-airs

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Locals remember fallen heroes

Five emergency service workers killed on duty honored at Freedom Park By Randy Wyrick Mountaineer Staff Writer If there was a dry eye when Ryan Cunningham’s daughters led the Pledge of Allegiance at yesterday’s memorial service for fallen emergency service workers, they were lying eyes. Cunningham was a Vail police officer. He died in 2001 along I-70 during a traffic stop. He was one of five fallen heroes honored yesterday as dozens gathered at the Veterans and Emergency Service Memorial in Freedom Park. Black memorial sashes were stretched across badges of everyone who wears a badge. Motorcycle officers from the Eagle County Sheriff’s office led a procession of emergency vehicles from Vail to Edwards, all with lights and sirens going full tilt. A few civilians braved the unseasonably chilly weather, strapped on their leathers and rode along on their motorcycles. One burger at a time This is the ninth year for the ceremony. Vail Police Chief Dwight Henninger hosted this year’s event. “This event is to remind their families that we have not forgotten their sacrifice,” Henninger said. Cunningham’s family made the trip from far-flung spots across the country, along with family members of other fallen emergency workers. Cunningham’s parents, Dean and Joan Cunningham, made the trip from Bartlesville, Okla. A stone bench was dedicated as a memorial for Cunningham as part of the ceremony. Vail police officers and town staffers raised the money one hamburger and burrito at a time, staffing a booth at the Vail farmers’ [See HEROS, page 14]



Dozens gathered yesterday at Freedom Park to honor the five Eagle County emergency service workers who died in the line of duty. The ceremony followed a memorial ride from Ford Park in Vail to Freedom Park in Edwards. Pictured is Halle Cunningham, daughter of Ryan Cunninhan, looking at the memorial for her father. Her sister, Whitney Lulloff is in the background. Avery Cunliffe photo

Hundreds flock to Latino Youth Summit

Local students find instruction, inspiration, and future direction

A dose of good economic news sent stocks sharply higher yesterday and erased the Dow Jones industrials’ big plunge of last week. Dow Jones Industrials rose 148.65 points to close at 10,896.91, the Nasdaq Composite rose 49.71 points to close at 2,425.02 and the Standard & Poors rose 15.88 points to close at 1,171.67.

By Randy Wyrick Mountaineer Staff Writer

More than 250 local Latino high school students got a day of instruction and inspiration at yesterday’s Latino Youth Summit. They learned all the regular youth summit stuff: leadership, team building, relationships, dealing with what’s next in their lives. And it all came with a healthy dose of encouragement to [See UPDATES, page 12-13] support one another and be a positive part of their communi-

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ties. “They are the future,” said Julien Ross, director of the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition, after he finished one of the morning’s keynote addresses. Ross worked for 10 years in the restaurant industry in Santa Fe. He saw what both legal and illegal immigration looks like, and how difficult it is for people to be separated from their families. During his speech, he switched back and forth flawlessly between Spanish and English to explain to students what he has seen, what they need to look for, but more importantly [See LATINO SUMMIT, page 5]





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Vail Mountaineer

Thursday, May 13, 2010

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Locals’ Spring Spectacular



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First Notes brings classical music to local school Vail Valley Foundation sponsors music program at Avon Elementary By Geoff MIntz Mountaineer Staff Writer A school year’s worth of practice paid off yesterday for 45 second graders at the Avon Elementary School recital. A project made possible by the Vail Valley Foundation, First Notes is modeled after the Venezuelan program El Sistema that provides school children with classical instruments as well as instructors to teach them to play. Ceil Folz, president of the Vail Valley Foundation, said it’s critical to have music as part of the school curriculum. “We are very fortunate to bring great dancers and musicians to Vail. We also think it’s important to be able to translate those same things back to our local students,” Folz said. 77 percent of Avon Elementary School students live below the national poverty level, and First Notes has provided a great opportunity for the children, Principal Melisa Rewold-Thuon says. “Our students never had the opportunity to do anything like this. We just didn’t have the funding,” she said. “The kids are learning a lot more music than ever before. We love to see the kids play the instruments and can’t wait to do the program again next year.” She said, while other schools continue to cut their music programs, Avon Elementary hopes to keep adding more. Four times a week – both during and after school – students practice playing an array of classical string, brass, woodwind and percussion instruments under the instruction Steve Stavisky and several other local musicians. Currently, only second graders have the opportunity to participate in First Notes, but, with the continued support of VVF, the program will expand to third grade next year. Percussionist Jesse Armas, one of the lucky second graders who participated in yesterday’s recital, says First Notes is his favorite part of school. “I like that we

Second graders at Avon Elementary School perform their final recital of the year yesterday. The students a participating in a program call First Notes, which is sponsored by the Vail Valley Foundation and encourages youngster to play classical instruments. Avery Cunliffe Photo.

all get to play together. I want to keep playing music next year,” he said. First Notes coincides with the work of Avon Elementary School music teacher and Shakedown Street drummer Jake Wolf, who started working at the school as way of giving back to the community, but says he’s fallen in love with the job. Wolf and Stavisky’s music programs add an element to the kids’ education that parents are excited about. Karl Borski, who was at the recital to listen to his daughter Isabella play the violin, thinks there should be more music in schools. “It’s great exposure to classical music,” he said. “I think it helps with their dexterity and development. Too often schools lose special programs like this. I’m really glad we have it.”

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Vail Mountaineer



A good day of doing good 700 EVHS students helped everywhere for Volunteer Day By Randy Wyrick Mountaineer Staff Writer

Almost V

When more than 700 Eagle Valley High School students fan out across the county determined to do good, a lot of good gets done. The school’s first Eagle Valley Volunteer Day saw students paired up with community volunteers all over the county, all day long. When it was over, students said stuff like: “It’s actually pretty fun helping the community out.” And … “I think it is really cool that we have planned the community service through the school. The community is our biggest sponsor and it is great to be able to give back.” And … “It makes me feel good about helping out today. Our help, even though it doesn’t seem like it is a lot, really goes a long way.” The students washed windows, picked up trash over seven miles of highway, washed and waxed police and fire vehicles, broke down damaged furniture, read to elementary school students, painted, patched … the list is endless. The whole day, anything that needed to be done, they just did it. “I thought they did a fantastic job,” said a senior citizen at the Golden Eagle Center where a group of students spent the day. “They have been so kind and so nice. The girls who helped me with my garden were so sweet; I just love them all.” Some rolled into Red Hill Elementary School where they helped teachers, read to students, refereed a kickball game at recess, run an “around the world” math game, set up displays of student work in the hallways and played with students during P.E. “This is a tremendous opportunity for our students to realize their role in the community,” said Mark Strakbein, Principal at Eagle Valley High School. “We value

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Amanda Nagel was one of more than 700 Eagle Valley High School students who worked all over Eagle County, doing all kinds of good. It was part of the school’s first Eagle Valley Volunteer Day. Matt Earle photo

being the cornerstone of our community and we really want to give back. We want to thank all of the students, teachers, parent volunteers and organizations who were a part of this day.” They put down wood chips in a playground and tore down a fence in Gypsum. “There was 100% buy in from our staff and students about the event with everyone coming back from the day with ex,” said Susan Scott, EVHS Volunteer Coordinator. “We fostered great relationships with the school and organizations within our community. It is great when our students are able to take credit and be proud about the hard work they donated to the community.” That’s a good day of doing good.

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

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Kelly Liken on Iron Chef tonight

Local chef to appear on Food Network’s competitive cooking TV show By Geoff Mintz Mountaineer Staff Writer Local chef Kelly Liken made an appearance over the weekend on the Food Network’s hit TV show Iron Chef America, which will re-air tonight at 7 p.m. The show pits a challenger chef – Liken in this case – against one of the resident “Iron Chefs” in a one-hour cooking competition based on a theme ingredient. “Iron Chef is something I wanted to do for a while,” Liken said. “It was so much fun – pretty crazy. I call it cardio cooking.” For Liken, owner and executive chef at Restaurant Kelly Liken in Vail Village, the key ingredient was Blue Cheese, which was revealed just before the battle and had to be included in each of the five dishes she prepared. “I love blue cheese; it’s probably my favorite cheese,” she said. “If I was going to get any sort of cheese as the key ingredient, that was probably the right one to get.” Liken competed alongside two sous chefs Hunter Smith and Matt Limbaugh, also from Restaurant Kelly Liken. The team challenged resident chef Jose Garces, owner of six restaurants in Philadelphia and one in Chicago. A formidable opponent with a home court advantage, he was named best chef in the Mid-Atlantic region by the James Beard Foundation. The episode was filmed back in October, and Liken was contractually prevented from telling anyone that she would appear on the show until a month ago. “This was a giant opportunity for me as a chef, so it was really tough not talking about it,” she said. “I signed a non-disclosure, so legally I couldn’t talk about the outcome. But, at the same time, for my friends and family, I didn’t want to ruin the surprise.” Her favorite dish that they prepared for the competition was the butternut squash soup with the blue cheese croquet. “It was a really sweet soup with a salty and pungent

garnish. I thought it was a really great combination of flavors and a great way to start a meal. I think that one was probably the best,” she said. If she could do it all over again, Liken would tone down the fourth course – a pork tenderloin dish, which she says came out a little too spicy for the average customer. But, on the whole, she was really pleased with the entire menu. Because a lot of people may have missed the original airing, we’re not going to ruin the ending for you. Tune in to the Food Network tonight at 7 p.m. to see the whole show.

Local Chef Kelly Liken competes on the Food Network’s Iron Chef TV show, which will re-air tonight at 7 p.m.



Riverwalk Theatre, Edwards

Capitol Theatre, Eagle

A Nightmare on Elm Street - R

Death at a Funeral - R

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3:50 PM 6:40 PM 9:30 PM

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what they need to work for. “Immigration is the defining issue of our generation,” Ross said. “It’s impossible to live anywhere in the world without some intersection with immigration.” Why people immigrate To be an immigrant, you have to leave a place you love for a place you don’t. People do it for a handful of reasons, most of them unpleasant, he said. War causes all kinds of hardship, including forced immigration when people flee their homes in search of safety. But mostly it’s economics and labor, Ross said. “Sometimes it’s by choice, but sometimes you have no choice,” Ross said. “Everywhere in the world is beautiful and no one wants to leave their home.” The financial facts are these: It might take you a week or two in your native country to earn what you can earn working one day in the United States, Ross said. That’s an attractive fact when your family is hungry, Ross said. We see a lot of it in Eagle County. “The ski industry is the nation’s No. 2 employer of immigrant labor,” Ross said. “It’s huge in Vail.” Tens of thousands of immigrant workers come to Colorado’s resorts with H2B immigrant visas, he said. That’s small compared to the number of immigrants of other status, he said.

[From page 1]

another, and be a positive part of your communities, he said. “Each of you has a responsibility to be part of the solution,” Ross said. “It’s important to put politics aside and work together.” When he was finished, Ross looked across the room, into the faces of hundreds of students. “There are very few places around Colorado that have put on events like this,” Ross said. “You deserve a round of applause.” So they did, 250 Latino teenagers who seem to understand that even if you deserve something, you have to help get it yourself.

Vail Mountaineer


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Walls won’t stop it Walls won’t do much to stem the tide, Ross said. “You cannot just build a wall and expect that it will keep people from working to achieve their dream of providing for their families,” Ross said. It’s a human rights issue with far-reaching implications, Ross said. When immigrants die in the desert trying to cross into the U.S., it’s a human rights issue, Ross said. When families are split by deportation, when people can be pulled over on their way to church and school, when people cannot attend college because their immigration status denies them in-state tuition rates and access to federal financial aid … those are all human rights issues, Ross said. Solving the college issue is simple economics, Ross said. “Those who are college educated earn more than those who are not,” Ross said. “Because they’ll earn more they’ll pay in taxes and contribute more to their communities. It’s simple economics.” What can you do? “Keep doing what you are doing today!” Ross said. “Educate yourselves! Local Latino students helped organized yesterday’s summit, starting exactly where Ross and others insist they must start – locally. Encourage and support one

2 10

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Julien Ross talked about immigration with hundreds of local high school students attending yesterday’s Latino Youth Summit. The students spent the day learning leadership skills, and to be a positive part of their community. Avery Cunliffe photo

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

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Gypsum town clean

Free dumping for residents, but bring your ID By Randy Wyrick Mountaineer Staff Writer Gypsum residents can clean up their act for free on Saturday. The annual Gypsum town cleanup includes free dumping to residents from 8 a.m. to noon at the Gypsum Sports Complex. They’ll take all sorts of trash, including appliances, as long as you can prove all the Freon has been removed, and we don’t mean by pointing at the bullet holes in the side. You’ll need a photo identification and a utility bill to prove you live where you say you do, which would be in Gypsum. If you’re a big truck, like the kind Gypsum Mayor Steve Carver is driving, you get one trip. If you’re driving one of those tiny euroweenie cars, they might let you come through more than once. You also have to unload your own vehicle, unless you can hire a couple teenage kids to do it for you. Hi Grade Recycling will salvage all your metal stuff, and M&J Tree Trimming will chip all things made of wood. Don’t mix them up. Do not bring oil, paint, batteries, chemicals, flammable materials, vehicles and hazardous waste, or hazardous vehicles. For information call 524-1740 or visit cleanup.

Art Center cranks up workshop schedule

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The Art Center in Gypsum is offering all kinds of workshops in the next few months. Coloring: A free coloring workshop is scheduled for two Thursdays, 4-5 p.m., May 13 and 20, with the Gore Range Natural Science School. Young artists will design and color mountains, animals or plants. Pictures


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The Art Center is running a series of workshops beginning in May. Call 328-6644.

will be submitted to Natalia Hanks, Gore Range Natural Science School’s director of development. Monster Making: Monster Making is being run with Yeti’s Grind Cafe in Eagle. Making Monsters is a five week class beginning May 18, and is not only for kids. The first class will cover discovering some of the characters in their dreams with help from Lisa Koronkiewicz, PsyD. The second and third classes will be lead by cartoonist and Manga instructors. In the fourth class, students will create a three dimensional monster out of clay. For the final class, Tara Pickelo of Yeti’s Grind will deliver hot chocolate to students while the students find Yeti. Landscape: Visiting artist Lanny Grant is running a three day landscape sketching and painting workshop May 19-21. The workshop will concentrate on the fundamentals of observation, drawing, design, values and color. Mosaic: Melissa DeHaan will cover the Art Of Mosaic, May 26-28. She has been creating Mosaic Sculptures since 1994 and has taught in Glenwood Springs

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The Gypsum town cleanup is Saturday morning. Bring your stuff down to the Gypsum Sports Complex and people like Gypsum Mayor Steve Carver, who’s driving one of his tow trucks, will drive it away for you. Photo Special to the Mountaineer.

and Colorado Mountain College. It’s a three-day workshop and will cover the essential techniques. The class costs $225, and all materials and tools are provided. Seeing: Local Eagle artist Amy Dose will teach The Pleasure Of Seeing workshop, June 25-27. With brushes in hand, students will explore how visual experiences enrich their painting. It costs $195 if registered before June 20. Dose is also an instructor at the Art Center’s Canvas and Cocktails, 6:30-8:30 p.m. Fridays. They

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Vail Mountaineer

Thursday, May 13, 2010



Afghanistan war to see ‘hard fighting’

The war in Afghanistan will get worse before it gets better, President Barack Obama warned yesterday, but he declared his plan to begin withdrawing U.S. forces next year remains on track. Standing alongside Afghan President Hamid Karzai, Obama said, “What I’ve tried to emphasize is the fact that there is going to be some hard fighting over the next several months.” The two leaders spoke at a White House news conference as U.S.-led forces in Afghanistan prepare to push hard into the Taliban’s birthplace in Kandahar Province in June. The campaign for Kandahar, already under way in districts outside the city, is expected to be among the bloodiest of the nearly nineyear-old war.

Argentina bond issues re-emerges


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South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford said yesterday he spent last weekend in Florida with his Argentine lover, hoping to rekindle the affair that wrecked his marriage and his political future and brought a formal rebuke from legislators for embarrassing the state. At a news conference on an unrelated issue, Sanford did not mention Maria Belen Chapur of Argentina by name when asked about a weekend trip out of state about which his staff has refused to provide details. But the governor, now divorced, left no room for doubt. “As a matter of record, everybody in this room knows exactly who I was with over the weekend,” Sanford said. “That is no mystery to anybody given what I said last summer. And, you know, the purpose was obviously to see if something could be restarted on that front given the rather enormous geographic gulf between us. And time will tell. I don’t know if it will or won’t.”

Don’t try this at home

The United States posted an $82.69 billion deficit in April, nearly four times the $20.91 billion shortfall registered in April 2009 and the largest on record for that month, the Treasury Department reportedly said yesterday. According to Reuters, it was more than twice the $40-billion deficit that Wall Street economists surveyed by Reuters had forecast and was striking since April marks the filing deadline for individual income taxes that are the main source of government revenue. Department officials reportedly said that in prior years, there was a surplus during April in 43 out of the past 56 years. The government has now posted 19 consecutive monthly budget deficits, reports Reuters, the longest string of shortfalls on record. For the first seven months of fiscal 2010, which ends

September 30, the cumulative budget deficit totals $799.68 billion, down slightly from $802.3 billion in the comparable period of fiscal 2009, reports Reuters.

Jimmy Carter’s grandson elected to Georgia Senate

The eldest grandson of former President Jimmy Carter has won a suburban Atlanta state Senate seat in a special election Tuesday night. Jason Carter became the first in his family to win elected office since his grandfather took the White House more than three decades ago. Unofficial results showed Carter claiming 65 percent of the vote to fellow Democrat Tom Stubbs’ 23 percent. The 34-year-old Carter celebrated at a restaurant Tuesday night with his grandparents and other family members. During the race, Carter focused more on the issues than on his famous grandfather. His website made scant mention of the former president, instead focusing on the younger Carter’s life as a husband, father, Peace Corps volunteer, attorney and Democratic activist.

10-year-old Dutch boy survives shredded crashed plane

A Libyan plane carrying 104 people crashed yesterday on approach to Tripoli’s airport, leaving a field scattered with smoldering debris that included a large chunk of the tail painted with the airline’s brightly colored logo. A 10-year-old Dutch boy was the only known survivor. The Dutch prime minister said everyone on the Afriqiyah Airways Airbus A330-200 arriving from Johannesburg, South Africa, was killed except the child, whose survival was hailed as a miracle. The boy was taken to a hospital in Tripoli and was undergoing surgery for injuries including broken bones. Libyan TV showed video of the dark-haired child lying in a hospital bed with a bandaged head and wearing an oxygen mask. He had intravenous lines in one arm and appeared to be conscious. The Royal Dutch Tourism Board said 61 of the dead came from the Netherlands, including many holidaymakers who had been on package tours to South Africa.

Coalition executive branch in Britain

Britain ushered in its first coalition government since World War II yesterday as a pair of rivals-turned-partners pledged to set aside their deep policy differences and tackle the country’s disastrous budget deficit. With handshakes, smiles and a sprinkling of jokes,

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------newly minted Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron and his Liberal Democrat deputy Nick Clegg showcased their pact in Downing Street’s sun-dappled garden. “This is what the new politics looks like,” Clegg said. Cameron and his center-left partner pledged sweeping reforms to Parliament, civil liberties laws and ties to Europe as they made joking reference to the years they spent sniping at each other. Cameron acknowledged he had once told an interviewer the best joke he had ever heard was “Nick Clegg.” “Did you really say that?” Clegg said, pretending to walk away from the podium before Cameron comically implored him to come back.

Oil spill fuel for Green activists

In the weeks after an oil rig exploded and killed 11 men in the Gulf of Mexico, worried environmental groups scoured the water for oil plumes, set up animal triage centers and stretched boom across shorelines. Activists hope their involvement doesn’t end there; maybe, they contend, this is the catalyst that America’s green movement needs. Will Americans be horrified enough by the news to pump less gasoline, buy hybrids and downsize their consumer lifestyle? “We all need to take a hard look at how we’re living. And how that is having an impact on our world and the health of the planet,” said Larry Schweiger, president and CEO of the National Wildlife Federation. “How long will it take for folks to wake up to the truth? Clearly, if there is a moment for us to wake up, this is it.” But asking Americans to pay attention is easier if there are dramatic photos and videos tugging at heartstrings. So far, there have been few such images in this disaster. Though more than 4 million gallons have been spilled in the three weeks since the explosion, slowmoving currents in the Gulf have kept the thickest oil offshore and away from coastal wildlife.

The school can’t accept an alternative family

A Roman Catholic school in Massachusetts has withdrawn its acceptance of an 8-year-old boy with lesbian parents, saying their relationship was “in discord” with church teachings, according to one of the boys’ mothers. The case mirrors a situation in Boulder, Colo., in which the Sacred Heart of Jesus school said two children of lesbian parents could not re-enroll because of their parents’ sexual orientation. The Denver Archdio-

Thursday, May 13, 2010

[From page 1]

cese posted a statement in support of the school’s decision. The Massachusetts woman, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of concerns about the effect of publicity on her son, said she planned to send the boy to third grade at St. Paul Elementary School in Hingham in the fall. But she said she learned her son’s acceptance was rescinded during a conference call Monday with Principal Cynthia Duggan and the parish priest, the Rev. James Rafferty. “I’m accustomed to discrimination, I suppose, at my age and my experience as a gay woman,” the mother said. “But I didn’t expect it against my child.”

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The military to be accepting

The head of the U.S. Naval Academy said yesterday the school would adapt if the military repeals its ban on gays serving openly, because the academy has adjusted to big changes before and basic respect among students is crucial to success. “There was a time minorities weren’t allowed here,” Vice Adm. Jeffrey Fowler told reporters. “There was a time women weren’t allowed here. There’s been many changes over the years, and we follow the law.” The superintendent pointed out that students already come from all over the nation from a great variety of backgrounds. When he came to the academy in 1974 from Bismarck, N.D., he noted he lived with two students, one from inner-city Pittsburgh and one from Baltimore. “We needed to get along, and we were certainly different people, so a lot of it was just basic respect and that’s really what we teach across our midshipmen,” Fowler said.

Cannes opens to stars off-screen, but not on

This year’s lineup at the Cannes Film Festival is leaner and less star-studded than usual, but you wouldn’t know that from yesterday high-glamour opening ceremony. Hollywood celebrities from Eva Longoria to Salma Hayek strutted their stuff on the red carpet for the premiere of Ridley Scott’s “Robin Hood,” which opened the French Riviera’s 12-day film extravaganza. The film’s stars, Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett, electrified the throngs of spectators who lined the red carpet hoping for a celebrity glimpse. Crowe, who plays the title role in Scott’s muscular adaptation of the [See UPDATES, page 14]

E-mail press releases to


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Vail Mountaineer

Thursday, May 13, 2010



[From page 13]

classic tale, sported sunglasses with his tuxedo. Blanchett, Lady Marion in the film, donned an off-the-shoulder gown by late British designer Alexander McQueen. Emblazoned on the front and back by a silver eagle in flight, the dress was part of McQueen’s pre-fall 2010 collection.


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He once infamously bit off part of an opponent’s ear during a fight, but it seems Mike Tyson has lost his taste for meat, reports the Mail. The former boxer claims to have given up animal products in exchange for a purely vegan diet, according to the report. And it seems the change is doing him some good; after piling on the pounds in recent years, Tyson looked fighting fit as he headed out for dinner in Beverly Hills last night, writes the Mail. While recording a 90-minute interview for the Yes Network in New York last week, he reportedly revealed that he had given up eating meat or animal products. The 43-year-old reportedly said he’d become a vegan and finally had ‘no drama’ in his life.



[From page 1]

The five who fell Eagle County’s honor roll, emergency service workers who died in the line of duty. •Oscar William Meyer, Nov. 2, 1937, Eagle County Sheriff’s office •John Fletcher Clark, July 12, 1961, Eagle County Sheriff’s office •Cruz Carbajal, Jan. 4, 1993, Volunteer fire fighter, Gypsum Fire Dept. •Ryan Jay Cunningham, May 6, 2001, Peace Officer, Vail Police Dept. •Tim Benway, Jan. 11, 2005, Air Ambulance Pilot market. “When people found out what we were doing, they almost always threw in some extra money,” said Moses Gonzales with the Vail police department. Apparently God loves these people. The weather held during the ceremony. “You cannot be thanked enough for what you do,” Eagle County Commissioner Sara Fisher said during her address. Piece of the Pentagon Then they dedicated the piece of Pentagon limestone that’s mounted in Freedom Park. The limestone block is one of only 45 in the world, blown from the Pentagon wall during the 9/11 terrorist attack. It made its way to Eagle County through an oddball set of military and political connections by local VFW leader Buddy Sims, former county commissioner Tom Stone and several others. “Freedom Park is dedicated to those who’ve served in the military and emergency services,” said Jeff Layman, undersheriff with the Eagle County Sheriff’s office. “It represents all those who’ve served so selflessly.” The names of the fallen five were read as a bell chimed for each one, the color guard retired the flags and the local emergency service workers dispersed, going back to the business of risking their lives.


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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Vail Mountaineer



Vail Mountaineer

Thursday, May 13, 2010

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Thursday, May 13, 2010


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Vail Mountaineer

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For Rent

Stone Creek/Avon large master bathroom/bath, 1 car garage, on lake. NS/NP Kathy, Havlik Mgmt. 970.376.7225

For Rent Mountaineer

Long Term Rental 2BD, 2BA on bike path and bus line to ski lifts, N/S Call Tracy 970.688.4843

Beaver Bench Condos Assume existing lease Call Kathy Olson 970.376.7225 or Evan 970.485.9832

3BD, 2.5BA - Townhome, Nottingham Rd. Unfurnished, N/S. 1 year lease 970.331.1921

Close to bus stop, quiet neighborhood, sunny deck. Own bed/bath, walk-in closet in 3 BD house, W/D, fireplace, storage, pet negotiable, No Cats. F/L/Sec. Dep. Negotiable Available as soon as April 1st Call Kent for appointment 970.401.3841

4 Bedroom/3 bath unfurnished. Pellet stove- pool on property. NS/NP Kathy, Havilk Mgmt 970.376.7225

2BD, each w/ Private BA. Available April 30 in 3BD, 4.5BA FP, WD/DW, Wifi, N/S, N/P

Spacious 2 BD condo in Edwards Business Center. Unfurnished, W/D, wood burning stove. NS/NP 1 year lease with $1200 deposit

1BD, 1BA, unfurnished, 6-12mo lease. Assigned parking.

Call 970.471.0720

Karl 970.390.9664

450 sq. ft. Studio in Elk Meadows full bath, Walk-in closet, reserved outdoor parking, , gas, water, electric, cable included. Walking distance to everything in Edwards.

Cari@ vailmountaineer. com Classifieds


1-4BD Condos and Homes, 3-12 month leases. Karl 970.390.9664

Vail International Prime Village Location. 2BD, 2BA furnished condo. Pool, spa, fitness room. N/S. Dog considered. 1st and last required. Security neg. w/ references. May through October Craigslist ad #1703511888 970.485.2310


3BD, completely remodeled, 2 Car Garage

2BD, 2BA, 2 covered parking spots, W/D, N/P

Call Tracy 970.688.4843

Cari@ vailmountaineer. com

Debbie 970.390.2798 1 Bd/1Ba Private Lock-Off. NS/NP 1 year lease

Cool condo on lake. 1BD, 1BA, nice upgrades, well furnished, new appliances, FP, walk out terrace w/ great views. Private, great location. Fun. Perfect for professional person or couple. N/S, N/P Call 970.270.7295

Call 970.376.0661 Call 970.476.0900

Furnished 2Bd/2Ba, large office or game room, whirlpool tub, new appliances, Pets negotiable, washer, dryer, vaulted ceilings, storage, Utilities Included. Call 970.904.6369

Roommate wanted The Reserve in Edwards, Master BD, w/ own BA in 2BD, 2BA Condo. Clean and Bright. Ground floor, walk out to lawn, Pool/Clubhouse area.

Own bed/bath in 3 bedroom condo. Unfurnished, flexible lease. Kathy, Havlik Mgmt. 970.376.7225

2 BD/2BA unit

Dramatic, spacious 2BD + loft, 2BA, w/ vaulted ceilings and open floor plan in a quiet complex on Singletree golf course. W/D included. Single car garage w/ opener. 0931 Singletree Rd. #14 Persimmon Woods For Additional photos and info,

Includes utilities, pets negotiable. Call 970.390.1898

Contact Porter or Mary Knowles 913.897.3466

Rentals Available. Studio unit

Small, rustic cabin, 1 person, pet ok, full kitchen. Non-smokers, some pet & green house care, lots of parking. Own garden patch. Call 970.390.2654

Call 970.926.9455 Dillion Valley East Studio furnished, heat and cable included. Kathy, Havlik Mgmt. 970.376.7225


2 - 3 BD Condo in Sun Vail NS/NP, Furnished



Available May 1st, Roommate needed to share 3BD intermountain home. N/S, N/P

Private Bath. Laundry and Kitchen privalages. On the River. $450/month plus utilities. N/S. Available May 1.

Lovely, spacious 4BD, 2.5BA townhome. 1,800 sq ft, gas heat, W/D, adjacent Gypsum Elementary, reasonable.

2 and 3 BD furnished condos in Sandstone. Call 303.665.3418

Homestake with 2BD/1 BA fully furnished uprgraded unit available for summer. N/S, N/P Kathy, Havlik Mgmnt 970.376.7225

2BD, 1BA plus powder room, furnished, available immediately Gold Peak area of Vail Village No smokers, no pets Must have excellent references Call Linda, 970.748.5016 ext.7

1BD, 1BA, unfurnished condo. Includes: utilities, WB Fireplace, W/D, 1 parking space, on Bus Route. N/P, N/S 970.476.0449, Leave Message 3 BD/2.5 BA log duplex with gas fireplace, stainless kitchen, granite countertops. Non-smoker, pets considered. Available June 1 Call 970.618.3321

Timber Creek fully furnished adorable unit on the creek, flexible lease. NS/NP Kathy, Havlik Mgmt. 970.376.7225

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Charming 2 BD condo with 1 car garage. Top floor with great views, walk to the gondola and on bus route. Fully furnished and priced to sell.

Seller needs to sell! Single family home with ski in access. Exterior moss rock finish and heavy timber. Large family room, wet bar, media room, elevator and hot tub.


178 Wayne Creek $4,995,000

Avon Crossing

Julie Retzlaff, Sonnenalp Real Estate

Gil Fancher, Sonnenalp Real Estate



Well maintained 3BD + Office home w/ light and bright open floorplan, low gas bills, air conditioning, irrigated yards, new appliances, gas FP, and ample storage. Walk to park and schools.

Vail Mountaineer


Major Price Reductions at Brush Creek Village. Only 12 10 Developer Units left! 3 & 4 BD units, some w/ basements, in brand new private development. Adjacent to pool and ice-rink. Financing now available

3BD, 2.5BA, Juniper Hills end-unit condo. Across from Eagle elementary school, close to downtown. Good condition, great rental history. Low condo dues.

David Nudell, Prudential CO Properties

John Purchase, Wynton Homes, LLC

Mary Isom, Sonnenalp Real Estate

Perched above the Eagle Ranch Golf Course w/ 360 degree views of the surrounding mtns. This lot has full custom plans, soil tests & surveys ready to go!!

5 Bd spacious home w/fenced yard for privacy, cul-de-sac location, amazing storage and bonus rooms, convenient location to fine dining, skiing, golf, and shopping are all just out your front door.

Great 3 BD second floor condo with vaulted ceilings and sunny deck. Recently remodeled with new kitchen, paint and carpet. Pitkin Creek has pool and hot tub.

Well Priced at $407,000

970.390.0492 -

Now Starting at only $349,000


$265,000 970.331.9650



35.5 acres, views of vistas and colorful mesas. Rare, this land is located within a gated community alongside 850 feet of Eagle River frontage, teeming with fish.

14241 US HWY 6


Suzi Apple, Gateway Land & Development


.65 Acre Lot Offered below competition @ $150,000 Linda Miner, Sonnenalp Real Estate



East Vail’s Best Value! 5BD, almost 5,000 sf. New luxury construction on Gore Creek with spectacular waterfall views from master bedroom.

Beautiful 5 Bedroom, 4.5 bathroom Willowstone Home. 2 car garage, fenced yard for toys, Huge walkout guest suite, Hot tub on the deck. Short Sale.

4 Bedroom, 3 Bath + Office, 3 Car Garage, Irrigated Horse Property, Up to 4 Horses.

90 Willowstone Place


Low 3 Millions


John Nilsson, Sonnenalp Real Estate

Bob New, Colorado Mountain Properties



916 Mayne Street FSBO


$649,000 Tracy Bossow, Prudential Colorado Prop.


Pitkin Creek 10 E

Price Reduced $480,000

Gil Fancher, Sonnenalp Real Estate


Lowest priced single family in Homestead. 4BD, 3BA, 2 car garage, across from Club including membership, granite countertops and great storage.

Value Range $739,000 - $849,876

Tracy Bossow, Prudential Colorado Prop.


Photo Wonderful 3BD, 2.5BA duplex w large bonus rm. Gourmet kitchen with granite counter and stainless steel appliances. Fireplaces, hardwood floors, 2 car garage.

Large single family home located on the 16th fairway of Sonnenalp Golf Course w/ ski slope views. 5BD, 4.5BA, 4,800 sq ft w/ 3 separate living areas.




Price Reduced AGAIN! Beautiful 3BD/BA remodel w stainless steel appliances, granite countertops and hardwood floors. TOV free bus out front door.

European constructed 5BD Chalet built in 2005 w contemporary finishes. Offering family floor plan w landscaped yard and nanny lock-off, close to bus stop.

1746 W Gore Creek Drive

1718 Geneva Drive

Tyra Rudrud, Sonnenalp Real Estate

Tyra Rudrud, Sonnenalp Real Estate

Austria Haus Club

Beautiful custom home, 5BD, plus office and large family areas. Views of Beaver Creek and Arrowhead. Quality finishes through out include hickory floors, wood beams and spacious decks w/ patio.

Amazing low price for 1BD, 1BA condo! Located across the street from TOV bus stop, corner unit, wood burning fireplace and great deck.

This completely remodeled 3BD/3.5BA mountain contemporary SF home offers exceptional finishes, southern views and open floor plan. Heated drive and entry.

Extraordinary certified Built Green single family in sunny West Vail. 4BD , 2 car garage has patio w/ hot tub. Easily located on Vail bus route. Big views of Gore Range.

2950 Square Feet

Jean Mitchell, Sonnenalp Real Estate


2610 Arosa Drive

Jean Mitchell, Sonnenalp Real Estate


Julie Retzlaff, Sonnenalp Real Estate

Linda Miner, Sonnenalp Real Estate

250 Hackmore Road - Singletree

490 Winslow Rd.

Gary Pesso, Sonnenalp Real Estate

Gary Pesso, Sonnenalp Real Estate





Commercial Corner




Deals, Steals & Leases

Best fractional value offered in Vail Village, on Gore Creek. Includes valet parking, bellmen, front desk, pool, spa, athletic club, ski valet, storage and maid service.

Priced from $205,00 - $360,000



Sandstone 70, Unit A4

Tyra Rudrud/Joni White Taylor, Sonnenalp




Just reduced to $1,780,000


Commercial Corner Deals, Steals & Leases

Want to be a part of our Commercial Corner? Call John K. @ 926-6602

Warehouse space, several sizes available from 950 - 3158 sqft., large overhead doors, 1/2 bath with office space or for storage

Call for Pricing


Commercial Riverwalk Office. Professional office suite with use of conference room, reception area, copier and heat included

$675/month Contact Joe


Dramatic turn-key furnished office.


$2800 month, NOW $1500

Richard Patriacca Mountain Valley Real Estate

970.926.5692 or 970.390.2401

D-3 - 3500 sq. ft. includes 300 sq. ft. Studio apartment. D-4 - 4000 sq. ft. includes 1200 sq. ft. 2 BD, 2 BA apartment.

Long term lease available on great building/warehouse/Office/14’ Door. 508 2nd Street

D-3, $399,000 D-4, $649,000 Dave Peterson, Dave Peterson Electric

$$$ Neg.


1500 Square Feet Mike Devins, RE/MAX Commercial


High visibility ground floor office space, Main Street. 1,200 sf. Available immediately. $5 per SF + Utilities John Nilsson, Sonnenalp Real Estate


Vail Mountaineer

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Get Out! EAGLE OUTDOOR EXPO MAY 14, 15 & 16

Maverick, RockyMountain, Marin, Kona, Scott and Intense will be on hand to demo their new 2010 bike lineups. Thule & Camelbak, too!

Friday, May 14th – Pig Roast, Dusty Boot 4:00 p.m. – Kick off to the Patio Party 5:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. - Pig Roast – Jumping Castle 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. - Music by Knuckle Babies A

ALL CTIVITIES Saturday, May 15th LIVE MUS & IC 9:00 a.m. - Boneyard Boogie race F REE! 7:30-8:30 a.m. register at Eagle Pool and Ice rink





11:00 a.m. 4:00 p.m. – Block Party on Founder’s Avenue Between the Dusty Boot & Luigi’s - Fishing Clinic/Casting Lessons provided by Alpine River Outfitters - Lakota Guides Providing Mini River Trips - Bike Demos 11:30 a.m. – Boots and Babies Bike Race 12:00 p.m. – Kids Bike Maintenance Clinic- Ride To Follow 1:00 p.m. – Women’s Bike Maintenance Clinic- Ride To Follow 2:00 p.m. – Bike Ride departs Intermediate and Advanced Groups (1-2 Hrs). 11:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. in Das Booten Garten - Fish Fry and Patio BBQ Menu, Jumping Castle 12:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. - Face Painting provided by The Art Centre 1:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. – Music by Bluzilla and John McKay Band



11:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m.- Fish Fry and Patio BBQ Menu, Jumping Castle 11:00 a.m. 4:00 p.m. – Block Party on Founder’s Avenue between the Dusty Boot & Luigi’s - Fishing Clinic/Casting Lessons provided by Alpine River Outfitters - Lakota Guides Providing Mini River Trips - Bike Demos 12:00 p.m. – Kids Bike Maintenance Clinic- Ride To Follow 12:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. - Face Painting provided by The Art Centre 1:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m. - Music by Too Young To Know 1:00 p.m. – Women’s Bike Maintenance Clinic- Ride to Follow 2:00 p.m.- Bike Ride departs, Intermediate and Advanced groups (1-2 Hrs)


Sunday, May 16th – Family Day



Spin the discount wheel and receive discount off your entire purchase!

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