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March 14, 2010

Traveling along the American Nile Reefer regs in the weeds Frogs gone road trippin’

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Leadville terrorism suspect detained in Ireland prison

Christine Mott, 58, cries as she talks about her daughter Jamie Paulin-Ramirez, 31, at her home in Leadville yesterday. A picture of Paulin-Ramirez as a child sits on the table in front of her. Paulin-Ramirez was the second American arrested in a plot to kill the Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks over a 2007 sketch depicting the head of the Prophet Muhammad on a dog’s body. AP photo.

Jamie Paulin-Ramirez left Leadville on Sept. 11, 2009, her mother says Before her daughter disappeared last fall, Leadville’s Christina Mott recalls that the 31-year-old who had been held in connection with an alleged assassination plot announced she had converted to Islam and told them they’d go to hell if they didn’t follow in her steps. Jamie Paulin-Ramirez also began

talking about Jihad with her Muslim stepfather and spent most of her time online as she withdrew from her family, Mott said. “We were enemies,” Christine Mott, 59, said. “We couldn’t even speak to each other.” Jamie Paulin-Ramirez left Leadville

THE UPDATE Beloved valley character Art Kittay dies Pope indicated in sex abuse cover-up

The Vatican on Saturday denounced what it called aggressive attempts to drag Pope Benedict XVI into the spreading scandals of pedophile priests in his German homeland. It also insisted that church confidentiality doesn’t prevent bishops from reporting abuse to police. The Vatican’s campaign to defend the pope’s reputation and resolve in combatting clergy abuse of minors followed acknowledgment by the Munich archdiocese that it had transferred a suspected pedophile priest to community work while Benedict was archbishop there. Benedict is also under fire for a 2001 church directive he wrote while a Vatican cardinal, instructing bishops to keep abuse cases confidential. Germany’s justice minister has blamed the directive for what she called a “wall of silence” preventing prosecution. Skeptical about the Vatican’s handling of abuse, a U.S.-based advocacy [See THE UPDATE, pages 14-15]

That grin says everything about Vail Valley resident Art Kittay, mostly that he was happy to be in Marcie’s immediate proximity. Art died following surgery for an aortic aneurism. The funeral is in Denver, either Tuesday or Wednesday. Plans were still pending at presstime. See story inside.

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on Sept. 11, and took her 6-year-old son with her, her mother said. A U.S. official, who was not authorized to discuss the investigation and spoke on condition of anonymity, said Saturday that Paulin-Ramirez had been detained in Ireland in connection with an al[See LEADVILLE, page 23]

Real estate numbers beginning to climb

High end buyers returning That sound of ice cracking you hear is the local real estate market beginning to stir. Real estate numbers are beginning to climb, and it looks like the high end buyers are returning to the market. The year opened with more than double the sales in January over January 2009, according to statistics compiled by Land Title. January 2010 saw a total dollar volume of $86,864,200, more than double January 2009. Transactions were 72 percent above last year, with 79 compared with the 46 transactions of last January. Havlik Real Estate’s January Arrabelle sale in Lionshead created the highest average price of any area for that month at $5.75 million. High end buyers like Lionshead’s new Arrabelle family are starting to invest in the Vail Valley once again, says realtor/broker Gary Pesso of Sonnenalp Real Estate in Vail. “We’ve seen some high end transactions in the last few weeks, which is very encouraging for [See REAL ESTATE, page 24]

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

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Reefer regs in the weeds Lawmakers on 4th rewrite of medical marijuana bill By Randy Wyrick Mountaineer Staff Writer

he’s having very little fun rewriting the state’s reefer regs – again. No one knows when the next version of the bill might see the light of day, Scanlan said.

The young skier owns a medical marijuana card, and smoked some of his prescription during a lunch break on the mountain. Medical marijuana malpractice Skiing down, he hit a tree and soon found himself As lawmakers fiddle while the reefer burns, Dr. Brooks under Dr. Larry Brooks’ care in the emergency room. As he lay there bleeding, he told Brooks that it’s OK, is in the emergency room still cleaning up the mess. “If I did the kind of work the legislature did, I would he has a medical marijuana card. To get a medical marijuana card, you’re supposed to be in court every day for malpractice,” Brooks said. “I would like some reabe suffering from a debilisonable people make some tating condition. Brooks took a breath and “Marijuana is not being controlled reasonable decisions about situation that is out of explained the obvious. ... The physicians who pass this stuff acontrol.” “If you’re debilitated, out should be shot.” Alcohol is closely reguyou cannot ski,” he said lated, Brooks said. So are yesterday. “Do not tell me — Emergency room doctor Larry Brooks agricultural products. you had surgery two years “Our beef has more regago, and that you still have ulations than marijuana,” a condition so debilitating he said. “It needs to be regulated at least as closely as that you need to smoke marijuana while you ski.” fireworks. In Alabama, those fireworks stands have to be out in the country so if it blows up it doesn’t hurt Fourth and long Medical marijuana is a mess, and local governments anyone.” across Colorado are waiting for state lawmakers to Brooks suffers from chronic pain clean it up. Brooks also has no patience for the so-called doctors Help does not appear to be on the way. Lawmakers are now on their fourth total rewrite of who sell medical marijuana cards for up to $300 each. a bill to bring some order to the issue. It’s not going The hoops he has to jump through to prescribe legitiwell, said Rep. Christine Scanlan, who represents Ea- mate pain medication are mind boggling. “Marijuana is not being controlled,” he said. “The gle, Lake and Summit counties in the state House of physicians who pass this stuff out should be shot.” Representatives. On the other hand, Eagle County officials say the “So far, everyone’s unhappy,” Scanlan said yestermedical marijuana stores that are open appear to be day. “Maybe that’s a good thing.” Rep. Tom Massey is carrying the bill. He also serves paying their sales taxes. on the House education committee with Scanlan, and

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Vail Mountaineer



Vail Valley loses a beloved character Art Kittay leaves a legacy of love, laughter By Randy Wyrick Mountaineer Staff Writer Art Kittay has told his last story, but the Art stories will never end. The man not only had character, he was a character. An upright man and Mason who leaves an Arthur-sized hole. He was a good and faithful friend of the Vail Valley and he died in his southern California winter home following surgery for an aortic aneurism. The funeral will be in Denver, either Tuesday or Wednesday. The family was still nailing down details at presstime. To talk with Art was an investment in time, but it always paid off. Arthur loved America and American guns, and owned several. Local attorney Bruce Carey tells about the time Arthur got into a long-running argument with Sheriff Joe Hoy about having to take a firearms safety class to get his concealed carry permit. Hoy cited the law, Art cited his long experience with firearms and the debate rolled on. Finally, Art took the class, but didn’t tell the sheriff. The next time he saw Hoy, he picked up the argument where they’d left off, even though he had the certificate for the class in his pocket. Carey talked with him every day, including, the day he died. That morning, Art was charming, witty, strong-minded and outspoken. “Classic Arthur,� Carey said When Carey turned 50, as a birthday present he and Marcie drove Bruce to Vail in a blinding snowstorm for a colonoscopy. “They knew all the doctors and nurses, and most of the patients,� Carey said. “They visited around while the doctor did unspeakable things to me, then they drove me home in that same storm.� One year, Carey and Art went together for their annual physicals with Dr. Jack Eck. “Dr. Eck snapped that latex glove on

and told Art that I’d gotten to use the glove first,� Carey laughed, recalling the look on Art’s face. Wayne Conrad owns Bedrock Construction and was building a house up the street from Arthur’s and Marcie’s place in Eagle’s Eby Creek Mesa. Every morning Art would walk his dog over to the building site to see how things were progressing, and to offer the construction crew some constructive criticism. While they were there, Art’s dog would usually relieve himself on Wayne’s back porch. One day, Wayne brought his dog with him, and when Art and his dog took their daily stroll, Wayne’s dog trotted over and peed on Art’s leg. Carey had a heart attack and when his wife had to leave, Marcie would come over and talk with him until he fell asleep. “I don’t know what I would have done without them.� Art retired from a variety of businesses, which left him plenty of time to wander around the valley and talk with his friends. That’s how I met him two and a half decades ago. A bunch of us were working at the

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other paper, back when it was also locally owned. Art would wander in after skiing and conversation would ensue. We finally figured the best way for us to get our work done was to hire him, so we did. He sold classified ads, and sold and sold and sold. In the moments between sales, we became great friends, except for the time I managed to make him furious over some snarky thing I wrote. He spoke to me just long enough to proclaim, loudly, that he wasn’t speaking to me. I gotta tell you, I missed him, and he was just in the next room. So I wrote

something equally snarky, hoping he’d restart the conversation. The next morning, when he read it in the paper he stormed over to my desk and did exactly that, shouting one perfectly sensible question. “What the hell is wrong with you?!?� he yelled at me, waving a rolled up newspaper in my face, like you would at a pup. “I guess this means we’re talking again,� I responded. “I’m talking! You’re listening!� he said. And he did. And I did. And it was great. There was the time he tangled with the Vail town council because he wanted to put a satellite dish in his East Vail yard. That was back when satellite television was as rare as a liberal at a Limbaugh Lovers convention, and the dish was a Rube Goldberg-looking deal the not quite the size of Noah’s Ark. Back then, Vail only got one television station on a good day. The town council decided that Vail simply could not abide the aesthetic upheaval of satellite dishes sprouting up like massive mushrooms. So they said to Art, “No satellite dish.� They shouldn’t have bothered. He got right up in their grill. He also got his satellite dish. He left it behind when he and Marcie moved to Eby Creek Mesa, sort of an “Art was here� sign. He was born in1935 and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He had the extremely good sense to marry Marcie, they had some kids, Robin, Barry and Mindy, and raised them right. They lived in Vail, then Eagle. That first part is absolutely accurate – he lived. Lives in progress. A thing to behold. There were the stories about his cousins who immigrated from Russia. He’d start an explanation about what kosher meant, then roll into stories about people he’d known, cruises he and Marcie had taken. Stories about life its ownself. More stories will come because Art’s stories never end. Therefore, neither does Art.


Vail Mountaineer

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Break out your favorite toy

National Brain Month is a terrible time to waste It’s National Brain Month and you Road can take an online test about every Scholar adult’s favorite play thing. The Brainiacs will ask you all kinds of questions, but they won’t ask you the stuff you really want to know. We will. Q: Why, when the highway through Glenwood Canyon was closed this week, deliveries of beer and the U.S. mail made it through from Vail to Aspen, but a load of cell phones could Randy not make the trip from Eagle to GypWyrick sum? Q: The state legislature is taxing everything we use

in the passage from the cradle to the grave, beginning with candy and soda at one end, and yanking the property tax break for senior citizens at the other. Wouldn’t it be more effective if they created a candy bar with booze in it, and taxed that? The candy bars could come in bourbon and beer flavors. Q: Why do women always fuss when guys leave up the toilet seat, and guys don’t fuss when they leave it down? Q: When you have sexual fantasies, do you think of Sigmund Freud? Q: Are you the opposite sex, or am I? Q: Why do banks charge fees for insufficient funds, when there’s obviously not enough money in your account?

Q: Why do people believe you when there are 4 billion stars, but they have to check for themselves when you tell them the paint is wet? Q: If a schizophrenic threatens to commit suicide, is it a hostage situation? Q: If we’re here to help others, what are the others here to do? Q: If you choke a Smurf, what color does it turn? Q: Why do tug boats push the barges? Q: We know what the speed of light is. What’s the speed of dark? Go forth, my fellow travels on Spaceship Earth, and celebrate National Brain Awareness Month. Send questions to He’ll be glad to answer them.



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Sunday, March 14, 2010

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HUD relaxing low income housing regs Illegals might not need Social Security number to apply for subsidized housing By Randy Wyrick Mountaineer Staff Writer New federal guidelines could make it possible for illegal aliens to live in federal low income housing, without a valid social security number. The Department of Housing and Urban Development released new guidelines that would appear to prohibit banning illegals from leasing apartments in federally subsidized low income housing. Riverview in Eagle-Vail falls is Eagle County’s only federally subsidized low income project. Social Security numbers are used to validate someone’s status as a legal U.S. resident, and to electronically verify income information.

The new guidelines fall into three basic criteria, according to the Federal Register: • If you’re a U.S. citizen, you need a valid Social Security number. • If you’re a legal resident, you need a valid Social Security number. • But if you’re an illegal alien, and do not claim to be legal, the guidelines no longer require you to even try to lie about your immigration status. You don’t need a valid Social Security number to apply to live in federally-subsidized low income housing, the new guidelines say. (Federal Register, Vol. 74, No. 248) By making it easier for illegals than legal residents to be accepted for federally-subsidized housing, HUD’s new guidelines that appear to fly in the face

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Birthday Parties

(choose from activities such as climbing, sports, swimming, ice skating, laser tag, bouncey houses, gymnastics, etc.)

Birthday Parties

(choose from activities such as climbing, sports, swimming, ice skating, laser tag, bouncey houses, gymnastics, etc.)

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of the Fair Housing Act, which bans discrimination of all sorts. Riverview rules unchanged Eagle County officials say they would be happy to follow federal regulations for low income housing, but even the feds seem a little unclear about what they are. “Our rules are that we follow the federal rules,” said Jill Klosterman, with the county’s housing department. For now, county officials will stick with what they have when they review Riverview applications. Illegals can live there, but they have to be part of a family in which the head of the household is a legal resident. Until they hear different, an illegal cannot

lease a Riverview apartment, Klosterman said. If your income is low enough to live in Riverview, you can qualify for the feds to subsidize your rent. If you’re a family of four, and three are legal residents and the fourth is not, your family gets three-quarters of its federal subsidy. Illegals do not qualify for a subsidy, according to HUD. In Riverview, rents run $1,250 for a two bedroom, and $1,510 for a three bedroom. The minimum rent anyone pays is $25 a month, HUD says.


Vail Mountaineer

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Frogs Gone road trippin’ Valley’s favorite band shares their stories from the road. Week 1: Lincoln, Omaha, Ames and Dubuque By Geoff Mintz Mountaineer Staff Writer The first week of Frog’s Gone Fishin’s “Actual Natural” spring tour, which coincides with the release of their second studio album of the same name, was characterized by overcoming some automotive difficulties experienced outside of Lincoln, Nebraska. The band says they are very proud of their new, used RV, Bertha, a 25-foot monster born in 1987. While Bertha only has 60,000 miles, the band accepts that car trouble always seems to occur in the first week touring. “A couple years back, our transmission went out on us while touring in New Mexico. This time, when Bertha started slowing down in Nebraska, nothing needed to be said. We all just looked at each other and feared the worst,” lead guitarist Trevor Jones reported back to the Mountaineer. Ultimately, Bertha only needed some belts tightened, but Jones said the show in Lincoln was tense because Bertha, who was in the shop at the time, was on their minds. They report that Bertha is recovering nicely. FGF says that the crowds have varied on tour so far. To the band’s surprise, the best show during the first week was in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. “Lincoln and Omaha were good listening cities, but as we’ve found, there are listening cities and there are dancing cities,” Jones said. “Some people would rather just sit and absorb what’s happening, while in other cities the crowds take a larger role in the show. And, that’s one thing we really enjoy about our fans in the Vail Valley.” Jones said that Ames and Dubuque, Iowa will always be special to the Frogs because they are two of the first

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Once voted the Valley’s favorite band, Frogs Gone Fishin’ is currently touring the country in their new RV, Bertha.

cities they toured three years ago. Rolling back in to town and having people remember their music is amazing. “We really love the people in the Midwest. They are friendly and hospitable in every way,” Jones said. “A dense fog set in midway through Nebraska as I was driving at 3:30 in the morning. The locals said it was unusual. We think it was a sign. The fog was keeping us in the dark about all the ridiculous times to come on tour.” That turned out to be true. Check back with the Mountaineer for the next installment of “FGF’s stories from the road,” which includes Trevor’s birthday and some late night adventures with shopping carts.

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

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Traveling along the ‘American Nile’ Local photographer to speak about water consumption on Colorado River By Dawn Witlin Special to the Mountaineer Award winning self taught photojournalist Peter McBride will present his latest project entitled ‘The American Nile,’ at an event hosted by the Vail Symposium Monday. McBride’s photo investigation examines the Colorado River as it relates to our nation’s water usage. “This is the first time that one person has documented the entire length of the Colorado River from source to sea,” said Carrie Marsh, executive director of the Symposium. “He’s just completed the project in February of last year, so we’re one of the first to see the entire project.” McBride was joined by author Jonathan Waterman, filmmaker Michael Brown, and other experts, including Brad Udall of Western Water Assessment. Their journey, completed in February of this year will also be chronicled in a book, said Marsh. “The thing that’s interesting about it is not only are you seeing the Colorado River from source to sea, but you’ll also see also historical photographs from the river the same time 20 years ago,” Marsh said. “If they found an older photograph, they went and photographed the same you could see the effect that our water use in the West has on our water sources.” According to Waterman’s Web site, his part in the project will also be made into a short film. McBride’s works, photographed in more than 50 countries, have been published in National Geographic, Outside and Men’s Journal magazines, along with the Smithsonian and Washington Post. McBride’s most notable photo essays include ‘Metal Desert,’ about hard rock mining in the Andes Mountains, ‘Khat,’ on drug abuse and manufacturing on the Horn of Africa and ‘Slow Boat,’ on the monthly journey of a cargo ship called Cura Ora, a lifeline to the Tuamotu Archipelago in the South Pacific. Raised on a cattle ranch in Colorado, McBride is a graduate of Dartmouth College and was awarded a one-year John S. Knight Fellowship for Professional Journalists at Stanford University. The photographer’s appearance is part of the Symposium’s Speaking Locally, a speaker series which highlights the amazing local talent of people from the region and bring big topics home. “We bring in a lot of speakers from all around world and we want to make sure those people in Colorado and here in the mountains are really heard and what they are up to,” said Marsh. “Coloradans are making a difference and Pete is certainly no exception to that.” In its first season, the Speaking Locally series will transition into the Symposium’s 40th year anniversary, said Marsh. “Since we were founded around the time the Town of Vail was founded, we thought it would be important to have a voice for local people in our valley and throughout Colorado,” she said. “It speaks to our mission,” The American Nile begins at 5:30 p.m. at The Lodge and Spa at Cordillera in Edwards. As part of the Speaking Locally series, this program is free.

Local photojournalist Peter McBride will selections from his latest project, ‘The American Nile,’ completed in February. McBride and a team of experts sought to document the Colorado River from source to sea in hopes of showing the effects of water consumption in the West.

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Sunday, March 14, 2010


Winter X Europe kicks off Edwards superpipe skier Taylor Seaton not yet recovered from injury, heads to France anyway thieu Crepel, who finished tenth at the Vancouver Olympics, was close behind to land the silver. “The Double McTwist 1260 is a trick I started training for last week,” Podladtchikov said about a trick that won him the competition. “After the Olympics, I took one week off to rest, and started to practice the McTwist, so landing it tonight was a gift.” Crepel was at the top of his progression in 2007 where he landed the first ever frontside 1260 in Big Air history, and he pulled it out again in tonight’s final. USA’s Louie Vito took home the bronze with the first ever double cork 1080 done three times in a row. In the eight-man final, seven of the riders have been to the Olympics. Four countries were represented: Finland, France, Switzerland and USA.

By Geoff Mintz Mountaineer Staff Writer The inaugural Winter X Games Europe kicked off in Tignes, France this week, bringing together 150 world-class athletes, including 30 past and present Olympians. In this, the first Winter X Games to be held outside the United States, men and woman were vying for gold in eight events, including ski and snowboard Superpipe and slopestyle. Less than one month after competing in Vancouver, 27 snowboarders who represented their countries at the 2010 Winter Olympics are competing at Winter X Europe, including three halfpipe medalists. Edwards local Taylor Seaton was slated to compete in the men’s skier Superpipe competition, but has not fully recovered from internal bleeding of the liver – an injury he sustained after landing on his pole during training at Winter X in Aspen. Seaton, who was ranked No. 1 in the world after a win at the New Zealand Winter Games last August, made his way over to France nonetheless to promote his sponsors and scope out the location for a run in 2011. Breck’s JJ Thomas, who attended Battle Mountain High School at one point, joined international field of athletes including Australian Olympic gold medalist in the snowboard halfpipe Torah Bright, Kevin Rolland, Jenny Jones, Xavier Bertoni, Mathieu Crepel and Louie Vito. Colorado’s Willett Takes the Gold in Snowboard Slopestyle Last month, Breckenridge resident Eric Willett took home a silver medal from Snowboard Slopestyle at Winter X Games 14 in Aspen. Today in the men’s final in Tignes, France, Willett upgraded and will bring gold back to his hometown in Colorado. “I wasn’t really landing my tricks in practice, but somehow it all clicked and came together for me in the final,” Wil-

Pro superpipe skier and former world’s No. 1 Taylor Seaton stopped by the Mountaineer offices in Edwards before heading out to the Winter X Games in Europe. Geoff Mintz photo.

lett said about his win. After his second run put him in the lead, he said, “I had no idea what I was going to do, and I’m so stoked right now. The course is perfect and the riding level is insane.” Willett threw down a solid second run that put him in the lead for the gold medal with his mixed tricks of backside 720, frontside double cork 1080 and switch backside 900. USA’s Sage Kotsenburg followed close behind to win silver. Marko Grilc of Slovakia took the bronze. Iouri Podladtchikov Wins Snowboard SuperPipe Gold Switzerland’s Iouri Podladtchikov returned from Winter X Games 14 with a silver medal, a fourth place finish from the Olympics in Vancouver, and can now add gold to that list from his win today at Winter X Games Europe. France’s Ma-

Aspen’s Hudak Grabs Second Gold in Women’s Skiing SuperPipe Four-time Winter X Games medalist, Jen Hudak, won her first X Games gold last month in her hometown of Aspen in Women’s Skiing SuperPipe. Competing with a full international field in Tignes, France, Hudak led the pack from her first run through her third run. She was unstoppable. “My win in Aspen was very emotional with all my family and friends surrounding me, and I seemed more nervous,” Hudak said about the difference between the wins in hometown of Aspen and now in France. “Both events were amazing, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Wallisch wins Skiing Slopestyle The 22-year-old from Pittsburgh, PA, made his first Winter X Games appearance in Aspen just last month competing in Big Air and Slopestyle finishing seventh and eighth, respectively. Today in the Skiing Slopestyle final in Tignes, France, only one point separated Tom Wallisch and USA’s Bobby Brown. Wallisch went all out and landed himself his first Winter X Games gold. “I always wanted to do well at a huge event like the Winter X Games,” Wallisch

said today after his win. More known in the ski industry as a filmer rather than a contest rider, Wallisch even surprised himself today. “This is just incredible to come out here, participate in the first Winter X Games Europe and do well” Breckenridge, CO, resident, Bobby Brown, is no stranger to Winter X Games medals. Just last month at Winter X Games 14, Brown claimed gold in both Skiing Big Air and Slopestyle. Today at Winter X Games Europe, he settled for silver. Jossi Wells of New Zealand took home the bronze. Host Country Takes Home Gold in Skier Pipe France welcomed the first Winter X Games Europe in style with two of their very own taking gold and silver in tonight’s Men’s Skiing Superpipe final. Kevin Rolland went into the final in third place after last night’s elimination while Tignes resident, Xavier Bertoni, came in second. The final belonged to Rolland who competed in front of 17,500 screaming fans. “I couldn’t have dreamt of a better situation,” Rolland said. “We (Bertoni) were one and three in Aspen and now for the first edition at home we are one and two.” The difficulty of Rolland’s run with his two double flips and double cork 1260 mute grab on his last hit of his third run were unmatched. Rolland was the first skier ever to throw this in competition at Winter X Games 14 in Aspen, and he is still the only skier who has landed it in a competition. Canada’s Justin Dorey took home the bronze with back-to-back doubles – a combo he has been working on for more than a year. “Because I am from North America, the X Games in Aspen means more to me, but for Kevin and Xavier to win here in their own country of France, it must mean the same,” Dorey said when asked about which event means more to him. – The ESPN Press Office contributed to this report

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Sunday, March 14, 2010


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Vail local has a knack for finishing 13th in World Cup mogul competitions, but she’s not content with that There must be something lucky about the number 13 for Vail’s Heidi Kloser. In five World Cup starts, the 17-year-old, first-year U.S. Ski Team member has taken 13th in three, including back-to-back days in Are, Sweden this week. So far, the three 13th place finishes are her best. But Heidi’s dad Mike Kloser, a world champion adventure racer in his own right, said she is pretty disappointed with the 13th place finishes and wants to constantly improve. She was hoping to crack into the top-ten at these European World Cups, and, as the ninth best qualifier in Friday’s event, it’s definitely within her reach. Heidi has one more competition slated for Sierra Nevada, Spain next week. The 17-year-old young-gun on the U.S. freestyle mogul team also took 13th in Lake Placid in January. And, once again, as we’ve reported throughout Kloser’s World Cup season, she was the youngest in the field. Kloser qualified for three World Cup events in Europe after winning the North American Cup (NorAm) competition in Steamboat last week. The win in Steamboat also sealed up the overall 2010 NorAm title for Kloser. Kloser, who was named to the U.S. Ski Team earlier this season, has decided to table her back-full (a back flip with a full twist). She’s one of only a few women in the world currently stomping the back-full in competition, but she’s decided not to rush the process and stick to her 360 for now. As for the rest of the team The U.S. Freestyle Moguls Team isn’t slowing down for anyone as Hannah Kearney and Shannon Bahrke went 1-2 and, for the men, Patrick Deneen took third during the dual moguls competition in


Now Carrying

Lucky number 13 for Kloser By Geoff Mintz Mountaineer Staff Writer

Vail Mountaineer

Sweden on Saturday.

 In total the U.S. put all six women in finals for the second day in a row with three in the final round of four. “I feel fantastic. With it being the first dual, that’s always a different ballgame. To win that as well as being able to win singles is really satisfying,� Kearney said. For the first duals of the season, Kearney was happy to be able to not only win, but show her consistency.

“Duals is a tough thing to win because you have to ski five races in a day and that’s a tribute to my consistency. I did have some mistakes, but I competed through them and that’s what makes it duals,� Kearney said. Kearney went head-to-head with teammate Bahrke who had an incredible day, save for a wipeout when skiing in the final with the winner. “I blew out against Hannah, which is kind of a bummer, but I skied well and I’m really happy with second.�

 With one World Cup left in the season, while Bahrke is looking forward to her competition, it is bittersweet when combined with her plans to retire at the end of the season. Another great day in Sweden,� said Moguls Coach Todd Schirman. “We were very impressed with the performance of the women today – all six athletes making finals. It was great having our Olympic medalists in the gate together going for first and second.� Next up, the team makes their way to Sierra Nevada, Spain for a World Cup in a venue that will be completely new to them, and they’re all excited to see what the course there will hold for them. “I’m excited to go to a new country that we’ve never been to. A new venue is thrilling. And, I would like to carry this momentum into the last World Cup and end the season on a high note,� Kearney said. “Unfortunately I can’t win the overall but to rack up another win would be awesome.�
 – The U.S. Ski Team Press Office contributed to this report

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Vail Mountaineer

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Els, Schwartzel tied at CA Championship Charl Schwartzel ran off four birdies in the opening six holes and ran that into a 5-under 67 for a share of the lead with fellow countryman Ernie Els. Els, a three-time major champion with 60 victories worldwide, made a few soft mistakes and had to settle for a 2-under 70 to join Schwartzel in a tie for the lead at 12-under 204. Els is coming off a season in which he failed to win anywhere in the world for the first time since he was a 20-year-old playing his first full year as a pro. He has rarely been so pleased with LEFT: Ernie Els hits off the 16th tee during the third round of the CA Championship golf tournament in Doral, Fla., yesterday. Els is tied for the lead with Charl Schwartzel, a fellow South African. AP photo.

a guy he is competing against. “I think it’s a wonderful, cool story,” Els said. “It’s great for South African golf, obviously. A 25-year-old really making his mark this year. He’s won twice. He’s a force to be reckoned with. And I think it’s great. Tomorrow, we shake hands and play 18 holes as hard as we can. He’s going to try and win. I’m going to try and win.” It will be an all-South African final pairing, three weeks after another World Golf Championship event produced an all-England pairing in the final of the Match Play Championship. Robert Allenby, somehow, remains in the mix. The Australian missed eight putts from inside 15 feet and was falling out of contention until two late birdies allowed him to salvage a 1-under 71, leaving him only two shots behind.

Webb leads down under Four-time champion Karrie Webb shot a bogey-free 3-under 70 yesterday to take a one-stroke lead in the Women’s Australian Open. Webb, the Australian star coming off her seventh Australian Ladies Masters title, had a 6-under 213 total on the Commonwealth Golf Club course. Italy’s Giulia Sergas, the second-round leader, bogeyed the final hole for a 75, leaving her a stroke behind Webb—the tournament winner in 2000, ’02, ’07 and ’08.Defending champion Laura Davies was 4 under after a 71. The 46-year-old English star won the New Zealand Women’s Open two weeks ago for her 73rd worldwide title. RIGHT: Karrie Webb of Australia plays a fairway wood at the ANZ Ladies Masters at Royal Pines Resort yesterday. Webb leads by one going into Sunday’s final round.

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Vail Mountaineer


Tondo wins stage 6 at Paris-Nice Contador retains lead Spaniard Xavier Tondo won the sixth stage of the Paris-Nice race after a long solo breakaway on Saturday; Alberto Contador of Spain kept the overall lead. Tondo broke away after 40 kilometers (24.8 miles) of a hilly 220-kilometer (136.4-mile) trek from Peynie to Tourrettes-sur-Loup and beat Alejandro Valverde of Spain by five seconds. Peter Sagan was third in the same time as Valverde. Contador finished safely in the chasing pack in 17th place, and Valverde got a sprint bonus to shave six

seconds off the Spaniard’s lead. The two-time Tour de France winner is Sunday’s stage is a 119-kilometer (73.8-mile) route around Nice. Contador won Paris-Nice in 2007, the year of his first Tour win. He won his second Tour last year. RIGHT: Xavier Tondo of Spain wins the sixth stage of the Paris-Nice race in Tourrettes sur Loup, southeastern France on Saturday. Alberto Contador of Spain leads the overall going into the final stage Sunday.

Michele Scarponi wins stage 4 at Tirreno-Adriatico Defending champion Michele Scarponi won the fourth and longest stage of the Tirreno-Adriatico on Saturday and also took the overall lead in the weeklong race. Scarponi broke away from a small

group of riders on a steep climb about 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) from the finish and completed the hilly 243-kilometer (151-mile) route from San Gemini to Chieti in 6 hours, 23 minutes, 47 seconds.

Benoit Vaugrenard of France was second, 14 seconds behind, and Leonardo Bertagnolli of Italy finished third. Scarponi, an Italian with the Androni Giocattoli team, holds an 18-second lead over Vaugrenard in the overall standings.

Previous overall leader Daniele Bennati of Italy, a sprinting specialist, finished nearly 12 minutes behind. The race is a warmup for the MilanSan Remo, the opening single-day classic of the cycling season next Saturday.

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

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Buddy Werner State Finals Races Beaver Creek, March 7, 2010 Photos by Peter Kinsella

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All of them top-five finishers in the Men’s Slalom for the a.m race, from left, Kellen Kinsella took first, Mathew Heiden took third, and Cade Cyphers took fourth.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Vail Mountaineer

Mathew Heiden took third in the Men’s Slalom a.m. race, with a time of 34.61.

From left, Molly Mueller from Powderhorn took second place, Cleo Braun from Beaver Creak took first place and Elle Murphy from Beaver Creek took third.

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Sunday, March 14, 2010



group for abuse victims, Survivors Network of those Abused for Priests, urged faithful to bring candles and childhood photos to vigils outside churches, cathedrals and German consulates across the U.S. this weekend to remind people to “call police, not bishops� in cases of suspected abuse. But the Holy See’s so-called prosecutor for clergy sex abuse cases, providing some of the first statistics about his office’s handling of allegations, decried what he called “false and defamatory� contentions that Benedict had promoted a “policy of cover up.� At the Vatican, rules on handling sexual abuse were “never understood as a ban on making a complaint to civil authorities,� Monsignor Charles Scicluna told Italian bishops conference daily Avvenire. But Irish bishops have said the document was widely taken to mean they shouldn’t go to police. And victims’ lawyers in the U.S. say the document shows the church tried to obstruct justice. Scicluna contended that in countries that do not oblige bishops to go to authorities with allegations of abuse, “we encourage them to invite the victims to report these priests.�

Suicide bomber kills 30 in Afghanistan

A suicide squad detonated bombs at a newly fortified prison, police headquarters and two other locations late Saturday, killing at least 30 people in the largest city of the southern Taliban heartland. The prison was the main target, but no prisoners escaped, Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s half-brother said. Ahmed Wali Karzai, a member of the Kandahar provincial council, said two of the explosions occurred near his home, which was not damaged. One suicide attack struck at the front gate of the Kandahar police headquarters, causing a lot of casualties, he said. “There are a lot of civilian causalities,� Wali Karzai said. “There are houses that have collapsed and businesses and people are still under the rubble. There was a wedding hall near the police headquarters and there was a wedding. A lot of casualties there from the explosions.� He said at least 30 people were killed and another 47 people were injured. Kandahar has a population of 800,000 and is the provincial capital of Kandahar province, the spiritual birthplace of the Taliban movement.

What if somebody else does the telling?

Jene Newsome played by the rules as an Air Force sergeant: She never told anyone in the military she was a lesbian. The 28-year-old’s honorable discharge under the “don’t ask, don’t tell� policy came only after police officers in Rapid City, S.D., saw an Iowa marriage certificate in her home and told the nearby Ellsworth Air Force Base. Newsome and the American Civil Liberties Union filed a complaint against the western South Dakota police department, claiming the officers violated her pri-

vacy when they informed the military about her sexual orientation. The case also highlights concerns over the ability of third parties to “out� service members, especially as the Pentagon has started reviewing the 1993 “don’t ask, don’t tell� law. “I played by ‘don’t ask, don’t tell,’� Newsome told The Associated Press by telephone. “I just don’t agree with what the Rapid City police department did. ... They violated a lot of internal policies on their end, and I feel like my privacy was violated.�

Brown frowns on health care push

Newly arrived Republican Sen. Scott Brown of Massachusetts accused President Barack Obama and Democrats on Saturday of a “bitter, destructive and endless� drive to pass health overhaul legislation that Brown warned would be disastrous. “An entire year has gone to waste,� Brown said in the weekly GOP radio and Internet address. “Millions of Americans have lost their jobs, and many more jobs are in danger. Even now, the president still hasn’t gotten the message. “Somehow, the greater BROWN the public opposition to the health care bill, the more determined they seem to force it on us anyway.� Brown himself can claim responsibility for the Democrats’ failure to pass health overhaul legislation to date. They were on the verge of doing so before Brown claimed the late Edward M. Kennedy’s Senate seat in a special election upset in January, depriving Democrats of their filibuster-proof supermajority and throwing the health care effort into limbo.

Overhaul for No Child Left Behind

President Barack Obama is promising parents and their kids that with his administration’s help they will have better teachers in improved schools so U.S. students can make up for academic ground lost against youngsters in other countries. A plan to overhaul the 2002 education law championed by President George W. Bush was unveiled by the Obama administration Saturday in hopes of replacing a system that in the last decade has tagged more than a third of schools as failing and created a hodgepodge of sometimes weak academic standards among states. “Unless we take action — unless we step up — there are countless children who will never realize their full talent and potential,� Obama said during a video address on Saturday. “I don’t accept that future for them. And I don’t accept that future for the United States of America.� In the proposed dismantling of the No Child Left Behind law, education officials would move away from punishing schools that don’t meet benchmarks and fo-

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cus on rewarding schools for progress, particularly with poor and minority students. Obama intends to send a rewrite to Congress on Monday of the law.

Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m rubber and youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re glue

China accused Washington of hypocrisy on Friday for its criticism of Beijingâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s restrictions on the Internet and dissent, blaming the United States for the financial crisis and saying its own rights record was terrible, according to a Reutersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; report. â&#x20AC;&#x153;In its annual survey of human rights in 194 countries issued on Thursday, the U.S. State Department criticized China, along with Cuba, Myanmar, North Korea and Russia,â&#x20AC;? writes Reuters. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Chinaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s State Council Information Office, or cabinet spokesmanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s office, issued its own annual assessment of the United Statesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; human rights record in response, and this year it dwelt on Americaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s economic woes.â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x153;The United States not only has a terrible domestic human rights record, it is also the main source of many human rights disasters worldwide,â&#x20AC;? the Chinese report said, according to the official Xinhua news agency. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Especially a time when the world is suffering serious human rights disasters caused by the global financial crisis sparked by the U.S. sub-prime crisis, the U.S. government has ignored its own grave human rights problems and reveled in accusing other countries.â&#x20AC;?

Lower stocks, higher heart rate

Stock market slides may hurt more than your savings. New research suggests they might prompt heart attacks. Duke University researchers found a link between how a key stock index performed and how many heart attacks were treated at their North Carolina hospital shortly after the recession began in December 2007 through July 2009, when signs of recovery emerged. The trend weakened after they did a second analysis taking into account seasons of the year. Some research suggests heart attacks are more common in winter, meaning the initial finding could have been a statistical fluke. However, leading scientists unconnected with the work said they found it plausible and worth further research in a nationwide study. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I do think thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s merit to their first-round conclusion,â&#x20AC;? said Dr. James McClurken of Temple University in Philadelphia. He is chairman of the American College of Cardiologyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s annual conference, where the study results were released Saturday.

Steep unemployment for veterans

The unemployment rate last year for young Iraq and Afghanistan veterans hit 21.1 percent, the Labor Department said Friday, reflecting a tough obstacle combat veterans face as they make the transition home from war. The number was well above the 16.6 percent jobless



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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Vail Mountaineer

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------rate for non-veterans of the same ages, 18 to 24. As of last year, 1.9 million veterans had deployed for the wars since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Some have struggled with mental health problems, addictions, and homelessness as they return home. Difficulty finding work can make the adjustment that much harder. The just-released rate for young veterans was significantly higher than the unemployment rate of young veterans in that age group of 14.1 percent in 2008.

Brutal New England winds topple crane

Strong winds and heavy rain pounded parts of the Northeast on Saturday, knocking out power to nearly 400,000 customers, diverting international flights and toppling a boom crane at an Atlantic City casino construction site, injuring one police officer. The winds downed trees and power lines throughout New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. The New York City area and southern New Jersey were among the hardest hit, with wind gusts of up to 67 mph recorded and power cut to a combined 265,000 customers. Logan International Airport in Boston received nine overseas flights bound for New York because they no longer had the fuel to wait for clearance to land at John F. Kennedy International Airport, said Massport spokesman Matthew Brelis. Among the planes diverted because of heavy rain and high winds was the doubledecker Airbus A-380, the biggest commercial passenger jet in the world.

Microsoft tries to stomp out the competition

Microsoft Corp. employees are passionate users of the latest tech toys. But there is one gadget love that many at the company dare not name: the iPhone, reports the Wall Street Journal. “The iPhone is made, of course, by Microsoft’s longtime rival, Apple Inc. The device’s success is a nagging reminder for Microsoft executives of how the company’s own efforts to compete in the mobile business have fallen short in recent years,” reports the Journal. “What is especially painful is that many of Microsoft’s

own employees are nuts for the device.” According to a the Journal, in a discussion about employee iPhone use, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer once told executives that when his father worked at Ford, his family drove Fords. “The perils of being an iPhone user at Microsoft were on display last September,” writes the Journal. “At an all- company meeting in a Seattle sports stadium, one hapless employee used his iPhone to snap photos of Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer. Mr. Ballmer snatched the iPhone out of the employee’s hands, placed it on the ground and pretended to stomp on it in front of thousands of Microsoft workers, according to people present.”

Too drunk to make a sentence

Authorities said a 30-year-old-man showed up so drunk for his sentencing for drunken driving that he missed his hearing and now faces even more time behind bars. Authorities said Jason Botos was driven to the Papillion courthouse on Thursday by his father, who needed help from deputies to get his son out of the vehicle. Prosecutor Ben Perlman said Botos was so drunk he couldn’t attend the hearing, so the judge issued a warrant. Deputies arrested Botos in the parking lot. Another hearing is set for Tuesday. A jail spokeswoman said Botos remained in custody Friday. Botos’ attorney didn’t immediately return a call. Botos had pleaded guilty.

50 Cent bodyguard’s bail will be more

One of 50 Cent’s bodyguards was taken into custody after an alleged fight with several photogs outside a hotel in Copenhagen, TMZ is reporting. “Copenhagen


[From page 1]

Police tell TMZ they are holding the bodyguard pending charges,” according to the report. “They have 24 hours to decide whether or not to bring charges before a judge.” TMZ could not reach representatives for 50 Cent.

That’s a mighty large brassiere

A fraud bust, indeed: Spokane County sheriff’s deputies said a woman was hiding nearly $26,000 in her bra when she was booked into jail for investigation of theft. Lukeisha A. Harris was one of three Seattle-area residents arrested Friday as part of an alleged fraud ring. Deputies said they used phony Oregon driver’s licenses and counterfeit credit cards to obtain cash advances from Spokane banks. Sheriff’s spokesman Dave Reagan said the three were arrested after a worker at one bank reported that they tried to obtain money using a stolen credit card. The investigators followed the ring to two other banks before making the bust. Reagan said that during a search at the Spokane County Jail, guards found that the 24-year-old Harris— who is 6 feet tall and 400 pounds—had the cash hidden in her bra, along with bank receipts. It was not immediately known Saturday if Harris or the other suspects had lawyers. —Update stories, unless otherwise cited, appear courtesy The Associated Press


Vail Mountaineer

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Vail Mountaineer


Luxury in Lionshead

42-year-old Matt Stairs stares down his game winning home run in the 2008 playoffs against the LA Dodgers. If stairs dons just one more uniform, he’ll set the record for most major league team appearances at 12.

Baseball player to set strange record If 42-year-old Matt Stairs takes just one swing with the San Diego Padres, it will be the 12th major league team he has played for setting the all time record. His journey took him from Montreal to Boston to Oakland to Chicago to Milwaukee to Pittsburgh to Kansas City to Texas to Detroit to Toronto to Philadelphia, with stopovers in 11 more minor league cities and a stint in Japan, and now to San Diego. Stairs fills a much needed role, which

is likely why he has had the kind of staying power few major leaguers have had. He is a left-handed pinch hitter, which is something that every team needs. His 19 pinch-hit home runs are one short of Cliff Johnson’s major league record. Stairs’ greatest at-bat came in the 2008 playoffs. His pinch-hit home run against Jonathan Broxton buried the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 2008 playoffs and led to the Phillies’ World Series victory. It was the pinnacle of his career ... so far.

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Vail Mountaineer

Sunday, March 14, 2010

new world contemporary seasonal hÂ&#x152;{Â&#x2C6;Â?wÂ&#x201A; BGÂ&#x2030;Â&#x160;<cwÂ&#x201E;XÂ&#x2039;Â&#x201A;zÂ&#x201E;}Š[zÂ?wÂ&#x2C6;zÂ&#x2030;BYe 926.7001

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Vail Mountaineer


Season’s at Arrowhead #208

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Vail Mountaineer

Sunday, March 14, 2010

MONDE AND JAMEE AT TAVERN ON THE SQUARE has a great Après ski scene. Check out the great atmosphere at the Arrabelle.

WREN WERTIN, Clair Walke, Tricia Swenson and Paul Wertin were at the “Chefs at the Park” event on Thursday at 8100 Mountainside Bar & Grill, located at Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Resort and Spa.

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Vail Mountaineer


BRUNCH Saturday & Sunday, 8 am-2 pm

TONI DOES THE SPLITS near chair 2 in Vail last week. It’s amazing that it’s even possible to ski in that position, kudos Toni!

926-3433 | corner at edwards |

MARK, LIZ & STEVE stand next to one of the rotary signs in Vail. Thanks to everyone who helped make the ski poker day a success.

ERIC LOVES TO APRÈS. Eric works at the double diamond in Lionshead and is happy to show off his bolle glasses/goggles! Circa 1985.

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Vail Mountaineer

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday, March 14, 2010

LEADVILLE TERRORISM SUSPECT DETAINED IN IRISH PRISON leged plot to kill cartoonist Lars Vilks, whose 2007 sketch depicted the head of the Prophet Muhammad on a dog’s body, offending many Muslims and provoking terror front Al-Qaida in Iraq to offer a $100,000 bounty for his slaying. Irish police said later Saturday that they had released an American woman and three others arrested in Ireland over an alleged plot to assassinate Swedish artist Lars Vilks had been freed without charge. Three others remained in custody and were being questioned. Irish police refused to confirm whether PaulinRamirez is the woman in custody, and have declined to release the identities of any of those arrested. Sitting in her living room in Leadville, Christine Mott described her daughter as troubled single mother who had the “mentality of an abused woman” and who, in trying to escape her loneliness, may have spiraled into the depths of Islam extremism. Her reported arrest came hours before U.S. authorities unveiled a terror indictment against another American woman, Colleen LaRose, of Pennsylvania. U.S. authorities on Tuesday unsealed terror charges against the 46-year-old LaRose, who allegedly went by the name “Jihad Jane” to recruit others online to kill the cartoonist. Mott told The Associated Press that she learned of her daughter’s arrest in

the case from the FBI and other federal law enforcement agencies. Denver FBI officials said Saturday they couldn’t confirm that the FBI had contacted Mott about the case. Worked in Edwards Mott said that Paulin-Ramirez told her family after she left in September that she went to Ireland with her 6-yearold son and married an Algerian whom she met online. Before abruptly leaving Colorado, Paulin-Ramirez had been a straight-A nursing student and worked at a clinic in Edwards, her mother said. She moved to Leadville from Denver six years ago. Phone calls to the clinic in Edwards went unanswered Saturday. Mott says her daughter told her family during Easter last year that she converted to Islam, and renamed her son. Mott said her daughter was teaching him to hate Christians as she grew more distant from her family. When she discussed Jihad with her stepfather, George Mott, who has been a Muslim for more than 40 years, she told him “she’d strap a bomb for the cause,” Christine Mott said. “To go blow somebody up?,” said Paulin-Ramirez’s mother, who is not Muslim. “That’s never been Islam.” Mott said her Paulin-Ramirez spent much of her time on the computer but she didn’t always know what her daugh-

Vail Mountaineer


ter was doing. “I’d yell at her, ‘Get off the damn computer, do something with your son,” Christine Mott said. She said her Paulin-Ramirez liked going on fishing and camping trips but grew distant before her departure. She said her daughter was married three times before she left for Ireland, and that her first husband used to beat her. Her second husband, the 6-yearold’s father, was an illegal immigrant from Mexico and was deported years ago, Christine Mott said. She said she believes her daughter was lonely and she “got sucked in” and brainwashed by other people. Growing up, her mother said Paulin-Ramirez was “the kid in the class everyone picked on and made fun of.” Whereabouts unknown George Mott said the family had not been in touch with Paulin-Ramirez since news of her release and did not know where she might be or if her son was with her. “That baby is my heart, he is my reason to breathe,” Christine Mott said crying, later recalling her weekly phone conversations with him. Her last phone call with him was Monday. “When we talk,” she recalled, “We give each other hugs and kisses on the phone,” she said, putting her arms across her chest.


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During a recent phone call, Christine Mott said, her grandson told her that “all Christians will burn in hellfire.” But during another phone call, her grandson was excited to hear about a new kitten at the Motts’ home in Leadville. “When I told him about that he said name the kitten my name, Christian,” Christine Mott said. “He knows who he is. I don’t care how many times they call him this Muslim name, he knows his name is Christian.” Among the people Paulin-Ramirez had also communicated with online was a man from Pakistan who told her he wanted to come to the U.S. to learn how to fly, the Motts said. “She lost her mind,” Christine Mott said. “I told her, ‘That should be a red flag right there.’” Christine Mott said Ramirez began calling her 6-year-old son “Walid,” or “Wahid.” Paulin-Ramirez grew up in Blue Springs, Mo., and few people in Leadville appear to know her. The mayor of Leadville, Bud Elliott, said Saturday that he knew the Motts casually but wasn’t well acquainted with Pailin-Ramirez. “She’s a lady that appears to have had a very sad and troubled life,” Elliott said. George Mott said the FBI seized a desktop computer in late September but did not tell the family what they found.


Vail Mountaineer

For Sale King Size Bed Frame from Scandanavian Designs, Dark wood, big four post bed ...real nice. Queen size natural wood bed frame from pottery barn ...also real nice. Call for Prices

2 English bulldogs. Both are AKC registered. Male and female. If you are interested kindly send an email to

Why Pay Hundreds to sell your stuff? Place an ad for just $35/week. Call Shana at 970.926.6602 or Email


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Confused or Stuck?

Relationship or career issues? Jaimie H. Rosen, CPC 970-797-9330

Window Cleaning call for a


Affordable Pricing – $10 off ANY Repair – Visa & Mastercard Accepted

Residential or Commercial





Tim Satterly

Let it Snow!

Classifieds $35/week. 926-6602

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the market,” said Pesso. Ron Byrne and Associates Real Estate sold highend home on Vail exclusive Spraddle Creek Road in Vail earlier this month. The deal, along with a ten-figure transaction on Strawberry Park Road in Beaver Creek from Slifer, Smith and Frampton, also in early March, has realtors like Pesso starting to breath a sigh of relief. “It shows the high end A view from the of the Arrabelle penthouse unit that buyers are returning to the sold for $5.75M in January. market,” said Pesso. Ron Byrne of Ron Byrne and Associates says the Spraddle Creek sale was an example of a piece of key real estate being priced well in a good location. “That type of real estate will always sell,” said Byrne. “The neat thing about Vail is the people coming here have a passion for the area, so it’s not a speculative market. It’s just someone wanting to own a great house in a great area.” Byrne says we’re seeing family estates enter the market in areas that have traditionally been locked up. “A tougher economy has brought a few properties out that are great buys simply because of the fact that you can buy them,” he says. Byrne uses the Westin as an example of buyers jumping on board once the seller finding a price point that works in this market. And indeed Westin sales almost single-handedly propelled that January uptick, as included in those much-improved January sales numbers are 19 Westin units, which averaged $732,479. That drove the number of multifamily homes sold in January to 43, compared to19 single family homes the January before. Another propeller of the improved January total sales figure was Gypsum’s $2.5 million purchase of the Cotton Ranch Golf Course.


Seeking 2BD/2BA in Edwards. Budget of $1200/month. Willing to sign long-term lease.


• Carpet & Upholstery • Tile & Grout Cleaning • Spot Removal • Pet Odor Treatment • Carpet Protectant

Commercial & Residential Environmentally Safe Products Bonded & Insured 24/7 Emergency Service Se Habla Espanol

Professional Home Improvement Services

949-4800 • Install • • Build • • Repair • • Improve •

Wanna Be Sold? Rent your place or sell your stuff just $35 per week. Nothing above this line can move below it.

Classifieds: 926-6602

Aries (March 21-April 19): You are alarmed to find a lack of tree leaves while going to the “restroom” in the woods. Taurus (April 20-May 20): You’re friend just gained weight on a mail order diet plan. You would make fun, but it was all muscle mass, and you value unbroken limbs. Gemini (May 21-June 21): You put the gem in Gemini; you also put the mini in Gemini, consider growing taller. Cancer (July 23-Aug. 22): You will pass by many pennies today. Heads up are lucky, but a 50 percent chance of bad luck just isn’t worth it. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22): Today you will walk into the broadside of a barn. Time to see your optometrist. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Take a risk today by wearing basketball shoes to the golf course... And slam dunking the ball at every green. Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Don’t fall asleep on a chairlift unless you want to

wake up in the morning to find a moose and bear are your chair-mates. Also, lay off the psychedelics. Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Dance like nobody is watching while at the grocery store. Keep dancing as you are escorted outside. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Today you will encounter a great conundrum. Spaghettios with meatballs or without? Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): You tried to get your rap career going today but lost your rhyming dictionary. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): It’s the dawning of the age of bacon bits, your hummus is suddenly ten times better. Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20): You love to eat fish. Does that make you a cannibal? If today is your birthday: Your collection of silly hats grows every birthday, but your collection of serious hats is quickly diminishing.

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HTC Tilt 2TM

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(On Hwy 6 at Edwards Corner near Marble Slab)

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M-Sat 9-6, Sundays 11-5

M-F 9-6, Sat 9-4


Samsung MythicTM


Coverage is not available in all areas. See coverage map at stores for details. *AT&T imposes: a Regulatory Cost Recovery Charge of up to $1.25 to help defray costs incurred in complying with obligations and charges imposed by State and Federal telecom regulations; State and Federal Universal Service charges; and surcharges for government assessments on AT&T. These fees are not taxes or government-required charges. AT&T Service provided by AT&T Mobility. ©2010 AT&T Intellectual Property. All rights reserved. AT&T, the AT&T logo, and all other marks contained herein are trademarks of AT&T Intellectual Property and /or AT&T affiliated companies. All other marks contained herein are the property of their respective owners.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Vail Mountaineer


5 Door, 1.5L, Automatic, 36,975 Miles, Stock #2472 888-413-5024

LS, 2.4L, 4-Speed Automatic, 35,639 Miles, Stock #9F113721 $14,991 Emich Chevrolet 888-521-0676

4 Door, 2.5L, 5-Speed Manual, 33,725 Miles, Stock #P8005

Sedan LT, 2.2L, 25,568 Miles, Stock #97244252 $12,991 Emich Chevrolet 888-521-0676


Vail Mountaineer

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Buy Sell Rent or Find For Rent

3 Bd/3 Ba sunny, furnished duplex in Singletree with large garage. Nice family home available May 1. NS, No cats, dog negotiable. Call 720.389.9431 or

3 bedroom, fully furnished, 1 car garage. On bus route. Call Kathy, Havilk Mgmt 970.376.7225


Close to bus stop, quiet neighborhood, sunny deck. Own bed/bath, walk-in closet in 3 BD house, W/D, fireplace, storage, pet negotiable, No Cats.

Call 970.390.1898

2 Bed, 2 Bath Condo with extra storage. Nicely Furnished & outfitted for turnkey move in. NS/NP, W/D, You must see this unit 1st. Call 970.390.2956

Call 970.524.9421 or Email:

Call 970.343.0715

Open House

Call 970.390.2402

1 Bedroom, 1 Bath, includes basic utilities, pet negotiable

New 2 bedroom, 1 bath basement lockout apartment. 1100 sq ft, windows and walk-in closets in every room. Stainless and granite kitchen w/washer & dryer. On the river with dock. Pets OK.

2 bed, 2 bath condo with fireplace and great views. Furnished, W/D, NS/NP.

3 Bedroom, 2.5 Bath, 1 Car garage, Unfurnished, Pet friendly.

4 Bedroom/3 bath unfurnished. Pellet stove- pool on property.

163 Bridger Drive

NS/NP Kathy, Havilk Mgmt 970.376.7225

McHatten Creek Ranch 3Bd/2.5Ba/ Brand New $358,900

F/L/Sec. Dep. Negotiable Available as soon as April 1st Call Kent for appointment 970.977.0274

Nicely furnished, 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath, location along the Eagle River. W/D, N/S, N/P, WiFi, TV

Large 2Bd/1Ba with great views, private entrance, W/D, NS, prefer no pets but, will consider a well behaved dog.

Available Immediately Call 970.471.0920

Call 970.390.0492 or

187 Lime Park Drive Eagle Ranch 5Bd/4.5Ba/ Lock Off $850,000

Wanna Get Rented?

26 Right Lady Belle

Eagle Ranch 6Bd/6.5Ba/ Unreal Views $995,000

Place your rental ad in our classified secton for only $35 a week. Call us at 926-6602

Rentals throughout the valley Get your place rented for cheap, and your wallet (or money clip) will thank you.

Commercial Corner Deals, Steals & Leases

Warehouse space, several sizes available from 950 - 3158 sqft., large overhead doors, 1/2 bath with office space or for storage

Offices ranging from 319-748 sq ft starting at $15psf low CAM cost ($6.50 psf ) ample parking, central Eagle Vail location, flexible on price & terms of lease. Available immediatly

Call for Pricing

Mike Pearson Vail Commercial Advisors



D-3 - 3500 sq. ft. includes 300 sq. ft. Studio apartment. D-4 - 4000 sq. ft. includes 1200 sq. ft. 2 BD, 2 BA apartment.

Great office space in the heart of Edwards. Best deals ever on prime office space.

Commercial Riverwalk Office. Professional office suite with use of conference room, reception area, copier and heat included

550 to 4000 Square Feet


Details call DEMETRIUS

Contact Joe



Executive Office Space. Rates as low as $400. Weekly & monthly rental. Furnished, conference room, receptionist, fax, and copier. Riverwalk in Edwards

$595,000, $3500/lease $895,000, $4500/lease Dave Peterson, Dave Peterson Electric

Call for Details



1,000 Square Foot Warehouse. Gypsum Industrial. $70-CAM.

Gypsum Industrial

$137,000 Mike Devins, RE/MAX Commercial


Commercial Building For Rent. Warehouse/ Office/14â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Door. Long Term Negotiable.

1500 Square Feet

$1.50/ Foot NN Mike Devins, RE/MAX Commercial


Want to be a part of our Commercial Corner? Call John K. @ 926-6602

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Vail Mountaineer


Luxurious Mountain Living The Iverson Team 199 Russell Trail § $349,000 2.30 acres § Web ID: M29405

Kathy Iverson 970.569.2112

Matt Iverson 970.569.2104

Service, Integrity, and 40 years of Combined Real Estate Knowledge in the Vail Valley

800 Timber Springs Drive § $1,695,000 37.44 acres § Web ID: M29991

Nestled against a beautiful hillside and boasting magnificent views, this residence features an open floorplan, 5 Bedrooms, and is steps to world-class skiing and golf.

5 Bedroom/ 8 Bath, Indoor Pool, Beautiful Arrowhead Home. Sat 3/13, Sun 3/14, & Tues 3/16 3-6 PM

Great 2 BD condo in Chapel Square. Great rental history. Southern views. Offered fully furnished. Convenient to everything. Walkable distance to the gondola.

3BD/3BA w/1 car garage condo, offered fully furnished, on the Eagle River in Avon just a short walk to the Avon Gondola! Great Rental History!

508E East Arrowhead Drive

84 McCoy Springs Trail


Canyon Run

1522 Square Feet

Suzi Apple, Gateway Land & Developement

Warner Development

Terry Hoffman, Hoffman West Real Estate

Alpine Management & Real Estate Services

John Warnke, Hoffman West Real Estate






800.525.2076 or

3 BD, 3BA Large 3rd floor 3 bedroom end unit on one level with views north and west. Ski in/ski out building, easy access to Beaver Creek Village.

2BD, 3 BA, Completely remodeled. Excellent location in the building. Ski in/ ski out location. Easy walk to Beaver Creek Village.

11,026 sf masterpiece, insp by romantic style found in Italian mtn villages. Stone terraces overlooking Spring Creek, 2 acres of open space, unrivaled outdoor living.

802 Beard Creek Trail. Modern mountain luxury. 5BR, multiple stone verandas, fire pit, large rec room, wine cellar, elevator, & gorgeous views from every room.

#328 Kiva Lodge, 2057 Sq. ft.

#327 Kiva Lodge, 1520 Sq. Ft.

50 Spring Creek

802 Beard Creek Trail

Suzi Apple, Gateway Land & Developement






John Warnke, Hoffman West Real Estate

John Warnke, Hoffman West Real Estate




Historic And Updated - Five Bedrooms on a Large Lot - Bromwell School

Charming and Traditional with great space in an amazing location.

130 Gaylord Street

40 Garfield #F

Susan Matthews Fuller Sothebyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s International Realty

Susan Matthews Fuller Sothebyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s International Realty

5 Bd spacious home w/fenced yard for privacy, cul-de-sac location, amazing storage and bonus rooms, convenient location to fine dining, skiing, golf, and shopping are all just out your front door.





Suzi Apple, Gateway Land & Developement


Property has prepaid the $48,000 special assessment. This 2 BD, 3BA ski in/out large condo has attractive furniture package & easy walking distance to B.C. Village.

Offered at $949,000


Lots of Updates, Combined with the Fabulous Charm of 1908

740 Marion Street


Susan Matthews Fuller Sothebyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s International Realty


Exceptional Home! Den, family room, separate living area, finished basement/ gameroom, 2 master retreats, hot tub, deck, & fenced yard. Low taxes & no HOA.

605 Price Lane


$649,000 Tracy Bossow, Prudential Colorado Prop.

Merced Cervantes, RE/MAX Vail Valley


970.987.1962 or 970.766.7331

New 3BR 3Ba SF homes. Featuring Lake Creek views, hardwood floors, stone FPs, & large covered deck.

Large West Vail home with great views and many unique features. Main house is 3BD/ 3.5BA and 3 single lock-off apartments attached. Offered fully furnished.


709 Edwards Village Blvd

2317 Garmisch Drive


Suzi Apple, Gateway Land & Developement

Alpine Management & Real Estate Services

4 Bedroom, 3 Bath + Office, 3 Car Garage, Irrigated Horse Property, Up to 4 Horses.

916 Mayne Street





800.525.2076 or

Wanna Be Sold! Opportunity to own Christmas and New Years weeks FOREVER in this 3BD/4BA condo in Vail Plaza Club, interval ownership.

This masterpeice sits on the Eagle River and features 4 exquisite bedroom suites, stunning finishes, an expansive covered deck with FP, and dramatic canyon views.

Vail Plaza Club

Rainbow Trout Lodge

Terry Hoffman, Hoffman West Real Estate

Suzi Apple, Gateway Land & Developement





For thirty words or less, display your photo real estate classifieds for $4.80 a day call us at


0 Down $8,000 tax credit ends soon*


Beveridge Real Estate




Vail Mountaineer

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Snowtire Changeover



99 Set of 4


'YPSUM #/ "Your full-service tire company!"