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SUNDAY May 2, 2010

Last chance to catch ‘Music Man’ Unlucky Sheriff’s Deputy struck by vehicle ... twice

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Locals square off in 3 elections Tuesday

Voters in Eagle-Vail, Vail Rec District, water and sanitation district all choosing board members By Randy Wyrick Mountaineer Staff Writer

as owners of Donovan’s Copper Bar in Vail Village, a local landmark.

Voters in the eastern end of the valley go to the polls Tuesday for three elections. The Eagle-Vail Metro District, the Vail Recreation District and the Eagle River Water and Sanitation District will all choose board members. Rick Sackbauer is an incumbent in two of those elections, the water board and the Vail rec district. Vail Pioneer John Donovan is running for the Val rec district board. He served as Vail’s mayor, on its town council, but at least as important is his family’s years

Eagle-Vail Metropolitan District Tom Allender: Since 2006, Allender has served on both the Eagle-Vail Metro District Board and the Upper Eagle River Water Authority. Among their accomplishments, Allender lists Green Play ‘s Eagle Vail Pavilion Park plan, the Urban Land Institute’s Eagle-Vail study, phase 1 of the Eagle Vail Trail, the financing package for the new pool and golf course upgrades, the joint governing agreement with the Eagle-Vail Property Association, and hiring a community manager.

THE UPDATE Obama to visit Gulf Coast, assess oil spill

“I believe that there are exciting opportunities ahead for Eagle Vail and that we are well positioned for those opportunities,” Allender said. Reed Ford: Reed Ford was appointed to the board in January to fill a vacancy. “I learned as an entrepreneur to manage and stretch meager finances to make my businesses thrive, and will use that expertise to manage the Metro District’s financial resources to make the most of our dollars,” Ford said. “I believe that a Joint Governance Board combining the Metro District Board and the Property Owner’s Board into single governing voice is a positive step.” Steven Kirchner: Steven Kirchner

has been an Eagle-Vail homeowner for 10 years. He sat on the EVPOA design review committee for three years and is a regular at the Eagle-Vail joint governance meetings. “Joint governance has made great strides in working to create a comprehensive revitalization plan,” Kirchner said. “With a little bit of creative thinking, we can accomplish some great things in a fiscally responsible way.” Carl Luppens: Luppens has had his Eagle-Vail home for 25 years. “In today’s economic environment, we can’t be wasteful with citizen’s money,” Luppens said. I was the first to discover that the metro district was heading towards insolvency.” Luppens says better operations are the answer to Eagle-Vail’s money problems, not raising taxes. “It frustrates me that community leaders have not been completely honest with residents,” he said. “I became active in Eagle-Vail after seeing how our community’s value lagged behind the rest of the valley.” He led the committee attempting to manage the pool rebuilding and provide oversight for other projects, he said. “I have experience organizing and [See XXXXX, page XX]

Congratulations graduates ...

Frustrated fishermen eager to help contain a catastrophic oil spill along the Gulf Coast had to keep their boats idle yesterday as another day of rough seas kept crews away from the slick that may be even more devastating than first feared. Documents also emerged showing British Petroleum downplayed the possibility of a catastrophic accident at the offshore rig that exploded, and the White House announced yesterday that President Barack Obama would head to the Gulf Coast today to get an update on efforts to contain the massive spill. How far the spill will reach is unknown, but the sheen already has extended into precious shoreline habitat and remains unstopped and impossible to measure, raising fears that the rup[See THE UPDATE, pages 2-3]

Graduates gather to receive their diplomas at the Colorado Mountain College graduation in Edwards yesterday. The college awarded 35 Associates degrees and 83 occupational certificates in various subjects. Avery Cunliffe photo.

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Vail Mountaineer

Sunday, May 2, 2010

ALLEGEDLY! Friends don’t let friends drive and drink Keystone Light By Randy Wyrick Mountaineer Staff Writer EDITOR’S NOTE: Every day or two we take a cruise through some local police reports so we can bring you our favorites. The general theme is two-fold: (1) Sometimes we’re all this silly, and (2) this stuff is funny because it’s not happening to you … this time.



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The Keystone Kid: The reason college kids stop playing drinking games is that, eventually, they start to drink better beer than Keystone Light, which is pretty much reconstituted swamp water. It would seem that the Keystone Kid has yet to learn that valuable life lesson. He toward his job in Garfield County, weaving like an Egyptian rug maker, something many of his fellow motorists noticed and made mention to Johnny Law. The police watched him weave, and while they were sufficiently impressed with his automotive artistry, they pulled him over. As they walked toward the Keystone Kid in the drivers seat, they noticed two 30-pack cases of Keystone Light in the back of his truck. One was opened and several cans were missing. Where on earth could they possibly be? Well, the police shined their dingbat-detecting flashlights around the cab of the truck, and there on the floor were the missing cans of Keystone Light. All of them empty. Imagine that. The Keystone Kid insisted he had not been drinking and driving, and that he had no idea what scoundrel might have planted those empty beer cans on his truck’s floor. Behind the seat was one cooler full of ice and food, and another cooler full of ice and beer – only not as full of ice and beer as it might have been mere moments before. He stepped from his truck and blew a .220 blood alcohol level. He’ll be late for work, especially since his license had already been revoked for similar silliness.

The Cannabis Kid: The Cannabis Kid is not like Billy the Kid, although they were both young and daring, which is a euphemism for underage and prone to bonehead plays. The Cannabis Kid stirred some serious silly-headed behavior into his outlaw stew. The Cannabis Kid was motoring down the Outlaw Trail, but under the three influences of youth, testosterone and beer. You could say the Cannibis Kid hit the Trifecta. He did what most young males do when they’ve scored the Trifecta, he hit the gas as he left the parking lot of the convenience store. As fate would have it, he almost T-boned a clearly marked police car. The officer, who was very proud of his patrol unit – that’s what they call their police cars, a patrol unit - flipped on the overhead lights, which split the night like John Elway splitting the Oakland Raiders defensive backfield. The officer, a highly trained professional, immediately noticed the empty libation bottles in the back seat, and the red and blood-shot look to his eyes, and the way he slurred his speech like a jazz musician, and the way he couldn’t stand up without flopping over the hood of the car like he was a trophy elk being strapped to a truck. The officer noticed all that. So he loaded the Cannabis Kid, who was himself loaded, and hauled him off to the Eagle County Crossbar Hotel. And this is where it gets weird. Some of this stuff we exaggerate, but we promise this is true. After he was checked in as a guest at the Eagle County Crossbar Hotel, the Cannabis Kid sauntered over to another deputy and started telling the deputy that he really, really really loved to smoke dope. He love it a lot. He said it right out loud and in English. Just like it was his native language. And would the deputy like some? The deputy politely declined, but his curiosity was piqued. He searched the Kid’s car and found a small baggie filled with the object of the Cannabis Kid’s affections. Which leads us to the moral of our little tale: Dope really is for dopes.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Vail Mountaineer


Sheriff’s Deputy hit by vehicle ... twice Deputy John Brownlee suffers only a broken leg Sheriff’s Deputy John Brownlee was struck by a vehicle not once, but twice while trying to help crash victims late Friday night. Thankfully he suffered only a broken leg. Brownlee was eastbound on I-70 at milepost 154, three miles west of Wolcott, when he stopped to check for injuries of a crash on a bridge over the Eagle River. Brownlee stepped out of his patrol car and greeted Devin Obenauer, 30, from Northglenn who joined Brownlee for a walk towards the Deputy’s patrol car that was parked on the right shoulder with all of its emergency lights activated. At approximately 01:36 a.m. Saturday morning, a 1999 Subaru Outback, driven by Eagle resident Jamison Bair, 19, lost control on the icy bridge and struck Deputy Brownlee. Deputy Brownlee was injured in this crash. Jamison Bair pulled over to the right shoulder after striking Deputy Brownlee. A few moments later, Deputy Brownlee was struck again, by a 2006 Chevrolet Avalanche driven by Avon resident Francisco Granados, 23. Granados continued driving eastbound on I-70, fleeing the scene. He was subsequently stopped at the Edwards exit by the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office and Avon Police Department. Deputy Brownlee was transported to Valley View

Hospital in Glenwood Springs with a broken leg. Bair ended up getting arrested for Felony Vehicular Assault, driving under the influence of alcohol, and careless driving causing serious bodily injury. He has been booked into the Eagle County Jail. Meanwhile Granados was arrested for Felony Vehicular Assault, driving under the influence of alcohol, careless driving causing serious bodily injury, and fleeing the scene after causing bodily injury. He was also booked into the Eagle County Jail. The passenger in the Chevrolet Avalanche, Arzaga Moreno Antonio, 21, from Mexico, was arrested for possession of cocaine. The driver of the vehicle in the original crash, Devin Obenauer, was not injured. She had been driving a 2003 Volkswagen Jetta when she crashed. The Colorado State Patrol is investigated the crash and was assisted by the Western Eagle County Ambulance, Eagle Fire Department, Eagle County Sheriff’s Office, Avon Police Department, West Vail Shell, and Big Steve’s Towing. The incident is under active investigation. Eastbound I-70 was closed from 01:36 to 06:31 a.m. Traffic was re-routed on Hwy 6 from Eagle to Edwards.

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Screaming Eagle tourney to kick off golf season Chamber event benefits EVHS scholarships The first golf tournament in the Vail Valley of the season runs Friday with the 14th annual Screaming Eagle Golf Tournament at Gypsum Creek Golf Course. The tournament is being co-hosted by the Eagle Valley Chamber of Commerce and the new Gypsum Chamber. This tournament raises funds for the Eagle Valley Chamber of Commerce scholarships for Eagle Valley High School graduating seniors.

Because you love these graduates, you’ll be happy to pony up the $125 registration fee. It’s $400 for a foursome. Registration is going on even as we speak, or if you must you can wait until 9:45 a.m. Friday. The shotgun start is 11 a.m. The fee covers golf, lunch and prizes. Hole sponsorships are available for $150 per hole. For that, you get your sign placed near the tee box

where everyone can see it. The hole/ banner sponsorship combo is $250. If you want your banner displayed in a prominent clubhouse location, as well as along a tee box, that’ll cost $500. Beverage cart sponsorships are $1,000, and Awards and After Party sponsorships are $1,500. For more information, call Jeff Boyer (970) 328-2882, ext. 404 or e-mail

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Vail Mountaineer

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Last chance to catch ‘Music Man’ at VCHS Production pushes past limitations of stage By Joshua C. Robinson Special to the Mountaineer

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“Music Man” plays at 4 p.m. today at Vail Christian High School, and it might just be your last chance to appreciate the harmony of a truly unified cast. For many of the seniors, this production is their fourth outing on the VCHS stage, but it’s the first collaboration the High School has had with Rayal Kundolf (Director) and Taylor Kundolf (Music Director). The story follows Professor Hill, who’s not really a professor, and his attempts to hoodwink a small town, leading to his ultimate redemption through love. Thankfully, this premiere jaunt through River City, Iowa, delights, but luckily for the cast it also instructs. “They’re high school, and they don’t have a drama department here,” Kundolf says. “I had to put on the role that I had to teach.” It certainly can be said that these actors and vocalists are students of life as well as school. Senior Meghan Jacobs, who plays female lead Marian Paroo, is already making plans to go to grad school and become a vocal therapist before she starts undergrad at DU in the fall. Senior Steil Beagley, who plays the male lead Harold Hill, will be playing college football at Azusa Pacific University in Los Angeles. For Senior Willy Eyrich, college will wait while his service helps pay the bills. He joined the National Guard as a medic out of a desire for “Saving people… and having the ability to help those in need,” he says. Senior Sebastian Pierce-Durance, who plays three characters, is headed to Harvard next year and is decidedly undecided with his major. He wants to make sure his focus is the right fit. But the fact that they are leaving for the wide world hasn’t stopped the cast from making strong ties. “I like it personally because I get to meet all the underclassman,” says Pierce-Durance. “Being friends with people in this production is a lot of fun.” And it’s a lot of fun for the audience. The songs are standards of musical theatre, and even if you’ve never seen or heard of the “Music Man,” you’ll find a song or two that jogs the memory. The production pushes past the limitations of the stage. A few of the numbers are performed throughout the auditorium by dancing cast members. A thrust area with a small set right in front of the first row of seats plays host to some of the most climactic moments in the play, and a climactic kiss. “I’m dating the other lead; I can’t do a scene without laughing,” said Jacobs, before Friday’s show. “Well I can now, but originally some of my scenes are really pretty tough, because he’s a really funny guy.” One of the memories Jacobs mentioned that illus-

From left, Winthrop (Christopher Landeck, 9) is consoled by Harold Hill (Steil Beagley) and Marian Paroo (Meghan Jacobs) after he finds out the damaging truth about Hill in Vail Christian High School’s production of “Music Man.” on Friday. The show plays again today at 4 p.m. Brian Maloney photo.

trates how well the two leads listen and respond to the others’ actions involves some mischievousness on Steil’s part. “I tried so hard not to laugh one time that my eyebrow twitched, because I was trying to hold it in so much,” Jacobs said. “So then later when I wasn’t laughing in the scene he’d twitch his eyebrow just to make me laugh.” Laughter’s indeed the through line for the production. And the cast makes sure you have a lot of fun while watching, from the seniors to some of the youngest cast members like Christopher Landeck, 9, who says his character Winthrop is very shy, but also said, “The songs are the best thing I think … because I love singing.” The breadth of ages involved in the production speak to the hard work of the directors and the dedication of the cast: a family that is lead on and off stage by young adults ready to take on the leadership of the adult world. “Steil [Beagley] is a true leader in this show, and a true leader on the stage, and he’s a lead,” says Kundolf. “He is really doing probably one of the finest high school characterizations I’ve seen of the most coveted role on Broadway.” The cost is $15/$10 for students or VCHS alumni at the door. For more information about the show or tickets, call 926-3015.

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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Vail Mountaineer


Local banker joins successful international real estate firm Rob Verratti joins Kennedy Wilson Multifamily as acquisitions manager By Randy Wyrick Mountaineer Staff Writer A former local banker has joined one of the world’s most successful real estate acquisition firms. Rob Verratti is Kennedy Wilson’s new real estate acquisitions manager. Verratti will focus on distressed multifamily projects in the Denver area and the Western Slope for the Beverly Hills-based firm. Verratti’s office is in Eagle Ranch. Kennedy Wilson has 22 offices in the U.S. and Japan. Because they’re acquiring distressed real estate, the company’s business grows as the industry continues to sag. Verratti has 20 years in real estate, and years with US Bank and Wells Fargo. Before that, he was a partner and owner of Mesa Homes Development, where he structured and managed residential and commercial real estate development projects worth more

than $250 million. Verratti is not looking for your distressed house. The deal has to be priced right and they need an exit strategy. “We’re not in the business of buying and flipping in a week,” he said. Say there’s a high end condominium project that has taken three years to come to market, and because of the recession the buyers cannot close on their units. “We can step in, look at the economics of that deal, work with the developer and come to an agreement that’s mutually beneficial,” Verratti said. “The developers can sell off a portion of the property, reduce their debt and keep moving forward. Everyone wins.” They infuse capital, create jobs and keep abandoned projects out of your neighborhood, Verratti said. Kennedy Wilson just went public. They rang the bell to open the New

York Stock Exchange on April 14. Bob Hart is president and CEO of Kennedy Wilson Multifamily and sees Colorado as a viable market. It weathers economic cycles better than many areas. “We have a scarcity of land and they’re not building any more of that,” Verratti said. “That helps hold up property values.” Then there’s unemployment. The nation is a 9.5 percent and Colorado is at 7.5 percent. Eagle County is hovering around 7.8 percent. There will be a long and slow recovery, but there will be a recovery. It’ll take three to five years, Verratti said. Lots of products in the Vail area are coming online in the next year and a half. Time will tell how quickly they’ll be absorbed into the market, Verratti said. “Rob has deep knowledge of lending and underwriting as well as development, which enables him to understand the viewpoint of owners, bankers and developers,” Hart said. He is able to relate to the struggles as well as identify the opportunities.”

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Vail Mountaineer

Sunday, May 2, 2010


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tured well could be pouring more oil into the Gulf than estimated. The U.S. Coast Guard estimates now that at least 1.6 million gallons of oil have spilled since the April 20 explosion that killed 11 workers. The environmental mess could eclipse the Exxon Valdez disaster, when an oil tanker spilled 11 million gallons off Alaska’s shores in 1989.

scruples and authentic sense of religion” and allowed him to abuse young boys for decades unchecked. “By pushing away and casting doubt upon all those who questioned his behavior, and the false belief that he wasn’t doing harm to the good of the Legion, he created around him a defense mechanism that made him unassailable for a long period, making it difficult to know his true life,” the Vatican said.

A regionally biased Supreme Court?

Woman killed in Arkansas tornado

Forget liberal vs. conservative justices. The Supreme Court is way out of regional alignment: It’s heavily tilted toward the Northeast corridor and could become even more so as President Barack Obama prepares to fill an upcoming vacancy. Five of the nine justices have strong ties to Boston, New York and central New Jersey. Chief Justice John Roberts is a Midwesterner raised in Indiana, but he went to college and law school at Harvard and has spent his entire professional life in Washington. Even Justice Clarence Thomas, who stresses his Georgia roots, has lived and worked in Washington since 1983. Eight justices have Ivy League law degrees, which explains this joking response when a law student asked Roberts if too many justices came from elite schools. No, the chief justice said, “Some went to Yale.” The only non-Ivy Leaguer, Justice John Paul Stevens, is leaving the court at the end of this term; he graduated from Northwestern.

The Vatican condemns sexual abuses

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The Vatican denounced the “immoral” double life led by the late founder of the Legionaries of Christ yesterday and said a papal envoy and special commission would be named to overhaul the conservative order following revelations its founder sexually abused seminarians and fathered at least one child. In a statement, the Vatican excoriated the Rev. Marciel Maciel for creating a “system of power” built on silence and obedience that enabled him to lead a double life “devoid of any






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Leveled homes, overturned vehicles and uprooted trees were scattered across central Arkansas yesterday after several tornadoes ripped through the state, killing a woman and injuring two dozen others, authorities said. The woman was among three people in one of many homes destroyed by the Friday night storms in the small community of Scotland, about 75 miles north of Little Rock, said Van Buren County Sheriff Scott Bradley. The two others were hurt, but Bradley did not believe their injuries were life threatening. A large pig rooted through debris of a fallen home and demolished hog pen in Scotland yesterday morning, while chain saws buzzed nearby as fallen trees were cleared from roadways. “It will never look the same here again, but our people help each other out,” Bradley said. “We’ll get through this.”

Greece bailout nearly finalized

Greece concluded talks with European Union and IMF officials on a multi-billion euro financial bailout yesterday, a government official said, while thousands protested in Athens against planned state cutbacks, reports Reuters. French Economy Minister Christine Lagarde reportedly said she expected a package of 133-$160 billion to help Greece out of its debt crisis, and had “good hopes” a deal could be reached by the end of this weekend. The fallout from the unexpectedly large budget deficit

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------revealed by Greece last year has exposed splits within the euro zone over how to handle a crisis that has raised pressure on the euro and borrowing costs for weaker EU economies, reports Reuters. Athens is negotiating with officials from the International Monetary Fund, European Commission and European Central Bank, according to the Reuters report, but any deal must go to the Greek cabinet and EU governments.

World Expo 2010 opens

Hundreds of thousands of visitors waited for hours in the baking sun yesterday on the opening day of the Shanghai World Expo 2010, showcasing China’s rise as a modern industrial power. Fewer people than expected showed up, but it wasn’t clear why. About 350,000 tickets had been sold for Day 1, but officials said about 200,000 people attended. Tempers sometimes flared in the long lines and the tedious wait for security checks, but the head of the Expo’s coordinating committee said there were no major problems. “We need to adopt new policies to deal with higher temperatures as the weather changes,” Hong Hao told reporters at the end of the day. “It’s well worth the wait because the opening day is special,” said Cai Xiu, a Shanghai office worker standing in line outside the fanciful pink bubble-like Japan pavilion, where the wait to enter stretched to four hours.

Former hostage takers warn against ‘taking U.N. hostage’

Iran warned Washington yesterday against taking the United Nations “hostage” by rejecting visas for Iranian delegates led by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to a nuclear conference in New York, reports the Agence French Press. “The issuing of visas to the delegation and officials of any country coming to participate at the UN in the United States is obligatory on the part of American officials,” Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki told the AFP. “The US government has no right to use the issuance of visas as a tool against other countries. The US government... should not take the UN and the UNSC (UN Security Council) hostage.” The hardliner Ahmadinejad is set to propose reforms to the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), one of his senior advisers was quoted by as saying by the official IRNA news agency.

Don’t cry bomb on an airplane

A scheduled flight from the Taiwanese capital of Taipei to the eastern Chinese city of Shanghai was diverted

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Vail Mountaineer

[From page 1]

to a nearby Chinese airport yesterday after a passenger told cabin crew his luggage contained explosives. Spokesman Bruce Chen of Taiwan’s China Airlines said the plane landed safely at Hangzhou and that Chinese authorities took the passenger away for questioning. Chen said he was surnamed Lin and that he was traveling on a U.S. passport. He said that he did not appear to have been drinking excessively. “The passenger told the cabin crew very calmly that he had explosives in his luggage,” Chen said. “After the plane landed in Hangzhou it was very carefully checked and nothing was found.”

Better to cry over a break-up than poison yourself

Police in New Bedford, Mass., say a substitute teacher who was taken to a hospital after drinking tainted iced coffee has admitted lacing the drink himself. The teacher, 27-year-old Chad Wunschel, became sick after taking a sip of the drink and spitting it out. That happened Wednesday during a welding class at Greater New Bedford Vocational Technical Regional High School. Police had been investigating whether a student might have spiked the coffee. Police Chief Ronald Teachman said Friday that Wunschel told a detective he was depressed over a recent breakup and was looking for attention. Teachman said Wunschel will likely be charged with filing a false report.

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‘Two and a Half Men’ may survive the Sheen debacle

TMZ has learned Charlie Sheen’s lawyers are deep in plea negotiations with Aspen prosecutors and a deal is close -- in large part because Charlie’s show is hanging in the balance. Sources close to Sheen reportedly tell TMZ Charlie’s team has one goal -- the plea deal must be made by May 19 ... the date of the CBS upfronts, when the fall schedule is announced. TMZ was told CBS is skittish about re-upping the show if Charlie’s fate is uncertain. Insiders involved in the contract negotiations reportedly tell TMZ it’s increasingly looking like Charlie will cut a new deal with Warner Bros. for two more years of “Two and a Half Men.”

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Vail Mountaineer

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Pumped Nadal moves to finals Rafael Nadal was seriously tested by Ernests Gulbis before finally wearing down his 40th-ranked opponent to pull out a 6-4, 3-6, 6-4 win in the semifinals of the Rome Masters yesterday. It was the first time in nine matches on clay this year that Nadal dropped a set. Routinely putting first serves in at 215 kph (133 mph), Gulbis didn’t allow Nadal his usual rhythm on return games and the Spaniard converted only two of 12 break points. Nadal broke Gulbis in the opening game of the match and had to wait until the final game before doing it again, when a backhand from the Latvian sailed wide. Upon sealing the 2 hour, 46-minute marathon, Nadal to let out a big scream and jump with a series of fist pumps. In the title match, Nadal will meet fellow Spaniard David Ferrer, who beat a sluggish Fernando Verdasco 7-5, 6-3 to advance to the first Masters Series final of his career. RIGHT: Spain’s Rafael Nadal returns the ball to Latvia’s Ernests Gulbis at the Rome Masters semifinals in Rome yesterday. Nadal won 6-4, 3-6, 6-4.

Temper leads to embarrassing injury for Philadelphia pitcher

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Following a blown save Wednesday in San Francisco, Philadelphia interim closer Ryan Madison broke his toe, putting himself on a 15-day disabled list. Details have begun to emerge about the circumstances that led to the apparently self-inflicted injury. Madison said he slipped walking down a flight

of stairs leading from the dugout to the clubhouse. He then kicked a metal folding chair. He said he felt like he stubbed his toe, but realized it was worse when he woke up Thursday morning. The Phillies now find themselves without one of their key bullpen options.

Comerica Park puts out Leyland’s fire Detroit Tigers manager Jim Leyland plans to keep smoking, just not in the dugout anymore. Leyland has smoked cigarettes while at the ballpark throughout his long career, but will no longer be able to do so at Comerica Park. A Michigan law went into effect at 6 a.m. Saturday bans smoking in most workplaces in the state. Leyland was not smoking when he met with report-

ers before Saturday’s game against the Los Angeles Angels. The 65-year-old said he’s quit before but doesn’t plan to now. The Camacho Cigar Bar inside the stadium’s Tiger Club will be among cigar bars and tobacco specialty shops that are exempt from the ban.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Heidi’s is opening their Carbondale location next week! Stop into the Carbondale shop and Mario, Zack, and Ross will be on hand to make your favorite sandwiches.

Vail Mountaineer


Kathy and Laura can make you feel better. Always. K&L massage is running a great deal for the off season. $45/hour massages! For in office appointments only and a great way to get rid of the winter stress. Start your spring off rigth and feel great. Callt o book an appointment today 331-7570 or 390-9039.

The ladies of Ruggs Benedict Shannon, Diana, Mandy, Dawn, and Gigi have a huge selection of Rugs at Ruggs Benedict in Avon. Stop in and check it out.

Simply Massage is offering $54 one hour deep tissue massages in Avon. Call them at 748-1600 to make an appointment today.

Your Avon Area Locally Owned & Operated Coffee Shops Avon Bakery & Deli Loaded Joes Route 6 Cafe Columbine Bakery

If we missed your shop, we apologize. Call us at 926-6602 and we’ll get you in next time.

Get a Vail Mountaineer at these Starbucks:


Avon City Market

Locally owned and operated since 2008

(970) 926-6602 295 Main St., Suite C103, Edwards, CO 81632

Lionshead Starbucks

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Vail Mountaineer

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Many thanks to all those who have offered their time and effort in helping the Vail Valley’s new BMX track in Eagle become a reality. A special thanks to Chris Speigle of Speigle Trucking, Matt Johnson, and Todd Zink, who generously volunteered their time and equipment to move the dirt needed for the track’s construction. The facility promises to be a wonderful asset to our valley and wouldn’t be possible without the community’s support. Thank you to all!

Luke is 7 Today! Happy Birthday! We can’t believe it! Thank you for being so much fun! Love your family, Mom, Dad, Finn, Connor, and Roxy & Diego. 

Colorado Mountain College president Stanley Jensen, Ph.D, gives a speech at yesterday’s commencement ceremony in Edwards. The college graduated 112 students, congratulations go out to them from the Vail Mountaineer.

THE FIREMEN AT EAGLE RIVER FIRE DEPARTMENT take break from a very busy morning. They’re catching up on the latest local news with the Vail Mountaineer and grabbing some lunch at Larkburger. They do ask drivers to slow down in the slushy and snow packed roads and arrive alive.

Vail 476-9026 Village Center Mall Open 11 am Daily

Avon 949-9900 Benchmark Shopping Ctr. Open 11 am Daily

DERMATOLOGY Pediatric & Adult

Eagle 337-9900

Eagle Crossing Shopping Ctr. Open 11 am Daily


Off Season Hours Mon-Thur 11-6 pm Fri & Sat 11-9 pm (at least!) CloseD Sundays

Avon & Eagle Open Regular Hours

Diseases & Surgery of the Skin Including Skin Cancer & Disorders of the Hair & Nails

Prompt Appointments Available Gary W. Cage, MD • 845.7872 Diplomate American Board of Dermatology Dermatopathology Board Certified Diplomate American Board of Internal Medicine

70 Benchmark Rd., Avon •

Sunday, May 2, 2010

SARAH, MARIN, KIM AND DANA CATCH UP OVER A GLASS OF WINE AT VIN 48. Vin 48 is a great local’s place with an extensive wine list and awesome appetizers.

SARA AT PEIR 1 IMPORTS IN AVON has some great sale items for Mother’s Day. Stop by the store, next to Sports Authority and pick up a Mother’s day gift for Sunday, May 9.

Vail Mountaineer


DANIELLE AND MELISSA AT SALTWATER COWBOY CELEBRATE AN EXTENDED HAPPY HOUR, 3-7PM. Saltwater Cowboy happy hour features $2 PBRs, $2 domestic bottles and $4 you-call-it shots.

PAT AT VIN 48 IN AVON has a great happy hour, 5-6:30PM. Vin 48 features $5 glasses of wine, $3 beers and 48 percent off of select bottles of wine. Stop by today and taste some of their great food too.

Mike McCurdy “The Drywall Guy” for all your drywall needs. 20 years of quality workmanship at affordable prices.

Affordable Texturing & Repair Specialist


LEIGH AT THE BLUE PLATE BISTRO IN AVON has a great burger special. Tuesday through Friday, Blue Plate Bistro offers a $4 burger with fries. Now that’s a bargain!


Vail Mountaineer

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Employment Affordable Pricing – $10 off ANY Repair – Visa & Mastercard Accepted

Professional Home Improvement Services


Mike McCurdy “The Drywall Guy”

• Install • • Build • • Repair • • Improve •

Fiestas Cafe since 1989. Taking applications for wait staff and line cooks. Must have experience. Apply in person at 57 Edwards Access Road, Edwards Plaza.

Need a position filled for your business? Call us at 926-6602 Classifieds $35 per week.


for all your drywall needs. 20 years of quality workmanship at affordable prices.

- Highly structured, sequentially organized, multi-sensory and phonics based - Sucess oriented and FUN!

Affordable Texturing & Repair Specialist

The only warranty authorized dealer in Eagle County!


• Carpet & Upholstery • Tile & Grout Cleaning • Spot Removal • Pet Odor Treatment • Carpet Protectant

Harley Davidson 1996 FXDS Dyna Glide Convertible. Babied. In Superb condition. Only 1600 mi, w/newer tires with 1000 mi on them. Only synthetic oil used. 970.328.7257

1990 Ford E-150 8 passenger van, all options. Low Miles. New Tires. Great Vehicle! Make offer. Jason 970.331.1066

Commercial & Residential Environmentally Safe Products Bonded & Insured 24/7 Emergency Service Se Habla Espanol


Ford Ranger XLT 1991 Supercab with cap. Good condition. 161,000 miles, 4WD, manual, new clutch and battery. Located in Edwards. $2,000. Call 920.360.7470

A lpine Appliance Center

operating metro districts as well as implementing major real estate re-development projects on schedule and below budget,” Luppens said. The golf course has not been effectively managed, he said. “Let non-residents and tourists subsidize golf, swimming and tennis. Now, we subsidize them,” Luppens said. Keith Odza: Odza says he wants to give back to the Eagle-Vail community, which has been good to him and his family. He oversaw a $3 million remodel at Montaneros in Vail condominiums where he’s the general manager, so he understands project management, he said. This experience helps provide me a solid background of day to day, hands on experience that will benefit Eagle-Vail as the community reviews future capital projects,” he said. His 17 years in the hospitality business gives him an understanding for guest service and the importance of listening. “As an Eagle Vail Metro board member, I believe you need this type of skill to listen to our homeowners for their input and working with homeowners, associations and the board of directors on a daily basis,” Odza said. “It is important to select board members who are willing to commit to the long term future of Eagle Vail on a financial path that Eagle Vail can afford.” Jane Ross: Ross moved to the valley after graduating Southern Methodist University, and has worked in property management and real estate for 20 years. She says she will work toward solutions that work for everyone, not just for one group or another,” she said. “Given the current economic situation, I will endeavor to keep costs to homeowners down and curb unnecessary spending,” she said. Eagle-Vail’s long-term goals should be the Urban Land Institute study, and be within their budget. “This was an unbiased study done by national experts from every field,” Ross said. “These next few years are going to be a very key time for Eagle-Vail and the direction it takes into the future. I want to see that it enhances the quality of life and property values for Eagle-Vail homeowners.” Eagle River Water and Sanitation District Incumbent Rick Sackbauer is being



[From page 1]

challenged by Ron Wolfe. Rick Sackbauer: Sackbauer has served on the board for 16 years, 12 a chairman. “I’ve had a lifelong passion for water which is even stronger today than when I first decided to run,” Sackbauer said. Among his achievements, Sackbauer lists: · Building the Eagle Park Reservoir augmentation. · Building the water interconnect system between Vail and Edwards; · Landmark water rights agreement between Western Slope and Front Range communities; Sackbauer also serves on the Colorado Basin Roundtable, the Colorado Foundation for Water Education, the Eagle Park Reservoir Company and the Denver Water Board’s Citizens’ Advisory Committee. Ron Wolfe: Wolfe is Avon’s current mayor. “Concepts like the waste-heat recovery project that the Town of Avon initiated is an example of what I will bring to the District.,” Wolfe said. It would capture heat from sewage treatment to heat buildings in Avon. “If elected I will bring to bear my management and engineering expertise to make sure that the District aggressively protects our precious water resources and the environment and uses them prudently,” Wolfe said. Vail Rec District Four candidates are campaigning for three open seats, Sackbauer and Donovan, Ken Wilson and Joe Hanlon. Hanlon served as chairman of the VRD board. The winners will serve two years on the five-member board. The VRD faces the same financial challenges as every resident and every government. Lower property tax assessments will force budget cuts in the face of projected $375,000 less in revenue. Still, the candidates envision improvements to the Vail golf course, improvements to Ford Park, and expanding the program base. The Vail Rec District operates the Vail Golf Club, Vail Tennis Center, Dobson Ice Arena, Vail Gymnastics Center, Vail Nature Center, Vail Nordic Center, and intramural sports and children’s camps.


949-1199 | Eagle-Vail, CO

Life CoaCH


Confused or Stuck?

Relationship or career issues? Jaimie H. Rosen, CPC

2005 Ford F250 XLT FX4. Powerstroke Diesel. 60k mi. Supercab longbed. Ipod interface, all power, 4 aux switches, lots more. Tow/ haul anything. Excellent work truck. 970.376.3974


The Avant-gardener Landscaping, Inc.

Lawn & Garden Service • Irrigation System Start-up Annual & Perennial Planting • Trees, Shrubs & more...

Free Estimates • 970-926-0736 Serving the Vail Valley since 1987

2007 Rabbit, 43,000 miles, 5-Speed, electric seats, runs like new. 970.390.0727

- 1996 Dodge Pickup w/ Snow Plow, 62,000 mi, $4,800 - 1996 Triumph Thunderbird, $3,500 - 1996 Cadillac Deville, $1,800 - 1989 Honda Accord, $600 - 1983 Dodge Ram Charger, w/ Snow Plow, $3,800 970.328.6915 or 970.904.2545

Aries (March 21-April19): Reassess your life goals. “Professional” Jelly Belly flavor maker is not a profession. Taurus (April 20-May 20): Medical marijuana will provide with a lucrative career, but you’ll misplace all your cash, and your plants, and your socks... where the heck are those socks? Gemini (May 21-June 21): The love of your life is out there, somewhere; you probably should stop trying to find this person in the mirror. Cancer (June 21-July 22): Zombies are not your friends, or pets, or furniture. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22): Your boss will give you a promotion. Now if you could only get a raise to go with it. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): There is a very good reason to clean the dishes in your sink, but not a good enough reason to interrupt South Park. Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Putting the ’80s song “Relax” on endless repeat is anything but relaxing. Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22): You

are seriously considering getting an exotic pet. Don’t. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec-21): Stop running through the streets screaming, “The British are coming!” It’s not only ridiculous, but also untrue. Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan. 19): You will be rudely awoken tomorrow by a bird outside your window. That’s what you get for leaving the Ostrich pen open. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Today is going to be a five-star day, once you make reservations for that fancy restaurant where they give you a jacket if you don’t have one. Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20): You will be surprised by something today... but if we told you what it was you wouldn’t be surprised. We totally know what it is though. It’s driving you crazy, right? If today is your birthday: Today you will forget it is your birthday until you read this horoscope. Happy Birthday!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Autos 2.2L, 17,106 Miles, Stock #9S636557 $14,390 888-521-0676

Sedan, 2.5L, 5-Speed Automatic, 85,383 Miles, Stock #7979A $13,995

4 Door, 2.5L, 6-Speed Automatic, 25,943 Miles, Stock #2501 888-413-5024

Vail Mountaineer


4 Door, 2.0L, Manual, Contact for Miles, Stock #P667 888-413-5024

4 Door, 2.5L, 5-Speed Manual, 37,410 Miles, Stock #P9103

4 Door, 2.5L, 5-Speed Manual, 37,663 Miles, Stock #P9882



Coupe LS, 2.2L, Stock #97185338 $12,390 888-521-0676

4 Door, 2.5L, 27,864 Miles, Stock #P6087 888-413-5024

4 Door, 2.2L, 35,403 Miles, Stock #77383873 $10,390 888-521-0676

EX V6 Automatic with Leather, 3.0L, 4-Speed Electro, 137,109 Miles, Stock #YA091383, $7,991 888-521-0676

2.2L, 31,282 Miles, Stock #9S583142 $13,390 Emich Chevrolet 888-521-0676

SE Auto, 2.4L, 5-Speed Automatic, 39,720 Miles, Stock #5401 $13,991





Wolfsburg Edition,4 Door, 2.5L, Manual, 39,866 Miles, Stock #P2856

2 Door, 2.5L, PZEV Manual, 18,212 Miles, Stock #5152

4 Door, 2.0L, 4-Speed Automatic, 39,210 Miles, Stock #P6246

4 Door, 2.5L, 6-Speed Automatic, 37,410 Miles, Stock #3445

Sedan, 4.4L, 5-Speed Automatic, 93,197 Miles, Stock #P7287

FWD, 4 Door, 2.0L, 6-Speed Automatic, 41,221 Miles Stock #P1492A 888.413.5024

2 Door, Convertible Premium, 3.8L, 61,146 Miles, Stock #1F187886 $8,390 Emich Chevrolet 888-521-0676

4 Door, 2.0L, 70,161 Miles, Stock #61034229 Emich Chevrolet 888-521-0676


FWD, 4 Door, 4.2L, 4Speed Automatic, 66,599 Miles, Stock #72114204 $14,390 Emich Chevrolet 888-521-0676

5 Door, 1.6L, 40,704 Miles, Stock #8B205486 $9,991 888-521-0676 5 Door, 3.0L, 5-Speed Manual, 43,945 Miles, Stock #45N78494 $10,991 Emich Chevrolet 888-521-0676 FWD, 7.4L, 4-Speed HD Automatic, 83,979 Miles, Stock #XG123962 $9,991 Emich Chevrolet 888-521-0676

FWD, 4-Door, 4.0L, 4-Speed Automatic, 92,090 Miles, Stock #4C132249 $11,991 888-521-0676

4 Door, 2.5L, 5-Speed Manual, 18,112 Miles, Stock #P3862

Cari@ vailmountaineer. com Classifieds


2 Door, 2.2L, 5-Speed Manual, 31,906 Miles, Stock #87289831 $9,991 Emich Chevrolet 888-521-0676

FWD, 4 Door, 5.7L, 4Speed Automatic, 121,758 Miles, Stock #XJ364127 $7,991 Emich Chevrolet 888-521-0676

2.4L, 4-Speed Automatic, 7,591 Miles, Stock #9S637594 $14,991 Emich Chevrolet 888-521-0676 G5 Coupe, 2.2L,18,249 Miles, Stock #97241328 $12,991 Emich Chevrolet 888-521-0676

For Rent Mountaineer

2 Door, 2.0L,Manual, 74,532 Miles, #P999 $10,991

4Door, 2.2L, 4-Speed Automatic, 43,696 Miles, Stock #87208651 $8,991 Emich Chevrolet 888-521-0676


Vail Mountaineer

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Rentals throughout the valley Get your place rented for cheap, and your wallet will thank you.

For Rent

1 Bd/1Ba Private Lock-Off. NS/NP 1 year lease Dillion Valley East Studio furnished, heat and cable included. Kathy, Havlik Mgmt. 970.376.7225

Call 970.376.0661 4 Bedroom/3 bath unfurnished. Pellet stove- pool on property. NS/NP Kathy, Havilk Mgmt 970.376.7225

Large lock-off bedroom, private entrace, private bath, TV and utilities included. Microwave, Toaster Oven, Refrigerator for conveince. Separate patio w/ lovely surroundings. N/P, N/S

2BD, each w/ Private BA. Available April 30 in 3BD, 4.5BA FP, WD/DW, Wifi, N/S, N/P 303.818.7854

F/L/Sec. Dep. Negotiable Available as soon as April 1st Call Kent for appointment 970.977.0274 Rentals Available. Studio unit 2 BD/2BA unit Includes utilities, pets negotiable. Call 970.390.1898

Large 2BD, 1BA apartment. W/D, cable incuded! Pet ok. Patio and yard with great views.

Master BD in furn. townhouse. W/D, on bus route. Call Jeff 970.306.2846

Own bed/bath in 3 bedroom condo. Unfurnished, flexible lease. Kathy, Havlik Mgmt. 970.376.7225

3BD, Updated riverside condo at Sunridge Phase II. Top floor available 5/1. N/P, N/S Call 970.390.7443

Beaver Bench Condos Assume existing lease Call Kathy Olson 970.376.7225 or Evan 970.485.9832

Stone Creek/Avon large master bathroom/bath, 1 car garage, on lake. NS/NP Kathy, Havlik Mgmt. 970.376.7225


2 - 3 BD Condo in Sun Vail NS/NP, Furnished

Beaver Creek Mgt. Co. 970.471.1122 Villas at Brett Ranch. Immaculate 2BD, 2BA furnished condo. Cable TV/Internet. W/D, N/P, N/S. Available 4/19 for six months only.

Call 970.476.0900

Lovely, spacious 4BD, 2.5BA townhome. 1,800 sq ft, gas heat, W/D, adjacent Gypsum Elementary, reasonable.

4BD, 3.5BA furnished duplex on Eagle River. 6-12 mo lease. 303.619.4115

2 and 3 BD furnished condos in Sandstone.

Furnished 2Bd/2Ba, large office or game room, whirlpool tub, new appliances, Pets negotiable, washer, dryer, vaulted ceilings, storage, Utilities Included.

3BD, 2BA SFH + office, 1800 sq ft, Next to park. Rent to own opp.

Call 303.665.3418

Call 970.376.3170 to view or 641.751.2975 info.

Call 970.904.6369


Timber Creek fully furnished adorable unit on the creek, flexible lease. NS/NP Kathy, Havlik Mgmt. 970.376.7225


1BD, 1BA in 3BD Miller Ranch, fun location.

Private Bath. Laundry and Kitchen privalages. On the River. $450/month plus utilities. N/S. Available May 1.



Available May 1st, Roommate needed to share 3BD intermountain home. N/S, N/P

Tel: 970.343.9625

Close to bus stop, quiet neighborhood, sunny deck. Own bed/bath, walk-in closet in 3 BD house, W/D, fireplace, storage, pet negotiable, No Cats.


2BD, 1.5BA, Riverwalk, Pets possible, W/D, parking, long term lease.

450 sq. ft. Studio in Elk Meadows full bath, Walk-in closet, reserved outdoor parking, , gas, water, electric, cable included. Walking distance to everything in Edwards.

Dramatic, spacious 2BD + loft, 2BA, w/ vaulted ceilings and open floor plan in a quiet complex on Singletree golf course. W/D included. Single car garage w/ opener. 0931 Singletree Rd. #14 Persimmon Woods For Additional photos and info,

Gorgeous Home 3BD, 3.5BA, over 3,000 sf. 2 car garage, unfurnished. Summer Rental or Long Term Lease Option Call 970.926.5363 or E-mail

Contact Porter or Mary Knowles 913.897.3466 2 Bed, 2 Bath Condo with extra storage. Nicely Furnished & outfitted for turnkey move in. NS/NP, W/D, You must see this unit 1st.

Upper Singletree 3BD, 2.5BA, nice, clean, quiet home, 2 car garage, hot tub, N/P, N/S. Available 6/15

2BD, 2BA Furnished condo + Loft. 6-7 Month Lease

Call 970.390.2956


Call 312.560.6366 or

Vail International Prime Village Location. 2BD, 2BA furnished condo. Pool, spa, fitness room. N/S. Dog considered. 1st and last required. Security neg. w/ references. May through October Craigslist ad #1703511888 970.485.2310

Homestake with 2BD/1 BA fully furnished uprgraded unit available for summer. N/S, N/P Kathy, Havlik Mgmnt 970.376.7225

Commercial Corner Deals, Steals & Leases

Warehouse space, several sizes available from 950 - 3158 sqft., large overhead doors, 1/2 bath with office space or for storage

Call for Pricing

Commercial Riverwalk Office. Professional office suite with use of conference room, reception area, copier and heat included

$675/month Contact Joe



Dramatic turn-key furnished office.


$2800 month, NOW $1500

Richard Patriacca Mountain Valley Real Estate

970.926.5692 or 970.390.2401

D-3 - 3500 sq. ft. includes 300 sq. ft. Studio apartment. D-4 - 4000 sq. ft. includes 1200 sq. ft. 2 BD, 2 BA apartment.

High visibility ground floor office space, Main Street. 1,200 sf. Available immediately.

D-3, $399,000 D-4, $649,000 Dave Peterson, Dave Peterson Electric

$5 per SF + Utilities


John Nilsson, Sonnenalp Real Estate


Want to be a part of our Commercial Corner? Call John K. @ 926-6602

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Charming 2 BD condo with 1 car garage. Top floor with great views, walk to the gondola and on bus route. Fully furnished and priced to sell.

Seller needs to sell! Single family home with ski in access. Exterior moss rock finish and heavy timber. Large family room, wet bar, media room, elevator and hot tub.

This single floor living home has been totally remodeled. 3BD, 2.5BA. Price includes brand new LG front load W/D, all TVs, electronics and more.


178 Wayne Creek $4,995,000

7 Snowgoose



970.479.0242 or 970.376.1299

Avon Crossing

Julie Retzlaff, Sonnenalp Real Estate


Vail Mountaineer

3BD, 2.5BA, Juniper Hills end-unit condo. Across from Eagle elementary school, close to downtown. Good condition, great rental history. Low condo dues.

35.5 acres, views of vistas and colorful mesas. Rare, this land is located within a gated community alongside 850 feet of Eagle River frontage, teeming with fish.


14241 US HWY 6



Gil Fancher, Sonnenalp Real Estate

Doug Landin, Slifer Smith and Frampton

Mary Isom, Sonnenalp Real Estate

Suzi Apple, Gateway Land & Development

Spacious 2BD Front Gate Town home w/ over 1,400+/- sq. ft. It is very clean and is a perfect home for the first time buyer.

Perched above the Eagle Ranch Golf Course w/ 360 degree views of the surrounding mtns. This lot has full custom plans, soil tests & surveys ready to go!!

Close to bus line, 5BD, 4BA, bonus rooms, separate family room and fenced yard.

Great 3 BD second floor condo with vaulted ceilings and sunny deck. Recently remodeled with new kitchen, paint and carpet. Pitkin Creek has pool and hot tub.

.65 Acre Lot Offered below competition @ $150,000

88 Pheasant Court $649,000

970.479.0242 or 970.376.1299

Linda Miner, Sonnenalp Real Estate

Tracy Bossow, Prudential Colorado Prop.


Gil Fancher, Sonnenalp Real Estate

5 Bd spacious home w/fenced yard for privacy, cul-de-sac location, amazing storage and bonus rooms, convenient location to fine dining, skiing, golf, and shopping are all just out your front door.

Gorgeous 2BD, 2BA condo on Eagle River w/ big views of NY Mountain. Top floor w/ vaulted ceilings, wood floors, slate fireplace, 2 decks & garage. Will not last!

Possible Short Sale. Enjoy the Eagle River as it winds through the Willowstone neighborhood, 3BD, 2.5BA House. Low HOA fee and low taxes.

Beautiful 5 Bedroom, 4.5 bathroom Willowstone Home. 2 car garage, fenced yard for toys, Huge walkout guest suite, Hot tub on the deck. Short Sale.




Real Estate


East Vail’s Best Value! 5BD, almost 5,000 sf. New luxury construction on Gore Creek with spectacular waterfall views from master bedroom.

Low 3 Millions

John Nilsson, Sonnenalp Real Estate


24 Pearch Street


Dough Landin, Slifer Smith and Frampton

$649,000 Tracy Bossow, Prudential Colorado Prop.



Villas at Brett Ranch #606

Just Reduced $299,000

Kathie Cavataio, Prudential CO Properties

970.376.5510 or

Pitkin Creek 10 E

NOW $285,500

Price Reduced $480,000


90 Willowstone Place

Keller Williams Mountain Properties Ken Rue or Dari Laidman


Bob New, Colorado Mountain Properties

970.393.3191 or 970.376.0466




4 Bedroom, 3 Bath + Office, 3 Car Garage, Irrigated Horse Property, Up to 4 Horses.

916 Mayne Street




Large single family home located on the 16th fairway of Sonnenalp Golf Course w/ ski slope views. 5BD, 4.5BA, 4,800 sq ft w/ 3 separate living areas.

490 Winslow Rd.

Lowest priced single family in Homestead. 4BD, 3BA, 2 car garage, across from Club including membership, granite countertops and great storage.

Value Range $739,000 - $849,876

Tracy Bossow, Prudential Colorado Prop.


Charolais Circle southwestern home. 4BD, 3 BA, 3 car garage. Quiet street. Close to schools, hiking and park. Under appraisal price. All offers considerd.


Kayak from your yard on the Eagle in Minturn. 3BD single family. Over 500 sq ft of decks perched above river and large yard backing up to the river.


Amazing low price for 1BD, 1BA condo! Located across the street from TOV bus stop, corner unit, wood burning fireplace and great deck.

Price Reduced AGAIN! Beautiful 3BD/BA remodel w stainless steel appliances, granite countertops and hardwood floors. TOV free bus out front door.

European constructed 5BD Chalet built in 2005 w contemporary finishes. Offering family floor plan w landscaped yard and nanny lock-off, close to bus stop.

1746 W Gore Creek Drive

1718 Geneva Drive

Tyra Rudrud, Sonnenalp Real Estate

Tyra Rudrud, Sonnenalp Real Estate

This completely remodeled 3BD/3.5BA mountain contemporary SF home offers exceptional finishes, southern views and open floor plan. Heated drive and entry.

Extraordinary certified Built Green single family in sunny West Vail. 4BD , 2 car garage has patio w/ hot tub. Easily located on Vail bus route. Big views of Gore Range.

2610 Arosa Drive

2950 Square Feet

Julie Retzlaff, Sonnenalp Real Estate

Linda Miner, Sonnenalp Real Estate

Price reduced to $785,000 970.390.9023 or

Sandstone 70, Unit A4

Tyra Rudrud/Joni White Taylor, Sonnenalp



Wonderful 3BD, 2.5BA duplex w large bonus rm. Gourmet kitchen with granite counter and stainless steel appliances. Fireplaces, hardwood floors, 2 car garage.

Bob Finlay, Prudential Colorado Properties


Gary Pesso, Sonnenalp Real Estate


250 Hackmore Road - Singletree


Gary Pesso, Sonnenalp Real Estate








Village Center 3C/D, 3BD + Study Condo overlooking Gore Creek. Spectacular views of Vail Mountain. Totally remodeled. Two parking spaces included.

Best fractional value offered in Vail Village, on Gore Creek. Includes valet parking, bellmen, front desk, pool, spa, athletic club, ski valet, storage and maid service.


Austria Haus Club

Jean Mitchell, Sonnenalp Real Estate

Jean Mitchell, Sonnenalp Real Estate


Priced from $205,00 - $360,000






Just reduced to $1,780,000


in our Classified Ads

Only $28.80/wk for Photo Real Estate ads Only $35/wk for Classified ads



Vail Mountaineer

Sunday, May 2, 2010


20 off


entire check

Lunch & Dinner (must mention ad)



Off-Season Specials

Sirloin, Lobster Tail & Cajun Shrimp Happy Hour & Apres Ski 2.50 Wells & Drafts $ 3.00 Glasses of Wine $

1/2 price appetizers Everyday 4:30-6:00 pm

Highway 6 at the light in Edwards • 926-3613 Open 11 am-9 pm View our menu